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Little Boy Kisses Booboo Better18s

Little Boy Kisses Booboo Better

We all remember playing outside as kids and I’m sure we all remember getting a scratch or two. But there is nothing like the magic of a kiss to make the hurt go away. Prepare for your heart to melt as this little girl gets her boo boo kissed by her friend Levi who happens to be sweeping the sidewalk. He puts his broom down and bends over to help his friend. And it truly is adorable.

Adorable Babies Laughing At Their Pets5m50s

Adorable Babies Laughing At Their Pets

Okay, is if babies weren’t cute enough now at their pets into the mix and you have a massive about of adorable. Baby giggles are contagious and when they giggle at their pets they bring about the cutest baby laughs you’ve ever heard. If you need a laugh today this is the click for you! Especially the first clip where a baby meets puppy!

AWW! Baby is Sleep-Eating30s

AWW! Baby is Sleep-Eating

This baby is so tired he can’t even stay awake while eating! He’s holding what looks like maybe a graham cracker and takes little, tiny bites while closing his eyes. This is both peaceful and hilarious at the same time! When his head nods down, he just takes another bite.

Published: September 24, 2018
Dog is Upset at Door Stopper31s

Dog is Upset at Door Stopper

You know those wiggly coils that stop doors from hitting the walls? The ones you’ve probably flung back and forth to make some silly noises with a million times? This dog probably was playing with one sometime and now he’s just going wild even looking at it! He won’t stop barking, even though it’s not even moving.

Published: September 24, 2018
15 Reasons Kids Are So Adorable4m51s

15 Reasons Kids Are So Adorable

As if we needed any more proof for why kids and babies are the cutest things on earth! Well just in case you needed some more reasons to convince your friends, or in case you just wanted to see some more super cute videos, here are fifteen adorable kid videos to make your day!

Be Amazed At These Athletic Pets!4m38s

Be Amazed At These Athletic Pets!

Dogs are loving, funny, and love to play. But, not all dogs are athletic. Be amazed as you watch these talented dogs make basketball hoops, soccer goals, and basically shine bright like the beloved Airbud. Be prepared to laugh and sit in awe at these perfectly sporty pooches!

Where Is This Meow Coming From?24s

Where Is This Meow Coming From?

Dogs are so cute when they turn they’re head in different directions to hear and when they seem confused! This cute white pup is hearing a song that sounds like cat noise and he just can’t figure out where it’s coming from. In​ the end, he decides to sing along with the music.

Published: September 24, 2018
Will This Cat Catch Her Tail?40s

Will This Cat Catch Her Tail?

You’ve probably seen a dog chase their tail but have you ever seen a cat do it? This velvety black cat sees her tail twitch and decides to try and catch it. She does amazingly acrobatic flips and turns to catch it, but she never does. At least she’s a cat who can amuse herself without getting into trouble!

Published: September 24, 2018
Funniest Water Fails of the Week10m48s

Funniest Water Fails of the Week

Going to the water, like a lake or pool, can be one of the most fun activities! It also creates a lot of opportunities for some good fails. Oof! Some of these sure do make you cringe. The best part has to be the kayak flipping over because there’s a camera attached to the front of the kayak and you can see all of the underwater action too!

Published: September 20, 201817 views
Kid Reactions | Firework Bonanza!2m27s

Kid Reactions | Firework Bonanza!

Fireworks are beautiful any time of the year, but they’re definitely most popular around 4th of July. For a kid just seeing fireworks for the first time, it can be kinda scary but it makes for some great reaction faces! We love the girl who seems scared at first and then realizes that they’re just for fun!

Published: September 20, 2018
LOL! The Most Hilarious & Sassiest Kids of the Week7m23s

LOL! The Most Hilarious & Sassiest Kids of the Week

OMG some of these kids are serious sass masters and all of them are insanely hilarious. Our favorites are the girl who wants to do chores, the kid who says his sister is a monster, and the girl who says he Alexa machine is dead. Kids sure do say some funny things!

Published: September 20, 201810 views
It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Knocked Down14s

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Knocked Down

If you have ever tried riding on a zip line, then you know how amazing that can be! The higher the zip line is, the more thrilling the ride gets! But if you want to ride with your kid, maybe you should start with the small ones you can find on children playground! Just like the one in this video. But please make sure there is no one sneaking from behind! This funny video shows a woman who is having lots of fun with her little son on a playground that has a zip line for kids. The two of them are riding together. The woman is sitting in the zip line seat and holding her tot boy in her arms. Both of them have big smiles on their faces and obviously enjoy they ride. But when their zip line starts getting back, a little girl shows up out of nowhere and they accidentally knock her down on the ground.

Published: September 20, 2018
Parent Smooches Makes This Baby Crack Up Laughing28s

Parent Smooches Makes This Baby Crack Up Laughing

We don’t know why, but most kids can get incredibly jealous when their parents show affection to each other. Perhaps they feel that way because they want all the attention for themselves. Well, not this baby boy! If you don’t believe that some kids out there don’t want all the love for themselves, you have to watch this video. Prepare to have your heart melted completely! As the video starts, we can see a woman holding her baby boy and her arms. Every time she leans toward her husband for a kiss, the baby boy gets incredibly excited! How precious is he? Each time his parents kiss, this little cutie starts giggling and chuckling in the most adorable way! His laugh is just the cutest thing ever! We can't help but laugh along! Keep those kisses coming! Spread the love! This is the most adorable thing you have seen in quite a while.

Funny Girl Falls From Bed14s

Funny Girl Falls From Bed

Look at this girl feeling super excited, jumping around, having the time of her life. Unfortunately the next moment she slipped and fell down on the floor. It was so funny watching her walk of shame when she got up. People say that old habits die hard, just as this girl's bold behavior. When things get out of control, you increase the risk of making a fool of yourself. And that's probably what happened to this young lady. She was taken by the moment and the next thing you know she was lying on the ground. Parents never understood what the big deal is with kids and their love for jumping on beds. The entertainment children get is worth seeing. In the end, life is too short to cut out innocent fun like this one. But if you don't allow your kids to do that, then maybe you should get a trampoline instead!

 Teenager Acts Silly After He Gets His Wisdom Teeth Out53s

Teenager Acts Silly After He Gets His Wisdom Teeth Out

There is nothing sillier than someone right after they’ve had their wisdom teeth out. The drugs a dentist gives to their patients to alleviate the pain and to keep them sedated during the surgery can mess some people up pretty bad and this young boy is clearly one of those people! His reaction is super hilarious! This teen is so giggly and funny when his parents first wake him up after the procedure. His head is all wrapped up in gauze, his eyes are all clouded over and his slurred speech makes him sound like he has spent the night out drinking beers with his buddies! When his parents and the dental assistant try to get him to get out of the dentist chair and into a wheelchair, it seems like an impossible task that the teen boy cannot accomplish under the influence. When his Father asks if he is ready to move, the boy just response in a slurred voice "OK", then just sits there, unable to move. The assistant starts by getting him to move just one leg and then the other one. "I can't feel my toes" the boy giggles, "I can't feel my back, or my arms or my face and anything else whatsoever." he jokes in a drugged up voice as his father and the assistant desperately try to get him out of the dentist chair and into the wheelchair so he can go home. When the boy states he cannot stand up in between hilarious laughing fits, his father and the dental assistant are forced to help him by carrying him by the arms and lifting him up to his feet. When he finally reaches a stand, he excitedly announces to everyone in the room "I'm standing up!" in a very celebratory and wavering voice. When he is finally placed into the wheelchair, which has seemed like the biggest accomplishment of the young man's life, he goes into a slump, throwing his head back and announces "That will do it!" When the assistant tells him that he should be proud because he said he would never be able to do it and he did it, he yells out with his eyes closed "I did it, thank you so much!". The assistant starts wheeling him out of the dental recovery room at last and the boy tells her in the most hilarious and entertaining way "I really enjoyed this!" Who, we wonder, really enjoys getting their wisdom teeth out? We wonder if it was really the drugs that he really enjoyed? We have all seen or at least heard of people waking up and acting drugged out of their mind after a dental surgery. The reason for this is dentists typically use nitrous oxide, or commonly known as laughing gas, on their patients prior to the surgery. This gas which is administered by a mask that covers the nose and mouth helps dental patients to relax and become sedated for the surgery, but after they awaken, they find that their bodies go limp and they think everyone in the room is hilarious! Have you ever been given laughing gas at the dentist? Tell us your stories in the comments!

Published: September 19, 201812 views
The Scariest Part About Halloween30s

The Scariest Part About Halloween

Halloween really is the spookiest time of the year! But you know what the scariest part is? The guts of a pumpkin, according to this little boy. A family is gathered around the table to carve jack o lanterns. When the dad lifts up the stem of the pumpkin, the little boy starts screaming like he’s seen a ghost!

Published: September 19, 201811 views
Adorable! Dog Performs Duet With Piano42s

Adorable! Dog Performs Duet With Piano

This dogs really has chops! A person is sitting at the piano while a dog sits nearby. When they start playing, the starts singing along. He really throws back his head and goes for it! What a voice! The best little bit comes as an adorable surprise at the end of the clip.

Published: September 19, 2018
Parents Totally Nailed This Christmas Gift44s

Parents Totally Nailed This Christmas Gift

There’s a reason people say “like a kid on Christmas morning” when they’re really happy! Because no one is more excited than a kid who gets that perfect gift that they’ve been dreaming about for forever! These parents of the kid in this video totally nailed this Christmas gift. When he opens up this video game, his joy just cannot be contained!

Published: September 19, 2018
Funny Soccer Fails10m23s

Funny Soccer Fails

It’s that time of year again. Soccer is in full swing and all the kiddos are excited to play their weekend games and get back to the soccer field with their friends for practice. But sometimes it really isn’t all fun and games. Here is a compilation of soccer fails that will certainly have you laughing and relating!

Published: September 19, 201811 views
Funniest Kids on the Planet!10m29s

Funniest Kids on the Planet!

These have got to be the funniest kids on the planet! From babies just being tiny li​l comedians to kids saying the goofiest things ever, this video has something for everyone who’s in the mood for a good laugh. Our favorite clip has got to be the goat and the little girl copying each other!

Published: September 18, 2018
Too Cool For Pool | Epic Water Fails5m07s

Too Cool For Pool | Epic Water Fails

Wet n’ wild water fails are the best! All these fails have us howling with laughter. Is it weird that it makes us want a pool day and float the day away? Even though we’d probably fall off the float lol! One thing we learned: it’s not that hard to break a diving board.

Published: September 18, 2018
Wins Vs Fails!5m24s

Wins Vs Fails!

Wins vs fails! Can you spot the difference? These wins will have you cheering on these fails will have you cringing. These basketball trick shots are truly amazing. Even talented babies are getting in on the action by throwing tissue back in the box!

Published: September 18, 2018
Baby Tries to Mimic Dad's Push-ups50s

Baby Tries to Mimic Dad's Push-ups

This adorable baby loves doing push ups and it is the cutest thing ever. His dad is exercising, and the baby decides to join him. When workouts get too much, and it seems impossible to continue, it is always good to have a friend there with you. The support system is the best thing ever, even when it comes to exercising. Just when you think you've had enough, and you are ready to quit the workout, your best buddy is there to cheer you up and motivate you to continue. In this case, the baby has decided to support his dad and exercise with him. Even though the baby is in great shape and needs no added exercise, he decided to do some push ups. Together, they are a sight for sore eyes. It is amazing to see how well they work together! What a wonderful family, and a great workout team!