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How Not To Ride A Paddle Board35s

How Not To Ride A Paddle Board

What could be a better way to spend a beautiful sunny day than heading to a beach with your family? Well, if you ask me, that’s my idea of a perfect summer day. Just like the one in this video. But, there’s a funny twist in it, so you better check it out! This video shows a woman he came to the beach with her beloved ones. Apparently, she and her family have decided to make the day even more special with some adventurous activities and rented some stand-up paddle boards. The only trick is, paddling those boards is not as easy as it seems. There are a couple of things one needs to learn to enjoy the paddleboard ride thoroughly. The first step is getting on the board, and the next one if keeping the balance correctly. It seems that the woman in this video has mastered the first one but failed on the second! LOL!

Robot Vacuum Traces Lazy Dog34s

Robot Vacuum Traces Lazy Dog

Of all the funny situations dogs are known to get themselves into, riding on a vacuum cleaner has to be somewhere at the top of the list. I’m sure that you have seen one or a thousand videos of a dog using a Roomba vacuum as a taxi around the house. However, this clip is rather different. It still involves a Roomba vacuum and a dog, and I’m sure that you’ll absolutely love it! As the clip starts, you can see a cute dog lying on the floor fast asleep. Oh, how cute is he? He’s definitely not riding on that vacuum any time soon. And I bet that you can guess what’s actually happening. As the dog sleeps on the floor, the robot vacuum keeps tracing him. LOL! And the funniest thing about it is the fact that the dog couldn’t care less! He’s too lazy to even move! So funny!

Hilarious Fail On Four Wheels32s

Hilarious Fail On Four Wheels

It’s not easy to be a stunt master! You need a lot of hard work and perseverance. You need to practice a lot and if you do all these things you will become the master. Seems like the guy from the video is trying to become a stunt star. As the video begins, we see him on a four-wheeler driving it around. He spins it over and over again. LOL! And he seems like a pro. In one moment we see him going right into the mud. LOL! What a rookie mistake! I laughed so hard, you wouldn’t believe it.

Smelly Feet Make Little Girl Fall On Her Butt16s

Smelly Feet Make Little Girl Fall On Her Butt

This video is totally hilarious! If you are in the mood for a good laugh, you absolutely have to check it out! It’ll blow you off your feet, quite literally! It tells a story about a little girl who encountered her mom’s smelly feet for the first time and it’s too funny to handle! You absolutely have to see how did that encounter end! At the beginning of the clip, you can see a woman lying on a couch with her legs resting on a table in front of her. Her tot daughter comes along and instead of speaking to mom or hugging her, the little girl smells the woman’s feet. LOL! And how does she react, you may wonder? Just wait until you see and prepare to laugh out loud. The tot girl falls on her butt as soon as she smells those stinky feet! LOL! Absolutely hilarious if you ask me!

A Tot Boy Wants A Dog Instead Of A New Baby31s

A Tot Boy Wants A Dog Instead Of A New Baby

Some of my friends who grew up in big families with lots of kids say that having siblings is the best thing that has happened to them. As the only child in my family, I could never understand what that really means or how that feels, but I can totally relate to a kid from this video. He is the only child too, and it seems that he likes it a lot! Plus, he’s so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out. It shows a moment when his mom asks him if he wants a brother or a sister, and his answer is absolutely hilarious! He says that he’d rather have a dog! LOL! I know this may sound unbelievable, but when my parents asked me the same question, I gave them exactly the same answer! LOL! Now, I’m a proud owner of two amazing dogs with no siblings. LOL!

A Tot Boy Cleans Up After A Flower Girl At A Wedding45s

A Tot Boy Cleans Up After A Flower Girl At A Wedding

I just love romantic weddings! Every time I get invited to a wedding ceremony, I get so excited that I can hardly wait for that day to come! Sometimes I even daydream about it as it was my own. LOL! So, you can imagine how much I liked this video when I saw it for the first time. It’s so cute and funny that you really have to check it out too! It shows two cute little kids, a junior usher, and a flower girl, at the wedding reception. The two of them are walking around the wedding venue. It seems like this lovely little flower girl is daydreaming about her own wedding one day and leaves the petals all over the place. But when the boy sees her, he gets confused if not even upset over it, so he tries to clean up after her picking up the petals off the ground! LOL!

A Wedding Stunt Fails Hard21s

A Wedding Stunt Fails Hard

I absolutely adore weddings! They are the most romantic events in everyone’s life, but at the same time, they can be very entertaining and sometimes even hilarious! That’s why I never miss a chance of going at one every time I get invited. My favorite part of every wedding is, of course, the exchange of vows, but when the party starts I can hardly wait to see some wedding stunts! But the one in this video is something I have never seen before! It’s so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows a groom and his best man who tried to do a stunt together on a dancing floor but failed badly! In fact, they failed so hard that everyone in that room got totally stunned, so you better prepare yourself to be shocked at first, but trust me, at the end you’ll have a good laugh too! LOL!

A Dog Tries To Cross A Narrow Bridge With A Giant Stick In His Mouth45s

A Dog Tries To Cross A Narrow Bridge With A Giant Stick In His Mouth

Dogs are not just some of the funniest creatures on this planet, but they are also incredibly smart! Maybe that doesn’t always seem to be the case at first glance, but in fact, some dogs are much more intelligent than we often give them credit for. But if you doubt that, just take a look at this video and see it for yourself. Plus, it’s so cute and funny that you really have to check it out! This video shows an adorable dog who is having lots of fun with his lady owner outside. The two of them are walking in a park with a narrow bridge they have to cross. The lady went first, and now she’s waiting for her pup to do it too, but first, he needs to figure out how to do it with this huge stick he has in his mouth! So, what do you think? Did he make it? LOL!

Girl Dancing In The Puddle9s

Girl Dancing In The Puddle

You just have to check out this video of a teenage girl dancing in a puddle! She is busting some serious moves and BAM! Down she goes! What a fail! LOL! But did you know that dancing is very beneficial? Even if it ends in hilarious fails? Yes! Because dance is a form of self-expression, it makes teenagers more creative. Also, kids who dance will appreciate art later in life. Kids who explore the world of dance at an early age will find a constructive way to express themselves and their creativity.\nTeenagers who dance will have much better self-esteem. During dance lessons, children gain a much better understanding of their body and how it moves. Children with a background in dance are more comfortable about their body and have higher levels of self-confidence. Because, as you might presume, it takes a great deal of confidence just get out on the stage in front of an audience, let alone dance! Even in a puddle! LOL!

LIttle Girl Says That She Wants To Be Helicopter At Graduation15s

LIttle Girl Says That She Wants To Be Helicopter At Graduation

We can all agree that not many events in this world are more emotional than gradations. It’s not just the fact that all of your friends and family are there to support you. Graduations are all about stepping into the world and thinking about future plans. Especially when you graduate from the kindergarten, just like the little girl from this video. If you are wondering what certain kids dream of becoming when they grow up, you absolutely have to check this hilarious video! As the clip starts, you can see this adorable little girl as she steps on a stage wearing the cutest little graduation gown. Her teacher asks her about her future career plans, and she tells her that she wants to be a helicopter when she grows up! LOL! Isn’t this the funniest career option that you have ever heard of? Totally hilarious!

Dogs Wrestle In Torn Up Sofa Outside45s

Dogs Wrestle In Torn Up Sofa Outside

If you are a dog owner, you’ll know that tearing up sofas is what every dog’s dreams are made of. And that’s what every dog owner’s nightmares are made of. And that’s exactly what this video is about. Prepare to laugh out loud. The clip takes place in a backyard. In the beginning, you can see an old sofa that’s almost completely torn up lying on the lawn. It’s obvious that this piece of furniture can’t be used in a living room anymore. But there are other creative ways to make it useful! And that’s exactly what these dogs are working on. Two funny dogs are using the torn up sofa to wrestle in it. LOL! You can tell that they are really excited. Taking into account that the two things dogs love the most are sofa tearing and wrestling, it’s easy to justify their excitement! So hilarious!

Hidden Camera Fail21s

Hidden Camera Fail

Hidden cameras are good in terms of our security but sometimes they can reveal something we definitely wanted to hide from other people. LOL! I, for instance, would not be definitely keen on some hidden camera filming me while I eat crazy amounts of chocolate late in the evening.\nThis people from the video we’re not planning to make something funny. It just happened! And we are lucky they had a hidden camera in the backyard. As the video begins, we see a man and the woman trying to drive a trailer. In one moment a huge machine tries to go out of the yard by itself but woman saves the day. Wow, that was close!

Kid Crashes Off Homemade Bike Ramp10s

Kid Crashes Off Homemade Bike Ramp

Riding a bike up a ramp and jumping off it feels absolutely fantastic! It’s like flying, only better! It’s one of my favorite sports activities ever, and I totally love it! I mean, if you have ever tried it, then you know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t make sure you do if you love adrenaline-fueled activities. Just make sure to practice it first on small ramps, before heading for the real deal. Just like a young boy in this video. He is so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out. It shows a dad and his young son having lots of outdoor fun! This crafty dad has built a ramp for his boy, and now they are working on the biking skills. The dad tries to encourage his son to ride his bike as fast as he can and tells him to paddle harder, so he could make the jump and not crash off the ramp like he actually did! LOL!

A Tot Girl Tries To Putt But Misses Ball Every Time10s

A Tot Girl Tries To Putt But Misses Ball Every Time

Have you ever tried playing mini golf? If you have, then you know how much fun that can be, but if you haven’t make sure you do. It is one of the most entreating things you can do with your friends and family, especially the kids. Mini golf is much easier to play than the “real” golf, and at the same time, much more amusing! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! Plus, it’s so cute and funny that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows an adorable tot girl who is learning how to play mini golf with her mom. She is standing in the middle of a mini-golf course and trying to putt but keeps missing the ball. LOL! But, she doesn’t give up! Oh, no! This tot girl is not a quitter, and I bet sooner or later she will make it! LOL!

A Dog VS A Turtle22s

A Dog VS A Turtle

The animal kingdom is full of surprises! Animals are such amazing creatures and they never cease to amaze us! Let’s take the encounter of a turtle and a dog that this video shows as an example. If you are an animal lover, you absolutely have to check it out! As the clip starts you can see a dog walking on a path in a field. He’s probably got out with his owner to enjoy a walk on the field when something unexpected happened. As the cute pup was walking down the path, he found himself in a rather silly situation. A turtle was also making its way towards the other side of the field when their roads crossed. While the turtle decides to wait patiently for the dog to walk past her, this situation gets the pup terrified. LOL! He makes a huge d-tour on the field just to avoid the turtle. He really takes a long way. LOL! Totally hilarious!

Girl Fails In Jumping Off Swing17s

Girl Fails In Jumping Off Swing

This video is totally hilarious! It tells a story about a little girl’s backyard adventures, and it’s the funniest thing. If you are up for a good laugh, search no more! You are in for a real treat. At the beginning of the clip, you’ll see a cute little girl who is having the best time spending the afternoon on a backyard swing set. Swings are so much fun and you can tell that the little girl couldn’t agree more! But here comes the hilarious part of the video. The little girl’s dad encourages her to jump off the swing. That might sound like a simple task, but as far as this girl is concerned, it’s not that easy at all. She tries to jump off the swing, but end up just falling off it. This turned out to be quite a challenge for her. LOL! So funny! Did you laugh as much as I did?

Cute Pig Wants To Be Friends With All Of The Dogs39s

Cute Pig Wants To Be Friends With All Of The Dogs

Aren’t pigs adorable? Pigs are, in fact, amazing pets. Potbellied pigs can make wonderful companions! Just have one thing in mind! There's no such a thing as a teacup pig. They were invented as a marketing stunt by pig breeders to popularize pet pigs. So, if you have nothing against your pig getting super huge, it's the right pet for you!\nRegarding their intelligence, their goofy faces made humans believe they aren't smart. However, pigs are the third smartest animal alongside dolphins and chimpanzees! Yup, an average pig is smarter than a dog, and with a little food encouragement, they can learn many tricks. Believe it or not, these animals have the ability to solve complex problems! And when a pig meats a dog, like in this video, you’ll see how much love it carry in its little body! This pig loves doggo so much, he can’t stop kissing him! Awww… Cuteness overload!

Cute Girl Falls While Watching Cartoons14s

Cute Girl Falls While Watching Cartoons

Most of the parents are too scared for their kids. They are educating themselves in the parenting magazines, online, and while talking to the other parents. They are very careful while choosing how to feed their precious munchkin, they prohibit candies, and carefully monitor what will their child watch on the television. However, sometimes it's not about what the kid watches but HOW it watches. LOL! Here, in this video, we have an ultimate example of what can happen if you don’t pay attention to your kid while he’s watching cartoons. But it’s a great example too of showing that you just cannot monitor everything and that if you are a parent you should relax a bit.\nAs the video begins, we see a cute girl watching cartoons. She tries to lie down between two separate sofas and manages to do it. In the end, she tries to turn and falls. LOL!

Teen Pops Friend's Giant Chewing Gum Bubble12s

Teen Pops Friend's Giant Chewing Gum Bubble

This video is too funny for words! If you are in the mood for a good laugh, stop whatever you’re doing and take a moment to check it out! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love chewing gum. It’s so addictive! Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed chewing gum for one single reason, making giant bubble gum bubbles. And the teen girls from this video definitely share my opinion on this subject. As the clip starts, you can see the two of them as they walk along a beach. One of the girls has succeeded in making a huge bubble gum while her friend is still struggling. All of a sudden, the teen girl who’s still failing in bubble making pops her friend bubble and the teen girl ends up with chewing gum all over her face! LOL! How funny is this bubble gum rivalry? Totally hilarious if you ask me!

Dog Caught Red-Handed Stealing Food26s

Dog Caught Red-Handed Stealing Food

If you have a dog, you’ll know this. If you don’t hear it for a couple of minutes, something’s not right. Knowing this, the owner of this video came to the kitchen in search of his dog. And he had something to see - a doggo in a food container! LOL! But as soon as he yelled “What are you doing?” the dog started running! OMG! He is sooo busted!\nDogs can act as secret agents when it comes to stealing food. You can hide sweets as much as you like, but they'll somehow find a way to it. If you have a dog, you know what I mean. You sit back on your couch and think your canine best friend is right next to you. But no! He entered stealth mode and went straight to the food container. Are dogs natural in stealing food or is there some sort of class for this skill? LOL!

Hilarious Sibling Rivalry11s

Hilarious Sibling Rivalry

Parents often need to be really careful while welcoming a new baby into the family. That’s mostly because of the older brother or a sister know to be jealous. Another thing, sibling rivalry can be quite dangerous sometimes. It seems like people are bound to be competitive from an early age. For instance, I was really competitive when my sister was in question. I wanted to be a better student than she was and I always wanted to be the good kid. So I always helped my parents to do chores because I wanted to excel in everything.\n\nThis video shows how dangerous sibling rivalry can be! As the video begins, we see two kids, a boy and a girl playing by the window. In one moment we see the younger brother trying to play with the ball with his older sibling. However, he's pleads were denied and he finished with one side of the body in a hole. Coincidence or sibling jealousy? You be the judge!

A Teen Boy Jumps On Yoga Ball And Falls19s

A Teen Boy Jumps On Yoga Ball And Falls

There are lots of funny things young kids and teens posts these days, but one of my absolute favorites are funny videos with the kids bouncing off Yoga balls. I totally love watching them! They never fail to make me laugh out loud, and the one we have here is no different! In fact, it’s so hilarious, that you absolutely have to check it out! This video shows a teen boy who wants to touch the ceiling using a bouncing Yoga ball. He takes a bouncing ball and puts it in the middle of a room. Then he makes a running jump and bounces off the ball, but instead of touching the ceiling, he ends up on his bum. LOL! But the funniest part in this video is a slow-motion playback of this epic bouncing ball fail! LOL! So, if you are looking for something to really make you roll on the floor laughing, this video is a pure gem! LOL!

A Cute Mamma Dog Playing With Her Pupp20s

A Cute Mamma Dog Playing With Her Pupp

Dogs are just awesome. Besides being our best friends they are adoringly cute and super nice. LOL! And they are funny too! Dogs are generally caring animals and the examples of it we see all around. This video is the perfect example and shows how gentle one dog can be. \n\nAs the video begins, we see a cute puppy digging a hole in the sand. And as he digs his mom joins him. How cute is that? I was absolutely moved by this! It reminded me of my childhood and my mom who was active in my games. She always wanted to take a part in that. And I can't thank her enough on this. I love you mom, just like this dog loves his momma dog too!

Amazing Ice cream Teft23s

Amazing Ice cream Teft

Sometimes kids can pick up a lot of things from us that are not always so good. For instance, when I was a kid I spent two months with my grandfather in the village. He was used to cursing a lot, so I naturally picked some words from him. LOL! Afterward, I was with my mom in a store and I asked her if I can pay the bill. I told the cashier to keep the change and my mom reminded me we need the money. And I shoot the F word. My mom said it’s not the nice thing to say and I replied why when grandaddy uses it all the time. LOL!\n\nThis is how this girl picked up some bad words from her environment. We see her sitting in a chair in the backyard licking the ice cream. In one moment, she will lose her attention and a dog will start licking her ice cream. HILARIOUS! When she noticed this she will say “oh crap”. LOL! This is so funny! But her parents should be more careful not to use that kind of words in front of her. LOL!

Big Dog Chases A Tennis Ball And Drags A Small Dog10s

Big Dog Chases A Tennis Ball And Drags A Small Dog

Nothing gets much funnier than watching an adorable, cheerful dog playing fetch, except maybe two silly pups playing fetch together in slow motion! LOL! So, if you are a dog person like I am, trust me, this video is a must see! Plus, there’s a brilliant twist in it that you really don’t want to miss. This video shows two beautiful dogs having fun outside with their lady owner. It seems like the three of them just came back from a walk, but before getting inside, she wants them to have some more run, so she takes a tennis ball and calls her dogs to fetch it. The big one gets instantly thrilled about it and runs after the ball, dragging the smaller one with him even though he wasn’t that crazy about this last run before heading inside. OMG, you have to see this! And the best thing is there’s a real-time part and the slow-motion one, and it’s totally hilarious! LOL!