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Two Boys Jump On A Trampoline And A Dog Runs Under It13s

Two Boys Jump On A Trampoline And A Dog Runs Under It

Being a kid with a big trampoline in your backyard must be such fun! But having a dog too is simply priceless! That promises a hilarious time not just for a kid, but for a whole family! Check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean! This clip shows two young boys who are having some crazy fun jumping on the trampoline in the backyard. Their pup, a lovely French bulldog, is also outside with them but standing next to the trampoline. When their mom asks the puppy if he wants to jump too, this silly sweet dog runs under the trampoline and starts to run in circles barking, while the boys are still jumping over his head! LOL! But the funny thing is, he loves it! He seems to be so happy and satisfied with this crazy game of theirs! I bet this is what they do like every day and everyone is happy! LOL!

Funny Watermelon Tournament24s

Funny Watermelon Tournament

I just love unusual and funny tournaments! They are way more exciting than any other “regular” sport. Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean! It shows a watermelon eating tournament for kids, but with the brilliant twist! They all have to lie on the ground and eat the watermelon without using their hands, and the first kid who eats his or her slice of this sweet, delicious watermelon wins the game! Sounds easy, right? Well, not really! But one of the kids has found a fantastic way to speed up eating! This smart little boy decided to smash his slice with his head first and then to swallow the small pieces faster than the other boys and girls who are competing there! OMG, you have to see this! It’s the funniest watermelon eating I have ever seen, but also a great idea of how to entertain the kids this summer! LOL!

Dog Jumps Into Water To Go After Ducks36s

Dog Jumps Into Water To Go After Ducks

Dogs are such precious little beings! I’m sure that all the dog owners can agree. It’s impossible to be sad or bored if your canine companion is by your side. If you are a fan of dogs, this video will amuse you. Believe me, you are in for a treat! As the clip begins, you can see a dog swimming in a lake. It’s pretty well-known that dogs love water much more than cats. However, this funny dog is not just doing laps in the lake. There is a specific reason why he jumped off the dock into the water in the first place! He saw a flock of ducks and decided to go on a hunt. LOL! This funny pup is swimming toward a flock of duck and you can tell that the ducks are not amused. As soon as they see him, they swim away. It’s a good thing that they are fast swimmers! Totally priceless!

Adorable Puppy Desperate For Attention22s

Adorable Puppy Desperate For Attention

Puppy dogs are in so many ways just like children, they want to get involved in whatever the adults are doing. At the beginning of this video, we see a dog playing fetch with his owner. But wait… something else is in the shot! Oh, it’s only the cutest puppy in the world trying to get some attention! This sweet little black and white furball wants to join in the fun! He finally manages to bite on to the older dog’s tail. But here comes trouble. The owner throws a toy, the big dog runs to catch it and the puppy does not manage to hold onto the tail so he goes flying off! This is just too cute to handle. Even though he rolls over, the puppy gets back up on his feet, ready for another round of running around the garden. This puppy is honestly so adorable, we could watch this on repeat the whole day long!

Funny Dog Likes To Wear Crocs18s

Funny Dog Likes To Wear Crocs

All dogs are totally amazing and funny creatures, but some of them go even further than that! Just like a pup in this video! He is both so cute and silly at the same time that you really have to check it out! LOL! This video shows an adorable Boxer dog who likes to wear Crocs shoes! He is standing in a hallway with a pair of black Crocs in front of him. He puts his front legs in it, a paw in each, and starts walking towards the camera! OMG! Can you believe that?! Just look how adorable he looks in these Crocs and how skillful he walks in them. I always thought that dogs hate when they have to walk in any kind of shoes on their paws! But this pup seems to love it, and he immediately hit my Top 10 when it comes to dogs’ funny videos!

A Man Tries To Hit A Golf Ball In Shallow Water But Fails35s

A Man Tries To Hit A Golf Ball In Shallow Water But Fails

Playing golf is so incredibly amusing! I know that many people would disagree on this, but if you try it, you’ll see how amazing that can be! Or just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! Plus, it’s so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows a man who is playing golf with his friends on a very challenging golf course. His golf ball has ended up in shallow water, and now he tries to hit it, but repeatedly fails, while his friends are watching and making jokes! LOL! Then he gets a brilliant idea how to lift up the ball, but when he hits it again, he slips and falls in the water! OMG, you have to check this out, even if you are not golf fan! This is definitely the funniest golf hit I have ever seen! Absolutely hilarious!

Toddler Boy Accidentally Steps On Dad’s Groin18s

Toddler Boy Accidentally Steps On Dad’s Groin

If you have ever tried to entertain two toddler boys in the house on a rainy day you know how much of a challenge that can be. However, parenting makes creativity spark, so moms and dads always manage to think of different games. If you are a parent, you just have to use your imagination if you want your kids to be happily occupied. And the dad from this video sure knows how to entertain his kids! If you need some inspiration for games to play in the house, check out this funny video. And make sure to watch until the end, there’s a fail coming up! Two toddler boys are having the best time in the living room with their dad, as the video begins. Dad is lying on the floor while the boys jump over him. LOL! And you can see that the boys are loving this game. They both jump over dad a couple of times, but then, hilarity ensues. As he tries to get back to the other side, one of the boys accidentally steps on dad’s groin. LOL!

Boxer Dog Hides When Woman Tries To Scold Him28s

Boxer Dog Hides When Woman Tries To Scold Him

Teaching your dog about all the things that he should do, and all the things that he is not allowed to can be a tough job. Every dog owner knows that sometimes scolding you dearest canine companion is absolutely necessary. No matter how heartbreaking it can be, you just have to get mad at your pooch from time to time if you want them to behave. And doggies can sometimes make it incredibly hard to scold them because they are so cute! This video shows a perfect example of that. As the video begins, we can see an adorable boxer dog hiding under a man on a bed while a woman is trying to cold him. “Did you do this? Do you think that Daddy is gonna protect you?” You just have to see the adorable guilty face he makes as he keeps hiding repeatedly! How precious is he? How can his owners stay mad at him? This has got to be the cutest guilty reaction from a pet ever!

Funny Horse Runs With A Toy Car On His Neck16s

Funny Horse Runs With A Toy Car On His Neck

There are not many of us who were lucky enough to see free horses run across the fields, but if you have, then you know what an incredible view that is! Still, the one in this video is something no one would ever expect! Trust me, it goes beyond unbelievable, so you better check it out yourself! I know this may sound a bit silly, but this video actually shows a horse who is running beside a road with a big toy car around his neck! This strange event was recorded by a man who was driving his car on a country road when he ran into a herd of free horses running. I bet it didn’t even cross his mind that the last horse might have a toy car around his neck, but it turns out that he did! If I haven’t seen this, I would believe it myself!

A Cat Gives A Toddler Girl All The Giggles13s

A Cat Gives A Toddler Girl All The Giggles

Most people think of cats as jealous creatures who are no strangers to taking revenge on newborns and toddlers for all the attention they lose because of them. Well not in the case of a cat and a toddler girl from this video. They seem to be getting along just fine! This video is here to prove that there are definitely exceptions to that rule! An adorable toddler girl wearing nothing but her diaper is having so much fun on the porch as the video begins. She’s dancing around and giggling. Oh, how precious is she? So cute! At first, you can’t really tell whether she’s playing on her own or with someone else. But then she approaches the edge of the porch and moves her little hand as if she was calling someone. All of a sudden a cat jumps onto the porch screen in front of the little girl just to give her all the giggles! How cute is this cat? So precious!

Funny Dog Tips Over A Rocking Chair23s

Funny Dog Tips Over A Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are simply the best! I just love to get in mine and spend hours there watching funny videos, or reading different stuff, or just chilling. But only when I get lucky to grab my rocking chair before my dog. For some unknown reason, my best four-legged friend has decided that my rocking chair is now his to claim and thinks that he has a priority over it. But it seems he’s not the only one there! After watching this video, I realized that other dog owners who also happened to have a rocking chair at home have the same problem, equally hilarious as mine! Just check out this video, and you’ll see what I mean! It shows an adorable pup who loves to take place in a rocking chair in his house too. But what he still has to learn is that rocking chairs are very easy to tip over if you move a lot in it! LOL!

A Teen Girl Runs And Jumps Onto A Tire Swing And Ends Up On The Ground11s

A Teen Girl Runs And Jumps Onto A Tire Swing And Ends Up On The Ground

Tire swings are such fun! They are the real staples of our childhoods, and I totally love them! I used to have one when I was a kid. My grandpa made it and hanged it on this big tree he had in his backyard, so every time I went for a visit, I would spend hour swinging on that tire swing! So, you can only imagine how many great memories this video instantly brought back when I saw it for the first time. It shows a group of teens having fun with their tire swing. One of the girls decides to try out something I just loved doing - running and jumping on the swing! She takes the run and makes a pretty good jump, but the rope breaks and she falls down into the dirt! OMG, you have to see this! It’s like having a time machine, only better! You get to laugh and have loads of fun without falling yourself! LOL!

Funny Girl Practices Her Baseball Swings13s

Funny Girl Practices Her Baseball Swings

Baseball is definitely one of the favorite sports in our country, and everyone loves to play it, from a simple catch and throw in the backyard to the whole game at the public baseball fields. It's a great outdoor activity for an entire family! But, there is a very good reason why it's meant to be played outside and not indoors like in this video. It shows a girl who decided to practice her baseball swings in the living room, but it didn't take very long before she smashed a light fixture on the ceiling! LOL! She made a hell of a mess in just one move and even scared her dogs. The whole scene looks almost like there was an earthquake or some other natural disaster. It's one of the funniest indoor baseball accidents we've seen, but kids, please don't try this at home! Better go outside and swing the bat safely!

A Baby Girl Having Fun Riding A Roomba Vacuum20s

A Baby Girl Having Fun Riding A Roomba Vacuum

Everyone who has a Roomba vacuum cleaner at home knows how amazingly handy and helpful these little machines are! They are definitely one of the best discoveries ever, at least when it comes to housekeeping gadgets. But who would have ever thought that they will become a fun gadget too! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It shows a baby girl who was put on a Roomba vacuum cleaner, probably for the first time, and her reaction is so hilarious! She is totally confused but the fact that she is sitting (almost) on the floor, but also moving without doing anything! OMG, what a thrill that must be! It’s like discovering you have some sort of superpower but still not sure how to use it! So, you just go with the flow and try to figure out what is really going on here! LOL!

A Bearded Dragon Lizard Rides On A Roomba Vacuum15s

A Bearded Dragon Lizard Rides On A Roomba Vacuum

I’m sure you have all heard about the obsession that cats and dogs have for Roomba vacuum cleaners. And if you thought that cats and dogs riding on a Roomba are funny, just wait until you see which animal also jumped on this Roomba obsession wagon! This video will definitely make you laugh out loud! As the clip begins you can see a bearded dragon lizard riding on a Roomba vacuum cleaner. LOL! You were certainly not expecting this animal to fall in love with this interesting appliance. How crazy is that? This funny lizard has found a new mode of transportation to take him around the house, and you can tell that he’s loving it! He's having a blast! And who wouldn't? One thing’s for sure, if you put a bearded dragon lizard next to a Roomba vacuum, something hilarious is bound to happen! Too funny for words if you ask me!

Young Boy Falls Off A Chair While Sleeping17s

Young Boy Falls Off A Chair While Sleeping

If you have tried taking a nap in a big round chair, then you know how comfy and satisfying that can be! I absolutely love to curl up in mine with a good book and enjoy a quiet evening. But, if you are a restless sleeper, a big round chare may not be the best place for you to have a good rest! It seems these kinds of chairs can be pretty unstable and easy to fall off. Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean! Plus, it’s so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss this one! It shows a young boy who is enjoying his afternoon nap in his big round chair. He looks so calm and blissful, but when he starts dreaming, things quickly become hilarious! This young boy is obviously dreaming lively and moves while sleeping, so it didn’t take him too long to fall off his chair and end up on the floor! LOL!

Twin Tots Both Get Stuck in A Bed Frame31s

Twin Tots Both Get Stuck in A Bed Frame

Kids are absolutely amazing and so full of energy! It seems like they never get tired enough and always want to play, even when it’s time for them to get some sleep. Most of them will try to find a way to play some more in secret, but that can get them into trouble from time to time. Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what happened to these two adorable twin tot boys who were supposed to be napping instead of having fun. LOL! They got stuck in a bed frame, and they can’t get out of there on their own! So, they need to ask their granny to help them out. But, the granny isn’t exactly thrilled to see them like that and scolds them for not napping. She even makes them ask nicely for help and promise to lay down for a nighty night!

Funny Dog Hates The Scale17s

Funny Dog Hates The Scale

This video is dedicated to all of us who hate stepping on the scale and checking how much self-guilt we need to swallow when we see the number on the scale! So, if you feel the same about measuring your body weight, you are going to love this video! It shows an adorable dog who takes two paws and places it on the scale. She looks at her weight and pushes the scale out of the way! LOL! Her human friend asks her if she is not happy with what the scale says, while she keeps pushing and kicking the scale! I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to this video! Every time I step into my bathroom and see the scale, I try to ignore it, because if I don’t, it could quickly end up in the trash. But, it’s not polite to throw away the presents, isn’t it? LOL!

Cute Dog Won't Share Food38s

Cute Dog Won't Share Food

Isn’t it so annoying when someone tries to eat the food from your plate? The food that you intentionally out there because you were looking forward to eating it? Maybe it doesn’t bother you when someone takes the last french fry from your plate without asking you first, but it sure bothers the cute dog from this video! If you are like him, and you don't like sharing food, you’ll be able to relate to his hilarious reaction. Either way, this video will make you laugh for sure! As the clip begins, you can see two dogs having fun at home. One of the dogs carries a dog bowl half-full with dog food. The other dog follows. Every time the second dog gets close the first dog picks up the bowl and carries it away to protect it. LOL! And this little routine repeats multiple times. It’s pretty clear that funny dog is overprotective of his food and he’s not willing to share it! LOL! So funny!

Funny Cat Channels Her Inner Hamster To Catch Laser Pointer Dot11s

Funny Cat Channels Her Inner Hamster To Catch Laser Pointer Dot

We all know that most cats are absolutely obsessed with chasing laser dot pointers. That’s a given. If you have ever wondered what would a cat do just to get to that little red dot, this video is here to answer your burning question! If you are a fan of cats, you’ll adore this clip! At the beginning of the video, you are presented with a scene of a cute cat as she climbs inside a large tire that hangs from a wall in the kitchen. And why is she doing that? Well, her owner is pointing a laser dot on the inside of the tire and she has to catch it, she’s got no other options! The cat runs up the tire to catch the dot and the tire begins to spin! OMG! The cute kitty now has to run inside it like a hamster in a wheel. LOL! This really goes out of her way to reach that laser pointer dot! The tire spins too fast and the cat falls out in the end. How funny is this cat channeling her inner hamster? Absolutely hilarious!

A Horse VS A Plastic Bucket18s

A Horse VS A Plastic Bucket

Horses are such incredible beings! They are such beautiful and intelligent animals. But just because they are considered to be really smart, it doesn’t mean that they don’t find themselves in silly situations every once in a while! And the funny horse from this video is not an exception! If you are a fan of horses, you can’t skip this silly video! As the clip begins, you can see a cute horse having lots of fun in his pen. He’s got a plastic bucket to help him entertain himself and everyone else around him! And it’s working! While holding the bucket handle in his mouth, the horse is performing some kind of a silly dance. LOL! Is he actually trying to get rid of the bucket? I’m not sure, but the whole situation is priceless! You absolutely have to check out this video, if only for the sake of the sound of the woman behind the camera laughing contagiously! So hilarious!

Tot Girl Stop Crying When Her Mom Jiggles Her Chin14s

Tot Girl Stop Crying When Her Mom Jiggles Her Chin

Kids are so funny, especially when they cannot make up their mind what they want to do! To play, or not play? To eat, or not to eat? To sleep, or not to sleep? Just like a baby girl in this video! Her dilemma is - to cry or not to cry, and it's absolutely hilarious! Luckily her mom is there to help her out! This adorable baby girl is lying on a bed in a living room, and she starts to cry for no reason, but when her mom comes and jiggle her chin, she stops! She even puts a smile on her face, but not for too long. Only a couple of moments later, she starts crying again, so her mom jiggles her chin once more, and she stops again! LOL! I bet this little girl only wants to get her mom attention and loves when her mom comes to jiggle her!

Best Friends For Better And For Worse17s

Best Friends For Better And For Worse

Growing old is one of the biggest fear many young people have today, but the fact is they should not worry about it at all! Being old doesn’t mean being bored nor boring! Actually, it can be pretty funny, if you just keep your good sense of humor. Just like an old couple in this video. They are so hilarious that you really have to see this video right away! The two of them are sitting together at a table minding their own business. Suddenly the man starts to sing his funny version of “Moon River” but as soon as he starts, his real-life huckleberry friend, and apparently his wife, takes out two Mikado sticks and sticks them into her ears! LOL! But the funniest part comes when she gives him “the” look! OMG, you should really check out this look! I bet he saw it many times, and you should too, at least once! LOL!

Tot Girl Hates Brussels Sprouts16s

Tot Girl Hates Brussels Sprouts

We all know how kids can be when it comes to eating the greens! Most of them really hate green vegetables so much that they refuse not just to eat them, but even to taste them! But who can really blame them?! We all went through that phase before we have learned how nutritious veggies are! A baby girl in this video will also get there, but not yet! LOL! For now, she is absolutely allowed to hate Brussels sprouts! This cute baby girl is sitting in her high chair and takes a bite of a Brussels sprout, but the moment she tastes it, she makes a funny disgusted face and shakes her head after spitting it out. OMG, just look at her! He is so cute and funny that you really don’t want to miss watching this video! Her reaction to the taste of a Brussels sprout is one of the funniest I have ever seen!

Tot Boy Makes His Own T-Ball Rules9s

Tot Boy Makes His Own T-Ball Rules

T-Ball is one of the best team sports for the kids! It keeps them active and teaches them the importance of being a team player. Plus, it gives them structure through the set of simple rules they need to follow. But, it seems some of the kids prefer to make their own rules, just like a little boy in this video! He is so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out! It shows a tot boy who hits a t-ball and runs to the first base, but picks up the ball on the way, so no one can tag him out! OMG, you have to see this! What a genius! This little kid just decided to change the rules and make sure that his team wins! LOL! I mean, what’s the point of playing the game if you don’t have a load of fun? And in this case, everyone had a really good laugh!