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"Girl Plays on A Trampoline and Her Hair Spikes Up"

"Hanging out and jumping on a trampoline is so much fun, but the things can get even funnier when a kid discovers the static! If you are unsure of what we are talking about, just check out this video and everything will get not only clear but hilarious! It shows a cute tot girl with a beautiful long blond curly hair having some fun time on the trampoline. She must have been jumping and falling down for quite some time, as her beautiful hair got so fuzzy! Apparently, her head has ended up on the trampoline surface area more than just a couple of times, so her hair got all spikes up in different directions because of the static! LOL! Just look how cute she looks with that hair! It reminds us of a dandelion seed head all ready to be blown away! So, if you are looking for something unusual and sweet this video is just perfect for you."


"A Tot Boy Tries To Call His Mother"

"Have you noticed that people rely on the tech too much nowadays? So does the little boy from our video when he tries to call his mom. Instead of simply pressing the numbers on the phone to dial his mom, he is using the Siri voice function. He repeatedly says, "Call Mommy" to a cell phone. Siri responds: "I don't know who your mother is." Plus, she offers the detailed explanation on why she has no idea who the boy’s mother is. The boy is confused and puzzled at the same time! How is it possible that the all-knowing Siri has no idea who his mother is? He is so funny! Although we all think Siri knows everything, that, of course, isn’t true. She is just a virtual assistant, not some magical creature that lives on our phones. Or is she? Wait, we are not sure now! Neither is the boy from our video. He is so funny, and the look on his face is priceless! You’ll see for yourself!!!"


"Twin Baby Boys Both Have the Hiccups While Having A Nap"

"One of the most amazing things when it comes to twins is that they do almost everything together, especially when they are just the babies! If one starts to laugh, the other will join, and the same goes for crying and many other things. That is usually explained by the fact that they had spent nine months together in their mother's womb and started to communicate with each other long before they were even born. Just check out this video, and you will see what we mean. It shows two adorable twin baby boys who are laying on their baby quilt, having their afternoon nap. But for some reason, one of them starts to hiccup, and the other one immediately joins in! LOL! Just look and listen how cute they are. They sound like the most adorable little duet of hiccups! Who knows, one day they might even become famous musicians who know how to complement each other's parts perfectly!"


"A Baby Girl Gets Excited When She Hears Siri's Voice"

"It is absolutely amazing how the smartphones are getting smarter and smarter these days. In the past couple of years, they advanced from being just cell phones to being computers that provide so many different information and help us out big time. Especially now with that built-in "intelligent assistant" we can even talk to them! Just check out this video and see how even babies start to use them. The only trick here is - babies can't really speak. LOL! This video shows a little baby girl who is sitting in the living room with her mom, and they play with her mom's phone. So, when the phone makes some noises, this cute baby gets so excited, but then gets a bit scared when she hears the Siri's voice! LOL! She definitely didn't expect to hear some unknown voice talking back to her! Her facial expression is so priceless, and you really need to check it out."


"Toddler Girl Smacks At Her Shadow"

"In so many ways, toddlers are like cats. They can get fascinated and incredibly excited by shadows. We don’t know what it is, but they just can’t help but try to interact with them. In this video, we meet a toddler girl walking around a living room and laughing to herself. She is too cute already. Then, all of a sudden, she sees a few rays of sunshine dancing on the wall. As she approaches the wall, her shadow appears and she becomes aware of it. It’s so funny how confused she gets! She comes closer to the wall once again and smacks at her own shadow. That was unexpected! Just when you thought that this story is out of plot twist, the shadow fights back! Wait, what? The little girl actually falls over and hits her head on the wall. Don’t worry, this adorable little fighter couldn’t have hurt herself badly!"


"A Tot Boy Tugs on A Comb After Getting It Stuck in His Hair"

"It seems that most kids don't really like when they need to comb their hair or when someone else tries to do it for them. And we totally get them. Combing hair can be pretty unpleasant when one tries to untangle the messy hair, especially when that hair is super thick and all curled. Just check out this video and see it for yourself. This video shows a cute tot boy with a comb stuck in his hair at the back of his head. This sweet little boy apparently tried to comb his beautiful curly hair, but the comb got, and now he is trying to take it out, so he tugs on a comb, but fails to get it off! LOL! He even looks a little worried about his situation but doesn't give up! Isn't he simply adorable? If we were him, we would not even try to change this cute untamed haircut."


"Toddler Girl Tells Siri She Loves Her"

"Even though Siri can proudly understand a dozen dialects of the English language, even she has a stumbling block: toddler talk. If you have never seen a toddler trying to interact with Siri, you just have to watch this video. In the beginning, we can see a toddler girl holding her dad’s cell phone. She is is using it to talk to Siri while laughing and chuckling at the same time. While giggling excitedly she declares her love to Siri quite literally. “I love you so much, I love you so much”, she babbles repeatedly. This little girl is just too cute to handle! And the cold-blooded Siri’s response? “That’s nice. Can we get back to work now?” Unbelievable! How could you, Siri? The sweet toddler girl is confused by this answer, and so are we. We are not even sure if she understood the answer, but her face expression is so funny!"


"Twin Boys Fascinated by Ceiling Fan Spinning"

"It’s incredible how fascinating the most ordinary everyday things can become when seen through the eye of a toddler. Kids see almost everything as a source of fun and joy, and we envy them for that! Well, at least we can get a good laugh out of watching them! Let’s take a look at this video. In the beginning, a woman is filming herself dusting the ceiling fan. Boring, don’t you think? But just wait for it. While the woman is cleaning that ceiling fan two twin toddler boys are spinning beneath it. Not only are they spinning, but they are also looking at the fan as if it was the most magical thing in the world. How funny is that! Those two boys are not old enough to help with the house chores just yet, but they are certainly cheering this woman up while she is cleaning. That still counts as helping, if you ask us!"


"A Tot Girl Talks to Siri And Says "I Love You So Much""

"Is there anything more heartwarming than hearing an adorable toddler saying that he or she loves you?! Even when a tot is talking to Siri! Just check out this video and see it for yourself, but also get ready for the sweetest meltdown! It shows a little tot girl who is sitting with her dad and plays with Siri on her dad's cell phone. She laughs and says "I love you so much," and after just a couple of seconds Siri replies to her by saying "You are the wind beneath my wings." Isn't that adorable? Even the daddy gets emotional and adds "Oh, she loves you too!" This is definitely one of the most beautiful and heartwarming videos with Siri that we've seen in quite some time! So, if you are looking for something to brighten up your day, this video is a pure gem and will make you smile all day long."


"A Baby Boy Tot Plays with an iPhone And Says "Oh" To Siri"

"Smartphones have made many aspects of life more comfortable, but also an entirely new dimension in kids' way of playing. Not they can get so easily entertained only by a single click. But when that slick is accidental, things get funny! Just check out this video and see what happens when a baby unintentionally activates Siri. This adorable baby boy is sitting on a bed with an iPhone in his hands and clicks on it, but as soon as he realizes that he might have done something that he shouldn't have, he says "Oh." It turns out that his click has activated Siri who has heard his "oh" and tried to help him but fails to understand and replies "I don't know what that means. If you like I can search the web for Oh." LOL! We can't help but wonder how many search results she would get if only this boy could say "Yes" to her!"


"A Baby Boy Babbles to Siri"

"Introducing a built-in "intelligent assistant" that enables users to speak natural language voice commands in order to operate their mobile device and its apps were absolutely amazing and super handy, but when a baby gets introduce to it, the things get totally hilarious! Just check out this video and see what Siri can do for a baby. LOL! This adorable baby boy takes an iPhone and activates Siri. Then, he just starts to babble something to it and gets the answer from Siri that says "I don't know what that means. If you'd like, I can search the web for "aye." LOL! Well, Siri is going to have a pretty hard time finding out what this boy tries to say, but one thing is sure - she will continue to try to understand. Well, maybe it's about time to design a new algorithm for "intelligent assistant" but just for baby talks."


"Twin Babies Dancing in Diapers"

"We can all agree that not many things in this world are quite as adorable as a baby dancing. And twin babies hitting the dance floor together? That’s just too cute to handle! If you were looking for some cute twin babies dancing video, search no more! This video shows twin babies dancing in their diapers to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”. They are totally adorable. In the beginning, the baby on the right is a bit shy, but soon they both start moving their little bodies to the music. Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'Bout that bass, no treble, I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble… Double trouble! They are too cute for words! And check out those matching outfits, we mean diapers. We just can’t handle this amount of cuteness! We challenge you not to dance along when you watch this video!"


"A Little Girl Tot Walks Around in The Sun and Discovers Her Shadow"

"Is there anything more exciting and amazing than discovering the world around you when you are just a baby or a toddler? Even the most common and ordinary things can be so unusual and surprising when you realize them for the first time. So, check out this video and see what happens when a tot girl "meets" her shadow for the first time! This adorable little tot girl walks around in the sun along a dirt path with her parents, and suddenly she notices her shadow on the road and gets amazed by it. She even attempts to break loose from it, but then becomes fascinated by the idea of bringing it along for the rest of her walk outside. LOL! What the smart approach is that! This adorable tot girl's logic is so amazing that we bet she would make an excellent researcher one day if she just chooses to."


"Toddler Boy Says Hi To His Shadow"

"When you are a toddler in the mood for exploring the world, anything and everything can be exciting enough to play with. Even your own shadow! We don’t know what is it exactly about shadows that fascinates toddlers so much. Anyway, all toddlers are absolutely adorable when they discover their own shadow and start playing with it, and the sweet boy form this video is no exception! In the beginning, this video shows a toddler absolutely fascinated by his shadow. He even describes it as "nice". How precious is that? Then, his mom tells him to say hi and he says “Hi shadow!”, and even waves at it! The shadow waves back, obviously. This little boy’s excited face is the most precious thing in the world. Also, he doesn’t want to leave mom’s shadow hanging, so he waves at it as well. This has to be the cutest thing you have seen in quite some time!"


"Twin Baby Girls Argue Over Who Gets to Play with A Toy"

"Everyone knows that sharing means caring, but that takes time to learn. When you're just a kid, it's normal to want all the toys just for yourself and hate when someone tries to take them from you. But, when siblings or twins are around, sooner or later they will realize that they simply have to share, and these two in our video are just learning that. Check out this video and see how they're doing! LOL! These cute little twin baby girls are sitting in the living room and argue over who gets to play with a toy but in the sweetest baby way! They keep taking the same toy from each other, and as soon as one gets it, the other one starts to cry and takes the toy from her sister! We bet that these cuties have tons of toys to play with, but the favorite one is always the toy that is already taken by the sibling. LOL!"


"Adorable Twin Boys Giggling in Stroller"

"We can never get enough of interactions between twin babies. They can just never fail to bring us joy, and the twin boys from this video are definitely not an exception to the rule! If you were looking for some cute twin babies videos, search no more because you are in the right place. In this video, we meet two adorable baby boys sitting in their stroller. While sitting down and chilling, these two little boys are giggling and chuckling in the most adorable way imaginable! Too cute to handle! We can only imagine the reason that’s made them laugh so hard! Maybe they are telling each other jokes in their own twin language? Or perhaps they just find each other incredibly amusing. We don’t know, but either way, the sound of them giggling and chuckling is so contagious that we can’t help but laugh along! If you are feeling down, there is no way that these two precious boys can’t cheer you up!"


"Toddler Girl Kisses Her Own Shadow"

"Shadow, shadow, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all…? Or is it “mirror, mirror on the wall”? You can all come clean about having an imaginary friend in your childhood now because the video that you are about to see shows the next level of it. Prepare to have your hearts melted! The little girl from this video has an imaginary friend that we can all see! If you don’t believe us, just wait for it. Her imaginary friend is her own shadow! How amazing is that! She talks to her shadow, kisses it, and even say bye-bye to it before she walks away from it. This toddler girl is such a caring friend to her shadow, and we bet that the shadow makes an amazing buddy as well! We can’t handle this amount of cuteness! And she is not doing anything wrong, you are your own best friend, after all!"


"Tot Girl Gets A Haircut and Says She's A Boy"

"For so many tot girls having a long hair and wearing a dress just like a princess means that they are the real girls. So, what happens when a tot girl gets her hair cut pretty short? Check out this video and find out! This adorable tot girl just had her hair done and its apparently shorter than she used to have. So, when she looks up in the mirror to check if she likes it, this cute little girl says she's a boy! LOL! Just look how cute she is when she says it! And she doesn't really look like a boy at all! She is still a sweet little tot girl with nice golden blond curls and a lovely smile! It is just her perspective that has changed a bit, but only until her beautiful curly hair grows back! Then she will think of herself as a girl again, for sure!"


"Hairstyle WIN: Little Boy Owning Static Hair"

"Don’t you just hate it when your hair gets full of static? Even though it can be so annoying when it happens to you, it’s just hilarious when someone else’s locks are full of electricity. If you are not sure what’s the best way to deal with static hair, you just have to watch this video! In this short clip, we are presented with a little boy having fun on a playground. He has just gone down the slide when something unexpected happened. Thanks to static, all of his beautiful blonde lock are now hovering around his head! This is absolutely hilarious! He looks like a baby version of Einstein! His mom is laughing out loud, and we are definitely joining her! And the funniest part is that this little boy is pulling off that new hairstyle of his. This little charmer’s hair is standing on end, but he is owning it. Cuteness overload!"


"Twin Baby Girl Cries Over Monkey Noises While Her Twin Brother Laughs"

"Twins may almost exact same genes, but that doesn’t mean that share all of their opinions in life! If you don’t believe us that twins can have completely opposite reactions to something, you just have to watch this video! This video shows a twin baby boy and a twin baby girl sitting in their baby chair while their parents are trying to entertain them. The twins’ dad is making the funniest monkey noises, hoping to make his kids laugh. In the beginning, it seems like making a fool of himself is a way to go and the twins are having fun. But wait… Even though the little boy is laughing ecstatically, his little twin sister starts crying. Their opposite reactions are equally adorable! “Daddy, one likes it, but one doesn’t! Kate, it’s okay, baby!” There is no doubt that this baby girl hates monkey noises and she is not afraid to say it, we mean cry over it, loud and clear! How precious is she!"


"Baby Twins Switch Off on Their Pacifiers"

"Everyone knows how important is to learn that sharing is caring, and these two siblings are such great example of that fact. Check out this video and see how cute they are while they share some of their favorite items - pacifiers! LOL! A baby girl and her twin brother are sitting on the floor and having fun by exchanging their pacifiers. They switch off on their pacifiers by pulling each one out of the others mouth repeatedly. Isn't that fun?! Just look how cute and loving they are when they take each other's pacifiers without putting any fight or shedding a tear! They are sharing them, and they love it! We bet that these two will grow up knowing that they can always rely on each other and keep sharing their love, support, and dedication to one another and their families! It's always so great to see when siblings, twins or not, love each other that much!"


"Comb Got Stuck In Toddler Girl’s Wild Curly Hair"

"This video is all about curly hair problems. Curly hair is something that cannot be fully understood unless you have it. Everyone with a full head of curly hair certainly knows that corkscrew locks can’t be tamed, no matter how hard you try. In most cases, it’s almost impossible to run your fingers through corkscrew curls, let alone brush through them. Little did the girl with curly hair from this video know… At the beginning of the video, we hear the girl’s mom asking her adorable little daughter: “Did you try to do your hair?”. The little girl seems confused, and a little desperate as she replies: “I tried to do my hair, but it’s stuck!”. Oh, no, you poor little thing! It turns out that a comb got stuck in her wild locks when she tried to do her hair! At least she now knows that brushing is not an option!"


"Twin Baby Girls Push the Time Out Cage, So They Can See The TV"

"Twins babies are absolutely amazing in so many ways. They seem to start communicating with each other much before they actually learn to speak. Just take a look at this video, and you'll see what we mean. It shows two sweet twin baby girls who are in their time out cage, in a part of a room from which they cannot see their toys or TV, and naturally, they are not happy with it. So, they decide to do something about it, and the most logical thing is to move the time out cage across the floor in the part of a room where all of their toy and TV are! LOL! It seems like they both have agreed to push the cage together and to relocate it, so they stay inside just like mommy told them, but still be able to watch some TV. Isn't that amazing?! That is what we call the creative way to bend the rules!"


"Twin Baby Boys Giggle and Splash in A Bathtub"

"Some babies really love having a bath! They enjoy being in a bathtub full of nice hot water, and if you put some toys in it, it becomes a party and the only way to make it even better is to have two baby twins in there together! LOL! Just check out this video and see how much fun that is! This video shows two twin baby boys who are sitting in a bathtub together and splash the water, and every time they do it, they start to giggle! Just look how cute and happy they are! We bet that these two could go on like this for hours and never get tired of it! Isn't just amazing to see how babies need to get themselves entertained and happy? It seems that we, the adults, should remind ourselves more often how little things mean a lot if you only remember how to enjoy them!"


"Baby Boy Steals His Sleeping Twin Brother’s Food"

"Just like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, the peas are greener in your twin brother’s plate. Especially if you haven’t got any left on your plate! Prepare yourself for a hilarious case of a baby boy stealing his baby brother’s food. At the beginning of the video, we can see two twin baby boys sitting in their highchairs and eating peas. Actually, one of them is wide awake, and the other one is fast asleep. The little boy on the right has finished all of his peas and now he’s got his eye on his brother’s portion. He reaches to get some of those delicious peas. He even tries to feed them to his brother, just to make sure he is fast asleep. Here, take it! Don't you want it? That’s fine, I’ll take care of your peas! How precious is this little boy! You just have to see that mischievous smile on his face. Prepare to have your heart melted!"