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Baby Goats Leap On Woman's Back While She Cleans A Horse's Hooves22s

Baby Goats Leap On Woman's Back While She Cleans A Horse's Hooves

A woman on a small farm is tending to a small horse. She brushes the horse's back and then squats down to start cleaning the horse's hooves. While she does this, a pair of baby goats roams around near her. One of them jumps up on her back. Shortly thereafter the other baby goat joins the first. The woman filming the encounter starts laughing uncontrollably. Eventually the baby goats attempt to leap up on the horse's back. Unlike the woman, the horse is not having it and starts to trot away to get the goats off of him. He succeeds.

Published: February 22, 2018
Little Boy Wants To Use His Mom's Breast Pump1m00s

Little Boy Wants To Use His Mom's Breast Pump

Straight forward is this one. A little boy is sitting with his mom while she uses a breast pump. We can hear the pumping sounds that the device is making. The little boy is looking at his chest, having pulled his collar down a bit. He tells his mom that he would like to try and use the breast pump. She tells him that he does not have milk in his boobies. He keeps demanding that she let him try the breast pump. He just doesn't quite get that it is not a device that he can naturally use. Instead he pulls at his own nipples trying to get milk out.

Published: February 22, 2018
Man Surprises Dance Partner With Cut Up Suit And Lacy Underwear33s

Man Surprises Dance Partner With Cut Up Suit And Lacy Underwear

We appreciate a video a that has a nice slow roll up to the joke. With this one, even the crowd at this backyard party slowly comes to realize what's happening. You can hear it happening. As one person sees and then the next and then the entire party. We appreciate that the man committed to his ruse the whole time and was actually a pretty good dancer. What surprised us was that the he gave his dance partner a few tries at noticing his cut up suit. We actually thought she saw it once or twice but she didn't. Thus, her genuine surprise at the end was even more delightful.

Published: February 22, 2018

"Cat and Treadmill - Match Made in Heaven!"

"Have you ever wonder why cats love treadmills so much? Is it the moving part that makes them so interested in it or does their hunting instinct awakes when they see the treadmill label moving? Whatever the answer might be, it seems that cats and treadmills are a match made in heaven! As soon as they find the way to hop on one, they just know what to do - keep running! It comes naturally to them. They are active animals who just love to run, jump and pounce on anything that moves or catches their attention. In fact, cats can run up to 30 miles per hour, and this little one here is just warming up! This amazingly persistent and adorably funny cat can be a real inspiration for many who only think and talk about getting some real work out done, but never find their way to the gym and on a treadmill."


"Puppy Makes Funny Barks"

"Some dogs love to ramble around more than anything else. They enjoy being outside exploring the world. But, there are also other dogs who prefer staying home, just like a puppy dog in this video. This beautiful pup named Romeo loves his home so much that each time his lady owner asks him if he wants to go home with her, he makes the most adorable and funny barks as if to say - yes, yes, yes! Even his face brightens up when he hears the word home. How adorable is that! We can only imagine how lovely and comfy his home must be when he's so eager to go back there. But he's also a very good boy who knows how to behave when visiting. He stays nice and put but when his mommy mentions home, he all ready to go! Oh, yes, yes, yes, just like he barks!"


"Dog Enjoys Playing Fetch with Lawn Sprinkler!"

"Playing fetch is one of the favorite dog games and an excellent exercise for your best four-legged friend. It's usually played with a ball or a stick thrown at a certain distance, but as this video shows there is a new and innovative, super interesting and funny way to play this game, especially on a hot summer day! Why not use a lawn sprinkler? What a brilliant idea! This lady here found out the perfect way to both entertain and refresh her beautiful dog on this bright summer day by using a simple lawn sprinkler and a small plastic rocket. The water from a sprinkler simply lifts up the rocket that becomes a super exciting fetching toy that hovers in the air over a jet of water, ready to be taken down by her cheerful and lively dog. And at the same time, the dog gets to drink a little bit of fresh and cold water, just enough to cool him down and give him strength for the next jump, over and over again!"


"Adorable Baby Girl Sings "I don't care""

"Is there anything more adorable than a cute baby girl that sings? Well, according to this video there is - the beautiful baby girl that sings with the attitude of a lady who knows exactly what she does or doesn't want. Just look at her and how passionate, how expressive and emotional she gets throughout this song, especially when she sings out loud that she doesn't care! It's probably not that easy to figure out what she doesn't care about, but we trust her anyway. She is so honest and convincing, so everyone can feel what she feels and instantly be taken by her charm. She definitely has the Diva gene or that special something which is needed to be a real star - a singer, an actress, any other kind of performer, or whatever she wishes to become one day - with that kind of strong attitude the world is hers already!"

Boys Sucks Noodle Up His Nose, Pulls Other End Out Of His Mouth57s

Boys Sucks Noodle Up His Nose, Pulls Other End Out Of His Mouth

We knew the trick shown in this movie was possible, but we did not realize how grossed out we would be watching someone attempt to start it. The specific trick is getting a noodle or string to go through your nose and have the end come back out through your mouth so you can kind of "saw" the string through both. The boy in this clip takes a little bit of time to get the trick going. Eventually, he does manage to get the noodle or string, we aren't sure through his nose. Then he snerks until he can grab the end in his mouth.

Published: February 22, 2018

"Cute Tot Girl Cries Over a Rotten Halloween Pumpkin!"

"You know it's Halloween time when pumpkins are abundant, placed all over the porches and in front yards, beautifully carved and decorated. But, nothing lasts forever, not even pumpkins! Unfortunately, this cute tot girl seems to be entirely unaware of that fact and gets very upset with when she finds her Halloween pumpkin ruined by rotting. She simply thought that it would last forever! But, now she sees her beautifully decorated Halloween pumpkin all withered and dead, and what make it even worst, only her pumpkin looks like that. Her brother's carved pumpkin is still holding pretty well. That must be so confusing for this adorable little tot girl, who simply can't understand what happened to her lovely pumpkin. She is so disappointed and sad. Not even her mother can comfort her by promising to buy more pumpkins next year. Luckily her mother's warm hug can make things better, at least until the next Halloween season!"


"Two Boxer Dogs Trying To Catch A Flying Toy"

"As you probably already know, boxer dogs are very energetic and joyful breed. In this video, we have two of these lovely dogs trying to catch their arch enemy - a flying helicopter toy. You probably had this kind of toy when you were a kid - it is a battery operated flying toy, with a remote control. Now, the dogs aren’t aware that this helicopter is a simple toy, they perceive it as an enemy or a potential attacker, so they try to take it down. Nothing unusual for a couple of loyal doggies, however, the way they are trying to do that is hilarious! One dog jumps so high in the air that it looks like he’s flying! Also, he somehow manages to do 180 degrees turn mid-air. Wait, is this dog a helicopter, too? The other one is just baffled by the whole thing. Finally, he manages to take the enemy down, but both dogs are still super confused by the toy. In the end, although they didn’t catch their nemesis, they had a good time with their little human, and that’s what matters the most for any loyal dog."


"Figure Skater In The Making"

"This little one may not know it yet, but there is a bright future waiting for her as a figure skater. Just look at those gracious moves! nnThis adorable little girl and her mom decided to spend the afternoon skating and having fun. Little did they know how it would end. While others are skating peacefully around them, they are having a blast! Skating is fun, no questions there, but this kind seems even better. What is the fun in skating around without any interesting falls? The most important thing is not giving up, and this one knows that. No matter how many times she hits the floor, in a matter of seconds, she is back up. But, take a close look at her moves. Are you telling us that is not a future figure skater? All we have to do is wait, and we will probably see her very soon, successfully winning medals in various competitions."


"When Things Get Messy at Work, Just Go Unda The Desk!"

"Have you ever had a situation at work when you have forgot to finish a report? We bet everyone who ever worked in the office has. Not because of laziness or sloppiness, but because - it just happened, and you couldn't explain why! But what if you actually had a way out of that situation? No explanation needed! Would you take it? Well, some smart guys in this video have invented a great and a bit mysterious strategy to get out of trouble by going "unda the desk"! Literally. Not to hide, but to switch roles! Yes, you got it right. It seems that this particular desk at their office is also a magical portal to something like the role switching worm tunnel that works each time someone goes under! OMG! What a great solution for so many unpleasant office situations! Oh, how we wish we could have such a desk, but only if it was true."


"Friendly Deer with A Donut on His Antler Greets a Camper"

"When you're camping in Snake River Canyon there's a good chance you might meet a deer, but who would have thought that meeting a deer with a donut on his antler is even possible? Well, that's exactly what happened to a camper in the bottom of this Canyon. This video shows an adorable deer that crosses the stream to approach the camper with a camera. It is very likely that this camper only wanted to make a short video of saying Hi to a deer but got quite a surprise when this deer approached him close enough for him to notice that there was a powered donut stuck on this deer antler! After reassuring the deer, he managed to remove the donut from the antler and even offered it to him as a reward for being a good and friendly boy! We can only assume how this sweet treat ended up on this poor deer but thanks to this amazing encounter and a small act of kindness, this deer is just an ordinary deer again, just like he is supposed to be!"


"Balloon Chocolate Bowl Gone Wrong"

"This was an amazing attempt at a balloon chocolate bowl! A hilarious one at that! But, we believe the next one will be a success. The important thing is to keep trying! Especially when it comes to this amazing trick!nnWe all love to cook, maybe not very often but at least once in a while. It is an amazing opportunity to try out something new and maybe even create something delicious treats. In this case, this little one is trying to create a balloon chocolate bowl. This is an awesome trick we have all seen on social media, and this adorable future chef is trying to recreate it! nnEven though it was unsuccessful now, doesn't mean it won't be a success later on! This is an amazing trick that needs some practice, so we believe this little one will become a real pro at this is no time! But for now, we've got a great video out of this attempt and we are loving it!"


"Epic Fail: Hoverboard VS Girl"

"Oh, those hoverboards and those amazing fails! nnThis girl is just one of many who have become obsessed with the wonder that is the hoverboard. Once it was a dream to own something like this. We saw a similar one in "Back To The Future" and since then we wanted one. Well, today, finally we can have one! nnThis girl was super excited when she got her hoverboard and couldn't wait to learn some new awesome tricks! Let's face it, with this thing, possibilities are endless and more fun then ever! She came up with an interesting trick, but unfortunately, it was an epic fail! Instead of dominating the trick, the hoverboard and the girl crashed into the door! Not only did she crash, but also broke the door! How hilarious! nnBut, the most important thing is not giving up! This was a fail but the next time may be an epic success!"


"Adorable Cat Gets Christmas Ready"

"This adorable cat is getting ready for Christmas and he looks so amazing! nnWe all know that cats love their alone time and that they respect their privacy, but sometimes they are just too cute to be left alone. They may act tough, but everyone needs love! Just like this adorable kitty in the video. nnHis parents have decided to get him all dolled up for Christmas, but he is not a fan! Even though these reindeer ears look breathtaking on him, he is trying to take them off. But, his owners were smart enough to buy ears that he won't be able to take off. They knew what they were getting into.nnWe don't know what it is with animals in adorable Christmas costumes but they look just way too precious wearing them! Of course, we are all aware the costume won't stay on them for too long, but those couple of minutes are worth it!"


"Kid Gets Static Hair On The Slide"

"Playgrounds and slides are so much fun, right? Apart from the obvious thrill, some unexpected things might happen. Just take a look at the video of this kid a see for yourself! He entered the slide with his hair completely normal and exit with the static hair! It’s hilarious, he looks like a dandelion now! If you wonder how this phenomenon occurs, we are here to explain it! Static electricity is caused by two unlike materials rubbing against each other, in this case, little boy’s hair and a plastic slide. When this charge build-up occurs on materials that don't conduct electricity very well, like dry hair, the electrons just kind of sit there, creating static electricity. In theory, this isn’t so funny, but in reality, seeing a person with static hair is pretty hilarious! You’ll see once you check out our video of this adorable boy! We wonder how long his hair stayed like this? Minutes, hours? Anyhow, he is cute both with normal and static hair."


"Happy Valentine's Day!"

"The holidays are the happiest time of the year, and we love them all. But for a very sentimental reason, we cherish Valentine's Day the most as a special celebration of love in all of its many forms! And that's why we made this Valentine's special video dedicated to this very peculiar day and its amazing and but funny atmosphere, to all the funny, adorable, sweet, hilarious, entertaining, amazing, original, phenomenal, never seen before, heartwarming, inspiring, fascinating, amusing and funniest videos that you keep sending us, but above all, to you, our dearest fans! You are the real reason we exist, and this is our way to say a big Valentine' Thank You for making us feel so special over all these years. So, wherever you go, whatever you do, we will be right here waiting for you! Pick up your phone and record what you see and send it into AFV! Happy Valentine's Day!"


"Future Soccer Player Breaks The Fence"

"We all love soccer, and we have fun playing it. But this little one is not just playing, he is on his way to become the future soccer star. He's got the moves, he's got the ambition and passion, and he proudly celebrates his success. Every soccer player, no matter how successful he is, sometimes makes a mistake, and what the most important thing is - they learn from them. Let's just hope that this future soccer star learns from his mistake, and aims a little better next time. What you are about to see is a young boy with undeniable soccer skills as he accidentally breaks the fence. Just imagine how surprised his parents will be when they discover what happened to their fence! But, we are sure that it will be less important after they realize how talented their son is and that they may be looking at a future soccer star!"

Chihuahua Gets A Bath, Makes A Strange Face And Odd Noises47s

Chihuahua Gets A Bath, Makes A Strange Face And Odd Noises

There are a lot of questions brought up by this video. The obvious one for us is, why does this dog have purple eyebrows. Is that a natural thing that short-haired Chihuahuas have? We don't know. The dog is getting a bath and does not appear to be enjoying it. Which, we mean, getting water dumped on you is never really fun. So, the little guy responds by sticking his tongue out and making a strange motor-esque noise. The little guy is making an odd face the whole time. We've seen dogs who don't enjoy baths before but this dog's reaction is something else.

Published: February 22, 2018
A Goat, A Dog, And A Pig Enjoy A Car Ride37s

A Goat, A Dog, And A Pig Enjoy A Car Ride

This video has a surprising number of layers. At first, we thought were watching a video about a goat enjoying a car ride in the same way that a dog might. This goat is seriously calm hanging out in the passenger's seat. But then, layer number two, the camera pans back and we see a dog in the backseat. The dog is not feeling this current set up. Look at that side eye that he is throwing at the driver and the coat. This is an upset dog. Okay, we think, got it. Then, bam, layer three. A pig! Who knows why the dog is mad now but this whole thing keeps peeling like an onion.

Published: February 22, 2018
Lizard Whips Tail At Donkey36s

Lizard Whips Tail At Donkey

Tell me I did not just see this lizard whip it's tail at that donkey. An iguana lizard whips at a group of curious donkeys on the road. Never have I ever seen a standoff that was so slow, non-violent and interesting as this. An iguana lizard stands in the middle of a road while three donkeys circle the defensive reptile. One particular donkey is a little TOO curious and gets a little too close to the iguana. The iguana's response? He whips his tail at the extra curious donkey.

Published: February 22, 2018
Dog Runs Around A Yard With A Drainage Pipe On His Head41s

Dog Runs Around A Yard With A Drainage Pipe On His Head

Despite the sayings and aphorisms, dogs are probably some of the most curious animals. Even more so than cats. Depending on the dog, I even think some of them enjoy getting stuck in things. Mostly because they seem to enjoy seeing what happens next. This dog, who appears to be an Irish Setter, trots around a yard next to a plastic drainage pipe. He goes over to one end of the pipe and sticks his head in. He then just wanders the yard pushing this large pipe around. Strangely, he appears to be enjoying himself in this pipe. As long as he is having fun.

Published: February 22, 2018

"Baby Makes A Special Present For Mommy"

"This adorable baby has made a special present for his mommy, and we can all probably assume what it is. nnAs the mom in the video calls it, the "stinky present" can be only one thing, and we don't think this mom is too happy about it! Unlike her, the baby is having a blast. For some reason, he finds it extremely funny and can't stop laughing. Maybe he is laughing because he knows what he did and knows that his mom will have to change him, or he's simply having a good day and is not letting anything ruin it. Either way, we love the way he and his mom react! It is the perfect way to say thank you for such a "stinky present". On the other hand, stinky or not, a present is still a present and attention is all that counts! Wonder if his mom feels the same way!"


"Funny Attempts to Inflate a Hangout Lounge Air Bed"

"Inflating a hangout lounge air bed can be much more challenging than it seems. It looks so easy when someone else does it, but this man here is having pretty much trouble getting this thing work, although it seems that he's doing everything by the book! You need to run around in circles and catch the air inside to inflate this awesome lounger, but like many other things in life, it is much easier said than done. But, he's not giving up! He is so excited to try out his latest purchase and totally determined to succeed, that nothing can stop him, not even the laughter of his family members who are watching him fails, over and over again! What an amazing example of persistence and hard work! This video may not be the very best tutorial on how to inflate a hangout lounge air bed, but it's absolutely inspiring and hilarious to watch!"

Published: February 22, 201815 views