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Dog Rides Scooter! He Is Now Known As Oscar The Daredevil21s

Dog Rides Scooter! He Is Now Known As Oscar The Daredevil

Woah! You better watch out because this doggy daredevil might be the coolest thing to ever ride a scooter in the streets. A doggo is hanging out with his human buddies in the family driveway. The one thing that everyone knows about Oscar the doggy daredevil is that he wants to do all of the things the humans do. And although he must have been nervous, he can finally check "riding a scooter down the steep driveway" off of his list. Watch this video because it is many things... cool, funny, cute, adorable, and uplifting.

Published: February 22, 2018

"A Tot Boy Calls A Butterfly A "Butt Face""

"There's probably nothing more hilarious than the way the toddlers talk! They are so irresistibly charming and sweet when they learn to speak, especially when they try to pronounce big and more complex words, as a "butterfly" for example! There are probably dozens of variations, but this the one that this adorable tot boy in our video came up with is definitely the winner. His word for a butterfly is nothing less than a "butt face"! But, what makes it even funnier is that he probably doesn't even know what this expression even means. For him, a "butt face" is just a gentle, fragile insect that he finds outdoor, in his family house doorway! And when his mom asks him "What is that?", he simply replies "But face!". "Yes, it's a butterfly, right!" - Adds the daddy in his smart attempt to correct his cute son, and the boy simply confirms: "Yeah! But face. It's a but…but face!" It's so hilarious! You just have to hear him say the word!"

Brown Bear Caught Stealing Food17s

Brown Bear Caught Stealing Food

Check out this unbelievable video of a brown bear who was caught stealing food from a family's backyard. The man of the house starts recording as the bear is poking around in a basket full of pears left out by the family. He goes "OooOh, he wants the pears!" before banging on the window and screaming at the bear to get lost. Believe it or not, the giant brown bear listened to the man and takes off... takes off WITH the entire bucket of pears.

Published: February 22, 2018

"Cutest Little Copycat!"

"This adorable toddler is the cutest little copycat! We absolutely love him! nnThis toddler is enjoying a relaxing night at home. He's sitting with his family members, listening to what they are saying and enjoying his evening. But, soon, he becomes the star of the night! Who cares about grown-up stories when this little one is demonstrating his skills?nnThe man in the video lifts his leg, and the toddler copies his moves. He seems really skilled though, just look at him go! He has no trouble! You can definitely see the hard work behind the performance of the night. He is a natural talent, but also a hardworking little toddler. He takes his skills very seriously and is working hard to stay in shape! nnWay to go! Maybe we are looking at a future athlete? That would be amazing. Let's just watch and see what happens. He might surprise us!"


"Hilarious Game Of Pie Face Showdown"

"Have you ever played a game of Pie Face Showdown? You know that game where you load a plastic arm with whipped cream. Then each player places their chin on the chin rests and at the count of 3, rapidly mashes the button nearest to them, which activates the hand on the throwing arm. Players then try to get the arm to move to their opponent, and get his face creamed! However, in our video, things took a little bit different turn! The players are siblings, a brother, and sister, and while sister understood the goal of the game, the brother only wanted one thing - a whipped cream! So he took the plastic arm and started eating whipped cream, completely ignoring his sister and the rest of the family who laughed their hearts out! Now, he did lose the game, but he goes what he wanted, so he is definitely the winner! Good job little fella, you’re our hero!"


"Adorable Baby Boy Gets Both Amused and Scared by Burps"

"Regardless of the fact that burping can be very funny, it's not really nice to burp at the table when somebody else tries to eat a dinner. But, if that somebody is just a baby boy who isn't very interested in eating his fruits and veggie snack, some burping might help to get his attention. This funny video shows an adorable baby boy who sits in a high chair during his snack time, but it seems that he is not really into it, although his mom tries to entertain him with her cheerful voice but fails to motivate him to try a piece of apple. And then suddenly, a man starts burping and the baby gets totally startled and confused! What's that funny sound? Is it funny or scary? Well, it's hard to decide. At first, it sounds so amusing and the baby laughs, but as the burps continue, this baby's face starts to change. Is he going to start crying or he is just getting ready for another round of laughter? You have to watch this video to find out!"


"Boy Has Something in His Hair and Freaks Out About It"

"What happens to a boy who has something in his hair that scares him so much that he doesn't even want to find out what that is, but instead just keeps screaming? Well, either everyone around him laughs out loud, or he learns a fundamental lesson in his life - the fear of the unknown is pretty useless, but also tough to overcome! Or maybe both. But, let's be honest - people have always been scared of the unknown! Some even say that this kind of fear is one of the biggest fears ever, although it's mostly irrational and often baseless. The only truly effective way to grow out of it is to simply face it. But, that's easier said than done and this boy makes a great example - he has something in his hair, and he's just freaking out about it! It's nothing more than a ladybug toy, but in his mind, that must be the scariest monsters of all!"


"Hugs Are the Best, Even the Awkward Ones!"

"Someone once said that hugging is the best remedy, and we couldn't agree more! Hugs are absolutely amazing, even when they're a bit awkward. Just check out this hilarious compilation of all sorts of hugs and you'll know what we mean. Some of these hugs are so cute and heartwarming, like the one here with a toddler boy and a girl who lose their balance while giving each other an overly exciting hug, or with the cutest twin sisters who love each other so much that they also don't mind falling together while hugging. Some other hugs here seem to be a bit unwilling, one-sided hugs like the one with this young man who keeps hugging and cuddling his grumpy cat, or the other one with a boy and a hen. And of course, there are those awkward but hilarious ones with tots who like to hug objects as they do persons, but each and every hug in this video compilation is emotional, unique and honest!"


"Annoying Brother Secretly Taping Sister’s Selfie Session"

"Teenage girls are obsessed with selfies. Here we can see how it really looks when a girl has a selfie photo session, and it’s hilarious! This girl poses for a bunch of selfies while her ‘evil’ brother records the whole thing. We are not sure how this girl reacted when she found out that her little photo shoot was invaded, but the video itself sure is super funny! nAs you’ll see, the girl takes many selfie poses, which her brother finds hilarious. He also provides us with a commentary. LOL! Siblings can really be a nightmare, don’t you think? They listen on phone calls, borrow clothes without asking, act innocent when you did something wrong (together), expose you when you tell a lie, hang around when your friends are visiting, pretend to cry just to make you feel bad… Should we go on? If you have a sibling, this video will remind you of how terrible it can be. Siblings, older ones especially, usually have a blackmail folder on their phone, but the brother from this video went one step further and shared it with the whole world. So cruel right? But we are sure that his sister will eventually forgive him, because, as they say ‘the sibling is the only enemy you can’t live without!’"


"These Air Eating Dogs Are So Funny!"

"Some dogs are very particular about their food and often not so much in the mood to chew what their owners put in front of them. But, there are also others who are the exact opposite and ready not only to chew on the old shoe but even to eat the air, literally! You don't believe us? Just watch this video, as it shows a man who sprays an air duster can into the mouths of two large air-eating dogs! But they don't seem to mind that at all. They actually look like they are having lots of fun with their owner and this air can. They obviously like and enjoy the air blowing and the freshness. It seems they can go on like this all day, but so does their owner who can't stop laughing each time he sprays from the can, and his dogs start biting the air."


"Cute Toddler LOVES Bowling"

"Who doesn’t love bowling? It’s a great chance to let loose, have fun and get a little competitive. I tell you this much… the toddler in this video LOVES to bowl! And boy does this little cutie know how to boogie! nnHe also knows that the key to bowling is to just have a good time! How could you not have fun while watching this adorable little kid dance out each little victory? Someone has a great attitude when it comes to playing sports!nnHis team must be super proud to have such a strong team member. He has some serious skills. Serious bowling and DANCING skills. Just wait for his celebratory dance in the end. That's right! We have a superstar here. nnWhat is the point of playing a game if you're not gonna have fun while doing so? This little one knows that fun is the most important thing and doesn't plan on letting anything ruin that. Lovely!"


"Fun Day At The Office"

"Transforming a boring day at work into a fun atmosphere is this guys' specialty. Things are about to get lit! You'll have to see it to believe it. nnSpending eight hours at work can sometimes become a little dull, especially if you are sitting at your desk at all times. We all look for ways to have more fun and make the hours fly by. Well, these gentlemen have found the perfect way to pass the time. nnLunch breaks are fun as it is, where there is food, there is fun! But they have taken it up a notch! Who would have thought that a simple water cooler could be the source of all office fun? It's just an example that if you want something, with your imagination you can do anything! nnWe assume that with these guys in the office, working hours are never boring! What a fantastic team! Great job guys!"


"This Adorable Laughter Will Mesmerize You"

"There is nothing more precious than baby laughter. It is the most honest thing in the world, and this laughter will definitely mesmerize you. Baby laughter reminds us of happiness, peace, and honesty. This one will do just that, we promise. It can sometimes be hard to make a baby laugh, and while some have a problem thinking of ways to do that, this dad has no issues with it. He has found the perfect and the most random thing that makes his baby the happiest in the world! For some reason, this little one loves his feet! And when his dad combines it with an unusual sound, this baby can't keep it together. He loves it! And so do we. Get ready for this adorable baby laughter video! We are sure it will make you smile for days! We still can't get over how cute and precious the video is!"


"When Dad Is Left to Baby Sit"

"There are probably a lot of mothers who share the same dilemma - Should I leave my hubby alone to babysit our kid? And we say - take a chance, why not! It might get a bit messy around the house, but one thing is sure - the daddy and the baby are going to have a hell of a time home alone together! This video here is an excellent illustration for that, and at the same time, it perfectly showcases that moms should expect the unexpected when dads are left to babysit their kids. Like this mom for example! When she gets home from work, this is probably the last thing she expected to see - her messy baby with lots of stuff all over the floor. But the baby is so happy and joyful that moms heart melts in a second. And maybe dad even dad will have better luck giving him a bath after all this mess!"


"Cat Calmly Drinks Water From A Bowl Of Fishes"

"If you ever wonder if you could have a cat plus an aquarium full of pet fishes, take a look at this video! This friendly cat calmly drinks water from a bowl with fishes. She is such a nice kitty, she doesn’t even think of eating them. And trust us, when the cat is hungry, she would eat just about anything! Especially fish! Although kitties hate swimming, they love eating fish, mostly because of the oil and protein the fish meat contains. But the kitty from our video decided to ignore its potential food and only drank some water from the ball full of fishes. Usually, when people keep cats and fish aquariums together, it’s difficult to save fishes from the cat. It takes aquariums with lids, safety locks… but in the case of the cat from our video, fishes are safe. If only all animals could live in such harmony! The world would sure be a much better place!"


"Best Way To Eat Popcorn"

"We all love eating popcorn, but this little kid has thought of a much better way to eat them. Why be boring, when you can make eating popcorn so much more interesting? nnWell done to both of them! Where is the fun in eating popcorn while sitting on a chair by yourself? This new way must be a lot more complicated, but also a lot more fun! In the video, we can see this boy's head and someone's hands feeding him. We presume that his father must be the one feeding him and we applaud him for encouraging his son's creativity! Although, we would not want to be in his situation as he is not getting any popcorn. Encouragement is a great thing, but so is the delicious popcorn. If we had to choose, we would take this little kid's position. More popcorn = more fun! Yay to food! Who's with us?"

Epic Trampoline Win Caught On Camera54s

Epic Trampoline Win Caught On Camera

This epic trampoline win that was caught on camera was unexpected, which makes it all the more entertaining. Two boys are jumping on a trampoline and one of the boys throws a soccer ball with his feet perfectly into a hole in a fence after his brother says he can't. On the first go around, the boy does a generic backflip with the soccer ball between his legs. He then says that he is going to do the backflip but release the ball at the perfect time, so the ball goes into a tiny hole in the fence. Even though his brother says he can't do it, the kid nails it on the first try. Truly impressive, check it out.

Published: February 22, 2018
Swinging Girl Kicks Giant Red Ball That Hits Boy In The Face15s

Swinging Girl Kicks Giant Red Ball That Hits Boy In The Face

There is an inherent level of unexplored danger to the games and ideas that kids come up with when they are playing with one another. As an adult, generally speaking, you can spot the danger and potential risks. You have earned it with experience and knowledge, where kids have not. When you see kids using a swing set to kick a giant red ball, you know somebody is going get hit. You can kind of see the kid logic at play here. You have a swing, a great breeding ground for hilariously dumb kid ideas. Seriously, how many of us played that game where you swing as high as you can and then try to jump from the swing to see how far you can? Just me?

Published: February 22, 2018

"Cute Dog Snitches Pretzel Off the Kitchen Counter"

"What happens when you leave your favorite food on the kitchen counter and turn your back for a moment? Everyone who has a dog in the house will give you the same answer - the food may vanish if your cute cheerful pup is in sight! Even if he has never done something like that before, he can always surprise you. This video here is a classic example of how surprising your adorable, best four-legged friend can be. So, watch and learn from this lady who left her pretzel on the kitchen counter and in a split of a second her food was gone! Well, in three seconds to be exact. LOL! That's how much it took this cute little dog to jump and steal the pretzel in just three attempts. But who can blame him? It was probably his snacks time too, so he just took the opportunity and grabbed what was left on the counter. Nobody told him that it wasn't for him!"

This Dog Is Better At Math Than You34s

This Dog Is Better At Math Than You

Clever Dog Is A Math Genius! This clever canine just might have better math skills than you! Don't believe us? Just take one look at this smart little cookie as he does some fast thinking for yummy treats! If only all of us could be math geniuses like this adorable dog! Be prepared to be amazed!

Published: February 22, 2018

"Cute Baby Climbs into Box"

"All babies love to climb, pretty much on everything! It usually starts with a crib in their many brilliant attempts to escape from it and then it continues with stairs, and chairs, some smaller tables, and all the other typical and less typical climbable house objects, including the cardboard boxes! They are simply drawn to it and eager to discover what's inside! Even the emptiness of a cardboard box seems magical to them! Just take a look at this little baby boy in this video. He is so small that can't even bend over to reach inside without falling in! But not completely, so he finds himself trapped upside down! Will he fall in there or will he manage to scramble out? The dilemma was finally resolved by his mom who decide to help him out by turning the box, so he could successfully crawl out of there, before he tries it again!"

Is The Princess And The Frog Real Life?35s

Is The Princess And The Frog Real Life?

Is Princess and the Frog real life? There is only ONE way to find out. What would you do if you met a frog at the park? Well after hearing about the wonderful tale of The Princess and the Frog, these two girls thought they'd try and kiss a frog to see what would happen! Will this tale have a happily ever after? Like I said, there's only one way to find out! Watch these two hilarious girls pass a frog back and forth, both of them equally scared to actually kiss the frog. Spoiler alert... the girl on the left smacks the hand of the girl on the right... forcing her to kiss the frog!

Published: February 22, 2018
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?50s

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To hop around the table, jump on this woman's head and stomp around. At first, I thought this little chick was too young to fly but after stomping around the table a little bit, she flies right on top of this woman's head while the woman is eating. My favorite part of the video is the woman who is recording all of this... she is cracking up so hard and her laugh is contagious.

Published: February 22, 2018
Unsuspecting Guy Opens Closet Only To Be Scared By Hiding Friend8s

Unsuspecting Guy Opens Closet Only To Be Scared By Hiding Friend

The problem with a lot of internet and filmed pranks is that they are mean-spirited without an end goal other than being mean to other people. A good prank should end with both parties, the pranker and the prankee laughing or having fun with the prank. Otherwise, it is just one person being a jerk for no reason. This prank, while simple in execution, is great. As mentioned this one is fairly simple. The set up starts in an empty bedroom. The camera is probably set up on a dresser. We can't see much here but we do not need to see much either. We can see the doorway into the bedroom and we can see what appears to be a closet. As the video starts a young man in a black baseball cap, a white t-shirt and jeans walks into frame. Just before he opens the closet door, he looks back toward the bedroom doorway. Which, we think helps with the element of surprise.

Published: February 22, 2018
Ghost Ladder Caught On Camera31s

Ghost Ladder Caught On Camera

I don't know what kind of Paranormal Activity Voodoo type stuff is going on in this video but it freaks me out. I had to rewind and rewatch this ghost ladder video a couple times to fully grasp what is happening here. A man records a (ghost) ladder that is slowly (but surely!) moving its way down his driveway. Can anyone explain what is going on here? If you have answers, share them in the comment section below. After my first watch, I assumed it was the wind... BUT... the trees in the background aren't blowing. Sooooo....... your guess is as good as mine.

Published: February 22, 2018