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Cyborg meets my crew 1m17s

Cyborg meets my crew

Cyborg has been with us for a few days now and he has been on strict crate rest with the bad infection, mange, and emaciation. He has turn the corner though, he’s all about exploring making friends and being a normal puppy

Teen titan ladies cuddle session 2m47s

Teen titan ladies cuddle session

GINX, StarFire, Raven are all developing quite nicely. They are playful, rambunctious, and relatively healthy. Raven still has an issue with her eye but she has a vet appointment scheduled to check that out

This boy meets the teen titan girls 1m10s

This boy meets the teen titan girls

This boy meets the teen titan girls. This is their first time meeting. I wanted to make sure that I could intervene if needed because he’s boy can get rambunctious sometimes, which might lead to an inadvertent injury.

Cyborg the other mange boy. 3m06s

Cyborg the other mange boy.

There’s nothing better than when this dog smiles at me when he knows I’m about to come hang out with them for a little bit. Yes come so far in just four days it makes me so happy. And he starting to trust me which is a big step because if you look back to four days ago he did not trust me at all I was afraid that I was gonna hurt him

Robin, mange boy. 2m02s

Robin, mange boy.

I always try to make a Mange babies as comfortable as possible. I feel like the secondary infections cause extreme discomfort so I tried to get soft blankets towels and said that nature in the kennel said that they had some comfort today I’ll have to be on a hard surface and what not

Raven, Starfire, and Jinx 1m09s

Raven, Starfire, and Jinx

Little Raven, the one on the cushion, is trying so hard to get the other big dogs to play with her. I’m no more good when she does the little hall ways. I love watching these little girls grow

Robin, one of the mange boys 1m18s

Robin, one of the mange boys

This is Robin, teen Titans go thing. He has a pretty bad case of mange but his brother though is on board it was given to him last night so we should see a rapid improvement as the lights that caused the means in the first place are obliterated by the floral liner which is the active ingredient and bring back though.

Loving Dog Plays With Puppies From Outside The Cage2m11s

Loving Dog Plays With Puppies From Outside The Cage

Who doesn’t love watching a nice cute video involving dogs? Dogs are one of the most popular household pets in the world and for obvious reasons. These animals are very cute and very loyal to humans, they act best friends to many people and provide a sense of security. They are some of the friendliest pets you can have and most of them are very playful and energetic! Many videos of dogs being funny, cute, playful, energetic, smart, and loyal are all over the Internet This is definitely a must see video for all you dog lovers and even if you want to see a cute and sweet video! Some dogs do not like the arrival of a new dog or dogs in the house. Maybe they feel as if they are being replaced. Dogs are very loyal animals so having someone new step into the owner’s life can take some time to get used to. This is often why strangers are barked at until they become familiar to the dog! The dog in this video doesn’t seem to have this problem. In fact, this dog looks like it can’t wait to play with its new friends. The family has a boxer dog and recently added 3 new puppies The three puppies in question are StarFire, Jinx, and Raven. They are caged off in their little area while the older dog is patiently waiting for them outside their area. The three puppies were apparently added to their home at different times but they are still secluded from the other dog. It must be going crazy waiting for its new friends! You can tell the other dog is excited because it is jumping around outside the cage and trying to smell them through it. It is constantly nudging the cages to get the puppies’ attention and is trying to fit its mouth between the grates! That's why dogs are some of the best pets, they love companionship. This dog behaves like an anxious older sibling waiting to see its new little brother or sister! Dogs’ interactions remind us so much of human interactions! The older dog probably sees its new buddies playing around and wrestling in there and can’t wait to join in on the fun. The three puppies are so cute as they still have balance issues and are stumbling everywhere. These puppies offer some truly adorable moments and one of them even gets nose to nose with the bigger dog as they sniff each other and get to know each other a little bit. They will probably be best friends in no time! The dog is even pulling the puppies’ blankets through the grates, probably hoping that if it pulls the blanket out maybe the puppies will come with it! These dogs will form one happy family and they will definitely be wrestling and playing with each other in no time. Hopefully the bigger dog has some patience left and can wait for the cage to be lifted!

Jubilee and Abby 43s

Jubilee and Abby

These two have become inseperable since Jubilee has started to feel better. I just let them out in the morning and they run each other ragged! Perfect!

Foster Pit bull with Mange chewing on a toy 50s

Foster Pit bull with Mange chewing on a toy

Adorable foster pitbull puppy, Jubilee, came to us with Mange about a week ago. To learn more about her and mange, check out http://www.4dogsandalittlelady.com/demodex-what-is-it-and-how-to-treat-it/ For more videos of Jubilee(and the rest of our many fosters) check out our channel, youtube.com/c/4dogsandalittlelady