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Monkey teasing to a dog with antics4m36s

Monkey teasing to a dog with antics

Monkey doing antics with dog and spend more time with dog. Dog want to catch but monkey to much much alert and its difficult for dog to catch him.

Published: October 24, 201753,009,211 views
Monkey playing with child 1m27s

Monkey playing with child

A noughty monkey was trying to play with a child but child was scared to see the monkey and started crying.

Published: November 14, 201779 plays$0.19 earned
Buffalo race on main road2m56s

Buffalo race on main road

Buffalo race enjoying by lots of of people. Most people on bikes enjoy this race and making videos on personal cameras. Its amazing memories which remember always.

Published: October 30, 20172,386,124 views
Fish Hunting 4m26s

Fish Hunting

Fish hunters are hunting fish and They took big fishes from there

Published: November 20, 2017194 plays$0.61 earned
Reality of a fake beggar 46s

Reality of a fake beggar

A fake beggar disposed by an old men. When old men starts to beat him with a stick then fake beggar stand up and ran away from old men.

Published: November 4, 201799,815 views
Fish catchers caught two big fish 2m06s

Fish catchers caught two big fish

Fish catchers caught two big fish from canal and introduce the types of both fish. Name of these fish first is rou and second is marakh

Published: December 12, 20172,704 plays$11.18 earned
A Funny Donkey Riding 7s

A Funny Donkey Riding

A men try donkey riding but failed and need more practice for donkey riding

Published: October 25, 2017315 plays$1.20 earned
Talking with my pet cat 53s

Talking with my pet cat

My pet cat is trying to say something and i am trying to understand what she want to say and after that i answered him in his language. meou. meou. :)

Published: December 20, 20172 plays$0.01 earned