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Ants and wasps fighting for a bite of the grasshopper47s

Ants and wasps fighting for a bite of the grasshopper

A grasshopper is dead and the ants want to transport the meal to their nest. Many ants are busy to dissect the grasshopper. The wasps arrive a little later trying to get some pieces of the grasshopper too. But the ants are not very pleased with the presence of the Wasps. They attack the wasps and try to chase them away. After some attacks the wasps leave the prey and the ants go further with dissecting the grasshopper. This nature scenery took place in the summer on the island Lefkas in Greece. Some shots are in real time and others in slow-motion. Hope you enjoy this battle between the ants and the wasps.

Wonderful close-up of a great tit eating a larva 41s

Wonderful close-up of a great tit eating a larva

Wonderful to watch this close-up of a great tit who is searching for food and find a larva in the ground. He holds the cocoon of the larva between his claws and uses his beak to get the larva out of the cocoon. The Great Tit is one of the most common breeding birds in the Netherlands, but also throughout Europe, Central and Northern Asia and the Middle East. In the Netherlands we call him a 'Koolmees'. He is well known and also the largest titmouse of our country. He has a black head and neck with prominent white cheeks, yellow underpart and olive upperparts. He is usually nesting in a hole in a tree. She lays around twelve eggs. Both parents raise the chicks. But the mother incubates the eggs alone. Enemies of the great tit are squirrels, weasels and woodpeckers who may be raided the nests. A severe winter can occur great mortality too.

Published: March 2, 201838 views
Wild Konik horses battle it out on Dutch Wetlands1m31s

Wild Konik horses battle it out on Dutch Wetlands

In the Oostvaardersplassen (Netherlands) two wild Konik horses are fighting. The wetlands are below sea level between the cities Almere and Lelystad. It is a nature reserve about 56 square kilometers in the Netherlands.

Published: January 22, 20181,912 views
Frog Attack! 15s

Frog Attack!

A frog jumps on another one. Is it an attack or........ Filmed in Greece near Gialova.

Published: November 13, 2017167 views
Wild Horses Show Off Their Strength As Several Scuffles Break Out Between Them 29s

Wild Horses Show Off Their Strength As Several Scuffles Break Out Between Them

Horses are such beautiful creatures and have around 205 bones in their skeleton. Horses diets do not consist of any meat, they are herbivores. A male horse is called a stallion and a female horse is called a mare. If a horse is standing up, it doesn't mean it's awake, horses can sleep both standing and sitting, that's pretty impressive! Horses care about each other very much, no matter what, one horse will always be awake. A group of horses will never all be sleeping, there is always one keeping watch. There is an estimated amount of 60 million horses around the world, that's a lot, wow! Horses definitely have a lot of strength, as we can see from this video. Several scuffles break out between wild konik horses in the Oostvaardersplassen, the Netherlands. This is certainly raw power at its finest. You don't want to be around a horse when they are mad, they have the ability to knock you over in an instant. What a cool video to watch. It is always nice to observe wildlife and the nature around us, so awesome! Check out this video of horses exhibiting their crazy strength! Have you ever seen horses close up? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: August 4, 20174,744 views
Bird struggles to fit twig into nest32s

Bird struggles to fit twig into nest

In a sand hill on a business area construction site, a swallow tries its best to get a twig into a hole where the nest is. It's not as easy as it looks!

Published: March 13, 20172,501 views
Wild heron stalks cow's every move1m53s

Wild heron stalks cow's every move

This heron must be doing some detective work because every single time this cow takes a step the inquisitive bird mimics it! What do you think it's trying to solve?

Published: October 29, 201620,410 views
Wild rabbits play game of follow the leader51s

Wild rabbits play game of follow the leader

A hare runs in a field in the Netherlands, but it is definitely not alone. The rest of the herd all chase after it very closely behind. Who knew animals liked to play follow the leader as well?

Published: January 22, 201620,051 views
Breathtaking sights of Greek island Kefalonia2m42s

Breathtaking sights of Greek island Kefalonia

Kefalonia is an island in the Ionian Sea that is known for its numerous cliffs, pebbled coves and sandy beaches. It is also home to stunning strips of white sand and pebbles, backed by steep limestone cliffs.

Published: November 6, 201516,938 views
Stunning footage of Lefkada, Greece2m12s

Stunning footage of Lefkada, Greece

The island of Lefkada in Greece offers crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, incredible scenery and plenty of sun. User 'BenW' shares with us his experience as he visits Kalamitsi, Agios Nikitas, Nidri, Skorpios and Vasiliki, as well as the beautiful beaches Agiofili, Porto Katsiki and Kathisma. Will you add this to your Bucket List? You should!

Published: May 1, 201534,446 views
Birds battle for worms in backyard55s

Birds battle for worms in backyard

Check out this little spectacle that took place in the backyard of user 'BenW'. They saw the early bird gets the worm, unless they all wake up at the same time!

Published: May 6, 201540,429 views
Powerful wild horses scuffle with each other2m13s

Powerful wild horses scuffle with each other

Filmed in the Oostvaardersplassen, a nature reserve in the Netherlands, user 'BenW' was able to capture some impressive footage of wild Konik horses fighting with each other. With some of the shots in slow motion we are able to see just how strong and powerful these horses are. Amazing!

Published: February 26, 2015296,373 views
Top places to visit on Zakynthos Island in Greece2m06s

Top places to visit on Zakynthos Island in Greece

Here is a video showing the best and top places to visit on Zakynthos, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Ben reached all corners of the island including the world famous Navagio Beach, Blue Caves, Cape Skinari, Gerakas Beach, and Banana Beach. Zakynthos is the 3rd largest island of the Ionian Greek Islands. The island is named after Zakynthos, the son of Arcadian chief Dardanus.

Published: May 9, 201427,534 views
Gorgeous Sights of Malta3m42s

Gorgeous Sights of Malta

Impressions and beautiful sights of Malta, the island gem in the Mediterranean Sea. In this collection you'll see the fishing town Marsaxlokk, the Blue Grotto, the capital Valetta, St. Julian and the Island Gozo. The soundtrack is made by Garry B. called "The Crow'

Published: March 14, 20147,671 views