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Cute cat plays in the shower56s

Cute cat plays in the shower

This Norwegian Forest cat named Poppy looks like he is trying to get the cats on the shower curtain! Poppy is 9 years old and lives in Lake Tahoe, rescued from the Incline Pet network and is a Triple Grand Master HHP in TICA. Credit to 'CatsOnGlue'.

Published: September 29, 201436 plays$0.04 earned
How to recycle and reuse an empty cat litter container4m51s

How to recycle and reuse an empty cat litter container

Find a new way to re-use an empty cat litter container. There are many things that you can make from a cat litter container starting with jug for watering plants and storing water. Next cut container in two and store Household cleaners, cat toys, craft projects and computer cords. Use the other half to make a Water Garden, job tray and much more. Music By Daonosongs, Three Drops.

Published: August 20, 2014106 plays$0.11 earned