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Amazing Photo Sequence Shows Butterfly’s Transformation1m47s

Amazing Photo Sequence Shows Butterfly’s Transformation

These remarkable photos show the captivating moment a monarch butterfly emerged from its chrysalis. The images, captured by photographer Ken Rohling in Troy, New York, depict the butterfly as it exits from its shell, having developed from a larvae to a stunning butterfly. The video begins with a still frame of the creature inside of its cocoon. It almost looks like some sort of alien creature in the strangely shaped enclosure; many different species of butterfly have different shapes, sizes, and colors to them during this stage of their lives. People are enthralled with the process of watching something “creepy-crawly” like a caterpillar transform into something so beautiful as a butterfly . To look at these two stages of this animal, most would never see any resemblance of the two that would make a natural link of sameness, so it can be hard to believe that such an awe inspiring critter such as a butterfly could have ever been in the form of something like a caterpillar. Slowly, the camera catches the release of this butterfly from its cocoon. The butterfly slowly progresses to release itself from its shell type covering, where the colors of its beautiful wings can already be seen a little. Once the butterfly has completely freed itself, it stays a while with its cocoon. The interesting specimen stays on top of its cocoon, stretching out its legs, and slowly it stretches out his wings a bit. It actually almost looks like the wings grow in this part of the butterfly’s journey. It shows off magnificent beauty in its colors. Around the halfway point of the video, as the butterfly is still with its cocoon, the viewer can see its antenna also being flexed in and out. It almost seems as if the butterfly is stretching out all of its parts before it takes off in flight to join others of its kind. At this point, the cocoon is left completely transparent and empty, as it is no longer of any use to the beautiful butterfly. This particular butterfly is of the Monarch species, which are quickly identified by its eye catching orange and black markings. This is the species of butterfly that most people in this part of the globe are most used to seeing. Monarch butterflies, and some other species of butterfly, are known to migrate extremely long distances each year, so they are seen by thousands of people as they travel hundreds of miles to their meeting places each year. They can travel in groups of thousands all at once. There is truly nothing more stunning visually than to see an entire herd of butterflies traveling all together over the land to head south for part of the year. This process is one that everyone is familiar with. Many have seen this type of process in grade school, but we are all still amazed by this process even as adults. Watching a butterfly transform is a beautiful, breathtaking experience that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

Deer swim across lake in perfect harmony20s

Deer swim across lake in perfect harmony

By Charlotte Regen This amazing video shows a group of deer swimming through a lake in perfect harmony with each other. Captured at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park near Nottingham, the footage was taken by Avtar Ram. The four deers can be seen following each other in a perfectly straight line. Avtar, who walks his […]

UK’s youngest ever adult dementia sufferer diagnosed at 23 – at odds more unlikely than winning the Euromillions2m34s

UK’s youngest ever adult dementia sufferer diagnosed at 23 – at odds more unlikely than winning the Euromillions

By James Somper A 23-year-old man is believed to be the youngest adult in the UK ever diagnosed with dementia – with his odds of developing the disease less than winning the Euromillions. Jordan Adams was told he would develop early onset frontotemporal dementia and Parkinson’s Disease after inheriting a gene which caused the degenerative […]

Diver Receives A High Five From A Whale 1m28s

Diver Receives A High Five From A Whale

The ocean is the last great frontier on earth. It covers 71% of our planet’s surface and scientists estimate that 95% of it is yet be explored. Wow! From the tiny to the titanic, from the familiar to the undiscovered, the ocean offers a stunning diversity of marine life and nearly every kind of habitat imaginable. Oceans and seas cover the majority of the planet's surface. From the coral reefs and their abundance of life to the solitary creatures that lurk in the depths, the oceans are home to some of the planet's most unusual creatures. Life in the ocean is amazing! Cute and cuddly, creepy and crawly, gigantic and microscopic, marine life comes in millions of shapes and size! Intriguing! And being a diver means that you can go underwater and discover all the diversity and all the different thing which are under thousands of feet of the blue water! This diver was stunned to receive a high five from a huge humpback whale. Mike Korostelev, 35, from Moscow, was on a photography journey in Tonga last month when he was lucky enough to capture the magical once in a lifetime snap. The photographer was shocked when he came face-to-face with the gentle giant . The gentle giant swims up from the depths of the water and gets up close and individual to the diver. His immense pectoral blades are out, relatively like he needs to give Mike a hug. They are truly eye to eye, just a foot or two far from one another. It would appear that Mike's flippers really brush the whale's underbelly at a certain point. They carry on swimming and appreciating each other's company for quite a long time, while Mike's partners record the occasion. It's genuinely a spectacular moment that every diver want to experience! Speaking of the magical scene, Mike said: “As you can see in the pics, sometimes the mums have an escort – an adult male whale who guards the mum and kid. “The whales behave differently with humans – but they are never aggressive. Sometimes the adults just don’t notice you, but the baby whales are very curious and try to play with you. “So this means you are all the time being hit with flippers or tails. “This time something unusual happened. A couple of adult whales got curious and started to play with the divers." Mike said the scene was so unique, he had never seen anything like it in his eight year career. He also added that it's a very unusual feeling when two creatures as big as a bus are playing with you. When they were in the water they were making circles them and there was a moment when they hugged them with their huge five meter long flippers. "When we wanted to head back to the boat, they wouldn't let us go. “We had a feeling they really liked playing with us.” This video is truly an amazing thing that shows us how amazing can be the ocean life!

Stunning moment man climbs up a lamppost and jumps into a river1m03s

Stunning moment man climbs up a lamppost and jumps into a river

By Ben Walley Impressive footage shows the daredevil climbing up a lamppost and then throwing himself into the water.    Johannes Erlands, 26, is a firefighter from Stockholm, Sweden that has the physical ability to climb up lampposts very easily.  The video was filmed on the 21st of September by one of his friends while […]

Shocking moment of t-bone accident caught on a dash cam41s

Shocking moment of t-bone accident caught on a dash cam

By Curtis Mitchell The shocking moment of two cars crashing on a T-junction was captured by a nearby dash cam of a parked car.  The parked car belonged to Khem Persaud, 48, a real estate broker from Rahway, New Jersey, USA- who watched in shock what his camera had captured on the 23rd of September.  […]

Heartwarming moment baby boy with Hydrocephalus walks for the first time10s

Heartwarming moment baby boy with Hydrocephalus walks for the first time

By Andrew Kao The little boy was born with a condition called hydrocephalus takes his first steps with a harness- and his mum couldn’t be happier. Alysa Ford, a former medical assistant, filmed her son’s Braxton, 2, first steps during a physical therapy session at their home in Phoenix, Arizona on the 11th of September. […]

Miniature Horse Is Training To Become A Guide Pet For Blind People1m52s

Miniature Horse Is Training To Become A Guide Pet For Blind People

You can not miss this incredible story where we will meet a beautiful miniature horse that during the last year of his just two short years of life has been trained to perform a noble and beautiful work, be the companion pet and guide for a man blind in the United Kingdom, who because of his fear for dogs can not count on their valuable help; that is why this little steed has been chosen to become the companion of adventures of this man. It is common to find dogs trained to be service animals and emotional support for the blind better known as Perros Lazarillo; but unfortunately not all people have affinity or empathy with canines and it is there where animals like Digby come into action. This small and beautiful miniature equine specimen is being meticulously trained to be the main support of its future owner, to accompany him and guide him through the streets of Great Britain. His training has been based on teaching him how to develop fluidly and with great skill and definitely the results have been incredible! This little horse from the United States has shown great intelligence and has let out great skills that will undoubtedly be a great contribution to the lucky man who is waiting for him. Little Digby has become very popular and known on the streets of Great Britain and has earned his place and fame as the smartest horse in the UK, since he can cross the streets very precisely, find mail boxes and even to activate the traffic lights, qualities of great relevance for the role for which it is being trained. Surprising! It is well known that horses are frequently used for assisted therapies for people with disabilities, giving them the possibility of having an alternative therapeutic and psychopedagogical resource that gives these people a positive impact at a cognitive, physical, emotional and occupational level that undoubtedly improve their quality of life. In addition, it has been shown that the emotional connection that people establish with these animals is very rewarding; so definitely added to this fact also shows how smart and capable they are and that they are able to be trained satisfactorily to perform this task so full of love, it is really something very rewarding and excellent news as well as being a fantastic option for cases of people with a disability that, like the owner of Digby, are afraid of dogs and can not have one like Lazarillo. This precious miniature steed apart from intelligent, capable and famous in the streets of Great Britain for his incredible abilities, is also full of love to give his lucky companion, surely they will be a Great Duo! so we hope that your soon meeting will be fabulous and that it will be very helpful for its owner, we are sure that it will be. If you liked the video of this beautiful, steed do not hesitate to give "like" and share on social networks and with all your friends, so like you can enjoy this video

Squat till you pop! Incredible superfit mum keeps up intense eight hours a week weightlifting fitness regime while seven months pregnant2m47s

Squat till you pop! Incredible superfit mum keeps up intense eight hours a week weightlifting fitness regime while seven months pregnant

By Pete Goddard  A superfit mum is keeping up her hardcore fitness regime with a burgeoning bump – training with heavy weights for up to eight hours a week despite being SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT.  Crossfit fanatic Rhian Pearson, is currently 30 weeks pregnant with her third child and despite being a busy working mum still […]

Man Calls A Random Company Asking For A Sick Day Leave3m07s

Man Calls A Random Company Asking For A Sick Day Leave

A man pulled a hilarious prank by calling a company he has never worked for and asking for a day off. Nate Stone, 26, from Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada, made the call, claiming he had only been working for the company for one week and that he needed the day off to go fishing! Check out his manager’s reaction after he breaks the news! Everybody loves a good prank! They are so much fun when you pull them on others! But we can all agree that pranks are not as near as exciting when you are the victim! A young man decided to pull a prank on society by calling a random company claiming that he wants to take a day off. Absolutely hilarious! This video is too funny for words! If you are a fan of harmless pranks and classic practical jokes, it’s going to amuse you for sure! Talking about pranks, check out the funniest soap bubble prank ! As the clip opens you can see that it’s a beautiful spring day and a group of friends decided to spend it outside in nature. That sounds so exciting! They have all probably been having so much fun the whole day long, so one of the guys sneaked out to have a nap. However, his friends got on to him and made a cunning plan on how to take advantage of the fact that their buddy fell asleep. They found a soap bubble toy and decided to put it to good use. And this is what happens in the video: each time the sleeping guy breathes out, his friend puts the bubble soap stick under his nose. That way, it looks like he's letting out bubbles in his sleep! LOL! So hilarious! If you still didn’t have enough of our good jokes , you’ll enjoy this next video, for sure! We all like a good ‘if yes spells Y-E-S” style joke. And that’s what this video is all about. A man pranks his wife with a hilarious ‘if yes spells Y-E-S” joke, and catches everything on camera. He asks her “If yes spells Y-E-S, what does E-Y-E-S spell?” but she just can’t figure it out. She keeps repeating "e-yes"! LOL! Eventually, the man tells his wife to look out the window just to give her a clue, but she still doesn't get it! OMG, how funny is that? She gets so frustrated with the joke at one point. So hilarious! Finally, she gets it. This is the funniest case of an ‘if yes spells Y-E-S” style joke, that’s for sure! Pulling pranks on your loved ones is one of the best things to do in the spare time, am I right? Here we have another video of a lady who decided to pull the ultimate car trunk prank . House pranks are so much fun! Especially if you are not the person who is being pranked. Either way, they are so much to watch! If you are in the mood for a hilarious practical joke, you absolutely have to take a few moments to check out this video! It’s a good one! Her husband just got from work and parked his car in front of the garage. And did the wife do? She used a remote to open a car trunk! The unsuspecting husband think that the car trunk is opening by itself! LOL! Every time he closes it, she opens it again and again. The lady and her daughter are laughing while he’s struggling with car trunk. Just hilarious! Plus, apparently, this guy hates this car. LOL! In the end, he is so frustrated, he looks as if he is going to get rid of a car, ASAP! I can’t imagine how mad was this guy once he realized there was nothing wrong with the car. These old-school pranks are the best, don’t you think?

Heartwarming moment daughter flies back home to surprise her parents1m29s

Heartwarming moment daughter flies back home to surprise her parents

By Andrew Kao This girl moved in with her boyfriend miles away from home and at some point felt homesick- so decided to fly back to surprise her parents. Briana Swanson moved to Phoenix, Arizona in June to stay with her boyfriend’s family, leaving all her family back home in Iowa. After a few incidents […]

Cat takes napping to whole new level when he refuses to wake up for owner1m03s

Cat takes napping to whole new level when he refuses to wake up for owner

By Curtis Mitchell  A lazy cat took catnapping to the extreme when he refused to wake up for his owner despite all her attempts.  The hilarious video shows owner, Kannika Thongchaeng, from Thailand, as she tries everything to wake up her ‘lazy cat’, four-month-old Tiger, but he yawns and continues to nap regardless.  Kannika said: […]

Daredevil Skips Rope On The Edge Of Nearly 900 Foot Building51s

Daredevil Skips Rope On The Edge Of Nearly 900 Foot Building

A 22 year old man is filmed skipping rope on the edge of a 900 foot tall building in Dubai. Why did he do it? Because he’s immortal, of course, as any 22 year old man will tell you. Only old fogeys die doing stupid stunts. But is he really stupid? Let’s weigh his case. Nikita Deft from Russia is, as his surname suggests, quite coordinated, balanced, lithe, and aware. The Dubai stunt wasn’t a one off for Nikita Deft. He has been seen on rooftops in Shanghai, and riding scooters on 40 story buildings in Moscow. His workouts include jumping around on high rooftops. At least we can say he has some experience with being a daredevil, and he doesn’t go into it cold. Anybody can skip rope with the best of them, but you don’t make a name for yourself doing it at sea level. Now Mr. Deft is known as an accomplished daredevil. That’s something young men aspire to, but I wonder if the day will come when he will want to consider getting some new vocational training. You know, some of those guys do fall. Even the professional acrobatic Wallenda family has seen more than its share of tragedy, with several of them falling to their deaths. The beautiful skyline of Dubai? It could be, but what we see of it seems quite hazy in this video. Is it man-made air pollution, or is it sand? The clue may be written at the feet of Mr. Deft, as we see what looks to be a thin film of sand on the building’s edge. Doesn’t that make the surface slippery? This is another factor that makes Mr. Deft’s stunt all the more terrifying. As if the stuntman hasn’t already carried this too far, he then proceeds to do backflips. We really hope he’s wearing special sticky soled shoes. The sigh of relief comes when he steps off the edge, onto the safety of the rooftop in one piece. We don’t really want to see Mr. Deft misstep, do we? Of course not. There is no parachute, or the safety of a cage like race car drivers have. He’s not bound by a tether, so if he falls, it gets real, real fast. Nikita’s tagline is, “I will not let you relax.” Perhaps that is the answer to our question, “why?” Mr. Deft abides by a central ethos. Nothing is more honest than putting your own life on the line. As we get older, we realize death defying stunts are a young man’s game. There’s something about young people—maybe even something missing upstairs, where they think they are immortal, or at least have no conception that they would be the ones the Grim Reaper points his scythe at. We’ve all seen it, the boy and girl laughing on their walk home from high school, the young man pushes the young girl into oncoming traffic. He’s not being evil, and has no intention of killing off his girlfriend. They’re playing, and he doesn’t know any better. Many of our peers were lost along the way through lack of caution. Maturity and a bit of luck saved the rest of us. In the end, the stuntman pulled it off and will be indelibly cast in the pantheon of extreme risk takers.

Inside Indonesian volcano sulphur miners risk their lives48s

Inside Indonesian volcano sulphur miners risk their lives

By Nelson Groom  Hauling bubbling hot sulphur on their backs while scaling steep ravines, these are the hellish conditions facing Indonesia’s volcano miners.  Night time snaps show dazzling blue flames streaming down the cliff-face of the active Kawah Ijen crater, on Java island, home to the world’s most acidic lake.  Photographer Kurniawan Mas’ud, 33, visited […]