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Playful Dogs Make It Impossible For Owner To Workout23s

Playful Dogs Make It Impossible For Owner To Workout

Do you want to venture into the fitness world but you have no idea how, do you want to perform your exercise routine from the comfort of your home? Well do not wait any longer because we have the perfect coach for you, you will have to have a very creative mind to follow the rhythm and guess their movements since this coach is accompanied by his canine team - Merengue, Canela and Choco, that no doubt are his support material - not to do the exercises but to sabotage his workout with their playfulness . Coach Mick tries every day to carry out an exercise routine in order to help his followers through home videos that explain how to make a series of exercises at home. However, it seems impossible to fulfill his mission on a daily basis because his terror team consisting of three short-haired German Pointers led by Canela the mastermind behind the operation, "distract our owner" with his minions Merengue and Choco, two male pointers that are two and a half years old. These three canines have a mission to fulfill, which consists of a single objective: to distract Mick away from his real attempts to get down to some workouts . Of course, these little doggos earthquakes are confused by the actions that their owner is doing, since he tries to do a series of arm push-ups that without a doubt have not been successful thanks to his "terror team". This trainer believes that he can find a way for his canine team not to interrupt his work, moreover, he wants to teach them so that as well as practicing this special routine for humans, dogs can do it and what better way than to convert their pets to pupils in order to achieve this feat. Mick has to use his wit and patience because these puppies only want one thing and that it is to have fun! At first Merengue, Canela and Choco have no idea what his master is trying to do. Cinnamon believes that Mick is playing with her and wants him to be placed under him, then Merengue looks for his favorite toy because he believes that his owner is inviting him to play, and Choco finally thinks that his master has a lizard complex and wants him to pursue it. There is no doubt that Mick's plan has failed, thank goodness that he is dedicated to physical training for humans and not for pets, because it would be all embarrassing and make us laugh at the entire canine community in eastern Michigan. Without thinking, the trio of terror (Merengue, Canela and Choco) fulfilled their mission, prevent Mick from ignoring them so that he plays with them, as well as having fun meanwhile, because there is nothing better than for these canine brothers to spend a very energetic day, full of tricks, barks, jumps, but especially in the company of his beloved owner, Mick. Because there is no better way to spend the mornings than making mischievous things to its owner. Woof! If you liked this video, do not hesitate to "like" and share it with your friends! Enjoy!

One Dog Enjoys Watching Birds On Laptop While The Other One Is Totally Unimpressed48s

One Dog Enjoys Watching Birds On Laptop While The Other One Is Totally Unimpressed

Watch this video where two German Shorthaired Pointer dogs are captured. The incredible thing about the video is that one of the dogs is totally captivated watching videos of birds on the laptop while the other dog has a very bored face. It seems that these dogs, despite being the same breed, have completely different personalities. This beautiful dog is very interested in what he is watching and does not want anyone to interrupt him exploring these documentaries with birds. On the other hand, the other dog that is on the other end of the sofa, looks very boring, almost on the verge of falling asleep. Both of their faces are so funny. Come on, folks! What's going on? We think neither of you is acting like a dog. They look like a couple of humans on a boring Sunday, spending the afternoon watching Discovery Channel documentaries. Where does this dog’s interest for birds come from? This dog does not even blink to see the screen of the laptop. Friend relax! Your partner wants you to spend a little time with him, he's having a hard time without your attention! The other dog seems very bored and angry about not sharing the same taste for birds as his mate. Surely this one will think that his partner has spent so much time with humans that it is already becoming one. Behind that angry face, there is a puppy screaming: Get off that pesky computer and let's go to to the playground! This dog addicted to technology can learn to use the computer at any time and with his paw he drags the scroll on the laptop to find his own videos of birds. If this were to happen too often, our friend "the angry" would have to look for another playmate (who does not like bird documentaries). Possibly this is one of the funniest videos you'll see, because of the attitude that both dogs have during filming. They are both strong characters! These dogs need a human to throw a ball to see if they will show a proper reaction. The author or owner of that bird video may not know that his visitor counter counts views of a dog fond of birds. Just imagine this puppy solving a captcha “Are you a robot”? DO NOT! I'm a dog. We are sure that this dog is unique, and we are certain, too that he will love if his owners adopt a bird in the family; That's how we would spend hours watching her. It would be like knowing your idol in person. Sir birdie gives me your autograph, please! Woof, arf, bow wow, ruff ... (and the angry one rolls his eyes) If you liked the video as much as we did and it provoked a smile on your face do not hesitate to like it. By the way, are you a human? Are you not another pet watching videos of dogs? Just kidding! Do not keep the video just for you, share it on your social networks, so that more people will have the opportunity to see it and to make more people smile. Maybe it's the funniest thing they’ll see today. Enjoy it!

German Shorthaired Pointers Obsessed With Basset Hound's Toy Ball59s

German Shorthaired Pointers Obsessed With Basset Hound's Toy Ball

Everyone knows that dogs tend to develop dominance over a toy. Give them a mutually liked toy and all hell might break loose. In this hilarious video, we see a Basset Hound lying on the couch with his favorite orange ball next to him. Opposite of them are three obsessed German Shorthaired Pointer pooches with a mad gaze, having their eyes fixated on the ball, not moving a muscle. Oh boy, this is going to be a tough one! Judging by this setting, you can assume that all of these dogs love the orange ball as much as the Basset, who currently has gained dominance over their favorite toy . It's an adorable battle as these four-legged buddies duke it out for ownership of the tiny ball. Who will claim victory? These three ball-obsessed German Shorthaired Pointers take sibling rivalry to the next level, as Marzi the sassy Basset is outnumbered and has to give up the ball dominance. Wait until the end! Although some fights for toys can get vicious, this hilarious clip has shown us a completely different perspective on toy dominance between several dogs in one household. Footage shows four dogs engaging in a harmless staring contest over their favorite toy, calculating their moves and hesitating whether to reach out and claim dominance over it. In the end, the German Shorthaired Pointer standing in the middle braved up to the sassy Basset and came out ahead as the victor for now. With those four in the same house, you can bet that this will be an ongoing series of battles over time for ball supremacy. Nothing like a little bit of sibling competition to strengthen a bond! Who do you think will probably win the next one? Will the Basset come back seeking for vengeance, or will the other German Shorthaired Pointers hold the crown as champions in the next round? Nonetheless, these kind of sibling rivalry quarrels are guaranteed to get us our daily dose of adorableness! Sibling rivalry can be a really serious thing sometimes. For instance, you can try to compete with your sibling over the things that are not worth it. And sometimes it can cause greater problems than good things. However sometimes can be fun too. In another hilarious video, we see impatient pooches fighting over a donut toy! Oh, no! Please cute dogs, don’t fight! We see one dog that took the donut first spinning the other dog around! Even when it’s funny like this we can't help it but wonder if they are in the fight and who won! Talking about ‘sharing is caring’, take a look at these two reasonable siblings from which we can learn a lot about the art of teamwork. Grace and Cuba have developed a healthy habit of taking turns holding their favorite toy while the other munches on some delicious treats, instead of fighting over it. Teamwork makes dream work! These two adorable dogs have a sound understanding of the concept of cooperation. They both wait patiently for their turn to come as the owner switches turns to feed them both. Every time it is the other’s turn to snack, the second dog waits patiently to be fed and their is no fuss about it. Dogs can get possessive when it comes to their owners and favorite toys. They defend what’s theirs and don’t let anybody take that away from them. Anyone who interferes between them and their favourite toy gets the well-deserved punishment. Have you ever witnessed such rivalry before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!