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Man On Stilts Pulls Off Amazing Trick, Immediately Fails29s

Man On Stilts Pulls Off Amazing Trick, Immediately Fails

Do not let the grainy quality of this video take away from the quality of the content within the video. Trust us, this whole thing is fairly impressive. Doing any kind of movement on stilts is remarkable, but doing backflips from a pole? Amazing. We start from a place of interest just from a visual tableau standpoint. Two stilters, or stiltwalkers, we aren't entirely certain on the terminology. We have seen both. To be fair, both of those words sound like something you'd in a fantasy novel. Anyway, a man and a woman on stilts are standing underneath a metal monkey bar system on a beach during a gray, windy day. A third man on stilts has hooked his legs over one of the bars. He positions himself so that he is hanging upside down and facing back toward his fellow stilt wearers. It takes a lot of effort.

Published: February 23, 2018

"Did He Just Stick His Toothbrush In The Toilet?! | Kids Brushing Their Teeth Compilation"

"Five out of every five dentists agree that you should brush your teeth twice a day — so listen to all the dentists! We’re not here to talk about the facts, though...we’re here for the laughs! So today we found the funniest clips of kids doing one of life’s most mundane tasks. In fact, you can even watch this video in the morning while brushing your teeth! That’ll make it SO much more fun! You can truly be like the girl at 2:57 who’s combining her entire morning routine into one video. Or deeply relate to the girl who’s singing while brushing her teeth at 8:19. LOL! BUSTED!"

Published: February 23, 2018
Teenager Crashes While Trying To Ramp A Bike Into A Lake22s

Teenager Crashes While Trying To Ramp A Bike Into A Lake

There is something about lakes, summertime, teenage boys and ramping off things that just create a magical combination. These kinds of things only ever really go one of two ways, the runs are successful and someone flies through the air amazingly. The other way is a spectacular crash or wipeout. There isn't really a middle ground on this. This teenager is going to try and ramp his bike into the lake with a backpack strapped to the handlebars for reasons unknown. Usually, with videos like these you aren't really sure which way it is going to go until the wipeout or success actually happens.

Published: February 23, 2018

"Funniest Meme Fails of February 2018 | Ultimate Funny Meme Compilation"

"Fail videos are a thing and we at AFV totally get it. We love those kinds of videos so keep submitting them to us! But we're always looking for a new way to highlight the very best and as we all know, MEMES ARE THE BEST! It's like they describe how we feel on the inside when we see something hilarious and want to relate to it on another level and so, we present FUNNIEST MEME FAILS OF 2018!nnWhat is your fave in this comp? Is it "When you're the only one on a diet?" at 1:41? Or maybe "Whenever I get to confident?" at 2:48? Ours is definitely "Leaving work on a Friday like" at 3:01! Let us know in the COMMENTS BELOW, remember to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to AFV and be sure to share with all of your people!"

Published: February 23, 2018
Young Girl Hits Another Girl In The Face With A Frisbee22s

Young Girl Hits Another Girl In The Face With A Frisbee

Ah, the backyard and summertime. An American classic filled with laughter, the smell of cookouts and the occasional tears of sibling inflicted pain. At America's Funniest Home Videos, anytime two kids play any kind of sport it is a venture in peril. In this particular instance, the sport is Frisbee. The peril? The inability to throw a Frisbee in a fun and safe manner. Which, we mean, why would you be watching if it was just two little girls who could competently and gently throw a Frisbee around a yard? Not so hard, the older girl yells at her sister who is mid-wind up. Danger, Will Robinson! At the end of the day all we have really learned is that both of these girls are not good at throwing a Frisbee. Though, the younger sister has pretty good accuracy.

Published: February 23, 2018

"A Bear Cub Rides on Mom's Back"

"If you have ever wondered what animals make one of the best mothers, take a look at this video! It's so adorable and inspiring that you really don't want to miss it. It's a perfect short story about parental love and care starring a mommy bear and her fluffy little cub sitting on her back, outdoors in the rain. This scene is so beautiful and heartwarming that goes beyond words, so we'd rather let you enjoy it without further introduction. But, let's just share a few facts about bear mothers. They usually have between one and three cubs for each gestation period and tend to them for 17 months. They are absolutely courageous and fierce defenders of their offspring and do not hesitate to attack every time they think their babies are in danger. So, you better watch out not to cross their path, and rather watch them from a safe distance or in our videos!"

Toddler Mimics Dog Tricks With Labrador53s

Toddler Mimics Dog Tricks With Labrador

There is an early stage when kids are still very young that they mimic almost everyone and everything that they see. Obviously, as we get older this mimicry endures in other ways that may or may not be so open. But as a toddler, the imitations are more apparent. Which brings us to this video of a young girl and her yellow Labrador. Toddlers and dogs playing together is always adorable. You almost have to watch! The video opens with the dog, Bisby, and the little girl, Kali, standing in a living room looking at the man behind the camera. The Labrador is this girl's mentor and she follow his every move. She's great at copying him!

Published: February 23, 2018
Young Boy Kisses Man, Then Slaps Him Across The Face29s

Young Boy Kisses Man, Then Slaps Him Across The Face

Time for a little AFV throwback. The family in this video appears to possibly be grandma's house. They are all sitting around the living room hanging out and chatting. Enter our protagonist. The little boy goes up to a man and asks to give him some love. He just didn't specify what kind! We will give this young man some accolades, he has the element of surprise down pat! During the family hangout he goes up to a man sitting in a lazy chair. The little boy is rubbing the man's head who has a similar shaved head haircut as the boy. The boy then tells that man that he will kiss him now. The man agrees to let the boy give him a kiss. You are watching the opening of the clip thinking, "Okay, just a sweet moment between family members. A boy and his relative being friendly and cute. Where's that America's Funniest Home Videos magic?" Trust us it is coming.

Published: February 23, 2018

"Girl Freaks Out Over a Cockroach"

"One of the most hated beings on this planet is certainly a cockroach! Almost everyone gets disgusted by it, but some people go way further and totally freaks out when seeing one. Don't believe us? Check out this video and find out what some people are capable of doing just to avoid a close encounter with a poor cockroach. This young teen girl gets so terrified by this harmless creature that she climbs the bathroom sink just to get away from this bug! LOL! She gets almost hysteric, even when her brother comes in to help her. It turns out that the cockroach is already dead which makes this situation absurdly hilarious! Not even the brother can resist making a total joke out of it, so he takes the bug with a bare hand and starts waving it, but the girl doesn't find that funny at all and starts crying. OMG! It's hard to decide who should we pity more - a dead bug or this poor freaked out girl?"


"Dog Makes A Funny Growling Noise"

"Not everyone is born to be an early bird! Some people are more like night owls and simply love to sleep longer in the morning, but so do some dogs. Just like a puppy in this video. Isn't he the most adorable and the funnier grumpy pup there is? His lady owner tries to wake him up for breakfast, but he is so not in the mood for it. He even says "noooo" in his own dog language which actually sounds more like a funny growling noise than a word, but we can tell what he means! Who on Earth likes to be awakened before they are ready? Nobody. But, not everyone can demonstrate it in such hilarious way as this dog can. Just listen how he growls and grunts! He would rather sleep his day away, only if his lady owner would let him. Yes, dear pup, we totally get you!"


"Shih Tzu Is Adorably Jealous"

"This shih tzu is the most adorable puppy ever! nnActually, both of them are! This woman was lucky enough to be in the company of two adorable dogs. But, her puppy, Buddy, is not handling this well. While the other cute puppy is jumping around the woman in the video, and playing with her boots, Buddy is pouting in the corner. We all know that dogs can get a little jealous sometimes, but this one is doing that in the cutest way possible. nnShih Tzu is an amazing breed! They are so cute and these two are no different. You will love Buddy's reaction when his human friend starts playing with another dog. He is definitely not a fan! But, the other dog is not stressing too much about it! He wanted to play, and that's just what he is doing. But, we believe that Buddy will change his behavior as soon as he gets home and becomes the center of attention again."


"This Kitty Is Freaking Out"

"We do not know the exact reason, but this kitty is freaking out and is doing so in the most adorable way ever!nnWe can only assume that it is because of the dog. As you can hear, there is a dog barking in the video, however, he is nowhere to be seen. Plus, he does not start barking right from the start. So, that may not be the reason after all. nnAnother reason could be - claiming territory. We know that there are many ways for an animal to claim territory but this kitty may have chosen the funniest one ever! nnAnd our third guess would be that she is trying to prove how strong she is and that the dog should be afraid of her and not the other way around. What an interesting way to do that. nnEither way, this video is extremely funny and the kitty is simply adorable! We love it. But, what do you think? What was the reason for this kitty to freak out like this?"


"This Parking Lot Prank Is Just Hilarious"

"Is there anything funnier than a good harmless prank? You don't even have to wait for April Fools' Day to pull up one! Just take the opportunity when presents itself, just like this mom did in our video. It's so hilarious, you don't want to miss it! This could be one of the funniest parking lot pranks you've ever seen. Two young boys and a girl are standing next to a car, trying to close a gas cap cover and each time when it seems to work, the cap opens. So, they do it again - they close the cap, and in just a second it opens again. What the heck! These kids just can't figure out why it won't close. They even cheer every time the gas cap is shut, but their moment of triumph doesn't last long, so they try once more, and then again. We can't help but wonder how long it will take before they realize that someone is pulling a prank on them? LOL!"


"Adorable Dog Loves His Food"

"This adorable dog is absolutely crazy about his delicious food! nnWhile his human parent is carrying his food, this precious dog can't stop jumping up and down with excitement! You can really tell how much he likes it! Makes us wonder what is in that bowl and if we could get a piece! This is one lucky family! We guess that this is not this dog's first time and that he is constantly making his family laugh! All dogs are precious, and this one is simply the best! nnBut, we can't say that we don't understand him! When we see food coming, our reaction is the same! It is not exactly jumping up and down like this, but it is very similar! Food is amazing! And this adorable dog knows that all too well! Wonder if he wouldn't mind sharing with us. We're really wondering what this delicious treat must be! From his reaction, we can assume that it is one of the best things ever!"


"This Fox Loves Marshmallows"

"Did you know that foxes love marshmallows? To be honest, we had no idea, but it seems they do. According to this video, some foxes have a sweet tooth for these yummy, chewy, fluffy sweet cubes of goodness, but this one in particular also has quite a big appetite too. Just take a look at this video showing a woman who throws marshmallows to this fox and what the fox does when finds those marshmallows, one by one. She first takes one, and starts leaving, but as soon as she turns her back, here comes the next marshmallow! So, she comes right back to pick it up, but there comes one more, and the next! But, what can she do with all those delicious marshmallows? Take them all! She puts a hell of a struggle to fit all four marshmallows in her mouth, but it would be such waste to leave a free marshmallow, wouldn't it?"


"Funny Dog Fights to Stay Indoors"

"Have you ever see a dog who doesn't want to go outside and puts a hell of a fight to stay indoors? Well, here is your chance! We always thought that all dogs love being outside and playing fetch or just running around with other dogs, but it seems that we were wrong all this time. Evidently, there are some dogs who prefer to stay home, just like this video shows. Just look at this funny pup who simply refuses to go out! No matter how hard his lady owner tries to make him step over their doorstep, this little cutie pup simply disobeys, even when she starts pushing him. Nothing works! He just keeps pulling all the tricks he has up his sleeve, from playing dead to standing on his front legs while the lady tries to force him out! It's so hilarious you don't want to miss it!"


"Christmas Show Like Never Before"

"This Christmas show is on a good way to become one of the best ones ever! nnChristmas is the happiest time of the year. We sing cheerful songs, make delicious food and receive adorable gifts. But, this Christmas show is one of the best Christmas gifts ever. nnThere is nothing cuter than watching this Christmas show on a wonderful Christmas morning. It seems like these kids are having a blast preparing their performance. But, our attention was caught by this adorable little boy who is having the time of his life! He is dancing, singing and embracing the Christmas spirit like no one else! Just look at him! He's the sweetest. His adorable friend next to him is trying to catch up, but things are just not going her way. However, we believe that the performance on Christmas morning will be amazing! Together they will show us an unforgettable performance."


"Adorable Rat VS The Escalator"

"This adorable rat is on a mission - a mission to defeat the escalator. nnAnd he isn't the only one for sure. All of us have at least once in our life tried to climb up the escalator going in the different direction. It may look funny to people on the right escalator but for us, it was always so much fun! This cutie is trying to do the same thing! What do you think, who will win? Will it be the courageous rat or the escalator? nnEven though he's not having much luck climbing up the escalator, he is not giving up! Rats are amazing climbers and their tails give them a great sense of balance. But, apparently, that does not apply in this case. nnBut, the most important thing is that he is not giving up! Maybe one of these days will be his lucky one. Either way, he is super adorable and we wish him the best of luck!"

Published: February 23, 2018434 views

"A Boy Doesn't Want Money from the Tooth Fairy"

"Losing a tooth can be a pretty unpleasant experience when you're just a little child, and therefore people have invented the Tooth Fairy to make things better. So, when children lose one of their baby teeth they are told to leave it underneath their pillow before they go to bed, and the Tooth Fairy will visit them during the night while they sleep, and she will replace the lost tooth with a small amount of money as a reward. That sounds like a good bargain, doesn't it? Well, not to everyone! A cute boy in this video seems to disagree with this offer. Instead of being excited about Tooth Fairy's visit he gets pretty upset and starts crying! His mom tries to make him feel better and tells him the story of the Tooth Fairy, but he doesn't like it, not because he thinks Tooth Fairy doesn't exist, but because he doesn't like money!"


"A Cat's Guide To Hide And Seek"

"We don't know who this cat is playing with, but she is definitely winning at hide and seek! nnA childish play we all love to play even today is this adorable cat's specialty! It was always a problem to find a good hiding spot, or if you found it once, next time everyone will know where you are. But, this cat is raising the bar! Not only did she find the perfect hiding place, but she is also on the constant move so nobody could find her! A clever little cutie. nnBut, even when they are not playing hide and seek, cats still like to hide under a bed or carpet. They do this out of different reasons. Some may be curiosity, comfort or even boredom in some cases. If you have a cat you know what we're talking about! Not so rarely do we see an adorable pair of paws sticking out from under a chair or similar places."


"A Man Talks to A Tot Girl in A Restaurant"

"If you ever wondered how a "serious" conversation between an adult person and a tot might look like, here is your chance to find out. Just check out this video and get ready to be if not totally amazed then surely amused by this adorable tot girl and her interlocutor. So, here they are, sitting in a restaurant together having a conversation. First, the girl says something with her rapid-fire babbling and 'words' that come out of her mouth, of course, mean nothing, but this funny man takes the challenge of improvising the whole dialogue. He even asks her questions and pretending to get her point. But, what makes this video even funnier is this baby girl's wild hand gestures and brilliant facial expressions! She is so into this conversation and so passionate about it that we could easily imagine her being a brilliant lawyer in a couple of decades!"


"Baby Boy Makes Faces When He Hears a New Sound"

"Discovering some new sounds might be a bit confusing for a baby, but it's also very exciting. Just take a look at the baby boy in this video and his facial expressions when he hears a completely new sound for the first time. It seems that his mom has decided to try out the "brrrrr sound" game and it turns out that it's much more amusing for her baby son than she has expected. Each time she says "brrrrr" her baby boy makes this hilarious face and opens his eyes as wide as possible! He gets a bit confused at first, but then when he realizes it's just his mommy making silly sounds, he gives her the cutest smile in the world. Just look how much fun the two of them are having with such a simple sound game! It just proves that toys are not always necessary for a baby or a tot to be amused and happy. The quality time with a mom or a dad means much more than anything else!"

Published: February 23, 201814 views

"Tot Boy Learns the Difference Between Lemons and Oranges"

"There's an old saying that goes - "Don't mix apples and oranges," but what about lemons and oranges? Well, this adorable tot boy in our video is yet to learn the difference, but it's not as simple as one (adult) might think. They look similar and both smell citrusy which obviously confuses this cute tot, but he's not giving up and neither his mom. So, when this baby boy picks up orange in the kitchen and calls it a lemon, and his mom tells him it's an orange and he says "orange." Then he picks up a lemon and calls it orange, and his mom tells him that's a lemon, and he says "lemon." He continues to pick up more lemons and oranges and every time confuses what they are, but at the end, he finally gets it right. Good job, boy! Let's bring another member of the citrus family into this game - how about grapefruit?"

Real Life Lazy River In Los Angeles1m14s

Real Life Lazy River In Los Angeles

It doesn't rain often in Los Angeles but when it does, we get creative, make a real life lazy river and record it (of course!). A man rides a giant inflatable duck with sunglasses down a flooded Los Angeles street. He is chilling out and super relaxed while slowly cruising down this real-life lazy river. I mean seriously, this guy is in his swim trunks, wearing sunglasses and loving life... how can you not be jealous of this guy? This is the perfect way to take advantage of a rainy day if you ask me.

Published: February 22, 2018

"Baby Bird Loves Laser Pointer"

"Laser pointers sure are fun! And this adorable little bird definitely agrees with us. nnWe usually see many videos of adorable cats chasing laser pointers and they are extremely funny! But, rarely do we get a chance to see a little baby bird who is obsessed with laser pointers. That makes this video a lot more interesting! nnThe little bird was minding her business and looking around the room when suddenly, the light appeared. From that point on, the bird was mesmerized by it. She did not look anywhere else but was only following the laser. How adorable! nnAs the man pointing the laser started moving it faster, the adorable bird kept moving her head faster. She wasn't going to miss a second of that mesmerizing light. But who could blame her? We all do this even today. When we see a laser pointer we are mesmerized! Even though we know what it is, it never ceases to amaze us."