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Sneaky Little Boy Eats Chips In The Pantry26s

Sneaky Little Boy Eats Chips In The Pantry

This little boy just couldn't wait until dinner. When Mom opened the pantry door to find her wayward son, she discovered that someone had taken a dip into a bag of chips. Not only that, when questioned about his wrongdoings, this young man decided to shut her out entirely! LITERALLY. As soon as she began questioned, he gently shut the door in her face.

Dog Helps Another Dog Escape Cage31s

Dog Helps Another Dog Escape Cage

What we're witnessing here is a prison break. This little Yorkie has decided to stage an escape with his furry friend. It takes him a few moments to find the weaknesses in the bars of this tiny prison, but it's not long before he finds a latch. With no effort at all, it seems, he springs his friend free and the two pups make off like thieves in the night.