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Playful dolphin swims in boat's wake20s

Playful dolphin swims in boat's wake

Doesn't everyone just want to have fun? Regardless of who you are, or what species you are, the want to have fun is just an innate desire. You see it in children, you see it in puppies, and you can definitely see it in this dolphin. A beautiful bottle nosed dolphin can't help but spread positive cheer to all the people watching from the boat. This is footage taken in the warm waters of Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. Watch as this dolphin comes up and breaks the surface, just to flop back down and do it all again. You can just tell how much fun that the dolphin is having when playing in the boat's wake. Nature sure is beautiful, isn't it? When moments like these occur, it becomes one that turns into a life long memory, and you can bet that the people on this boat will remember this moment for a very long time. What would have you done in this situation? Have you ever seen anything like this before? If you have, and you have it on video, be sure to upload it to, and stop by to see other awesome moments that were caught on video. Check out this playful dolphin.

Playful West Highland Terrier Does A Cannonball Into Pool28s

Playful West Highland Terrier Does A Cannonball Into Pool

Dogs are the sweetest, even though they don’t make much sense from time to time. We know that they have this love-hate relationship with water, but we just don’t know when they’re up for some watery fun, or when we should keep them as far away from it. Either way, they sure have a way of letting us know. If you’re a dog owner, you might have already experienced this. Have you ever had the wrath of your dog unleashed upon you when you wanted to give them a bath? Do you remember how you got the cold shoulder treatment for weeks to come? Let’s just say… It’s not pretty. They can be the most easy-going pets out there, but when they get stubborn, it’s the worst. Luckily, it seems that they don’t seem to hate all water surfaces. Apparently shower heads are out, pools and open waters are in. We have the prime example here with this extremely energetic West Highland White Terrier named Christy. This girl is so fond of the water, we think that she might have been a fish in a previous life. The energetic girl loves her pool time and loves nothing more than to perform a cannonball duo with her owner. She runs up from the far end of the pool patio and jumps in the middle of the pool without a care in the world. If she keeps this up, she might just sign up as a diver for the Olympics. You go, Christy-girl!

Four Dogs And A Cat Pose For A Christmas Picture1m17s

Four Dogs And A Cat Pose For A Christmas Picture

Having your pets cooperating while they are having their picture taken can be very demanding! This family decided to gather all of their pets, counting four dogs and a cat, for a group photo, in front of the Christmas tree for the upcoming holiday. They are all dressed in Christmas sweaters and spreading the holiday spirit. There is one thing missing though, they are not in sync! The three dogs on the right have obviously mastered the art of posing as they continuously stare at the camera and wait for the perfect picture to be snapped! They won’t move a muscle as try to remain as still as possible, so they look fabulous for the camera. The cat and the tiny dog on the left, however, are not familiar with the art of photography and cannot understand what’s going on! They simply cannot sit up and refuse to look at the camera. The cat is the most rebellious one as it won’t pose and constantly wants to leave the stool on which they all sit on. The cat simply cannot understand the need to be tucked so tight next to the dogs, as she prefers her own private space, away from the crowd! Herding four dogs and a cat for the annual Christmas picture certainly has its challenges! Will they all be able to cooperate for one successful photo? When this family decided to take an early Christmas photo of their pets sitting on a stool and glancing at the camera in front of the decorated tree, they didn’t think it would be that hard to synchronize the five animals. A woman can be seen placing the cat and the dog in their designated posts as they constantly move and refuse to cooperate!

Palm Frond Fun1m00s

Palm Frond Fun

Christy the West Highland White Terrier finds a new toy under the Palm tree and goes right to work pulling it apart.