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"Dog Falls Off Dock Into Lake"14s

"Dog Falls Off Dock Into Lake"

"Most dogs have the physical capacity to swim, which doesn’t mean that they all like pursuing this activity. But on the other hand, some dogs just love playing in the water, and even though they are not always great in swimming, that never stops them from having a blast! We are not sure if the three dogs from this video are fans of swimming but, they sure have made us laugh! At the beginning of the video, we can see two Labrador mix dogs, and a German Shepard mix dog walking along a dock. All three of them seem quite interested in the edges of the dock because they just can’t stop sniffing it! All of a sudden the Shepard mix dog slips and falls off the dock into the lake! We certainly were not expecting that to happen! Absolutely hilarious! It’s a good thing he can find his way around the water!. Too funny for words!"


"Toddler Boy’s Hand Gets Stuck In Vacuum Hose"

"It’s never too early to get your little kids involved in some household chores. The earlier they start dealing with their responsibilities, the better. Sometimes it so happens that introducing a toddler to cleaning can turn out to be the funniest thing in the world. If you don’t believe us, you have to watch this video! Daddy’s little helper from this video is vacuuming. This toddler boy is as cute as a button, and he’s got some cleaning skills! Good job, buddy! You know what the Supernanny Mary Poppins says: “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun!”. This little guy sure thinks everything he does is a game. He is vacuuming the carpet, and dad draws his attention to the pieces of dirt he’s missed. He tries to collect by pointing the vacuum hose to them, but he fails. But don’t you worry, this sweet boy sure can find another way. He picks the dirt up in his hand and puts it in the hose. Oh, no! His hand gets stuck in the hose and he screams. Don’t worry, little one, dad is coming to the rescue! He is too funny for words!"


"A Cat Makes Speak-Like Noises While Licking A Cheese Puff"

"Have you ever heard of a cat that can “speak”? Well, here is your chance to meet one. Just check out this video and see it for yourself. This cute little cat is standing on a kitchen counter and enjoys some cheese puff that her lady owner is holding for her. And after each lick of that delicious puff this funny furry puff makes some funny noise that sounds like a language, unidentified maybe but still a language with some words that we know such as “yum” and “yeah” in it. LOL! Even when her human friend asks her questions, she answers, and the two of them seem to have a nice chat together. LOL! We bet that’s the way the two of them love to start their day, with some nice breakfast and a small morning talk. Well, if you had such a chatty cat wouldn’t be that your preferable morning routine too?"


"Toddler Boy Tries To Go Through Doggy Door But Gets Stuck"

"We can all agree that a toddler’s curiosity has no limits. They would stick their little noses in everything if only their parents allowed them to! Sometimes, when parents are not watching them, toddlers take an advantage of that opportunity and go exploring. In this funny yet absolutely adorable video, we can see a cute toddler boy determined to go through a doggy door. A whole new world is waiting for him once he manages to squeeze his chubby little legs through that narrow doggy gate. That’s what we believe he thinks at least. This little boy is absolutely adorable. After some serious struggling, he’s finally out. Success! But wait… Oh-oh! Here comes trouble! Dad is calling him to get back inside. And he’s trying, but those adorable chubby legs are not having it! This sweet boy is stuck. He gives up, it’s easier to stay out. He is as cute as a button! We could watch him all day long!"


"A Tot Girl Gets Stuck in Her Doll's Bed"

"Being a baby is really nice! You don’t have to do almost anything, and there is always someone to take care of you. But that doesn’t last for so very long, and sometimes one might miss that time. Just like a tot girl in this video. Well, check it out and see what she does to remind herself how beautiful it was when she was a baby. Her idea was to get into her doll’s bed and pretend to be a baby, but unfortunately, she gets stuck! LOL! She tries to get out but can’t do it by herself. So, this cute tot girl needs to call her mom for help, but before she agrees to help her stuck daughter, mom wants some answers like how she got in there and why! And the girl says she knows that this wasn’t such a good idea, but she wanted to feel like a baby again!"


"A Boy Jumps into A Pool Through A Small Inner Tube"

"Is there a better way to spend a lovely sunny summer day than by the pool? You swim a little bit, then enjoy the sun lying on a beach chair or a big pool ring floating in the middle of a swimming pool! But if you’re a kid, you would probably like to have even more fun and do something silly, just like a kid in this video. Check it out, and you might get some new ideas for a day at the pool. This video shows a boy who is having some great time at the outdoor pool and jumps in, but with a twist. There is a small inner tube in the middle of the pool, and the trick is to get into a pool through this inner tube. So, the boy gets ready, jumps and scores! He made it! But, his feet get stuck behind his legs, and he's unable to get out of the inner tube!"

Talented Dog Knows How To Play Ping Pong!45s

Talented Dog Knows How To Play Ping Pong!

You can't deny that this animal is so cute and talented! A white and brown dog named Jack stands on a ping pong table. A man in a white shirt serves the ping pong, and the dog hits it back. The man and the dog rally back and forth many times. Sometimes the man hits the ball too high for the dog to get, but they always seem to serve it up again. Sometimes, Jack hits the ball back so well that his owner can't even get it! At one point, Jack grabs the ping pong ball and the owner asks him to drop it. The video ends with, of course, a belly rub. Nothing but the best for Jack!

Published: March 22, 2018
The Amazing Drag Races At The Wrinkle Ranch1m51s

The Amazing Drag Races At The Wrinkle Ranch

This video proves that you're never too old to have fun! A title card opens saying "Drag races at the wrinkle ranch," which is hilarious. When the video starts, the person recording the video explains that we're here today for an electric scooter drag race. He jokes with the man in yellow (Frank) and the woman in red (Frieda). The race begins and Frieda takes a big lead in her scooter, and Frank follows behind. A horn honks during the race. They say slow and steady wins the race because Frank in the yellow starts to catch up, but Frieda still ultimately wins the race. Someone brings two checkered racing flags. But we're all winners here. Frieda got a trophy for first place, and Frank got a trophy for second place. It looks like the two sure did have fun!

Published: March 22, 2018
Boy Doesn't See Lion Pounce At Glass23s

Boy Doesn't See Lion Pounce At Glass

Lions are beautiful creatures. There’s a gracefulness about the way they move and generally conduct themselves that’s a real sight to behold. All big cats, really. Their size, agility, and quickness are all tremendously impressive, which is why the best place to be in relation to them is on the other side of a barrier. As you’ll soon see, even that sometimes won’t spare you a scare. A boy watches a lioness at the zoo. He doesn’t see her get into her hunting crouch. This video starts out completely as expected: a young boy watches a female lion come into view at a zoo exhibit. She walks up really close, which is exciting because usually they’re seen from afar. Then, the lion crouches down low before pouncing at the glass, pawing at the boy. Lucky for him, and for all of us watching, he has his back turned.

Published: March 22, 2018
Elephants Star At Soccer26s

Elephants Star At Soccer

Some people love to watch soccer, while others were born in the United States. All kidding aside, despite hardly speaking for all Americans with my own feelings about the sport’s dullness, I could understand why someone growing up watching it would hold it so dear. There are intricacies and subtleties to the game that don’t present themselves immediately; it’s about getting caught up in the build up to the big moment. Sure, one could feasibly go get a haircut and likely not miss said moment, but that’s a whole other discussion. I will concede, however, that there might be a way to get someone like me into soccer. Men ride atop elephants as they take shots at a soccer goal. Elephants can play soccer— who knew? This looks like a total blast! How do I make this happen tomorrow? Where do I sign up? Simply riding any old run of the mill elephant sounds like the thrill of a lifetime, but a soccer-playing one? That’s incredible!

Published: March 22, 2018
Camel Tries To Cuddle, Lick & Bite Man While He Pumps Gas1m18s

Camel Tries To Cuddle, Lick & Bite Man While He Pumps Gas

Where in the WORLD can you experience such a strange situation like this??? A man is innocently pumping gas into his car while a camel stands too close for comfort. Not only is the camel too close for comfort, it also continues to try and cuddle, lick, kiss and bite the man!! Judging by the accent of the man pumping gas into his car and his friends, these guys are in Australia. I don't know how you feel about this but I am not mad at it. I would be so down to visit pump gas into my car at this gas station. The camel looks harmless and I would be so down to cuddle and pet it!!

Published: March 22, 2018
Ostriches Knock Woman Around Eating From Bowl In Her Hands29s

Ostriches Knock Woman Around Eating From Bowl In Her Hands

Ostriches while not known to attack people are large birds, and it can be quite jarring to stand next to one when you are not really prepared for it. The rancher who owns this farm has a woman walk backwards up to a pack of Ostriches… You can tell that this woman is not at all comfortable with the idea of walking backward toward a large pack Ostriches who are waiting expectantly. They are a behind a fence, that admittedly does appear to be fairly flimsy. Well, not flimsy but it does appear as though these giant birds could just easily hop over it. We don’t really blame this woman for being nervous about the ostriches. In the meantime, here are some fun facts about ostrich farms. The first American farm opened in 1886 in Pasadena, California. It was built by Edwin Cawston. Originally, Cawston shipped 50 ostriches from South Africa to Galveston, Texas. From there they took a rough trip to Pasadena. Of the 50 only 18 survived, but later he managed to reach up to 100 ostriches from the remaining birds. I was confused and did NOT expect the Ostriches to react like this!

Published: March 22, 2018
Police Officer Sets Elaborate Arrest To Propose To His Girlfriend4m38s

Police Officer Sets Elaborate Arrest To Propose To His Girlfriend

This police officer deserves the badge of honor or x1,000,000 brownie points for setting up the most elaborate arrest so he could purpose to his girlfriend. Not only did he set up an elaborate arrest, he created a really awesome video that tells the full story. Our favorite police officer is SO cool until the very end of the video, which ends with the following text "NO ONE WAS ARRESTED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO!!!" Here is a breakdown of the coolest proposal you will ever see: Chapter 1: Traffic Stop & Pat Down 101: Police sirens ring and the video fades in from black. A police officer gets out of the cop car approaches a truck and begins to interrogate a man an a woman, who we eventually find out, are actually actors. Chapter 2: 91 enroute: An epic police car dash cam shot opens this scene as the theme from the TV show "COPS" plays in the background. The car pulls up to the same scene from Chapter 1. Inside the car is our favorite swagged out police officer and his (spoiler alert) soon to be wife. Chapter 3: The Proposal: The soon to be groom and future police officer of the year recipient asks his wife to help him pat down the woman. She agrees and he uses that as an opportunity to pop the question. HOW ROMANTIC? HOW COOL?

Published: March 22, 2018
Bird Pooped On Toddler, Is It Good Luck?48s

Bird Pooped On Toddler, Is It Good Luck?

What a bummer!! Or to quote this toddler boy "this is not fun." This cute little toddler boy was playing under the tree when a bird pooped on him. He comes storming over to his mom who is recording the video and explains what happened to him. Well, I have good news for you kid, it is actually considered to be good luck when a bird poops on you. I did a little research for you, check it out: "Bird poop brings good luck! There is a belief that if a bird poops on you, your car or your property, you may receive good luck and riches. The more birds involved, the richer you'll be! So next time a bird poops on you, remember that it's a good thing." With that said, it looks like the little dude is going to be living life with good luck for a while because that bird GOT HIM GOOD!!

Published: March 22, 2018
This THE SHAPE OF WATER Proposal Should Play After The Credits1m31s

This THE SHAPE OF WATER Proposal Should Play After The Credits

This proposal is SO unique, adventurous, and (most importantly) romantic, it should play after the credits of the Oscar-winning movie The Shape Of Water. A man and woman scuba dive in the ocean underwater when she finds a note from him asking her to marry him and she turns around quickly to see him holding a ring. She hugs him and later they kiss above the surface of the water. As if that didn't pull on your romantic heartstrings enough, there is a beautiful piece of instrumental music plays over the video. What do you think? Is this the most romantic and clever proposal you have ever seen?

Published: March 22, 2018
Woman Pranks Her Younger Sister with Haunted Doll For Sale1m40s

Woman Pranks Her Younger Sister with Haunted Doll For Sale

This prank is genius and super easy to pull off on your little siblings. A woman pranks her little sister by telling her that their dad is getting her a scary doll off of craigslist and the girl, brother, and sister think the doll is haunted based on how the doll looks and what the ad says. Here is what the craigslist for-sale ad reads: "Doll For Sale - Make Offer My daughter doesn't want it anymore. Our dog will not stop barking at it and we can never find it where we left it. Doll has really cute laugh. No batteries required. Pickup Only - Again, Make Offer" UmmMMMmmMMMm... I am with these kids... I am really hoping this is a prank within a prank, meaning the craigslist ad is a prank, because I am getting serious "The Conjuring" vibes. DON'T MAKE AN OFFER. DON'T PICK IT UP. IT'S NOT WORTH IT. Funny prank though!!

Published: March 22, 2018

"Toddler Girl Uses Mom's Makeup Without Permission Then Denies It"

"Little girls using mom’s makeup without permission, that’s just a tale as old as time. They are absolutely adorable when they get caught but still try to deny it, and the toddler girl from this video is no exception! This cute toddler girl found her mom’s makeup and decided to take the matter into her own hands, quite literally! Even though mom has just caught her red-handed, or shall we say - dirty-handed, she is denying her mischief! “Look at me. What did you do, Grace?”, mom asks and Grace turns away from her hoping to hide the evidence of her little crime. Oh, how precious is she! She denies putting on makeup even though everything is against her. Not only does she have large amounts of poop-like makeup all over her face, the product is also smeared on the toilet. Poor Grace! We guess she just wanted to be as pretty as her mom. Don’t worry, little one, you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are!"

Man Pretends To Wind Up Chihuahua Sends Him Spinning After His Tail28s

Man Pretends To Wind Up Chihuahua Sends Him Spinning After His Tail

When it comes to tails, most dogs seem to be barely cognizant of the fact that they even have that appendage. However, some dogs are fully aware of their tails and are not fans of people messing with them. This little Chihuahua does NOT like when his owner plays with this tail… The man holding the Chihuahua introduces it kind of like an infomercial. He is detailing how he has a new and improved weed eater dog. He jokes about starting up the weed eater dog by “wrapping” a string around the dog’s tail and getting him revved up. He does not actually wrap a string around the dog’s tail. Rather it appears he just kind of plays with the dog’s tail to get him revved up. This dog does not appreciate his tail being played with. We are not sure if he is angrier at the man for playing with it or with the tail for existing. Just look at how he goes after that thing when the man puts him on the ground!

Published: March 22, 2018517 views

"Toddler Boy Shivers Angrily When His Birthday Cake Is Pulled Away from Him"

"Try to take a birthday cake away from a toddler and you will be presented with the definition of rage! If you don’t believe us, just watch this video and you will be convinced. It’s this cute toddler boy’s birthday party and he’s celebrating it with all of his friends and family. Everybody has just gathered around the table because it’s cake time! And to be honest, that cake looks delicious! Yum! But wait, somebody is messing with this little boy! Each time the cake is pulled away from him, he protests by crying. The man across the table pushes the cake back and the crying alarm stops. Eventually, the man pulls the birthday cake all the way across the table and our birthday boy starts shivering angrily. He is absolutely hilarious! As far as this little man is concerned, he should have all the cake for himself. You know what they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. This little one just didn’t get the memo."

Mouse Plays Possum To Escape Hunting Cat32s

Mouse Plays Possum To Escape Hunting Cat

The game of hunter versus prey is an ever evolving one. Many animals have developed various techniques to escape their hunters or to ensure that their prey is captured. This cat appears to have the upper hand on the mouse that he is chasing… The cat and mouse game has been going for a few moments by the time the video starts. The mouse is behind an old radiator. You can’t really see the mouse at the start of the video. The radiator is grey and black and so is the little mouse. So he does have a bit of camouflage from our human eyes. The cat, however, knows the mouse is there and follows him as he moves along the radiator. Eventually the mouse runs out of radiator for him to hide behind. The cat actually manages to finally catch him. He uses one of his paws to snag the mouse and fling him out from under the radiator. You can’t quite see the moment happen but we do get to see how the mouse reacts. But I could NOT believe how brazen and courageous this little mouse is!

Published: March 22, 2018

"Toddler Girl Hides When Dad Asks If She Pooped"

"There’s that one question that all toddlers fear and all babies dread. The question that gives them shivers and goosebumps every time they hear it. The question that haunts them all day and each and every night: did you poop your diaper? Oh, no, not that horrible question! In this video, we can see a hilarious case of a toddler girl trying to avoid giving an answer to this inappropriate question. At the beginning of the video, he dad asks her: “Did you make a poopy?” As soon as she has heard him, she starts running for her life. “So, I’m gonna guess that you didn’t make a poopy…” Dad tries to trick her into coming back to him. She hides behind the door. It’s all right, you are safe now! She is so precious! Dad calls her again, and she emerges again. Not for long, because here comes the scary question again! She runs to hide again, but she falls over and continues her escape crawling. Cuteness overload!"


"A Young Boy Opens A Birthday Present and Has the Best Day of His Life"

"Have you ever truly witnessed the greatest day in someone’s life and felt the enormous joy that just melted your heart? Well, whatever your answer may be, you just have to watch this video. It is that amazing! It shows a young birthday boy who opens a birthday present sent by his grandma Petty in a huge cardboard box. He doesn’t have a clue what is in it, so his mom just warns him that it might be a small gift just packed in a big box. But the moment he opens that box he realizes that the present is as big as the box has promised. And moreover, it is exactly what he wanted - all of the swords! OMG! Just look at that face with the most beautiful and honest smile ever! He gets so excited and says that this is the greatest day in his life and thanks his grandma Petty with high five!"


"Pacifiers Exchange Game: Dad VS Baby Girl"

"There is something amazing between babies and their pacifiers. The babies either love them or hate them and there is no middle there. And when a baby discovers the joy of having a pacifier in her or his mouth whatever they do, they will never let go of it! Some have even invented a game of pacifiers’ exchange! Just check out this video, and you’ll see how much fun some of them have when they play it. LOL! This video shows a baby girl sitting on the floor with her daddy, and they play apparently her favorite game - pacifiers exchange! They both have one pacifier in their mouth and keep alternate them. As soon as dad grabs his baby’s pacifier, she reaches for his pacifier and put that pacifier in her mouth. But, then they go again! Over and over again! We bet that these two can go on like this for hours without getting bored at all. Well, if not the daddy, this baby can go on for sure!"

Praying Mantis Beats Boxer In Boxing Match1m06s

Praying Mantis Beats Boxer In Boxing Match

A praying mantis stands at the bottom of some stone steps and—giving it the benefit of the doubt—isn’t causing any trouble. When a large boxer dog sees it, he decides that the bug could use a little inspecting. The dog sniffs and barks at the mantis, but he doesn’t seem to get the information he’s looking for. The insect, meanwhile, stands almost stock-still in the face of this big, slobbering monster. The boxer persists, getting awfully close to the mantis. Suddenly, POP! The bug hits the dog directly in the nose, causing the latter to recoil in fear. Maybe that’ll teach him to mind his own business!

Published: March 22, 2018

"Toddler Boy Stands Inside Toilet and He Loves It"

"Leave you toddler unattended for a minute and you can expect anything to happen. If you don’t believe that some toddlers are even capable of getting inside of a toilet, you just have to watch this video! As his mom states, this cute little boy was sitting on the couch while she was having a conversation on the phone. Next thing she knows, he’s having the time of his life standing inside of the toilet. Busted! “What are you doing in the toilet, Timmy?”, mom would like to know. To be honest, we understand him completely. This adorable little boy was getting bored, so he decided to find a way to have some fun. And what can be possibly more exciting than a toilet, that one thing he’s not entitled to use just yet! Timmy decided to go for a swim in the toilet. Absolutely hilarious! “All right, little man, come on out, the fun is over.” Come on, mom, you are such a party pooper!"