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Selling Robots Made From Metal Wire36s

Selling Robots Made From Metal Wire

This dude was on the Sukhumvit Road opposite Terminal 21 selling robots made from wire. There were other little things, too. Bikes, key rings with names shaped from the metal wire. Here he is working on the robot masterpiece...

Somchai And His Giant Leaf Blower2m03s

Somchai And His Giant Leaf Blower

Somchai was well proud showing off the giant leaf blower he uses to keep his yard clean. It's a large paramotor he picked up on the cheap from the market in Surin, Thailand.

Mobile Knife Sharpening Cart45s

Mobile Knife Sharpening Cart

Where's a knife sharpener when you need one? This guy has the answer with his mobile knife and scissor sharpening stall attached to the side of his motorcycle.

Down And Out On Soi 41m01s

Down And Out On Soi 4

Well, there could be worse places to be a down and out. This chap has been kicking around Soi 4 near the Nana Plaza for a few months with little sign of him sobering up.

Flashing Bike Lights30s

Flashing Bike Lights

Nice set of wheels... this cyclist was seen with flashing lights inside his spokes on Sukhumvit Soi 22 in Bangkok.

CREEPY! Abandoned Massage Parlour In Bangkok2m02s

CREEPY! Abandoned Massage Parlour In Bangkok

This place was once known as Colonze 2 and then Ocean Massage. But the owners upped sticks in a hurry with the cops on their tail in January this. They left the lights on, doors and windows open and the building almost has it had been. Though it's a pretty poor condition as they're business had been going downhill for the last couple of years. I walked around the abandoned massage parlour and made this short video. Copyright: 2018 ViralPress / BangkokXL Rumble Account

Published: February 24, 2018182 views
O'Min Cues In Bangkok, Thailand2m10s

O'Min Cues In Bangkok, Thailand

A quick walk around the O'Min Cues factory and shop showroom in Minburi, Bangkok, Thailand. This is probably the best place for buying snookers in Bangkok, if not Thailand, too.

Published: February 25, 201810 views