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"Baby Tries Lemon For The First Time"

"Who doesn't love watching babies try lemon for the first time? Don't deny it, we all watch them over and over again. And this video is about to be added to our list. This adorable cutie is about to try the sour fruit we all love so much! Her reaction is not a surprise, as we all react like this even today, but she is so adorable! Her mom is giving her a taste of this unusual delicious fruit and she is more than excited to try it. She sees a nice looking yellow fruit and probably doesn't count on its sourness. As she tastes it, she realizes what she has done! No more, please! That is the first reaction we all have, but that aftertaste is something we hold on to. We bet she will give it another try. We all do, and kids are no different. "Baby trying video for the second time" is probably on our way right now!"


"Little Girl Takes New Boots For A Walk"

"Oh, that feeling when you buy new boots! You can’t wait to go out and take them for a walk, like a supermodel on the catwalk. The little girl from our video is doing just that - walking for the first time in her new, pink, western boots. Although she is not taking the stroll on the catwalk but in the supermarket, the enjoyment is the same. However, that’s not where our video ends! Her new pink western boots have small heels and that’s where struggle begins. She can’t walk properly, she is trying to walk in the straight line but failing. Her mom finds this hilarious and even makes a funny remark about her daughter walking like John Wayne! It’s not bad being compared to the major movie star, although we believe this little girl wanted to be more like Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford. She even does the move models make at the end of the runway - she takes her jacket off and throws it on the floor. Super cute! We hope that this cutie will learn to walk in heels and become a model she deserves to be. Until then, we’ll share a few laughs with her!"


"Sweet Boy Gives His Best to Say Mama"

"Every parent loves to hear a child saying "mama" or "daddy" for the first time, but usually, those words end up in a bit strange but the adorable combination of "dada"! Just like in this case of a sweet baby boy who really gives his best to say "mama" or "mommy" but somehow ends up with saying "da-da" every time. Although, according to his big smile, we can be almost sure that he means "mama"! In fact, many babies use "da-da" as their first words, but not to call their fathers, as many might think. They use "da-da" just because they like to listen to the sound of their own voices and it happens that because of the structure of their mouth and their limited motor control "d" is easier for them to pronounce than "m"! But, that's nothing to worry about, it's just a matter of time before they start calling their mommies and daddies loud and clear. It's that smile and unconditional love that matters more than any words!"


"How Funny Is This Ceiling Fan?"

"The ceiling fan has never been more interesting than in this video! We all have them, and we usually pay attention to them only when they need cleaning, just like the man in the video. There is nothing special about them. Yes, they are useful but most of the time we don't really pay attention to them. nnThe man in this video decided that it is finally that time of the week. It is time to clean the ceiling fan and he is not loving the work. It can be pretty dull cleaning it, but luckily for him, he's got quite a performance right in front of him. While he is cleaning the ceiling fan, his two toddlers are following the spin. As he spins the fan, the children spin as well. They seem mesmerized by the object and can't stop following its movements. nnWe don't know what is so interesting about this ceiling fan, but this man sure did have a laugh while cleaning it thanks to his children."


"Vacuum VS Toddler"

"This is one very scary vacuum! But this little toddler has decided to conquer his fears and let his mom vacuum. nnWe have all been there. Even as children, we hated the sound of a vacuum, and today, when we need to get one out and start cleaning, we're not too happy about it. The sound can be so annoying, that sometimes we would rather leave the house as it is than start cleaning. nnThis little one has a fear of vacuums and that loud noise may be the cause of it. But, he is a very brave toddler and has decided to conquer his fears. No vacuum will stop this little one. Even though his mom offered to leave the vacuuming for later, he said no, it is time to face the fear. Well done, little one! We all know how you feel, and we will learn from your example. Next time, it's on! We win, not the loud vacuuming noise."


"Baby Loves The Supermarket"

"We all love shopping, but this little baby is getting way too emotional at a supermarket. He must be the biggest shopping fan ever! It is a feeling we all understand way too well.nnOne of our favorite activities ever is shopping! It can be super fun, and when you find yourself in the middle of your favorite store, the feeling is overwhelming. This adorable little baby was having a casual stroll through the supermarket when he saw the toy section. And that is the moment when he loses it! He can't keep it together! And we completely understand him! Imagine yourself in the store of your dreams seeing all the things you have ever wanted. How would you react? Probably like this little one! We know we have all had these moments. Just yesterday at the donuts shop...Now that was something! Oh, those delicious treats! But, let's not get carried away. Today, we are here for the toys. Take a look at the video below! You will love it."


"Cute Dog Attention Hog"

"Someone once said - smaller the man, bigger the ego. Well, it seems that the same goes for dogs too! The smaller they get, the more personality they have, and the cutie pup in this video is not any different! There is no doubt she's absolutely beautiful and charming, and also very photogenic. Just look how adorable she is and how professional she's posing for her lady owner. This puppy is definitely looking for her big moment in the limelight. And now, when she finally gets it, she just wants more! This doesn't seem enough for her. Just a couple of minutes? Oh, no. This spotlight-craving pup was perfectly content to sit and look pretty for her owner, but as soon as she suspected that the lady owner's attention went somewhere else, her diva personality came out, and she simply walked right out the door! Well, if you ever wondered what a real attention hog is, here's your chance to find out."

Camel Rips Out Woman's Hair7s

Camel Rips Out Woman's Hair

I have never seen anything like this! A camel RIPS a chunk of hair out of a woman's head and eats it. I mean this must have SERIOUSLY hurt, could you imagine? Check out this crazy video and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Published: February 22, 2018
Little Girl Pretends A Water Balloon Is A Penis, Dog Bites It46s

Little Girl Pretends A Water Balloon Is A Penis, Dog Bites It

Summertime and water balloons are a perfect combination. These little girls are super excited to have a cooler full or water balloons. Though, they are not using the water balloons in what one would consider their intended uses. Both of the little girls are pretending to use the water balloons as penises that they are "peeing" with. They go through a couple of water balloon "genitals." Eventually, the smaller of the little girls who has been flinging the balloons into a kiddie pool grabs one of the balloons and pees with it. As she starts though the family dog comes over and bites it, popping the balloon.

Published: February 22, 2018
New Grandma's Hilarious Reaction To Bun In The Oven Pregnancy Reveal1m40s

New Grandma's Hilarious Reaction To Bun In The Oven Pregnancy Reveal

This woman's reaction after finding out that she will be a Grandma is absolutely hilarious and it will be the most joyful video you watch today. Her daughter tells her to look for a surprise in the kitchen and this lovable future grandma can't seem to wrap her mind around what is going on. She finds the hidden clue, a bun strategically placed in the oven, and it takes her a few seconds worth of questions and repetition to fully understand. SHE IS GOING TO BE A GRAMMY!

Published: February 22, 2018
Here Is A Dog That Looks Like A Mop17s

Here Is A Dog That Looks Like A Mop

The Komondor dog is one of the more unique and adorable breeds of dogs that exist in the world. What makes them interesting is that their fur looks like little dreads all over their bodies. It is a fascinating looking dog. The other thing that makes them kind of fun is that when these dogs lay down they look like giant mops. It would not be hard to walk by one and dismiss it as an absurdly large mop. This video plays with that. We truly do appreciate the addition of the Caution Wet Floor sign that was placed next to the dog.

Published: February 22, 2018

"Baby And Daddy Beatboxing"

"Have you ever seen a baby enjoying beatboxing? Well, now is your chance! This baby and daddy are beatboxing FOR THE WIN! Actually, it is the daddy who is doing the beatboxing, and the baby keeps the rhythm. And she does it perfectly! We wonder how this daddy came up with the idea to even start beatboxing with his little daughter. We can only assume it was one of those long, hard nights when a baby just won’t sleep. If you have a baby, you know what we mean, and if you don’t, you’ve probably heard the legends of the babies who keep the family awake the whole night. We bet that this daddy came up with this beatboxing routine while trying to put this cutie asleep. Judging by this video, this duo has a future in the entertainment industry. Luckily, before they reach their worldwide fame, you’ll get to enjoy their performance in this amazing and funny video."


"Baby Sits On Granny’s Shoulders"

"Do you love videos that are both adorable and funny? Yup, so do we, and boy we have a good one. Here we have a grandma and a baby granddaughter spending some quality time together. Now, as you probably know, babies love sitting on a shoulder of an adult. We are tall, they are tiny, so riding on our shoulders is like an enjoyable rollercoaster ride for them. However, in this video, things got some unexpected turn. The baby got so excited, it started pulling the grandma’s hair! The poor lady couldn’t do anything but laugh and scream in pain, at the same time. This continued for some time because the baby just wouldn’t let go. Finally, the baby’s mom had to come to the rescue. Who knew that the babies were so strong? Well, this little munchkin is so adorable and sweet, we bet her grandma couldn’t be angry with her. Babies are so lovely, they can pass with anything, don’t you think?"


"Lovely Cat Pets A Man's Face"

"Just as much as we love cats, they actually love us back too. Some people may disagree with this, especially those who don't have any pet cats. They often think that cats are selfish, ungrateful and self-centered pets who don't really care about their owners. But that isn't really true! Ana, we have the video to prove it! Just look at this adorable cat who loves her owner so much that she simply has to show it by petting his face. She's so careful and gentle with him that any doubting Thomas has to admit the fact that not all of the cats are egoistic and arrogant beings who only care about themselves. Moreover, this adorable, affectionate cat here represents all the loving and caring furry, fluffy puffs out there who are much more than just pets, but loyal friends who are not afraid to show their love and gratefulness in the most heartwarming way!"

Friendly Hiker Finds A Deer With A Donut On His Antler42s

Friendly Hiker Finds A Deer With A Donut On His Antler

A man is hiking along and he comes across deer. He realizes that the deer, for some reason, has a powdered donut stuck one of his antlers. While the donut is quite surprising, we were a bit surprised at how friendly and calm the deer acts toward the man. Admittedly, the man exudes a friendly, genial vibe throughout this deer. I could see animals intrinsically understanding that this guy will be good to them. The man even offers to feed the donut to the deer once he gets it off. We don't get to see the deer eat it, but he doesn't seem that interested.

Published: February 22, 2018

"The Most Adorable Hula Hooper Ever"

"This girl is such a talented hula hooper! Her moves are the best!nnAll of us loved hula hoop when we were little. Even today when we see it we are reminded of how fun it used to be and occasionally, we give it another try. It is a fun toy and an amazing exercise! Rarely do we get an opportunity to exercise and have fun while doing so. But, with this, we don't even notice that we are working out! nnThis adorable girl in the video decided to try the hula hoop! It may look like it is easy to do it, but we all know the truth! It is hard to balance it on our hips, and this little one is having some trouble. But, we are cheering for her and believe she will get the hang of it really soon! The most important thing is that she is not giving up! One of these days will be her lucky day and we'll get to see her master the hula hoop!"


"The Future Cheerleader"

"Do you love to cheer for your favorite team? And for the USA? Of course, you do, but trust us, not as much as the little girl from our video. She loves cheering. She can’t stop yelling USA, USA, USA! When her dad tells her it’s commercial time, she doesn’t stop! She just lowers her voice a little bit and continues to cheer USA, USA, USA! nWe believe this little girl has a future as a cheerleader since she has amazing natural enthusiasm. Do you know your cheerleading facts? We’ll give you some! Cheerleading is over 100 years old and in the early days, all cheerleaders were me. It’s a bit difficult to imagine that nowadays when 97 percent of all cheerleaders are female. Most of them are former gymnasts, which explains why they can perform a routine with such an easy. Anyhow, the kid from our video is a fine cheerleader by our standards. She loves to cheer in front of the TV and show her support to the team USA. You go little girl!"


"DJ Dog Is In The House"

"Look our everyone, DJ Dog is in the house! We all love Kanye West's songs because they are pure perfection but his adorable musician has created his own version of "Mercy" and we love it!nnDogs are great friends, excellent listeners and play dates but who knew they are also amazing musicians? We didn't but we're definitely glad to have found out! Just look at this amazing little DJ Dog go. He is the cutest DJ ever! And you can really tell that he loves his job! He even has his super cool sunglasses, so you know he's not here to play. He is here to perform and he is doing a great job at it! Guess we know who will be the DJ at our next party! nnWe can already see overcrowded clubs and long lines in front of the club, waiting to see this awesome DJ Dog perform. And we bet we will be in that long line as well."


"Adorable Toddler Loves Her Shadow"

"This adorable toddler loves her shadow and we can't get over how cute she is! Her reaction is priceless. nnWhile most kids, or even grown-ups, sometimes get scared of their own shadow, this little one has no problem with it. She is even hugging it! That is a brave little girl. nnChildren have that amazing gift of finding friends wherever they are. Some find their best friend in their sibling, some in their furry friends while some, as this little cutie, find their friends in the most random things. Adorable toddler in this video loves her shadow and is not afraid to show it! She proudly hugs it and doesn't hide her excitement. Precious!nnWhat all of us could learn from children is not to judge people and to give everyone a chance. You never know who your new best friend may be! Children have a good heart and such honesty that we all need more of."


"Cute Little Girl Tries to Reach Her Forehead"

"Some say that it's pretty easy to lose your head for a split second, but how about a forehead? Well, this cute little girl is having some trouble finding it or at least reaching it! Like many children her age, she is also an adorable messy eater who enjoys smashing and smearing the food all over and around the plate and her face, of course! So, a piece of mashed potatoes ends up on her forehead, the place where she can feel it, but she can't see it, and that's when the fun part starts! Just watch her attempt to clean up the mess off her face she's made with these smashed potatoes. It's so funny and adorable to see how she tries to figure out the way to reach her forehead - it's there, she knows it's there, and she also knows that she even put something on it, but how to grab it remains a mystery! But, don't worry little girl, you have all the time in the world!"


"This Puppy Is Obsessed with Starbucks!"

"A dog gets excited and barks and wags its tail in a car when a woman says they are in the drive-through of a Starbucks. A woman tells it to calm down or it won't get whipped cream, so it calms down, but then gets excited again. nnBella, the puppy in the video, is all of us at Starbucks! She is so excited and can't stop howling! But she is so adorable, there is no way anyone can be bothered by her constant howling! Bella is over the moon and she can't stop moving around and jumping up and down! Coffee usually transforms us into this incredibly hyper person, but we don't think this adorable puppy needs that. She is already as hyper as it can be! We can't even imagine what will happen after she gets her coffee. Hopefully, there is a "part 2" of this video because we would love to see what happens after she has had her coffee."


"This Bulldog Loves Endless Kisses"

"Who doesn't love endless kisses? This adorable bulldog is certainly enjoying his cuddle time! And who could blame him? There is nothing better than showing affection to those you love. And feeling loved must be the best feeling in the world. This adorable bulldog knows all about it. nnBulldogs are an adorable breed, and their gentle side is simply perfect. This little one here was lucky enough to have found an owner who loves giving kisses as much as this bulldog loves being kissed. Affection is good, and everyone appreciates it, but this little one loves it! Just when you think it is time to stop, he demands more! And he is lucky to have a human parent who doesn't mind sending more kisses his way. How precious.nnHow adorable is this amazing bulldog? We wouldn't mind kissing him all day long if that is what he wants. He's just too cute and we can't handle it!"


"Hairless Cat Loves Water"

"Hey, we thought that cats hate water! But not this one apparently! This hairless kitty loves it!nnA hairless cat climbs in the bathtub filled with water and relaxes with her human! After soaking in the bathtub for a few, the cat goes to climb out but decides its too cold and stays in the tub. She is having a great time! The water is warm and she has great company! nnNotice the other cat outside the tub… she is clearly not sold on bath time! She is carefully walking on the edge of the bathtub and making sure she doesn't fall into the water. Guess she is one of those adorable cats who simply dislike water. Well, the most important thing is that they are both doing what they like and having the best time. Either way, they are simply adorable! We can't get over how cute they are."


"Cat Hides In A Box Of Tissues"

"You know how cats love to occupy the most incredible places in the house? Well, this kitty chose to hide in a box of tissues. This box of tissues isn’t the ordinary one, nope, it has the picture of a CAT on it. So, this is a video of a cat hiding in the box with the cat on it! Alert, we have a CATseption here! nAll jokes aside, cats love to get themselves into small spaces like drawers, sinks, under beds and in boxes because those places make them feel warm, safe and secure. If you make a comfy nook for them, be prepared to be ignored. They’ll climb in the dishwasher or some other incredibly uncomfortable place. They usually choose places to hide that may seem perfectly suitable to them but can actually be quite dangerous. Being naturally stubborn, there’s no way to train them, so you’ll just have to tolerate their crazy behavior. In the end, we love kitties for who they are, so they can have their quirks!"


"Cute Horse Loves To Cuddle"

"For your daily dose of cuteness, we prepared an amazing video of a horse which loves to cuddle. Yup, this horse enjoys cuddling so much, you just won’t believe it. He is locked in his stable, but his human friend can gently pet his head. They look like true BFFs. nHorses are very lovable animals. They are loyal to humans and they remember people even after a long period of separation. So, having a horse buddy is nothing unusual! They are friendly, love a company and feel and give affection. However, horses and humans do not display affection the same way. We love to touch horses’ face as the sign of love, which horses aren’t familiar with. On the other side, horses love kissing humans, and by kissing we mean, licking humans’ face, which, for some, can feel a bit uncomfortable. So, for those who want a horse buddy like a woman from our video, first get to know your four-legged friend well!"