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Adorable Morning grooming session26s

Adorable Morning grooming session

This dog and cat are always adorable together snd every morning they spend time cuddling and grooming together. If you were the owner of these two cuties how would you ever get out of bed?? Watch as this large gentle boxer mix dog licks the cute kitty. Then the cat proceeds to lick herself in a hilarious way. Its hard to take your eyes off of these two... we hope this cute video brightens your day a bit

Patient dog waits her turn to drink 15s

Patient dog waits her turn to drink

Patience is a virtue. and this is the most patient dog you've ever seen. What a good girl! Usually you'd expect a largue muscular dog like her to assert her dominance and simply scare the little kitty out of the way when she is thirsty, But not Karma! She just waits in line until the little cat Annie makes it clear that she is finished. She doesn't make any noise or intrude in any way. Cats can be easily scared by this kind of large and powerful animal. She has a very strong presence. But Karma the dog and Annie the cat are best friends and you can see clearly from this video that Karma cares alot about Annie. She really wants her cat friend to enjoy her drink, even though she is also thirsty. Such a kind Soul. After casually finishing up her drink, Annie looks back at Karma patiently waiting in line, and lets her know it her turn! When Annie is fully out of the way, Karma excitedly makes her way to the water dish and indulges! another precious moment from these two best friends.

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This AR cat is the cutest new thing. 1m10s

This AR cat is the cutest new thing.

You won't believe how realistic this is! With this new iphone app called "Meow" you can take your adorable little virtual kitty anywhere with you! You can feed him, and play with him using a laser pointer. It may seem simple, but this app is incredibly advanced and one of the first of its kind. Augmented Reality (AR) is the hottest new thing in smart phones today. With the new algorithms that are coming out with the newest phone updates, app makers are now able to place virtual objects in the real world! And not just a plopping an image in front of your camera like Pokemon go, I mean REALLY place them there! The camera can track what is the "ground" in the room, and the cat will stick to the ground. You can go up close to the cat, move all around him, and go far away, and he will stay right there where you placed him. It really feels like he is sitting there. Its hard to resist the urge to put your hand out and pet him. He will follow you and look up at you too if he wants something. He will also respond to you when you call his name! Make sure to feed and play with him regularily! This new technology is truly incredible and for cat/tech lovers you will just love playing with this app! Best of all, the app is FREE! They are always adding cool new updates sow why not try it out? What do you think of this cool new app? let us know in the comments!

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This old cat's 39s

This old cat's "roar" will melt your heart

This cat's name is Ollie and he is 13 years old. He was adopted by a happy family about 5 years ago. He is such a gentle and loving cat. He is so grateful to be living in a happy home. Ollie's meow has gotten grittier with age. Now he has such a unique meow that really sets him apart from other cats. He sounds like a young lion learning how to roar (like Simba in 'The Lion King'). He is getting old these days, but he is still the friendliest and sweetest cat you've ever seen. He loves to cuddle and get love from his owners. But hes always making these crazy baby roaring sounds. Such a cutie! What a unique cat! Have you ever seen a cat before that has this type of unique meow?

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Dog desperate to play with uninterested cat1m08s

Dog desperate to play with uninterested cat

This cat keeps raising his hand almost as if he is asking for a high five! But that playful little Maltese better be careful not to get too close or he'll get more than a high five if he's not careful! The kitty really appreciates her personal space but this little pup just really needs somebody to play with right now. Watch him keep trying to get close to the kitty only to get shut down over and over again. Hilarious!

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Intense summertime hail storm near Toronto 22s

Intense summertime hail storm near Toronto

On a hot and rainy August day, huge marble-sized balls of ice started to fall from the sky. The sound of them slamming into the car is insane. Nearby there were poor construction workers who had to hold signs in this crazy summer weather.

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Hidden cat attacks finger 39s

Hidden cat attacks finger

Don't put your finger near the blanket... there is no telling what kind of creatures could be hiding underneath the bed...

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Convenience store cat plays with box 1m18s

Convenience store cat plays with box

This South Korean convenience store took in a stray cat and he is so adorable. He is very friendly and loves to be pet and play with customers. his favorite place to hangout on a hot day is ontop of the freezers. And of course boxes are all the toys a playful kitty could ask for.

Pit Bull absolutely refuses to wake up23s

Pit Bull absolutely refuses to wake up

This pup goes completely limp when sleeping. She finally wakes up and gives a dirty look to her playful owner after his repeated attempts at waking her up. Hilarious!

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Tiny bird attacks hawk, hawk just takes it34s

Tiny bird attacks hawk, hawk just takes it

A sparrow appears to be protecting its nest because it repeatedly dive-bombs a very patient and tolerant hawk - who seems to just be passing through. What a crazy moment captured on camera!

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World's largest floating city in Cambodia 1m03s

World's largest floating city in Cambodia

All of the buildings in this large village in Cambodia are floating in the middle of the biggest lake in South East Asia. The village moves and changes location as the tide moves. The village consists of normal houses, as well as businesses, stores, restaurants, a school, and a church! Many people in this village are Vietnamese immigrants who don't have permission to buy any real land. The village seems pretty cool from the outside, but the home owners have their fair share of problems... For example... The water must be pretty dirty with all those bathrooms in one area of the lake... But nonetheless, the residents look pretty happy and they find ways to entertain themselves and make a living in this strange, Unique village off the coast of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Mileage is OVER 9000!!!!!!!! 28s

Mileage is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

Guys go crazy when the car's mileage finally reaches 9001 and they get to yell the infamous phrase from dragonball Z... "Its over 9000!"

Published: July 29, 201711 views
Excited dog sees owner after 3 days apart 21s

Excited dog sees owner after 3 days apart

Doongi the dog had never been left alone without his beloved owner before. He missed her so much when she was away... maybe he thought she would never come back. As soon as he hes the *beep* of the door unlocking, he knows it must be her! He didn't give up hope! Watch his cute reaction to finally seein the person he had been missing so much.

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A dogs perspective... "please pay attention to me!" 19s

A dogs perspective... "please pay attention to me!"

A dog watches his owner walk around and talk on the phone and patiently waits for her to pay him some attention. This camera angle gives a funny and unique perspective from the dogs point of view. Can you think what is going through this doggys mind? Let us know in the comments section!

Amazingly adorable raccoon cafe in South Korea33s

Amazingly adorable raccoon cafe in South Korea

This cafe in Daegu, South Korea is home to about 5 raccoons and 2 dogs. They are very well taken care of by their loving owner and they are extremely tame and affectionate towards humans. They have lots of room to play and a special room to hide when they want some space. The cafe is even more special as it features two albino raccoons. To get in, you have to buy at least one beverage. Other than this there is no entrance fee! Wouldn't you love to chill out with a delicious beverage and watch these guys play?

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Kitty Considers Slapping Bigger Cat, Realizes It's Not A Good Idea18s

Kitty Considers Slapping Bigger Cat, Realizes It's Not A Good Idea

Have you ever been so angry with someone that you want to just slap them in the face? Right before you do, you realize maybe it's not the best idea. For one, you don't want to get in trouble and this person is a lot bigger than you and could probably punch you back twice as hard! That is exactly what this smaller cat went through! The smaller cat on the right looks into the eyes of the big black cat, trying to scare it. While she is doing this, she gets into position with her paw and prepares to slap him right in the face! Will she do it? Is she going to slap him? As she has her paw out, it looks like she is thinking very intently about the situation. The black cat is much larger than her, he could slap her right back! Be careful little one! In the end, she decides not to slap him, she is smart enough to know this situation won't end well with her. The big cat looks very confused at the moment, he isn't really sure about what just happened as she walks away. Very smart decision by the smaller cat! There are much better ways to deal with your anger, no need to get into physical fights! Check out some of these cat beds so your cat can have a nice relaxing and cozy sleep. Just sleep off the anger! Have you experienced any hilarious moments with animals? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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South Korea uses robots as traffic guards18s

South Korea uses robots as traffic guards

Check out this creepy robot disguised as a human. These appear all over in South Korea, placed at every construction site. If a human traffic guard was placed here he would have to do the same motion for long periods of time, so it is much more convenient to just dress a robot up as a human and have him do one simple movement continuously to help direct traffic 24 hours a day during construction. This is one hilarious video that no one should miss! This has to be one of the most genius ideas to ever come out of laziness! Then again, it makes perfect sense to have a robot do this rather than have someone stand around all day do that one action. Who knows, maybe this will be an innovation that will spread around the world like wildfire!

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Thousands of huge bugs cover the rocks on this japanese island 21s

Thousands of huge bugs cover the rocks on this japanese island

Watch out! This big rock on the beach might seem like a nice place to take a rest from afar, but closer inspection shows us these Huge bugs called "sea slaters" cover every rock on this beach. There are so many of them in every shape and size, and when they move together it will send shivers down your spine. This footage was taken in Okunoshima island, Japan.

Gopro footage from Koreas Biggest zipline 56s

Gopro footage from Koreas Biggest zipline

Hopefully you are not afraid of heights because this video is way above the ground! Check out this amazing Go-Pro footage from Korea's biggest zip line! This zip line is located in the North East section of South Korea. It is 4000 feet long and can go up to 100 km/hr ! The ride starts on the top of a huge mountain which you can hike or access by cable car. You can experience the beauty of the mountains and river as you zip down this thrilling ride! This is one amazing video that you do not want to miss! This footage is insane! It makes you want to go there in South Korea and ride that zip-line! The view was absolutely stunning and breathtaking, making you appreciate nature for what it really is! Sometimes we just have to put down our digital devices and take in the world around you. After all, you cannot have that kind of fun on your phone! This clip was amazing! Good thing this person managed to capture it all on their Go-Pro for the rest of the world to see! This will be one memory that they will remember for the rest of their lives! Have you ever been zip-lining before? Let us know down in the comment section!

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Monkey won't stop playing with woman's pants 39s

Monkey won't stop playing with woman's pants

This playful monkey is obsessed with this woman's pants! He keeps caressing it and trying to stick his head inside. Maybe the loose silky material feels so unique and interesting to him. As the tourist gets up to walk away, the monkey continues to hold onto and play with the pants. This video was taken in Ubud forest sanctuary, In Bali Indonesia. Monkeys roam free in this forest, but they love to interact with tourists. Tourists provide a constant stream of free food for them, so they are friendly! But they can also be demanding and have been known to steal things.

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Dog takes dog for a walk 16s

Dog takes dog for a walk

Pet owners prepare to laugh as these two dogs make a hilarious yet charming video. These two dogs are connected together a leash as the little one tries to walk his big friend! The little dog tries to take take the big dog for a walk, but who is walking who? Watch as this tiny pup hilariously fails to control the slightly larger friend with his leash. It's like he is trying to be human! This is a video that no pet owner should miss! These two dogs make a hilarious duo together! Isn't it just adorable watching these two dogs? Big dogs can be pretty hard to control as it is and having the little dog walk his big friends is just so funny! The big dog doesn't seem to even care that his little buddy is trying to walk him. The little dog seems to be trying its hardest to control his friend but it seems to be in vain. You cannot help but to crack a smile when watching this adorable video! This little pup could always purchase a much bigger and better dog leash from amazon to control his friend! A lot of us have had those moments when trying to control a big dog, it can be tough, but this little pup seemed to be hanging on just fine! Do you have any funny dog stories to share? Let us know in the comments!

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Giant monitor lizard searching for his lunch 28s

Giant monitor lizard searching for his lunch

Wow! This lizard is over 3 feet long! He was just wandering around at the park in Singapore. He was hungry and digging to find some bugs to eat. Watch the amazing footage of him finding and eating up some big juicy worms for lunch.

Cat Cuddles Dog In Adorable Morning Routine1m31s

Cat Cuddles Dog In Adorable Morning Routine

Who said that cats and dogs don't like each other? Although we all know them as arch enemies, sometimes that rule is broken and they develop a friendship so deep, it'll have you and your best friend jealous. The owner of these lovely animals gets a real treat every morning – the first thing he sees after he wakes up is these two cuddling and giving each other kisses and love. But hey – if this is the first thing you see every morning, you know it is going to be a great day. Every morning this lucky owner gets to witness the love of these two cuddling up to each other. That is a great way to fill up with positive energy and spread that energy to all those around you during the day. Who wouldn't want this? Although cats are a more popular pet choice due to their lower maintenance, people who can't decide if they are a dog or a cat person usually decide to get them both. Sometimes they fight, and sometimes they love each other to death. These two belong to the later category, and we can't be any more glad for that. May they love each other always and bring joy to their owner each day. Too cute! This pair is pretty adorable and must have a lot of fun together! If they ever run out of toys to play with, they could always get more dog or cat toys on Amazon.

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Monkeys take over man's bike19s

Monkeys take over man's bike

This man and his daughter had to stop his bike to see these crazy monkeys who ended up climbing on his bike and stealing his beverage. The footage was captured in Cambodia, near the Angkor Watt temples. They love to steal tourists' snacks! This temple complex is the largest religious monument in the world, and was originally constructed as a Hindu temple for the god Vishnu (one of the principal deities of that religion), but was eventually transformed into a Buddhist temple. The monkeys that inhabit the place are well known tourist attraction, but they also have a bed reputation for stealing stuff from the visiting tourists. There is a saying that if you are in Siem Reap and you haven't seen the monkeys at Angkor Watt, then you haven't seen anything. You can find these fellas everywhere, most often chilling under a tree waiting to be fed. They are very friendly and you'll become fond of them immediately, but that doesn't mean they won't relieve you from few of your belongings. So if you plan a trip in this place, be extra careful and make sure to take some photos from the beautiful Macaque monkeys. It's an experience you will always remember.

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