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Celebrating lovers cats Valentine's Day1m19s

Celebrating lovers cats Valentine's Day

February 14 the yard of our house watching something unusual and took it on video. Our cute cats celebrating Valentine's Day. It was really cute to watch from the sidelines.

Published: February 16, 2017163 plays$0.47 earned
Alumni Meeting after 20 years from graduation2m07s

Alumni Meeting after 20 years from graduation

Dancing and dancing with all my heart. We are graduates met after 20 years from high school graduation. A fun day of celebration, singing and dancing. The singer sings a song is good, and we had fun dancing. It was wonderful, fun and memorable. Lots of positive emotions.

Published: February 22, 201736 plays$0.09 earned
The cat, which love to play1m37s

The cat, which love to play

Cat playing with a boy with great interest. An interesting game with a pet. The cat wants to catch the cord carefully. But to get there in a cat, look and see for yourself. Thank you.

Published: February 25, 20174 plays$0.02 earned
A cat which itself opens the door1m17s

A cat which itself opens the door

Cat enjoying winter sun, then go into the house, opened the door. Our cat itself is able to open the door. Clever and beautiful cat.

Published: February 25, 2017532 plays$1.50 earned
Children's fun with all the heart33s

Children's fun with all the heart

A child having fun with all the heart. Sincerely childish joy. The child makes a lovely sounds, moves and have fun. A child in a good mood and he wanted to shout for joy and fun.

Published: March 2, 20176 views