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Powered paragliding fail compilation4m07s

Powered paragliding fail compilation

This raw footage captured throughout the years shows us just how challenging it is to successfully pull off a powered paragliding session. From failed landings to disastrous takeoffs, these paragliding students have a lot more work to do!

Published: November 22, 201618,569 views
F-16 Fighter Jet Pilot Takes Amazing Selfies Up In The Air18s

F-16 Fighter Jet Pilot Takes Amazing Selfies Up In The Air

Taking the first class seats and flying of to some exotic place is what we all desire, especially after having a rough day at work. For some people it’s a dream that awaits to become true, while for others it’s a piece of cake. The only thing you need is to catch a plane and take off in an unknown direction. Of course it’s a lot easier when you have your own plane, but unfortunately most of us don’t have that opportunity. That’s not the case with this navy pilot. Not every job has to be boring and this guy seems to know that. He has chosen the right one for him. Every day he gets into his F-16 fighter jet , takes off and raises up into the high altitudes. Sure, not having a proof of visiting the beautiful blue sky is a problem. So he came up with this solution - to take selfies up in the air. This “Fighting Falcon” and his fellow companions get to the airbase airport, prepare themselves and then go straight up in the sky. It is where the party takes place. Randomly they get the chance to visit so many beautiful places, where so much greenery can be seen beneath their feet, so much interesting scenery it’s a shame not to document it. Not only he gets shots of himself, but also of his flying partners fooling around and performing their acrobatic mid-air. As you watch the video, you start wondering whether you have chosen the right job for you, or it still may not be too late for your to try and change it. Being a photographer and taking photos in the middle of nowhere seems like an interesting idea.

Published: November 15, 201611,533 views
Paraglider gets stuck in telephone wires11s

Paraglider gets stuck in telephone wires

In life, you have the thrill seekers, and you have the non-thrill seekers. Thrill seekers partake in activities such as sky-diving, bungee jumping, and paragliding. Well this thrill seeker definitely didn't have the best of days. While paragliding, she cut the landing a little close, and ended up getting caught in some telephone wires. It's probably safe to assume that she was suspended up in those wires for quite a while before getting freed. It seems like this para-glider wasn't in poor spirits, casually "hanging out" in the telephone wires. Who knows how long it took to get her down! Sometimes it's just the way things go, and you need to deal with the cards you are dealt. Could it have been the wind, or what about human error? Who knows. This extreme sports enthusiast is not having a good day. We don't know how she ended up in these telephone wires, but we are certain she was stuck there for a while! Check out this paragliding fail!

POV footage of extreme BASE jumping session1m14s

POV footage of extreme BASE jumping session

Watch these daredevils jump off a gigantic antenna (350 meters) in the middle of nowhere. Then witness them soar inches above a mountain range in wild Switzerland. Remember that proximity flying in tracking gear leaves even less of a margin for error. If you get too deep, you don't have wings to help you get out. Extreme!

Speed flying, paragliding and wingsuit BASE jumping compilation1m29s

Speed flying, paragliding and wingsuit BASE jumping compilation

Check out this intense POV footage of speed flying, paragliding and wingsuit proximity flying in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The starting point takes place from Pedra da Gávea, one of the world's largest single rock monolith standing next to the ocean with an elevation of 844 meters.

Fearless paragliders soar high above Carpathian Mountains2m45s

Fearless paragliders soar high above Carpathian Mountains

The Heroes' Cross is located on the Caraiman Peak at an altitude of 2,291 meters in the Bucegi Mountains of the Southern Carpathians. Commemorating the soldiers of World War I, it has a height of 36 meters. These daredevils capture some amazing footage of this monument as they paraglide all around it, coming within inches of touching it!

Extreme nighttime paraglide above Carpathian Mountains1m45s

Extreme nighttime paraglide above Carpathian Mountains

Are you brave enough to do some high-altitude paragliding in the dead of night? Check out this daredevil as he soars above the Caraiman Peak at 2,291 meters above sea level, located in the Bucegi Mountains (part of the Southern Carpathians in Romania). Amazing!

Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!2m28s

Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!

Most of us would not dare to conduct these types of extreme sports with zero visibility, so we are thankful that this daredevil does it for us! Watch what happens when he skis and paraglides right into a massive abyss of fog above the Stubaital alpine valley in Austria. Totally worth it!

Skydivers Make Landings In The Heart Of A Bustling City2m01s

Skydivers Make Landings In The Heart Of A Bustling City

What better place to land than smack dab in the middle of a busy city?! Check out these skydivers as they make repeated landings into crowed parks and streets while paragliding out of a plane. Awesome! Are you a big fan of extreme sports or very high adrenaline activities? This is the perfect video for someone with that mindset. Regular skydiving and parachuting can already be scary but imagine doing it and landing in random city locations. Usually skydivers jump out of their planes or helicopters and land in a big field or empty airfield, but not in this video! Skydiving is definitely not for the faint of heart and takes a lot of guts to be able to continuously jump out of planes. Must be so thrilling when your falling in the sky and there is always that thought in your head that maybe the parachute won’t open but it always does! That rush must be so intense and must be why there is so many fans of skydiving and parachuting! Not often do you see someone parachuting randomly in the city whether it be on the road or a city park or maybe even landing in someone’s backyard. This video is a great and fun montage of skydivers that parachute right into the city. Sounds like it can be dangerous but thankfully nothing bad happens here in this video! The first video in the montage has the person parachuting over some hills and over a city! Viewers are already taking guesses on where they want to see the person land! Maybe a road, a house, on top of a building? As the person soars you get to see the magnificent view of the city! This video is accompanied by some great music that totally fits the mood of this video well. Nothing better than listening to some high energy music and seeing some extreme sports! The first location the person lands is in a grassy park, seems like a very fitting landing for a parachute! The best of this is when he is coming down for the landing, he soars right by a person walking along! I bet she must have been quite shocked and amazed with what she saw! As he soars of lights and lamp posts, this is the best part of the videos seeing the normal everyday people react to something they don’t see too often. This makes the video so much better! In the next footage, the man lands right on the sidewalk in front of a building, leaving many onlookers in awe. This would make a great entrance if you need to go to the building, just soar in from the sky and keep walking in! The man even lands in the middle of a road with a car coming along. This is very dangerous even for these professionals and the car even had to steer to the side as to not hit the man. Always have to be careful in these situations, anything could happen. These montage videos are very well done sometimes offering the street view as they land from their parachute. These skydivers definitely gave people on the ground a nice little show! Definitely wouldn’t have loved to witness this in person and see everyone get excited. Definitely a great watch for all extreme sport lovers!

Extreme first-person BASE jumping footage2m08s

Extreme first-person BASE jumping footage

B.A.S.E. jumping is parachuting from a fixed structure or cliff. 'BASE' is an acronym for building, antenna, and Earth (cliff). Here you have a chance to see the life of a BASE jumper from their own perspective. Would you ever try something like this?

Published: February 12, 201666,921 views
Daredevils soar above snow-covered mountains1m06s

Daredevils soar above snow-covered mountains

From paragliding above a frozen forest, to some snow-kiting runs, to even a heli-jump and proximity flying, these extreme athletes push the limits as they enjoy everything the Le Brévent mountain in France has to offer.