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A Dog Opens A Front Door And Tries To Sneak Out14s

A Dog Opens A Front Door And Tries To Sneak Out

Dogs are creatures of many talents. They never cease to amaze us and we love them to absolute bits for that! And the cute pup from this video is not an exception! If you're a fan of all the amazing things that dog can do, just check out this video! As the clip begins, you can see a dog standing in front of a front door. That’s not an unusual scene, most dog owners would agree with me, but just wait for what's coming up. This pup’s owners have probably just got out of the apartment and left their canine friend inside. And what does he decide to do, you may wonder? Well, he makes a plan to sneak out, of course! LOL! He jumps up, turns the deadbolt and opens the door. Wow! I have never seen such door opening skills in a dog! As soon as he walks out, he gets surprised to see his owners standing outside the door. So hilarious!

A Tot Girl Walks Into A Patio Door And Falls Down13s

A Tot Girl Walks Into A Patio Door And Falls Down

Tots are simply the best! No matter what they do, it always looks funny! And the one in this video is no different! So, if you are a fan of funny videos featuring toddlers and their hilarious reactions, this one is a pure gem! This video shows an adorable tot girl who is having an amazing time with her dad. The two of them are running around a house, having loads of fun! The dad is pretending that his little baby girl runs faster than him, and stays behind, but only a step or two. So, she decided to trick him by running outside into their backyard but fails to see that the glass door is closed. OMG! Her reaction is just amazing! She falls down on her bum but doesn’t make a sound. She turns and looks at her dad absolutely confused, with this big question in her eyes - what did just happen?! LOL!

Dog Plays Fetch With A Tennis Ball Launcher25s

Dog Plays Fetch With A Tennis Ball Launcher

Playing fetch with your dog is such fun! I really enjoy doing that! But if you have a dog who is too energetic and needs lots of running every day, it can be not only time-consuming but also exhausting! So, if you’re familiar with this situation, I believe you’re going to like this video a lot! It offers an amazing solution to your problem, and you simply have to check it out. Plus, it’s so cute and funny, that you don’t want to miss it in any case! This video shows an adorable dog who has learned how to play fetch all by himself using a tennis ball launcher! This smart pup takes a tennis ball, put it in the machine and waits for it to launch the ball. As soon as the ball is thrown, he runs to fetch it, brings it back, and repeats the whole process! Absolutely brilliant! LOL!

An Adorable Dog Plays With A Ball34s

An Adorable Dog Plays With A Ball

If your family has a canine member, you are really lucky! It’s absolutely impossible to have a bad day if there a dog around. Those excitable little beings never fail to amaze us and to lift up our mood in any given situation! And the cute dog from this video is definitely not an exception! If you are a fan of dogs, you can’t skip on this video! Enjoy! As the clip starts, you can see a man and two young girls as the play with their beloved canine companion. They are all really excited and you can see that they are having so much fun. Dad’s got a ball in his hands that he keeps throwing at the dog. As soon as the ball starts going his way, the pup jumps to hit it with his nose. And so he does every single time the man throws it! He never lets the ball fall on the ground, that’s not an option! And the little girls are dazzled by their pet dog’s skills. So cute!

Hilarious Martial Arts Fail13s

Hilarious Martial Arts Fail

Martial arts are so much fun! If you have never tried practicing any kind of martial art, you definitely have to give it a go! In the meantime, you have to check out this hilarious video! As the clip begins, you can see a little boy demonstrating his nunchaku skills. His skills are not really impressive yet, he should definitely devote a lot more time to his practices. You know what they say, practice makes perfect and you can’t win if you don't fail a hundred times! However, you can tell that he’s really trying to excel in this martial art skill. As soon as the little boy has finished his astonishing martial arts demonstration, his brother gets in the shot and something hilarious happens. The boy in a Hulk costume pushes his brother and he flies off the shot. LOL! Nobody saw that coming! LOL! Totally hilarious!

Cat Jumps Into A Fish Tank19s

Cat Jumps Into A Fish Tank

We all know that the cats are natural born hunters. Even now after thousands and thousands of years of domestication, they didn’t lose their instinct to go after almost anything that moves (as long as it’s smaller than them). And the one in this video is no different! But her prey is quite unexpected! This video shows an adorable little kitten cat who is having loads of fun in a living room. But all of a sudden, she notices a fish tank with a couple of fish swimming in it! She stops and focuses on it as if she sees it for the first time, and then she jumps on a couch and from there straight into the fish tank! OMG, can you believe that?! I bet no one in that room didn’t see that coming! Her human friends were obviously caught by surprise when their beloved feline went for their dear fish without any warning! LOL!

A Man Tries Out An Anti Barking Collar On Himself39s

A Man Tries Out An Anti Barking Collar On Himself

Every dog owner knows that it’s not always easy to control your beloved four-legged friend’s barking, so some of them are trying to resolve that issue by using an anti barking collar. The first time when I’ve heard of it, I thought it’s pretty cool and useful gadget, but after watching this video, I don’t think I’m going to get one for my pup no matter what! This video shows a man who decided to try out this thing on himself. He is sitting at the table and explains how an anti barking collar works. Then he puts it on his throat and starts to bark, and whenever he barks as a dog would, he gets shocked! OMG, you have to see this! His reaction might be funny, but I would like to see how my pup would deal with it! Sorry, neighbors, I do love you, but I love my dog more. LOL!

An Adorable Tot Doesn't Let A Woman Speak29s

An Adorable Tot Doesn't Let A Woman Speak

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chris. Chris is an adorable tot boy who apparently loves cutting people off when they try to talk to him. LOL! He does that in the most adorable way ever, and there's absolutely no way anyone could ever get angry with him. Such a cutie pie! Chris, the tot boy is sitting in a highchair in a restaurant and he is repeatedly making a noise to cut off a woman when she talks to him. What a hilarious video! The woman tries to ask the adorable tot boy why does he keep cutting her off, but he doesn't even let her finish that question. Awww! Aren't toddlers the best? They always make us laugh, and not a day goes by that they don't do something hilarious and brighten up our day! And these types of videos are my favorite! I could watch them all day long, over and over again. So cute!

Twin Baby Boys Exchange A Pacifier From Each Other In A Bathtub34s

Twin Baby Boys Exchange A Pacifier From Each Other In A Bathtub

People always say that sharing is caring, but does a pacifier exchange counts? Well, after watching this video, I say it does! Just check it out, and you’ll see how funny and cute it can be! This video shows two adorable twin baby boys who are having loads of fun taking a bath together. The two of them are sitting in their baby bathtub, having a blast splashing the water around. But, when they get tired of it, they find something even more amusing to do. They start exchanging one of their pacifiers! LOL! But the funniest thing is, they don’t make any fuss about it! Just look how cute they are! They share the same pacifier, and they love it! I bet these two boys will grow up knowing that sharing really means caring, not only a pacifier, but also love, support, and dedication to one another and their families!

Speak Up Game Fail20s

Speak Up Game Fail

If you ask me how I imagine a perfect Saturday evening, I would say that it would be at home, with my family, playing some fun games. It does not even matter what we're playing as long as we're together. However, recently, my absolute favorite game has become the popular Speak Up game. I simply love it! It's so much fun, and we always laugh so much during the game. Apparently, my family isn't the only one obsessed with it. The family in this video loves it as well, and they're having a blast playing it! Who could blame them? It's so good. The family laughs as they play Speak Up with cheek retractors and the retractor flies out of a man's mouth and hits another man in the face in slow motion. WOW! This family night got a whole lot funnier! It will definitely keep you laughing all day long.

Funny Cat Gets Stuck Between Two Door20s

Funny Cat Gets Stuck Between Two Door

Cats are really the silliest creatures ever! As a proud cats’ owner, I can confirm that the range of incredible situations they can get themselves into is so wide and so unbelievable, that this video doesn’t come as such big surprise at first, but it turns out there’s a brilliant twist you really want to check out! Plus, it’s so hilarious, that you don’t want to miss it! It shows an adorable kitten cat who found her way to squeeze in between two door - a mosquito door and an entrance door, and now she is hanging just hanging there and trying to get out! She meows and calls her owner to come and rescue her, and when she finally does, this funny little cat finds her way out all by herself! LOL! Oh, what a joker she is! It looks like this little one almost made a practical joke, and I never thought that a cat could really do that! LOL!

Young Boy Jumps On A Trampoline With A Ball17s

Young Boy Jumps On A Trampoline With A Ball

Jumping on a trampoline is one of the most amusing things you can do in your backyard. All you need is some space to squeeze in the trampoline, and the party can start. Plus, it gives you the opportunity not only to have loads of fun but also to be physically active every single day. And if you want to scale up, you can start practicing some acrobatic skills, just like a young boy in this video, so you better check it out. This young boy is jumping on a trampoline with a ball. The whole trick is to throw a ball high enough, so you have enough time to make a flip, get back on your feet and catch the falling ball. So, he takes the ball, throws it as high as he can, flips back, but instead of catching the ball, it hits him on the head! Not once but twice! LOL!

Senior Man Dives Into A Swimming Pool18s

Senior Man Dives Into A Swimming Pool

When summer arrives, I absolutely love spending all of my free time at the pool, and I think I'm not the only one. The senior man in this video absolutely loves the swimming pool and he ain't afraid to show it! He's having so much fun, and I'm so glad he decided to share this video with us. He was on the swimming pool on a hot summer day, and decided to dive into the pool. He went up on the board, and was preparing to do his glorious jump. But, this is not an ordinary dive into the swimming pool. First, he sat on the board, and then dove into the pool! WOW! What an amazing trick! And he did it perfectly! Wish I could do this, but unfortunately, my skills aren't that great. When at a pool, all I do is swim all day and sit next to the swimming pool. But I have to say, I'm completely fine with that. LOL!

Hilarious Dog Gets Vacuum Cleaned27s

Hilarious Dog Gets Vacuum Cleaned

Even though they are considered arch enemies, cats and dogs are very much alike. We all know that cats hate water and therefore dread bath time, but did you know that some dogs are exactly the same? Some dog owners have to use their imagination in order to find a way to get their dogs clean. If your dog gives you hard time when you try and give him a bath, maybe this video can help you with that. As the clip begins, you can see a cute dog enjoying a very different bath time session. His getting clean routine does not actually involve a bath but a vacuum cleaner. LOL! If you don't believe me, check out the video! As the dog lies on the floor, his owner vacuum cleans his whole body making it look a lot like a cuddling and tickling session! The adorable pup is enjoying this vacuuming cleaning routine so much! Totally hilarious!

Tot Girl Does Push Ups30s

Tot Girl Does Push Ups

Working out is not exactly the most exciting thing in the world. And it’s pretty tiring as well. However, if you arrange a group work out session with your whole family, that sounds like a whole lot of fun. And that’s exactly what the guys from this video did! If you are in the mood for a great laugh, you absolutely have to take a moment to check out this hilarious clip! As the video starts you can see a group of kids doing push-ups while their dad is sounding. You can see that they are all working really hard on their muscle strength. Good job to all of you! That’s so inspiring. But the best part of the video is yet to come! All of a sudden, a toddler girl comes along and starts doing her own hilarious version of a push-up. Oh, how cute is she? You go, little one!

Boy Cries Because A Dog Ate His Homework25s

Boy Cries Because A Dog Ate His Homework

Even though I absolutely loved school, there were moments when I was very lazy and didn't want to go. Luckily, my parents would always convince me to get up, do my homework, and go to school. Today, I'm very thankful for that, but at that time, it seemed like such a problem. I remember going to school without my homework a couple of times, and I always used the same excuse. Which one? Well, I think the one we've all used and it's probably the funniest one ever "My dog ate my homework". LOL! Of course, nobody believed us, but we tried. That counts, right? Well, the boy in this video is crying because apparently, his dog actually ate his homework. Oh, no! I never thought I would get to see this happen to someone. And the little one looks so upset. Oh, poor guy! Well, I guess he'll know better next time, and put his homework somewhere his dog won't be able to reach it.

Adorable Girl Fails At Pumpkin Bowling30s

Adorable Girl Fails At Pumpkin Bowling

I have to say autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year. Not only because it's not so hot outside anymore, but because that's when many activities are organized. And that's when pumpkins arrive into our lives! YAY! I absolutely love pumpkin season. One of my favorite events is the pumpkin patch. Each year, it's so much fun, and I always have a blast. The family in this video seems to also be a fan, and they've decided to take their adorable daughter with them this year. And they're playing some fun games! The tot girl does pumpkin bowling at a pumpkin patch but repeatedly misses the pins. She gets closer to knock them down, but the pumpkin still rolls off to the side. At the end she just throws the pumpkin and knocks the pins down. Well, that's one way to do it! Hilarious! The most important thing is that they had fun! LOL!

Toddler Boy Refuses To Hug His Dad24s

Toddler Boy Refuses To Hug His Dad

Just because toddlers are little, it doesn't mean that they can’t have a bad day. And this hilarious video proves it. If you have never seen a toddler in a somewhat bad mood, this video is here for you. As the clip begins, you can see a cute tot boy walking around the house. He's probably trying to think of a game that he can play at home but nothing seems to grab his attention. His dad comes along and asks him to give him a hug. And how does this little boy react to that invitation? Well, it's safe to say that he is not really in the mood for a hug! LOL! Instead of running into his father’s arms, the little boy holds up a toy, points it at his dad and the toy says "No!" in a variety of ways.LOL! Dad requests a hug once again, but the little boy doesn't change his mind. LOL! So hilarious!

Orange Cat Absolutely Loves Boxing10s

Orange Cat Absolutely Loves Boxing

You know what I always say "If there's a beautiful feline friend in the video, it means it's gonna be absolutely PURRRR-fect". And I was never wrong. Luckily, after watching this video, I realize my saying is still 100% correct. The adorable feline friend in today's video is a huge fan of boxing. She's watching a match on the TV, and simply can't take her eyes off of it. What a hilarious sight! But wait, that's not all. Not only does she absolutely adore watching boxing on TV, she also imitates all of the boxing moves. Each move these boxers make, the cat repeats. Not that's one feline friend you don't want to mess with. She's absolutely beautiful, and she's very athletic. I could watch her all day long! She really is a sight for sore eyes. And she will definitely inspire you to start watching more boxing matches in the future.

Tot Boy Doesn’t Want A New Baby Sister35s

Tot Boy Doesn’t Want A New Baby Sister

Having a new baby in a family is such bliss! It’s the best thing ever! I still remember the moment when my parents have told me that I’m going to have a baby sister! Oh, boy, how excited I was back then! But, not every kid feels the same, especially if the kid is a boy who already has a sister and now he wants a brother! And that’s exactly what’s going on in this video that shows a gender reveal with a funny twist. Two tot siblings, a boy, and a girl are about to find out if they are going to have a baby brother or a baby sister. Their parents took them on a picnic and threw a gender reveal party there. They put a balloon in a big bag and gave their kids to open it, but when the boy digs out the pink balloon, he got so upset that you wouldn’t believe! LOL!

A Tot Girls Covers Herself In Diaper Rash Cream26s

A Tot Girls Covers Herself In Diaper Rash Cream

Leaving a kid alone with a box of cream is never a good idea. And I don’t even mean a box of ice cream, but literarily any cream! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see why! Plus, it’s so hilarious, that you really want to check this out! This video shows an adorable tot girl who is standing in her baby bed all coved with something white. She holds a box in her hands and smiles innocently as she licks it off her face. But when her mom mentions that the container was full, things really become hilarious! It seems that her baby girl has found a box full of diaper rash cream and decided to cover her clothes, face, and hair with the cream because it’s a fun thing to do! And that’s precisely why no one should ever leave a baby with a box of cream. LOL!

Tot Boy And His Dog Share Cookie Dough31s

Tot Boy And His Dog Share Cookie Dough

Of all the cute examples for a friendship between a toddler and a dog, the one from this video has to be the most adorable one! Prepare to have your heart completely melted! As the clip starts, you can see a cute boy and his pet dog standing next to each other in the kitchen. The little boy’s mom has just made some delicious cookies and now it’s time to wait for them to bake. But in the meantime, the dog and the tot boy have a perfect plan. They are taking turns in licking a mixer extension that mom has just used to mix all the cookie ingredients. Oh, how cute are these two best buddies sharing a single mixer extension? Sharing is caring, they know that very well! And you can tell that they are both such big fans of cookie dough! This video is too cute for words if you ask me!

A Funny Dog Plays With A Water Fountain37s

A Funny Dog Plays With A Water Fountain

Dogs are such hilarious begins! If you are a fan of canines and all the funny things that they do make you giggle, you absolutely have to check out this cute video. It tells the story about a cute Lab’s adventures on a hot summer day and it’s too funny to handle! As the clip begins, you are presented with a scene of a cute Lab having such a good time playing with a large water fountain. OMG, how cute is he? As the water sprinkles from multiple holes in the fountain floor, the dog is on a mission to get to them all! LOL! It’s safe to say that he’s on an impossible mission, but don’t break the news to him just yet! He is having so much fun and he can’t help but run all over that fountain. That’s such a great way to make the most of a hot summer day! So funny!

Hilarious Kid Scared Of Grandma30s

Hilarious Kid Scared Of Grandma

Kids are usually scared of a boogeyman, witches, demons, and other nightmares -inducing creatures. However, this kid is scared of a person who is beloved by millions of kids around the globe - her own grandma! \nYou won't believe this kid's reaction once her mom said she'll call grandma! The kid jumps and runs away! And she is just a baby! OMG! What kind of grandma is that??? LOL! Instead of loving her, this kid can’t wait to get away from her. Perhaps she too strict and firm. Maybe she makes her eat broccoli and other food kids hate. Or maybe just these two can’t get along… Anyhow, the baby’s reaction is so hilarious, you don’t want to miss it! Now, I am not sure how the granny will react to this video! I am sure she won’t have a blast like I did! Well, maybe this hilarious video makes her a better granny… You never know!

Yellow Lab Rides On Sled Pulled By ATV35s

Yellow Lab Rides On Sled Pulled By ATV

Farms are such cool places! No two days are ever the same when you are spending them on a farm. There are so many fun activities that you can do and so many cute animals that you can meet! If you are in the mood for some farm life content, this video is a sure winner for you. As the clip begins, you can see a girl driving an ATV around the farm. You can tell that she’s having the best time! But that’s not even by far the best part of the video. A sled is attached to the ATV, and a cute dog is sitting on it. This girl is actually pulling the sled through the grass while a cute pup is enjoying the ride! LOL! This adorable yellow lab is literally living his best life right now! I don’t know about you, but I would trade places with him in a second! So cool!