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Toddler Gives Mommy ‘The Black Eye Blueberry Joker’ Makeover1m00s

Toddler Gives Mommy ‘The Black Eye Blueberry Joker’ Makeover

A heartwarming video has emerged of a cute little toddler giving an impressive makeover to her mother. In this clip, we see her applying tons of makeup to her mom’s face in her own funny way. Cuteness overload! There is one thing for certain about this little girl, she has a very vivid imagination when it comes to putting on makeup! Watch as she gives her mom a completely new makeover , using impressive makeup. Wait until you see the final result! Do you love watching makeup tutorials? Check out this adorable little girl's awesome tutorial on ‘how to make your mom look like the black eye blueberry Joker’! If you're having trouble pulling off that glamorous look, this little girl will show you all the tricks, so cute! Her contouring makeup tutorial is very creative, she hold the makeup brushes like a sword, or better yet like a painter’s brush, and starts painting on her mother’s face as if it was a canvas. It is impressive to see how this little toddler already knows what kind of makeup product to use on which part of the face. As she continues to apply makeup to her mother’s face, you can tell she is very confident with what she is doing. She knows how to apply different tones on her eyes and cheeks, and even puts a bright, blue lipgloss for the finish touch! Incredible! She isn't done yet! She tries so hard to smurf her mother good, making for one scary avatar look that looks like a Joker. After contouring her face, she adds some gorgeous blue lip gloss to her mouth, and also uses the same blue tone to color her tiny baby lips! Your makeup is never complete unless you add a little sparkle and that is what this adorable young girl does. She adds the blue finish touch and voila, he mom looks like the black eye blueberry Joker and it looks amazing. To finish off the look, they both pose for the camera! This is a fabulous tutorial! So adorable! Would you like this talented toddler to give you a makeup tutorial? Would you like this ro Let us know in the comment section down below!