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Gentle Husky Becomes The Perfect Bed For Sleepy Baby27s

Gentle Husky Becomes The Perfect Bed For Sleepy Baby

When nap time comes, the struggle begins. Especially if you are a baby, keeping yourself up with the desire to have some more fun can be heavily overpowered by the need for some good night's sleep. Parents who were quick to capture their baby's struggle with sleep have treated us with countless hours of entertainment, watching their little ones sway until they finally give in to the fatigue. Looks like this little fella is in serious need of a warm, soft bed this very instant! He's sitting with his old pet Husky , swaying back and forth and fighting the sleep that is weighing heavy on his eyes. For a brief moment there, baby boy snaps out of it, eager to stay awake and play some more, but it is clearly not working. The old companion looks like he knows what he's doing, patiently waiting for the inevitable to happen. Each time the boy leans over, the Husky licks his face as if go shoot him with a pulse of energy and keep him up. Come on, little guy, you can do it. Or maybe the dog is just trying to comfort him, telling the kid that it is okay to take a nap, right here, on his soft, fluffy belly. Whatever the reason behind the dog’s behavior, it never takes its eyes off the boy, watching intently. The drain finally overpowers the baby and he lowers himself onto the dog, burrowing himself in its fluffy, warm fur. Ah, sweet, sweet sleep. Nighty night!

Published: May 3, 20161,326,922 views
Smart Dog Says Mamma And Gets A Punch In The Head 28s

Smart Dog Says Mamma And Gets A Punch In The Head

Baby’s first words is something spectacular and precious, but do you know what is even more amazing? How about a dog’s first words! This sweet dog is much smarter than he looks! He's able to ask his mom for food by name! What an amazing talent! Who would have thought a dog could speak like this? What we do know is that this is one video that you are not going to want to miss! This mom tries to teach her baby boy to say “mamma” by offering him delicious food while his friend the dog sits next to him and gaze at the food eagerly. Dogs will do anything just to get food, any food, as long as it satisfies their appetite. The mother is persistent in her attempts to teach her son to say mamma and as much as she is resolved to hear the word, the dog is even more decided to get the food he loves after uttering the so-wanted word. We can see that the baby opens and shapes his mouth in order to pronounce the word but to no avail. That’s why somebody else will upstage this tiny human friend and uses his tenacity and talent to get what he wants the best. At one moment, the dog can be clearly heard saying “mamma” instead of the kid! When the baby sees everybody is laughing at what the dog has just said, he gets jealous and angry and knocks the dog on his head because nobody can grandstand for mom’s attention but him. Did this extraordinarily talented dog get his reward for what he did? We can only hope that he did, because he totally deserves his treat. Not just today, but any day after this one. It is not like we hear dogs talk every day. This happens once in a blue moon and his efforts must be rewarded properly. We've all been there where we would do anything to get some food. It seems that this dog decided to tackle the impossible just to get some of that food and chose to speak! When dogs beg for food it is pretty easy to ignore, but can you ignore its plea when it speaks to you? As much as they beg for food, dogs really do make amazing companions as they produce funny and memorable moments such as this one! This is one video that this family and the rest of the internet will never forget! Although this dog seems to be really hungry, he really does seem like a happy dog! Surely the owners take great care of him; taking him for long walks, playing with him and even giving him the best dog food when it is not begging for people’s food! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: February 14, 20171,215,546 views
Baby Has Engrossing Conversation With Her Patient Bulldog  32s

Baby Has Engrossing Conversation With Her Patient Bulldog

Having a friend to talk to is always a good thing, even if all that friend can do is listen attentively. Our pets fit this profile perfectly, because they feel our need to get something off our chests and they look us in the eye and listen very closely. This little girl is very lucky to have her English Bulldog as a confidante. She has something very important to say, so she just stands there, in front of the sofa, as her friend sits and lets her pour out her worries. She is very good at this talking thing, even if it is in the incomprehensive baby-ish language. But the pooch doesn’t mind her babbling - instead he just lets her vent. The baby goes on and on about what is bothering her, waving her hands like a miniature adult and pointing all over the place. Could it be that she is upset that the dog is on the sofa, where he shouldn’t be? Maybe she wants him to scoot over so that she can sit beside him? Or she wants the entire sofa all to her tiny self? Their conversation goes deep and we are in stitches! What ever she wants to convey to her dog sound extremely important. She makes her points seem valid and the dog's reaction in the end rectifies them all!

Published: September 6, 2016790,546 views
These Are Some Of The Guiltiest Dogs Around, But We Can't Stay Angry At Them2m29s

These Are Some Of The Guiltiest Dogs Around, But We Can't Stay Angry At Them

We are everything to our pets and they expect us to be at their side at all times. We all know that is just implausible and every once in awhile we have to leave them on their own. The panic that overwhelms them makes they scream and whine, which eventually might lead to some destructive behavior and that is when they get into some serious trouble! This is a great compilation of dogs that were left to their own devices. The owners of each one of these puppers turned their back on them for a short while and they have left messes so massive, trouble is the least of their worries. These dogs have broken down their cages, torn their sleeping mats open , broken into trash cans and eaten their fair share of toilet paper! The amount of trash everywhere, feathers and chewn up cables is painful to look at, but just plain hilarious! The cutest has to be the Boxer in the end, trying to look all innocent and what not and after tough interrogation from her owner, the puppy points her paw towards the older dog! How can you stay angry?! You can't stay too mad at these adorable faces for long! Just one look at these adorable guilty faces and you know that they're sorry!

Published: August 10, 2017666,229 views
Man Develops High Speed And Goes Flying Off The Slip And Slide Set10s

Man Develops High Speed And Goes Flying Off The Slip And Slide Set

There's no better way to cool off from the summer heat than with some epic slip and slides set up in the backyard! The only thing that would be better is watching some hilarious slip and slide fails! You won't be able to resist laughing out loud at this man’s hilarious fail! Enjoy! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a man sort of flying on the slip and slide set! This guy decided to give the slip 'n slide a go, but didn’t expect to develop high speed which served as a red flag for his hilarious landing in the end! We bet he never expected for the slide to shoot him off in the bushes! Hilarious! Sometimes a viral video can serve as a lesson in physics. This big man's slip 'n slide fail is here to serve as a lesson for people to calculate their moves before they engage in such adventure . A big man in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. This big guy gets some serious momentum on this soapy slip 'n slide and he ends up launching off the end of it. Summer fun often ends with a big bang! Sometimes we don't know what we are getting ourselves into. Occasionally, that's what makes for a good story. You can bet that this video will be going around for some time throughout his family! Watch as this guy gets some big air on the slip 'n slide and doesn’t know what’s about to happen! Moments later, when he realizes that he is moving faster than he expected, he prays to land on something soft, but he ends up face-planting into a bush! This generous man gave us a short lesson in physics when he demonstrated how a large body in motion won’t stop when expected if it develops high speed on the run. Big ships work this way which is why they have to cut power to the engines long before they want to become dead in the water. We hope this guy was fine as it appears he landed into a small tree or a bush. We hope the plant survived as well! As the large man starts to slide down the small slide it first looks like he may not make it up the hill. However, he somehow develops speed and makes it to the end of the slide, much to everyone’s surprise! Then, the funniest thing happens! The slide shoots him off into a near bush. Hilarious! We hope this inglorious landing didn’t get hurt from this unfortunate experience! In another video we witness another man going wild on the slip n’ slide for a little bit of summer time. Sébastien St. Martin took some friends out for an amazing day of fun in the sun on a 130-foot-long Slip-N-Slide! It was made by using a 4mm plastic sheet (polythene). This will definitely make you want summer to come faster! They say that when life knocks you down, you just need to brush yourself off and get up again. Well the little girl from this other video is the perfect embodiment of that old saying which implies that if you fail, you should try and try again until you succeed ! Footage shows an obstacle course that keeps on knocking her down, but she won't stop getting back up on it! Adorable! This is what fighters are made of! Way to go girl!

Published: December 2, 20151,827,136 views
Baby Has A Lot To Say About Something Dada Did 45s

Baby Has A Lot To Say About Something Dada Did

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example. The first few milestones in a baby’s life are huge for the parents and of course, they want to capture it all on camera, for posterity. It seems like in the “old days", when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time. Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again. The first thing a baby ever learns to do is talk. Sure, they don't jump into having meaningful conversations about life and philosophy, but given how they learn everything by imitating their loved ones, they start by babbling and making noises and faces like their parents do. Some babes are shy and might not present themselves in their true light, but as the other end of the spectrum, there are babies that can babble and entertain for hours on end, much to the delight of everyone around them. These baby babbles sound like a language all on its own like they understand what we are saying but they can only answer like so. We might not speak the language of babies or have forgotten it after years of not using it, so it can be really hard to tell what is going on inside their tiny little heads! That didn't stop this adorable little guy from saying his mind and we can't stop giggling. Mom has recorded the entire conversation while giving him the incentive to keep on talking. Good thing that's Mom, because if she didn't interpret behind the camera, we never would have understood what the little man wants to say. From what we could tell of their conversation, it was something Dada did, and then something else happened...anyone else speaks babyish? If you love adorable baby talk as much as we do, or, honestly speaking - as the next person (because who does not just love babies?)you just have to look at this next video. This adorable toddler scolds her dad for leaving the toilet seat up , can you just imagine that? The exasperated toddler told her dad off for one of the biggest male crimes - not putting the toilet seat down 'for the girls'. It seems that this bossy toddler was up to here with her father for leaving the seat up in the bathroom. Giving him a piece of her mind, the confident three-year-old said: "How many times do I have to tell you when you put the seat up and I tell you to put it down?" Isn't that just adorable? Talk about one cute moment that this family will surely remember for the rest of their lives! This little girl is quite talkative for being just 3 years old! She is not afraid to speak her mind which can be a blessing and a curse. Maybe when she gets older, she will pursue a career as a lawyer, she would be good at it!

Published: July 30, 2016943,518 views
Dad Says They're Going To The Park, Then Labrador Loses It10s

Dad Says They're Going To The Park, Then Labrador Loses It

When we hear good news, sometimes we can't contain our excitement. We jump up and down and scream because we are so happy. This adorable black labrador has his own unique way of showing us his excitement. This labrador loves going to the park. He loves going to the park so much that he can't help but vocalize his excitement to his parents. As soon as his parents ask if he wants to go the park, there is no going back. His reaction is priceless! He lets out many different odd sounds, he sounds like he is screeching and gurgling at the same time, too funny! Labradors are very friendly companions and are also great working dogs. They love to spend time with their families and are always ready to show lots of love. Not only is this labrador happy he can play around at the park, but he is also happy because he gets to spend more time with his family, yay! Labradors are also a pretty decent size so they are great cuddle buddies, so awesome! Watching this cute pooch show real excitement to the news that he is going to the park is absolutely precious! He acts like a little child being given his favorite toy or finding out he is going to Disneyland! Dogs are masters is showing emotion, so much that we cannot say no to them! Cuteness overload! Check out this video of a black labrador showing his excitement when his parents mention the park, too funny! Have you ever seen a dog this excited before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: November 21, 2016474,502 views
This Compilation Of Twin Mischief Is Two Much 2m28s

This Compilation Of Twin Mischief Is Two Much

There's something about baby twins that make them even more adorable than all other babies on their own. Twins really seem to share some telepathic connection that's beyond our understanding, and in this case, it means double the cute and double the trouble! First of all, they make excellent dumbbells. Like, seriously - while they are still just a few pounds heavy, you can put one in each of your hands and raise them up and down whichever way you please (as long it is safe for the babes, of course) and you’ve got yourself a chest workout. Not to mention the amount of fun they will have. Just make sure you leave plenty of time after lunch, for obvious reasons. While they are still so young, they entertain each other. Whether it is by looking at one another and giggling incessantly, or making each other laugh, they are their own interactive toy. Twins will keep themselves occupied for hours until someone decides they have had enough and leaves the other one hanging without a playmate. They can be so in tune with each other, they have been known to fall asleep simultaneously. Some twins are even so used to having the other next to them during nap time, that they cross the border of the cot to be with their sibling. They just can’t sleep apart ! If that’s not AWW worthy, we don’t know what is. Check out this two adorable two handle compilation!

Published: August 4, 201683,543 views
Cute Little Angel Talks To Her Daddy And Is Beyond Adorable20s

Cute Little Angel Talks To Her Daddy And Is Beyond Adorable

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example. The first few milestones in a baby’s life are huge for the parents and of course, they want to capture it all on camera, for posterity. It seems like in the “old days", when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time. Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again. Hearing your baby talk for the first time, even if it is just mumbo jumbo, really makes for an event. You want for them to say something since you first laid eyes on them. But words don't come as quick as we would want them from our babies mouths; no, at first, it is the mumbling. They open their mouth with the desire to make something known, but nothing comes out other than bubbling sounds and the occasional “mama" or “dada". Elders will says that if the baby is very talkative , it surely is destined for a talking profession, like a lawyer or some famous journalist, and we would love to believe them, but what if something else is going on entirely? Listening to this baby girl babble to her dad, while watching him almost dead in the eye, we would love to think that she might be a protector of the law when she grows up. She has got the hand movements, the gestures, the tone of voice... but nothing she says makes any sense! What if this baby is just a conduit for aliens who try to communicate with us?! Of course, we are joking, but this adorable video has been on the World Wide Web for years now and people keep coming back to it, it is so adorable! Be sure to share it with your friends, to brighten up their day! We have another video in store for you! Watch as this adorable toddler argues with her kind mother. Mom warns daughter that she needs to be careful, advising the stubborn toddler that she needs to take precaution and try not to fall down and hurt herself. The toddler can't even say real words yet but she's trying to communicate her indignation. This cutie is talking baby and has some serious arguments to share! The whole scenario looks perfect. The little princess is dressed in pink and stands in front of her pink toy piano. Don’t let this innocent appearance fool you. She sure knows how to throw a temper tantrum attitude at her mother and defend her babbling arguments. You wouldn’t win a verbal battle with this feisty girl!

Published: July 28, 20161,440,616 views
Adorable Dog Jumps Into Stranger's Car For Food47s

Adorable Dog Jumps Into Stranger's Car For Food

Whatever you do, do not get between this dog and his food! This couple was just sitting in their car, minding their own business, outside is raining when all of the sudden, this black pit bull jumps on their window. He seems to be walking all alone outside, wearing a collar, but with no ID tag on it. He soaking wet from the rain too. Sure, he’s cute and likes to cuddle , but no one could have imagined what he is about to do next! Just as the man asks the dog “you want something to eat", it’s like an involuntary reflex popped in the dog’s head. He jumps over the open car door window and straight into the man’s lap! Naturally, the couple was freaked out by this encounter and they ran out of the car, so Mr. Bull over here decided to settle himself inside. As the man and his wife literally jumped outside of the vehicle, screaming and laughing, the pooch settles on the front passenger seat and just looks up at them with those big puppy eyes. Since he was soaking wet and most definitely hungry, we are not surprised he took on the man’s offer. Poor puppy. By the way, who would have thought that a grown-up man can scream with such a high pitch? But, let’s be honest for a second, second most favorite thing to a dog after the love for its owner, is food! Did someone say food? No wonder this doggo jumped in the car when the guy said food! Why do they act hungry all the time? It's sort of natural conduct. There’s an old cliché about dogs — they’ll eat everything you put in front of them, whether they’re hungry or not! Wolves (or pooches) chasing in a pack additionally take in the idea of shortage and food being a constrained asset. They may not eat each day or even every other day, so they fall into a "get it while you can" mindset. This persists notwithstanding when the pooch is getting a few standard dinners each and every day. But, we are not talking about the big hungry wolves in the woods! We are talking about the dogs who sleep all day and occasionally maybe chase the neighbor’s cat! Obviously, our domestic dogs have not been wild wolves for quite a while, so it can be difficult to accommodate such an antiquated attribute with present-day behavior. Our pooches likely never grew up going on a chase and being permitted to share sustenance in pack arrange. Another plausibility is that our canines truly aren't that ravenous. They're simply great at controlling us into giving them the goods! We normally adore our pooches and it can be difficult to oppose those enormous eyes and charming appearances, particularly when they act like they're starving! However, they may have no clue when they had enough, but we do — and, unlike dogs, we know how to work a can opener! This is so funny!

Published: November 2, 2016321,430 views
Owners Confront Their Canine Pets For The Messes They've Made 2m32s

Owners Confront Their Canine Pets For The Messes They've Made

We love our dogs to bit and they reciprocate the best way they can. They wag their tails whenever they see us approaching, they beg for chin scratches and belly rubs and get mad when they don’t get what they have been asking for. Dogs may be clever in a way that they can understand certain things when they happen. But when it comes to leaving them unattended or alone for some time, it is scary. Their favorite human, the alpha of the pack, is nowhere to be seen. They can smell you, they feel your scent all over the place but you are gone! Naturally, they fall into despair. Despair leads to anxiety, which may or may not lead to destructive behavior. Just like the tiny, furry kids that they are, dogs are capable of such elaborate messes, poking their noses where they don’t belong and then dragging that stuff all over the place. It is an art form we would really love to never see in our homes. Still, sometimes you just have to go out of your home and leave your dog behind. The pooch is bored, lonely or out of its mind that you are gone, never to come back. So they fall into despair and resort to some pretty wicked things to bring you back. And what happens when you do? These dogs definitely have a lot of explaining to do when their parents get home! Some of these pups know that they've done something wrong, while others are happily oblivious to their huge mess! Or they just think that the whole reason you are back and standing right in front of them is because you could hear/feel/sense this magnificent work of art that they have created. And just for you! To this day, we still cannot figure out what is it with dogs and garbage bins. It doesn’t smell appetizing in there at all! But when they emerge with the lid of the bin stuck on their necks, or worse, on their bellies, all we have left to do is laugh and hope the pet comes out unharmed. If it is not the trash can, then it is definitely the pantry. Or some poor decoration that smells just like you. Naturally, they would like for it to be close to them. It seems that our sweet, loving canine companion will stop at nothing to get what they want when you are not there to keep them at bay. If you have not come back home one afternoon around christmas to find your favorite ornament shattered or chewed up, consider yourself lucky. Daisy’s owner was far less so, but his dog showed such incredible remorse, we kinds felt bad for her as well. If you ever heard of the expression “ puppy dog eyes ”, but have no clue as to what that looks like, well this big black pooch will show you just that! He may be a full grown, adult dog, but he has mastered the art of puppy dog eyes. It really comes in handy after you have made a massive mess in the kitchen and Mom catches you in the act! No matter the case, you won't be able to keep from laughing out loud at these hilarious dog shaming moments.

Published: September 16, 201674,180 views
Cat Takes Her Food Back From The Human25s

Cat Takes Her Food Back From The Human

Ask any cat owner what their cat thinks of personal space. Go on, we will wait. Did they tell you how their precious feline companions have zero respect for their owner’s personal space, but then when they attempt to get in their cat’s space, the result is brutal bloodshed? That’s right, cats are jerks , to say the least. They will stomp all over you whenever they feel like it, but if you try and boop their noses, the best thing you might end up with in a scratch on your nose, so be careful! This guy clearly wanted to demonstrate how his ragdoll cat behaves with her own stuff whenever they get taken away from her. So as the feline is eating from her bowl on the floor, her owner gets down on all fours and pulls the bowl from under the cat, bringing it to his side and pretends he’s eating from it. You can’t fool a cat, sir! That gray-and-white is not having your pretend feeding, so she just pokes her paw in the bowl and pulls it right back. The guy makes a second attempt at repossessing the bowl, but it gets pulled right back as soon as he bends over it.

Published: September 28, 2017183,452 views
Parrot Scolds Feline For Unpleasant Cat-Attack 13s

Parrot Scolds Feline For Unpleasant Cat-Attack

Cats have been domesticated for more than 10,000 years, but domesticated cats still share many attributes with wild cats. The desire to hunt is one of them. Many cat lovers are also big bird fans, which means cats’ remarkable hunting skills can often be cause for concern. Feline and parrot are sitting on a table, the bird stares at the feline and she stares right back at him. Soon after, the parrot tries to reach to the cat and she immediately pulls the cat-attack and tries to smack the parrot in the face for good measure. This cat takes a dislike to the parrot because he stands too close and is making her uncomfortable. A brawl breaks out between the pair with the cat hitting and the parrot scolding the cat , saying ‘No! No!’. Sometimes cats engage in behaviour that owners don’t appreciate. In order to make our cats behave in the way we want them to, we may try to punish them for their bad behaviour. Luckily for the owner, this talking parrot took the role of a bad parent and scolds the family cat by saying “No” to her bad attitude, every time she goes after him and tries to smack him in the face! That chatter to a ‘No’ or scold is more like the extravagant eye-roll, sigh, and hair flip of an irascible adolescent, or someone telling you to talk to the hand, or possibly as frustrated as flipping you the bird. Continuing to say ‘No’ to a cat in that agitated modality may be interpreted as a direct challenge or confrontation, leading to escalation.

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Kitty Won't Let Go Of Her Doggy's Leash23s

Kitty Won't Let Go Of Her Doggy's Leash

Cats may be fluffy, adorable looking creatures, but deep down, they as as manipulative and as domineering as any villain known to man! They do not choose their footing when they try and get what they want, but they look really cool while they do it. Because it is what they do - they try and they take over the world every day. Take a look at this footage of two dogs and a cat finishing their day at the park. Their owner calls them over and the first dog obeys, but the second dog, Sammy, is having a hard time respecting his owner’s wishes. He is on a leash that is attached to the cat. The owner continuously calls for Sammy, but every time he comes, the cat's claws on the leash pulls him back. It’s called power and this feline is hungry for more! The only way the cat will let go of the dog is if another, more malleable subject comes along, one more fitting for his wicked plans (insert mad scientist laugh here). This cat has managed to get a hold of his canine pal's leash, and is refusing to let go. Because power is intoxicating. Sammy, meanwhile, seems pretty confused by the turn of events, but knows better than to challenge the cat's authority. We respect you, feline authority and we are just a tad little bit scared of you. Even though they can be good friends, cats can sometimes be antagonistic toward dogs. We’ve seen a million cases of dogs playfully approaching cats only to get clobbered in the nose or hissed at. This kitty takes things to a whole new level, though, as she holds the naive dog captive by refusing to let go of his leash. And the little guy has no idea what’s going on, he is only aware that he can’t move around much! Sammy the dog would have enjoyed sweet, sweet off-leash freedom if it wasn’t for a cat. It seems that Sammy and his friends had just finished their day at the park when their human calls them over. The first dog obeys, but Sammy can’t move because the cat reigns him in, holding his leash so he can’t run away. What a responsible cat, holding on to her dog that way. For his part, Sammy tries to walk away and seems pretty confused, but he quickly accepts who’s boss. When people aren’t debating whether cats or dogs are more intelligent, they’re equating them as mortal foes. Typically, cats are aloof and easily startled, while dogs are gregarious and territorial. This doesn't mean, however, that they can't share the same space - they're just going to need your help. If cats and dogs are brought up together in a positive, loving, encouraging environment, they’re going to be friends or at the very least, they’ll tolerate each other. Walking a cat is vastly different from walking a dog. Puppies, dim-witted and gullible, will happily follow their owners’ lead, cats, on the other hand, would prefer to take the lead themselves. Share this cute video with your friends and family.

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Guilty Dog Coughs Up Evidence Of His Crime30s

Guilty Dog Coughs Up Evidence Of His Crime

Faithful, kind, affectionate, loyal - all these complimentary characteristics apply to dogs that know their owners, like no other. Imagine what kind of secrets your beloved furry amigo could tell about you, if only it could talk. Scientists have conducted comprehensive research and have determined that when a person looks at a pet dog, the hormone oxytocin is produced in his or her body. Apparently, that's why dogs love to look at their master with their gentle eyes, when they want to get something. By the way, the same hormone in the body is produced when a person looks at a small child. This oxytocin is the sole culprit why dogs “understand” us so profoundly. Many dog owners can confirm that whenever they are sad, worried or anxious their dog starts to behave differently, as if they can read our thoughts and feelings. In many ways, we are almost the same as our furry companions. Dogs love food just about as much as we do. They also have acquired a taste for food that is not meant for their consumption, like sandwiches. A good hearty sandwich is among the easiest and most delicious ways to eat a filling meal. Any sandwich aficionado knows just how versatile and tasty they can be. Especially to our canine friends. When they sniff out the meaty, cheesy goodness, their mouths water just as much as any human’s does! One dog’s desire to take a little bite out of his owner’s sandwich proves too much for him to ignore. The adorable dog seen here is named Saben and as soon as his owner leaves the room, and her sandwich unattended, he makes his move. While he means to take just a bite, the deliciousness overwhelms him and he ends up stuffing the entire thing in his mouth! But before he could chew it up and swallow it all down, his owner returns. So Saben does what any guilty dog will do in this type of situation, he tries to look as sweet and innocent as possible. He tries to hide the fact that he stole his owner's sandwich, but in the end it all comes out. Out of his mouth that is. Upon returning and seeing that her meal is gone, his owner asks him: “What happened to my sandwich?” He can’t really do much at this point with the sandwich crammed in his mouth, so Saben simply turns away from her to avoid any uncomfortable eye contact . Avoiding her gaze proves to be his downfall because she can see a very suspicious looking lump in his mouth, which is the half eaten sandwich bulging out! Watch as he hilariously tries to hide the proof inside of his mouth, but inevitably ends up spewing it out. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: January 21, 20161,111,425 views
Guilty Dog Makes Adorable Apology With Puppy Dog Eyes35s

Guilty Dog Makes Adorable Apology With Puppy Dog Eyes

If you ever heard of the expression “puppy dog eyes”, but have no clue as to what that looks like, well this big black pooch will show you just that! He may be a full grown, adult dog, but he has mastered the art of puppy dog eyes. It really comes in handy after you have made a massive mess in the kitchen and Mom catches you in the act! This black Great Dane was having some fun with the trash and maybe has found some nice, delicious scraps in there for a snack. But seeing how he’s a huge dog, he has also made a huge mess and now mom has to clean it all up! Naturally, she’s angry and is scolding him, while the doggo sits there with copious amounts of remorse in those big puppy eyes . We have no idea how that woman was able to stay angry at doggo for so long, look at him! Ears down, sad frown, thinking what a terrible idea it was to rummage through the thrash. But no matter how innocent he might try to look, his owner knows that it was his mouth in that bin, because she even saw him burp! He’s sorry, he really is; he even lifts his front paw showing a sign of surrender! Poor pooch, we hope he’s learned his lesson.

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Squirrel Shows Amazing Acrobatic Skills In Overcoming A Hurdle24s

Squirrel Shows Amazing Acrobatic Skills In Overcoming A Hurdle

Welcome to a beautiful place called Natureland. It is home to so many amazing and talented species and wonderful sights, you can never get enough of it. The beauty that lives in it is hardworking and strives for perfection. It is dedicated to becoming the best version of itself as it can be and it doesn’t stop in front of the hurdles, but rather barrels right through them. It is precisely the same with this little squirrel in the video. Anything is possible with a little bit of practice. When you fail, you just need to try and try again, and again until you achieve your goal. Take this squirrel for instance. Squirrels will do just about anything they can to get to some yummy food, even if that means getting to a bird feeder in the backyard! Attempt after attempt, the squirrel doesn't give up until the food is reached. A few close calls later, the squirrel is happily munching on the food in the bird feeder. For nature-loving suburbanites, laying out a buffet of seeds and nuts for visiting critters is a great way of transforming a sleepy old backyard into a bustling cafeteria for local wildlife, but sometimes a free lunch just seems too easy. Animals will do some crazy things, from running around in circles, to shimmying across a bird feeder to get their food. Some of the time we can't figure out why, but other times it's usually for things like food and attention, just like this little guy. This squirrel starts by shimmying across the bird feeder, where they are met by the enemy i.e. the spinning plate. It was quite the mission to hurdle the obstacle, but eventually the squirrel's persistence paid off, landing them in the food. This squirrel went to extraordinary lengths to feast on food offerings intended for birds. This generously-tailed animal flaunts its acrobatic skills to get to some yummy food. The crafty grey squirrel overcomes the hurdle, in a form of a spinning platform. The look of adorable determination on the squirrel's face is clearly visible as it munches on the nut after tackling the challenge. Squirrels are extremely adorable creatures. There are many different varieties of this family, but each and every one of them is extremely precious. We aren’t sure what’s cuter, their grabby hands or their enormous fluffy tail. Whichever it may be, they are one of the prettiest sights in our parks throughout the year. It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining through the vibrant green leaves of the treetops or if it sparkles off of the tiny crystals in the snow, the furry rodents look extremely majestic and out of this world. Talk about a cuteness overload! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Adorable Compilation Of Cheeky Animals Getting Silly In Front Of The Camera 4m23s

Adorable Compilation Of Cheeky Animals Getting Silly In Front Of The Camera

Check out this adorable compilation of funny animals caught on camera! A man trying to pet a lizard but things quickly progress as the lizard crawls up on man’s body. The unsuspecting man tries to shake his uninvited visitor off his body but to no avail. The man even had to take off his shirt in order to make sure that the reptile is gone for good. Hilarious! Family is gathered in a living room to witness the funny moment when a tiny pup meets two massive pooches and spooks them away. It is as funny how the little pup managed to scare off these huge dogs, sending one of them on the couch, looking for help from their humans. Too funny! Horseback riding sound like so much fun, however, it is not nearly as much exciting when the horse on who’s back you are riding on decides to make a sudden move to get back into the stable, leaving you hanging. Let’s hope that this lady got a lending hand from the nearby man. Kittens can immediately improve your mood. Watching this tiny feline’s first encounter with a mirror put a big smile on our face . Footage shows the curious kitten immediately going attack mode on his own reflection! Cuteness overload! Our favorite is the rascal dog who ate owner’s lipstick, completely coloring his mouth and face in purple and monkey’s reaction to watching a card disappear as man performs a magic trick in front of him! The monkey opens his mouth in disbelief and is swept off his feet!

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Toddler Has A Hilarious Conversation With A Baby Goat21s

Toddler Has A Hilarious Conversation With A Baby Goat

What an awesome video! There can not be anything cuter than a baby girl and baby goat, conversing in their own, unique way! While visiting a farm with her parents, this little girl had the pleasure to be acquainted with a baby goat. Immediately, it was evident that the two share a sparkle. Tiny babes have their unique language - we all knew it when we were that age, but had to forget it, so we have absolutely no idea what the two were talking about. The little girl, named Pixie, is able to understand what the kid is saying! When the goat bleats, the baby answers in the exact same manner! They coerce them to keep on going and the kids don’t even think twice, the goat bleats and the girl repeats. This is just astounding! Could it be that a tiny blond toddler is a goat whisperer? The two kids seem to have a very deep conversation, but the adults are having a blast watching and hearing them. This is too precious, we wonder what they are talking about in their deep conversation. Pixie needs to watch this clip when she gets older, she will definitely have a good laugh! Have you ever seen a baby and a goat communicating before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Dog Steals Spotlight From Baby To Show Who The Real Star Is40s

Dog Steals Spotlight From Baby To Show Who The Real Star Is

At first glance you might think that this video has nothing to do with a dog at all, but just give it a second and you'll quickly realize who the real star of this video is! Baby girl Natalie is looking cotton-candy sweet, with her pink overalls and her teddy bear beanie, strongly determined to push that inflated car tire into the lane she wants. She sets it up nicely, ready to mount it and slide downhill, when an unexpected appearance is made by none other, than the family’s Yellow Lab! The yellow pooch might have felt like he’s missing in on the fun, so he decides to have some fun of his own. He rushes in and succeeds in making the family and the viewers laugh out loud with his unexpected presence! What a hilarious sight he is! We couldn’t stop laughing when all of a sudden he practically hijacked the video and stole the show. And it is rightful to call him a real showman. Yes, the toddler is beyond cute with the pink winter clothes, she looks so chubby and lovable. We love seeing what comes next, whether she is going to take a full advantage of the tire and make a sliding attempt but while she still questions the purpose of the tire and how she can make use of it, there is something more interesting coming along the way. That something is actually somebody - no other but the family dog. You thought only children like the snow and the snow frenzy? Of course not. There are countless videos where dogs love to play and roll in the snow , they even try to bite the snowflakes and leave trail of footsteps behind them. Some dogs even know how to make snow angels! But the dog in this video knows how to “inject” himself in the picture and makes us laugh in fits of giggle. Just look at him! We bet you didn’t see that coming. We neither! While the toddler is trying to push the tire step by step on the snow, we can sense something is changing on the scene, all eyes are directed to the left and we expect to see something coming along the way. The time of waiting is killing us because we are eager to find out what has caught their attention. And voila, there you go, a doggy stealing the baby’s show appears on the stage. He doesn’t need a tire, neither a sledge to prove that he can use his body as a sliding tool and drag himself on the snow , pushing with his hind legs while sliding with the front part of the body. Ingenious! We just love this dog and his resourcefulness. What did you think of this video? Does your pet do anything like this? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile as much as it made you! This is one video that no pet owner should ever miss out on!

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Baby Girl Babbles A Perfectly Good Argument Why She Has To Go Outside 1m13s

Baby Girl Babbles A Perfectly Good Argument Why She Has To Go Outside

Although we can't understand baby babble language, we can pretty much guess what this feisty little girl is saying to her dad. The problem is, the adorable future lawyer wants to go outside to make a snowman in the cold weather, but her dad doesn't let her. After that things pretty much turn into a full-on discussion about dad's unacceptable behavior, followed by a dramatic protest on Lana’s behalf. This little kid might end up being the best lawyer when she gets older! She's barely able to talk at her young age, but that doesn't stop her from trying to persuade dad to let her play outside! So what is she doesn’t have her boots on and it’s cold outside? We gotta say, she makes a perfectly valid argument, waving her tiny hands in the air. How could you possibly say no to this adorable little tot? The one thing that might possibly be more teeth-rotting cute that this is the baby girl that babbled an ever bigger argument with her dad in her car seat. Listening to her babble to her dad , while watching him almost dead in the eye, we would love to think that she might be a protector of the law when she grows up. She has got the hand movements, the gestures, the tone of voice... but nothing she says makes any sense! There is a conviction that infants are born as a clean slate, a clear page, anxious to expound on their experience of this world they live in on those pages. They need to take in everything sans preparation and it's an unadulterated survival nature that makes them the most qualified understudies. Everything from the plain first breath they take, to the main bite and the principal intelligent discourse, is new for them, and a flat-out joy to their folks. It is too valuable to simply watch your child develop inside a minute. It resembles you held them in the palms of your hands just yesterday, and today they are contending with you about going out. Babies are simply adorable! Having a baby is one of the most wonderful things in your life, as well as the hardest thing in your life. Good luck winning this argument with this future lawyer! Children are such a pleasant method to begin individuals. An upbeat infant has sparkling eyes. It strolls kind into the world and spreads magic. Life is a fire that is continually consuming itself out, yet it bursts into flames again every time a kid is born. You know what the immense thing about infants is? They resemble little packages of expectation. Like the future in a basket! But look no further as we have more adorable babies who love to have an argument with their dads! Just take a look at this baby has hilarious argument with her dad ! We're not a hundred percent beyond any doubt what she's notwithstanding saying to us at the present time, yet kid is she convincing. It doesn't take a great deal to see that this young lady can be exceptionally energetic about her discussions! Cuteness overload!

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Precious Baby Is Amused By His Squeaky Shoes 36s

Precious Baby Is Amused By His Squeaky Shoes

If you ever wanted to find out what how does pure joy sound like, just listen to a baby laughing! It makes perfect sense – they discover everything for the first time and everything is funny to them...unless it isn't, of course. Anyway, the joy they feel every time they discover something new and exciting throws them into a screaming and giggling frenzy and when you experience that moment with a baby, all you are left to do is just laugh with it! Mom came home with an extra special gift for her adorable baby boy today. It seemed to be a pair of baby shoes, but these were no ordinary shoes. These shoes squeaked whenever the baby walked. He loved them, which provided extra motivation to become a great walker; and one day, an Olympic runner. This is how stars are born! Watching those chubby little baby legs and the way he points his finger when he taps his foot are just too much! You just gotta watch this video and laugh along with this adorable little munchkin! Just look at that smile! This kid had only started to use his legs all on his little own and with those squeaky shoes on his chubby feet, who would ever want to be rolled around in a stroller? Ah, the simpler times, back when even the tiniest things made us happy.

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Dad Checks On Baby In The Dark, Then A Bug Crawls Up His Leg 32s

Dad Checks On Baby In The Dark, Then A Bug Crawls Up His Leg

Babies love to eat and nap all day, but when it comes to sleeping at night, parents, say goodbye to the good eight-hour sleep and waking up before the alarm for work! Babies love to stay up till late at night jumping up and down in their beds full of energy, which usually leaves the parent to check up on them on every five minutes! This father has the same problem with his baby! He has to check his baby as the toddler simply doesn’t think night time is for sleep! He went to check up on the baby, however, he got another surprise! This video of a new dad checking in on his toddler to see if he is going to sleep is absolutely hilarious after something unexpected happens. The man walks into the room with his hands on his hip to let the toddler know he is serious! He asks the toddler, ‘what is going on in here? Are you going to sleep?’ the toddler replies with some adorable baby gibberish. Just as he is listening to the boy explain himself, a bug crawls up his foot and the man practically jumps out of his socks. If you watch the video from the beginning, you can see the bug slowly make its way toward the Dad before climbing onto his foot and scaring him . How would you react in this kind of situation? We hate bugs! So we would probably freak out as this father here! His reaction is priceless! The expansion of humankind is inevitably the downfall of nature. We constantly tear down ecosystems so that we can build our own, eradicating whole species in the blink of an eye. The animals living in these areas are forced to live inside of our system, or perish. It looks as though insects have managed to cohabit our systems for a while now. Although they might be a bit pesky, they are still a key element in our survival on Earth. We have lived in symbiosis, but apparently not for long. Recent research shows that the insect rates all over the world are dwindling down, and the main reason behind all of it - pollution. This wouldn’t mean much, except insects help us grow our food and without them we would be left without it. They are also able to fight bad plants and keep the natural balance in the world. We do feel sorry for the man, who can clearly be seen screaming his hearts out, as he tries to get rid of the intruder. He must have had the surprise of his life when he felt the unexpected visitor crawl up his leg in the middle of the night. That is why you turn on the lights, people! But that is a common reaction to finding something you weren't expecting. And as for the rest of us, we can get a good chuckle of his hilarious reaction and hope that he didn't get too loud and scared his baby away! Watch as the puzzled tot is staring at his parent in mild confusion, wondering what just happened! Let’s hope they called pest control to avoid other incidents in the future! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Lazy Pooch Won't Budge From Bed, Then Owner Shouts 'Squirrel' 1m01s

Lazy Pooch Won't Budge From Bed, Then Owner Shouts 'Squirrel'

We all know that dogs like the simple pleasures in life. All they need to be happy is a bowl of kibble, the walks down the street, those frequent trips to the dog park and of course, their favorite toys! Just like kids, dogs have their own favorite pastime and they all differ. Some like to chase after a ball, others to laze around the house all day, and some even to chase like mad after squirrels. But if someone were to ask this pooch what his favorite toy was, you would be amazed at his response! Once a dog gets a taste of the good life, it can be nearly impossible for him to go back to his old lifestyle. Take Max for example. He discovered the wonderful plushness of his mom's bed and would not budge once on it. Or at least that's what he thought! His owner tries gently at first “Come on, you big baby, come on", but Max doesn’t even lift an eyebrow. Then she tries with bribery “Would you get off the bed for a treat?" she asks him and we notice some movement in his eye. Every time she says “treat", he shoots her a look, as if he is hoping that she actually brings him something delicious, but doesn’t look like he’s gonna move for it; perhaps he’ll just open his mouth to accept it. “Not even for a treat, huh?" asks the human, as if she is genuinely surprised that he’s not that cheap! Then she tries tugging him by his front paw gently and moves away, hoping he will follow. He doesn’t. But this pet mom has got a clever trick up her sleeve for getting her bed back from her dog. She moves a couple of feet away from the bed and brings out the heavy artillery. “ Squirrel !" yells the owners, to which the Yellow Lab jumps right away and darts towards the door. So that’s the trick, huh? Pets are love and pets are life. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny the fact that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, figuratively speaking. All pets are wonderful, but if there is one species that is able to turn up the party, then it’s definitely our canine friends. Dogs are absolutely amazing. They remind us of smaller and hairier versions of humans that love nothing more than to have fun. It seems like we can never get enough of the puppy awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. They are like our furry offspring that likes to wake us up early in the morning to go potty but we don’t mind because they are adorable. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Careless Girl Bounces Off Power Boat And Into The Sea 13s

Careless Girl Bounces Off Power Boat And Into The Sea

You gotta be careful when you go for a ride on a motorboat. Those things are so powerful, they can pack up to 1000 horsepower engines, able to throw you off the boat in the blink of an eye - literally! Here’s a good example of what we are trying to warn you about. This girl is having the time of her life , it is a gorgeously sunny day at sea. She is with friends, riding on a motorboat and by the sound of it, that thing is going crazy fast! The girls seem to be enjoying the ride, but they have no idea what is about to happen to their friend! See, it appears that the driver of the motorboat is a closeted magician and he was very eager to test out his next trick - girl vanishing from motorboat while at sea. Because if you even blink once, you might miss the girl simply vanishing from the video. It is like she was never even there in the first place! Magic in its finest! The only thing that will put a finger to your forehead are the screams of the girls that stayed on the boat, either out of panic or because of the sheer hilarity of the situation that ensued! And she didn’t even have her life vest on, crazy girl. We hope she’s alright! In reality, falling off a vessel that floats, rides or can be towed on the surface of the water hides the potential danger of you being throw off it. Even something as simple and innocent-looking like floating is able to toss you overboard at a moment’s notice. Just keep your hands on the vessel at all times and you will surely have the time of your life, safe and sound. Watch what happens when this little girl doesn’t hold onto the motorboat tightly and is launched off of it, landing straight into the water! She got more than she bargained for! Hilarious! This hilarious clip has reminded us of the video when a girl jumps on an inflatable bouncy piece in the water in an attempt to launch her best friend in the air, creating the action-reaction effect. Her sole purpose was to use her own body weight and the beauty of gravity, to jump on a bouncy piece in the water and make her friend who was sitting on the inflatable pillow, bounce in the air! However, that’s not what happened! In this epic water bounce fail, a girl hops onto the inflatable water pillow, landing with her entire body weight onto the inflatable pillow, making for her friend to bounce off in the air like if he was hopping on a trampoline. However, the moment she lands onto the inflatable pillow, she only causes her friend to bounce a little up, but not off! Instead, she lands right onto the inflatable pillow again, making for one hilarious backflop into the water. Instant karma is served! Watching this unsuspecting girl feel the water bounce effect, while riding onto a motorboat, has certainly made our day a little bit brighter. It is funny how the moment this girl disappears from the boat, her friends start screaming with disbelief, gazing around trying to find her in the water. It as if it bounced off an inflatable pillow and was launched off into the water in the nick of time. Well, she was launched all right, much to everyone’s amusement! Hopefully this epic fail didn’t leave any serious consequences on the girl! Have you ever seen something as spectacular as this epic fail before? What would you do in a situation like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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