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Baby Elephant Likes To Cuddle Just Like A Puppy25s

Baby Elephant Likes To Cuddle Just Like A Puppy

When you think of cuddly baby animals that you can hug and squeeze to your heart’s content, a baby elephant might not even be on that list. However, it would seem that not only do these tiny giants like to be pet, they would also like very much to lounge in your lap like a puppy! During a visit to a humane elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a woman by the name of Carly Nogawski has the fortune of meeting this little ball of love! Meet Nampuu, meaning “fountain" in Thai, a tiny calf and resident of the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai. Nampuu was born just 148 pounds, which is more than 70 pounds under the average birthweight for an Indian elephant calf, making him widely recognized as a runt. However, what Nampuu lacks in size, he more than makes up for in love. The baby elephant has become somewhat of the main tourist attraction at Patara, known for his obvious tendency to nuzzle, cuddle, even hug those who come to visit him. Sometimes he would cuddle up to people like he were a puppy - a massive, hairless puppy. During the visit to the farm, tourists can take part in an 'Elephant Owner for the Day' package tour. The tour allows them to learn all about what is involved in rearing and caring for elephants. During the tour, the trainers explain to visitors the communication, health, feeding, bathing, and the temperament of the elephants.