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Meowing Cat Meows In The Morning3m40s

Meowing Cat Meows In The Morning

Butters is a loud cat who lets you know what he’s thinking especially in the morning when he’s sick of me still being in bed. Butters began meowing before he even walked into the bedroom to let me know he was on his way. He has to a certain way that he jumps onto the bed every time which is him jumping on the trunk then over to the bed. He stands there for a few moments deciding the exact spot that he wants to jump to because he is a very cautious cat. When Butters jumps over, he begins to meow immediately. He starts kneading the blanket meowing which is something he always does all the while dramatically staring at me. After his kneading process, he makes his way up to me continuing to sing me the song of his people. Butters gives my arm a few forceful nudges, meows, more nudges, more meows and then some licks. He continues to speak his mind for quite a while eventually to settle down next to me. I gave him a mini neck massage which he enjoyed. When I stopped, he turned to scowl at me to show his displeasure, so he got more pets. Again when I stopped, he turned and meowed. This motion of events continues for the rest of the video. Prior to filming this video, Butters was meowing at my husband to come up and wake me up. When my husband refused to give in to Butters’ demands, he came upstairs to take the matter into his own paws. Butters doesn’t meow in the mornings because he is lonely or hungry (he always has a full dish), but because he is a mama’s boy. I also think he’s just a bit bored and wants to be entertained. How does your cat wake you up?

Sleeping Owner Cannot Hit The Snooze Button On His Cat Alarm Clock1m59s

Sleeping Owner Cannot Hit The Snooze Button On His Cat Alarm Clock

Butters continuously meows every morning until his owner gets out of bed. Is this the cutest alarm clock ever?! Check out this mouthy, loving and slightly obnoxious cat who engages in repeated meows just to wake up his owner! You would wish you can hit the snooze button! Judging by this footage it is obvious that Butters gets lonely and doesn't like to be alone, so he jumps onto owner’s bed seeking company! Butters is a very vocal cat, especially in the mornings. Reportedly, usually he doesn’t meow out of hunger, but rather out of boredom and need for attention! This cat just can't wait any longer for his owner to wake up. Therefore, he takes matters into his own hands! Cat alarm clocks are the best indeed! Footage shows the annoying cat meowing his hearts out just to wake up his sleeping owner with a chorus of meows. He's very persistent and will keep meowing until his owner gets up. Hilarious! Butters is a very loving cat, and he wakes up his owner every morning with a bunch of meows and head butts. Hilarious! He's a very persistent cat and will keep meowing until his owner gets out of bed! Of course, he is impossible to ignore and always gets what he wants. So precious and cute! Imagine yourself lying in bed on a weekend morning with nowhere to go. You have been waiting for this moment the entire week! It goes out without saying that you had turned off your alarm clock and after a long and exhausting work week, you can finally sleep a little bit longer. Or can you? If you ask Butters the cat, weekend morning is no different than any other morning in the week. Yes, just like any other day, he sees the break of daylight and starts to feel hungry. If anything he is unpleasantly surprised to see that he is the only one who is awake. To make sure that his family members wouldn't oversleep, he starts to meow loud enough so every household member can hear him. Don't worry, unlike regular alarm clock, this beautiful fluffy sound maker doesn't come with a snooze button, and he won't stop until someone gets up and gives him some food. Some cuddling after it is also appreciated. If you have a dog or a cat that demands his early morning walk or a snack, you can probably relate to this cat owner and maybe even find some comfort in the fact that you are not the only one. If you don't have a pet, start to appreciate your weekend's long morning sleep just a little bit more than you used to.

Cat Goes On Catnip Bender To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day2m19s

Cat Goes On Catnip Bender To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and you all know what that means? Partay! People all over the States and back on Ireland love celebrating this day, allowing themselves to go a little bit wild. Of course there is beer all around, most of it dyed green for the occasion. While we humans like to indulge ourselves in some good old fashioned ale, cats like to celebrate the holiday with something else that comes in the color green - catnip! Butters the cat demonstrates just how relaxed he gets when he gets his daily dose of cats’ favorite opiate. Of course, no St. Paddy’s Day would be complete without some gold coins and shamrocks all around. Butters doesn’t really care about the decorations; he only cares about the dough. He takes a few whiffs and licks of the stuff and bam! The chubby cat is on his side, enjoying the high. Even the teaser toy that his owner gives him seems super-duper interesting now that Butters is on the nip! He may have gotten a bit too far with the nip though, because when the owner reaches for the coins, Butters swats her on the hand. Does he think she will steal his gold? Catnip may be considered the marijuana for cats, but it is not addictive at all and completely harmless to your pet toyger. Humans are immune to the effects of catnip, however Native Americans once used the plant to soothe colicky babies.

Sweet Cat Lovingly Stares At Me To Wake Up 1m20s

Sweet Cat Lovingly Stares At Me To Wake Up

Butters is such a sweetheart! When he's not screaming or biting me awake, he will lay beside me and stare at me. In this video, he give me such a loving look. He stares purring and doing to slow blink that says "I love you." He is a very persistent cat, so he will not stop until he gets what he wants. In this case, is me waking up. When he is happy, he will also suck in his cheeks, it's just too cute! You can not resist the urge to love him and hug him. Now if he would be this gentle every morning haha.

Cat Gets A New Hairdo

Cat Gets A New Hairdo

Butters loves to be brushed. He is also a very mellow cat. Butters was shedding like crazy, so I gave him a good long brushing. He had a lot of fur come off of him. I felt like he was in need of a new hairdo. New Year new you. I rolled up his fur and made it into a mohawk. He totally rocks this new look, and he does not seem to mind it at all. He just sits there happily purring away. He's bringing in the new year looking like a rocker kitty!

Talented Cat Solves Owner’s Crossword Puzzle By Insinuating The Answer1m52s

Talented Cat Solves Owner’s Crossword Puzzle By Insinuating The Answer

Butters does his very best to assist his owner during a puzzle session and you got to give him an A for his effort! What do you think? Was Butters merely playing or did he really solve the crossword? Felines are known for their innate agility and intelligence, but how far do these smarts extend? Owner discovered just how witty his kitty was while working on a regular crossword puzzle. Watch as Butters keeps placing his paw on the newspaper, making it impossible to focus. At first, you would think that the cat just wants to sit on the paper, but maybe he just wants to finish the puzzle? As Butters’ paw swiftly batted the paper again, one might wonder if the cat is literate and knows how to read words? Funny how this cat seems to be very interested in the crossword puzzle and seems to be telling the owner where to write his next word, by smoothly touching his nose to the empty squares on the newspaper. Amazing! All pet owners like to think their furry friends are smart, but this one will tell you that his pet is a genius! Knowing the answer to the puzzle goes beyond cat’s intelligence! Is owner imagining things or is this code breaking cat trying to insinuate the answer? Every time the owner starts working on them puzzles, Butters joins in and tries to help his owner by placing his paws on the paper and touching the empty squares with his nose. Curiosity killed the cat or is it the other way round? How adorable!

Cat meows to wake up owner2m14s

Cat meows to wake up owner

Butters is a very vocal cat. He is especially vocal in the mornings as seen here. He's usually not doing this because he is hungry, but because he wants attention!

Pampered Cat Enjoys Getting Head Massages41s

Pampered Cat Enjoys Getting Head Massages

Butters loves to get attention first thing in the morning, and he loves getting his head massaged. Take a look at the face he makes while he gets massages, he finds his personal nirvana. Cat's life can be extremely stressful, all that scratching of furniture, playing with toys, chasing laser pointers, being petted all day, can leave you breathless and tired to the point when you just need to relax. Sounds rough right? Butters the cat relaxes daily tension by getting head massages from owner. In fact, it looks like he loves it, big time. Bizarrely, cats also enjoy giving massages too. So it's a win-win situation. Butters is also the snake-guy, second thing on his to-do list is snatching heads of toy snakes. Watch him eat these colorful snakes as if they are gummy bears. To some, the idea of massage for animals may seem frivolous. But the benefits of massage are clear, whoever the recipient. Physiologically, massage stimulates the nerves and the muscles, and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, relieves muscle spasms and helps flush away toxic compounds. Pet an animal and you have made a friend for a day. Massage an animal, and you have made a friend for life. Remember this wise thought the next time you are about to massage your pet.

Surprisingly, This Cat Is Obsessed With Toy Snakes1m32s

Surprisingly, This Cat Is Obsessed With Toy Snakes

We all know how much cats love ribbons and string. Well, what does a snake remind you of? While most cats won’t eat a snake, they will hunt, chase, and play with them. This can either lead to killing them, damaging them, or at the very keeping them away. This cat called Butters is overly obsessed with plastic toy snakes. He just loves biting and chewing on them, and carrying them around in his mouth like prey. What a playful kitty! Often cats like to play with mice-like toys or just chase balls of fur. This one is different because he has a clear idea of wants he wants to be when he grows up, a snake buster. If he ever has such opportunity, he will sure grab it, and will do the same to the snake. This adorable cat just absolutely loves munching on plastic toys in the shape of snakes. He lets his imagination run wild and practices snake hunting with these snake-alike toys. He tastefully masticates on snake toys in different colors, his owners bought him a handful of plastic toys to keep him occupied. It is somehow scary to see how this cat is obsessed with the toy and immediately snatches its head and nibbles on it. Cats do wonders for pest control, and this guy will sure pass with flying colors!

Feline Felon Models Prisoner Outfit 51s

Feline Felon Models Prisoner Outfit

We know how sometimes it can get really boring around the house and why not play dress up with your pet. Here we have a cute kitty that has been dressed up like a thief in order to amuse his owner. He's name is Butters and his goal for today is to brighten up your day. This cat looks so adorably stupid it will definitely make you fall down laughing. His Mojo is just at the perfect rate and his style is unquestionable. This look totally works on him. His owner has made it even better by supplying him with a cat toy that swings right in front of his face as he very gently tries to grab it with his paws. All and all, he seems very leyed back and relaxed and happy to perform for his owner. This cat will definitely put you in a happy mood as he's look is just too ridiculous to miss out on. Must watch and share with friends that are cat lovers. Butters has been sentenced to jail due to possession of catnip and intent to sell. However, he's the cutest prisoner ever!

Cat Is Addicted To Love 2m04s

Cat Is Addicted To Love

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