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Dog Helps Another Dog Escape Cage31s

Dog Helps Another Dog Escape Cage

What we're witnessing here is a prison break. This little Yorkie has decided to stage an escape with his furry friend. It takes him a few moments to find the weaknesses in the bars of this tiny prison, but it's not long before he finds a latch. With no effort at all, it seems, he springs his friend free and the two pups make off like thieves in the night.


"Where You Raised in a Barn?!" | Kids on the Farm

​Have you ever heard the expression, “Where you raised in a barn?” Well, these kids are certainly getting some experience with barn animals! LOL they don’t even know what they’re getting into when they go down to visit the farm. One kid gets licked by a cow. Another gets headbutted by a sheep. This is too much wild hilarity to handle!

Published: September 11, 2018
Fails & Wins Pool Party3m01s

Fails & Wins Pool Party

Pool fails are great, but throwing some wins in there? That’s when you get a real party! Being at the pool can be relaxing, but it’s more fun when it’s silly! Here are 3 straight minutes that will put a summery smile on your face. There’s even a wave pool surfing fail and you KNOW those are always good!

Published: September 11, 2018
Toddler Escapes Through Cat Door36s

Toddler Escapes Through Cat Door

This toddler staged an escape of his family home using the cat door. Not only that, the perp returned to the scene of the crime! He comes BACK through the cat door.

All the Silly Horses!3m27s

All the Silly Horses!

Horses can be so silly! Honestly, they’re so magical; they’re really just unicorns without horns. And who needs a horn when you’re already this great?! These are all the funniest horse clips. From a horse who lets goats jump around on them to a horse playing with a giant ball in the snow, this will be sure to get you to yell out a “Yee-haw!”

Published: September 11, 2018
Endearing Dog Fails3m44s

Endearing Dog Fails

There is no doubt dogs make us laugh because they are oh so goofy. Here are some of the goofiest and most endearing dog fails you will ever see. The best part about a good dog fail though, is the dogs always bounce like nothing ever happened. One dog gets stuck going through the doggy door. Another dog starts to fall over while he’s falling asleep standing up. This video will surely make your heart melt and bring laughter to your day.

Funniest Pets of the Week10m21s

Funniest Pets of the Week

Pets are just the best. They make us laugh and live to love us. But they also do some really goofy things. Here are the funniest pets of the week. You will see a kitten steal a babies sock right off her foot. A dog playing Jenga. And a dog in floaties and goggles. That is just to name a few! Enjoy these furry friends and join in on the laughs!

AWWW! | Beagle's Tennis Ball is Frozen to the Ground!35s

AWWW! | Beagle's Tennis Ball is Frozen to the Ground!

Aww, so cute and funny! This beagle’s tennis ball is frozen to the ground and he is pawing at it to try to get it unstuck. Poor guy. This is why we are dreading it getting colder out haha! We wonder if it might be his first time experiencing snow. That would explain how confused he is!

Published: September 10, 2018
Little Girl Cannot Figure Out What Animal Minnie Mouse Is LOL34s

Little Girl Cannot Figure Out What Animal Minnie Mouse Is LOL

LOL! This little girl CANNOT figure out what animal Minnie Mouse is. Her mom keeps stressing that her name is Minnie MOUSE, and she’s just not taking the hint. She guesses kitty, dog, and even leopard! She clearly thinks Mouse is a last name and only a name hahaha.

Published: September 10, 2018