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Baby Girl Loves Drinking Water From A Big Cup28s

Baby Girl Loves Drinking Water From A Big Cup

Watching our children drink from their bottles is the cutest thing in the world. When they grab the bottle with their adorable little hands, it's just priceless. They are so cute while doing so, and very often, they are so clumsy. And that makes the entire situation even more precious. I know I am not the only one. Who's with me on this one? But, even though they are simply adorable when they drink water from their tiny bottles, on mini cups, they are even cuter when they try to drink water from a big cup. Now that is simply hilarious! The baby girl int his video simply loves drinking water from her mother's cup! She grabs at her mom's large cup when her mom tries to take a drink indoors. And it is such a hilarious sight! However, I do not think the mother minds her daughter taking her cup over and over again. She's just too cute!

Little Girl Denies Eating Chocolate16s

Little Girl Denies Eating Chocolate

When I think of something sweet, I immediately think of chocolate. It's the best thing EVER! If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then I know you agree with me. Chocolate is simply the best! However, it is really not the healthiest thing in the world, and it is not so good for our teeth, so we should make it a weekly treat or something like that. Chocolate is awesome, but out health is more important. So, it does not come as a surprise that parents often hide chocolate from their children. However, children manage to find it every single time. LOL! Just like it happened in this video. The adorable little girl in this video found the chocolate, and ate it all! And now, her mother is asking her if she ate the chocolate, but the little girl does not want to confess. LOL! Even though she has chocolate all over her face!

Man Snores And His Dentures Slowly Come Out Of His Mouth19s

Man Snores And His Dentures Slowly Come Out Of His Mouth

If you have someone who snores in your house, then you know how annoying that can get! However, sometimes, it can get pretty funny, and the man snoring in the video we have today will definitely prove that. LOL! I have seen thousands of funny video starting people who snore, but this one has just made it to my top three videos! It is so funny, and you absolutely have to check it out! The man in this video snores as he sleeps and his dentures slowly come out of his mouth. Can you imagine that? LOL! What did I tell you? Snoring can sometimes be very funny. And this man's children would definitely agree with me on this one. They are the ones recording their father after all. And I do not blame them. This is so hilarious that it had to be recorded. This video will definitely make you laugh all day long!

This Boy Has The BEST Workout Buddy35s

This Boy Has The BEST Workout Buddy

We all know that exercising is great for us. We are all aware of that fact. But, we're also aware of how hard it is to actually make yourself go to the gym. I need five days to prepare. LOL! But, once you get the hang of it, it all becomes much more interesting, and a part of your routine. And then, when you finally decide you're gonna exercise, imagine someone coming over and distracting you. LOL! I do not know about you but I think I would give up right away. However, not this boy in the video. His workout buddy is distracting him more than helping, but the boy is determined to exercise and he is not letting his workout buddy stop him. LOL! The boy tries to do sit-ups indoors, but his cat bites and claws at his head. I have to applaud him for not giving up! Bravo!

Canine Friend Makes Workout Impossible16s

Canine Friend Makes Workout Impossible

Working out is already hard enough, and when you have someone distracting you, then it becomes impossible. Well, that is what I think at least. Other people would not agree with me on that one. Take the girl from this video for example. She is working out at her house, which is way harder than at the gym, and she has her canine friend with her. While she is doing sit ups, her adorable dog is watching her, and he then lays on her feet, making it impossible for her to continue her workout. However, even though her canine friend is there with her, she is not giving up. She is still exercising, and not only that. She is even recording the entire situation. WOW! This is magic to me! I would give up right away. The first reason being the fact that I do not like to exercise, and the second one, I would have to pet the adorable canine friend!

Resourceful Baby Takes A Shorter Path To Success36s

Resourceful Baby Takes A Shorter Path To Success

You know how they say, work smarter, not harder. These twins are the real-life example of that saying. These two cuties are playing with a plastic box. They have one target - to place the right shape through a proper hole in the box. You surely played this game when you were a kid. Now, one twin is struggling to make the right guess, while the other one found the ultimate life hack! Instead of trying to figure out where which shape goes, this smart kid is doing something extraordinary! He opens the box and puts the toys inside, simply as that! How amazing is that? Let me tell you one thing, this kid is going places! I am amazed! And trust me, this is not accidental! He does exactly the same thing each time! This kid is the next level genius! However, I can’t say the same thing for his baby brother! LOL!

Published: July 19, 2018
Funny Doggo's Favorite Game Is 32s

Funny Doggo's Favorite Game Is "Bite Air Pump"

I don't think we'll ever get used to all those hilarious things our canine friends do. We've seen thousands of dog videos, and they're still just as interesting. Each one has something special, and something hilarious. I simply can't get enough of them! And if you're like me, then the video we have today will be a real treat for you. The adorable doggo in this video is spending some quality time with his hooman friend in the garage. At one point, his hooman friend decided to pump his tires, and he takes the air pump. However, what he did not expect is how interested his canine friend will get. Apparently, the dog loves the air pump, and each time his owner turns it on, and the air comes out, the adorable doggo tries to bite it. LOL! Ah, our canine friends really never cease to amaze us. Who agrees with me?

Published: July 19, 2018
Girl Fools Her Mom With The Yes/Eyes Riddle32s

Girl Fools Her Mom With The Yes/Eyes Riddle

If you know me, then you know that I am always up for a good riddle. Nothing better than that. Even though I sometimes get angry with myself because I cannot solve a riddle, I simply love it. So, I am always in search of a good riddle. And it seems like today is my lucky day! A riddle video! YES! YES! And this riddle is something I've heard before, but it's still good to hear it. LOL! The woman in this video is in a store, and her daughter is there, shopping with her. Then, the adorable girl decides to make the entire shopping trip even more interesting by asking her mother a riddle. She asks her the yes/eyes riddle, and the outcome is as great as you would expect. The mother does not figure it out right away, and then when she realizes what the riddle is all about, she starts laughing. LOL!

Published: July 19, 2018
Gymnastics Face Plant16s

Gymnastics Face Plant

I have always loved gymnastics but was never really good at it. However, I absolutely admire those people who dedicate themselves and become really professional gymnasts. Just like this girl in the video. Even though she went through a huge fail while trying to do a flip, I still admire her strength and dedication. Gymnastics look really graceful, but it takes a lot of practice, strength, and dedication to be good at it. The girl in this video flips during gymnastics practice and ends by landing on her face. Everything seemed fine for a while there, but suddenly things took a sudden twist. A sudden twist, and a hilarious one at that. You will realize what I am talking about, as soon as you take a look at the amazing video. However, I would still like to applaud this little girl, because she really gave it her best! Keep up the good work!

Young Girl Is Mad Because Her Food Takes Long Time To Arrive33s

Young Girl Is Mad Because Her Food Takes Long Time To Arrive

Drop whatever you are doing because you absolutely have to watch this hilarious video! It's amazing! And I am sure you will recognize yourself in this adorable little girl's behavior. All of us have definitely been in the same situation, at least at one point in our life. When you are hungry, you cannot really control your emotions. And when the food you have ordered is taking way too long to arrive, you become very angry. The adorable little girl had this situation while at the restaurant, and her mother was happy enough to share this hilarious video with us. The little girl is sitting at the table, and she is mad because the food she has ordered is taking too long to arrive. She demands the food to arrive right away so she could eat it. LOL! We know what you are going through little one! What a funny video!

Man Slices Holes Into A Pool And The Water Flow Knocks Him Down35s

Man Slices Holes Into A Pool And The Water Flow Knocks Him Down

The video we have today is extremely funny, and it will definitely make you laugh out loud. Have you ever wondered how do we get these hilarious videos? Well, people plan something, and then start the execution. But, just as with everything in life, things do not always go as planned. Hilarious fails happen, and thanks to the closest person with a camera, we get these amazing videos. The video we have today is definitely one of the best examples of what I have been saying. He wanted to slice holes into the pool, but he did not count he would fall during the process. You definitely have to check this hilarious video out! The man in this video slices holes into an above ground pool and on the third slice, the pool bursts open and the water flow knocks the man down and floods his backyard. Such a funny sight!

A Giraffe Welcomes People To The Safari25s

A Giraffe Welcomes People To The Safari

I've always said that if you want to see animals, you should go on the safari. Not only will you experience an amazing ride, but will also have the opportunity to see so many wonderful animals in their natural habitat. The people in this video are definitely with me on this one, as they are on a drive through safari in the video. And what a hilarious video this is! While they were in the car, they stopped to say Hi to a giraffe, or the giraffe stopped them to welcome them. Either way, adorable! As the video opens, the giraffe sticks its tongue in through a car window from outdoors on a drive through safari. A woman inside of the car laughs, and the woman recording the video tells her daughter to give the giraffe a carrot. The adorable giraffe gladly accepts the present and then steps away from the car.

Cat Eats A Cucumber Off A Plant18s

Cat Eats A Cucumber Off A Plant

Well, here is something you have definitely never seen before. We have all seen our feline friends eat various things, from their cat food to some healthy hooman foods. We've seen cats eat meat, candy, pasta etc. To sum it up, we have seen them eat almost everything. But the thing this cat is eating in our today's video will surprise you! This cat likes, prepare yourself, cucumbers! A plant. I am shocked. When out feline friends ask for food, they usually come when we're eating something with meat, flour or sugar. But my cat has never come to me when I eat my greens. It's like that's where she crosses the line. LOL! But, not this cat. The cat in this video eats a cucumber off a plant in a garden outdoors. And not only is this unbelievable, but it is also super adorable and hilarious! You will love it!

Bride And Groom Fall While Dancing15s

Bride And Groom Fall While Dancing

Since the moment little girls attent a wedding, they start picturing their own. Some even make scrapbooks. And that's the most adorable thing in the world. Each girl imagines her wedding flawlessly, and simply perfect. But, as we all know, not everything in life goes as planned. Sometimes, it goes even better. Sure, fails are not the best thing in the world. But it is a fact that it makes everyone laugh, and the entire event becomes even more special. The video we have today is about a wedding. A beautiful wedding where everything went perfectly until the first dance occurred. Well, I would say that was the moment everything became even better, but I am not sure the bride and the groom would agree. The two of them were dancing while everyone was looking at them, and then, they fell. LOL! Now that is definitely a wedding to remember!

A Frog Driving A Small Car35s

A Frog Driving A Small Car

Stop with whatever you’re doing there’s something you have to see. We have a master driver here! If you thought that frogs cannot drive cars you’re definitely wrong! LOL! And this video will make you understand that they can be as good drivers as humans can. LOL!\nAs the video begins, we see a green toy car in the garage. On the second look, we see a green frog too! She is on top of the car and somebody used the remote and started to drive it around. LOL! And the frog seems to enjoy it. I think he will try to pursue a driving career. Maybe he will drive a school bus or we will see him as a driver of racing cars. Who knows! I laughed so much, I just love this video!

Dad Spinning His Kids In The Mud37s

Dad Spinning His Kids In The Mud

Fathers are supposed to be serious, right? They are responsible and all grown up by definition, and they just cannot make pranks? Well, you guessed wrong, or this dad didn’t get the memo on how to behave when you’re a parent! Just wait and see.\n\nAs the video begins, we see a man driving quad and dragging his kids in the mud on the field. LOL! I bet they didn’t expect that! LOL! I’m sure they were thinking it would be clean and fun but they got a muddy drive. LOL! This dad knows exactly where he’s going. That’s what I call a real-time prankster dad! Just love this video!

Precious Doggo Gets A Vacuum Treatment20s

Precious Doggo Gets A Vacuum Treatment

We all know that our beautiful canine friends absolutely love being pet. But, did you know they also like being vacuumed? LOL! Surprised? Well, I understand you completely. I was surprised as well. I've seen so many different dog videos, but have never seen something like this. It's so unusual and hilarious that it will definitely make you laugh out loud. And I believe there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Wouldn't you agree with me? So, let's dive in. The adorable doggo in this video is standing in the middle of a living room, and his hooman friend is vacuuming the floors. But, that's not the only thing he is vacuuming. Apparently, the precious canine friend loves being vacuumed as well. LOL! He is standing still, while his hooman friend vacuums him. LOL! Well, I guess that's one way to get rid of the fall out hair. LOL! So funny!

Father Gets A Makeover By His Daughter18s

Father Gets A Makeover By His Daughter

While every little girl dreams of becoming a princess, this little one does not want that. She apparently wants for her father to become a princess. LOL! And not only that, she ever gave him a makeover and transformed him into a princess. It's such a hilarious sight and I can promise you that it will make your day! I can try and explain, but until you see it for yourself, it's not the same. This video will make you laugh out loud for sure! The adorable little girl gave her father a makeover, and it looks spectacular. Not only did she put makeup with a lot of glitter on him, but she even put a crown on his head. That's what I call a full makeover! He's got it all, thanks to his adorable daughter, who definitely has some amazing skills. Wouldn't you agree? Take a look and let me know!

Dog Has Mixed Feelings About Swimming Pools15s

Dog Has Mixed Feelings About Swimming Pools

Dogs are such hilarious little beings! And this video definitely proves it. We can all agree that the best way to spend a hot summer day involves a beach or at least a pool. And most dogs would agree with me. Let’s take the cute Dachshund from this video as an example. Get ready because this video will make you laugh so much! At the beginning of the clip, you can see a guy and his pet dog having the best time at the pool. Correction: the man is actually having a blast, while the funny pup isn’t really sure about it at the beginning. The man gets ready to jump in the pool, and his Dachshund starts barking really loudly. The man doesn't pay much attention to the silly pup and decides to dive in. But then, something hilarious happens. The Dachshund also falls in the pool in slow motion. LOL! So funny!

Cute Fashionista In Action59s

Cute Fashionista In Action

Have you ever wondered are the fashion conscious people born or they are made? It seems like the question of who’s older, a chicken or an egg. We might get an insight into this right here in this video. Except, we here have one fashion conscious dog. He seems to be the real designer and natural fashionista!\n\nAs the video begins, we see a baby dog wearing a piece of cloth on his back. Wow, he’s really a little fashionista. I can totally imagine him as a fashion blogger. Who would know what he’s going to do when she grows up when he has such an attitude towards clothing from an early age. I think his parents are definitely overwhelmed by this. LOL! They should definitely enroll him in some college for designers. What do you think? Would he succeed?

Adorable Cat Grooms A Dog19s

Adorable Cat Grooms A Dog

There are all sorts of unlikely friendships in the animal kingdom, but my favorite is the one between dogs and cats! I know that’s such classic, but every time a see a video with a cat and a dog who live together in harmony as the best friends in the world, my heart melts! I mean, just take a look at this video here, and tell me don’t you feel the same?! It shows two adorable four-legged sweeties, a beautiful orange kitten cat and her best buddy, a gorgeous pup, enjoying their time of leisure. They are sharing together their favorite spot in a house and watching some TV. Actually, the dog is watching a TV shows while the cat is grooming him! Well, isn’t that simply adorable?! If that isn’t a hear melting scene, I really don’t know what is! So, if you are both a dog and cat person, this video is the absolute “must see!”

Dog Competes In Barking Contest With A Poster Dog38s

Dog Competes In Barking Contest With A Poster Dog

If someone can make bring tears of laughter to our eyes, it’s the dogs! They are absolutely the sweetest and the funniest creatures on this planet, and I just love them for that! It’s no wonder they make some of the best funny videos of all the time, and the one we have here can easily compete for the Top 10 of all times! It’s so hilarious that you really must check it out! This video shows an adorable little dog who can win not only the title of the funniest dog but also the loudest one. He stands in the passenger seat of a car and barks so loud that he sounds like he competes in the barking contest! But when the camera shows what he barks at, things become seriously funny! It turns out that this pup is baring at a photo of a dog on a gas station poster! LOL!

Funny Tot Boy Argues With Himself22s

Funny Tot Boy Argues With Himself

Being an only child in a family have lots of pros and even more cons, but one of the biggest cons is not having someone to play with when you are at home. No matter how hard some parents try to fill in a sibling’s place and give their best to spend time with their kid, it’s just not the same. I know this from personal experience. LOL! So, when an only child wants to play with someone who is more or less his or her age, the only choice that kid has is playing alone and pretending that someone else is there. That’s why some of them make up an imaginary friend, while others simply stand in front of a mirror and pretend to be two persons at the same time. Just like a funny tot boy in this video who even goes further than most of his tot peers! He is not just pretending to play with some other kid, he argues with him(self)! LOL!

Man Holding A Zip Line Rope Falls Down10s

Man Holding A Zip Line Rope Falls Down

I do not think I have ever met a person who does not like adventures. Even those who like to call themselves couch potatoes, find themselves desiring to try some adventurous sport from time to time. We all love that adrenaline, and luckily, there are many safe sports now which we can try and feel the adrenaline rush without any danger. The video we have today is about one of those fun activities. And it is a zip line. The zip line in the video does not seem dangerous because it is not way too high, and the boy going down the zip line would confirm that. However, there is someone in this video who fails hilariously, and he is not even the one going down the zip line. LOL! The man holding a rope attached to the zip line got pulled down when the young boy was going down the zip line. What a hilarious sight!

Cat Gets A Box Makeover1m00s

Cat Gets A Box Makeover

We all know that for some reason, our feline friends are obsessed with boxes. There are different opinions as to why that is, but only one opinion when they get in a box - CUTENESS OVERLOAD! If you share this opinion, then this video is gonna be a real treat for you! You absolutely have to check it out. Having the fact that cats love boxes in mind, these hooman parents decided to prank their adorable feline friend. They took a box, and they painted a face on the back of it. They then left it in the middle of the room, knowing their cat would come and take it. And they were completely right. The cat came into the room, saw the box and went for it right away. The cat grabbed it, and as she was carrying around, it looked like the face on the box is actually her face. So funny!