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Cat Misses Owner So Much He Is Determined To Steal His Shoes 49s

Cat Misses Owner So Much He Is Determined To Steal His Shoes

Animals are just the right companion to have whether it is that you live alone, or need some company or even the fact that you don't like being bored. Domestic animals, whether it is a cat or a dog, or whatever you have your mind on getting, they are sure to brighten up your day. It is usually when we come home from a hard day's of work that we need to snuggle up in or bed and hopefully have a companion that is there waiting for us and willing to offer some fun times and some cuddles. In this case we have a kitten that is just had it to the limit with his owner leaving him at home for long hours of the day. He has never even thought of such situation where he will have to live life on his lonesome without his owner by his side, 24/7 that is. We all know that we must have responsibilities, such as work. Although this cat is not to keen about the idea. At this point it has gotten so bad that he cant help but try at least something in order to prevent his owner from leaving again. This time he believes he has finally got it. He is determined to steal his shoes so he will never leave again. After being at work all day, this man came home to discover that his cat Timmy really missed him. When the man takes off his shoes Timmy proceeds to play with them!

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Talented Cat Plays Basketball On A Trampoline 42s

Talented Cat Plays Basketball On A Trampoline

Since kittenhood on, cats will play chase, capture, and kill games with other kittens, shadows on the wall, insects, toys and their humans’ hands. Cat play is a fallback to cats in the wild, where they must stalk and kill their prey in order to eat and survive. When playing, cats either have great imaginations, or they just get engrossed in the fun of the chase, which is always adorable to watch! While cats enjoy playing with us, they are quite comfortable playing alone, and it is fun to sometimes catch them in the act. This footage shows a cat going extreme play mode with a basketball. Footage shows a playful cat engaging in some serious feline competition by himself alone! Watch the hilarious moment when this playful cat stars in a basketball game and adorably scores in the one-player-fits-all match. Adorable footage shows Timmy the cat playing with a big, orange, basketball in the grass and then in a bouncy trampoline! Cats are known to be masters of play time, that is because they can keep themselves entertained for hours, playing with thin air! The first footage shows Timmy rolling around the grass and hopping on a basketball . He is having the time of his time and the big orange ball is his best friend! Next, we see Timmy relaxing in a trampoline with his buddy, the orange ball! This cat seems to cannot get enough with the basketball and is somehow very much intrigued by it. He should enroll for the tryouts of the next NBA feline competition because he sure has the moves!

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