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Eerie deserted village in Ireland filmed from drone2m16s

Eerie deserted village in Ireland filmed from drone

Close by Dugort, at the base of Slievemore mountain (671 metres) in the Republic of Ireland, lies the Deserted Village. The village is divided into three areas called Tuar, Tuar Riabach and Faiche. There are approximately 100 houses in the village, aligned north-south and parallel to each other. The atmosphere of the Deserted Village is unique; it's remoteness; a feeling of almost intruding on those who lived there. The houses were built of un-mortared stone, which means that no cement or mortar was used to hold the stones together. Each house consisted of just one room and this room was used as kitchen, living room, bedroom and even stable. The doorways were east-facing, while one small window was built in the north-east wall. While one or two houses may have had a small stable built on to the end of the house, most families had to share their house with cows and other livestock, who would be brought into the house at night and tied at southern end. The tethering rings can still be seen in the walls. The most of the houses had opposing doorways to facilitate families on their daily task of milking cows. The cow was taken in one door, milked, and then taken out through the opposing door. Inside many houses, a shallow channel or drain in the floor led into a manure pit outside the building. This feature along with the opposing doorways suggests an earlier building phase. According to archaeologists the field systems and the lazy beds found in this area indicate several occupation phases. Also some remains suggest there was a settlement here during the Anglo-Norman period. The village was gradually abandoned because of the many evictions for non-payment of rent during Sr Richard O’Donnell’s tenure, the 1845-49 famines and the emigration throughout the successive years. Until 1940s the village was used as a booley in summertime.

Drone footage shows stingrays hunting on Grand Cayman Island1m25s

Drone footage shows stingrays hunting on Grand Cayman Island

Rum Point is on Grand Cayman Island which is one of three small islands in the Caribbean. These islands are part of the British West Indies. Grand Cayman Island is approximately 22 miles (35 km) long with its widest point being 8 miles (13 km) wide. The elevation ranges from sea level at the beaches to 60 feet (18 m) above sea level on the North Side. Rum Point gave Brent, the mavic pro drone pilot and videographer, the perfect setting to catch an amazing sunset and capture two stingrays hunting in the shallow waters. The very warm, shallow waters at Rum Point attract many vacationers and locals to enjoy some activities for the day. Also being a scuba diver and generally avid water nut, Brent takes any opportunity to capture sea life in it’s natural habitat whether he is above or below the waves. The southern stingray seen here hunting has a flat, diamond-shaped disc, with a mud brown, olive, and grey dorsal surface and white underbelly. The barb on its tail is serrated and covered in a venomous mucous, used for self-defense. With such great interaction here, many of these local rays have come to be very friendly and interactive with visitors. The stingrays eat mainly small fishworms and crustaceans which is why they cruise the sea bed and sandy floor looking for a meal. Larger rays, with the incredible amount of suction they are capable of creating for gathering food, can even suck a conch snail right out of it’s shell. The people you see within these waters are completely safe around these stingrays.

Massive Rockfall  Peels Off Mountain Face Leaving People In Awe40s

Massive Rockfall Peels Off Mountain Face Leaving People In Awe

Ralf Dujmovits, Salomé von Rotz and Nancy Hansen were climbing the Cassin Route on Piz Badile in Switzerland's Bergell Range when they captured this incredible moment. The unstable north wall of neighboring peak Piz Cengalo was spitting large blocks of rock all morning. In early afternoon, the mountain let go of a huge amount of granite, as seen in this video. But they knew it still wasn't the big event the Swiss geologists and engineers were expecting - that happened two days later. An estimated four million cubic meters of rock came down, causing several deaths, chaos and evacuations of huts and villages. Blocks of rock as big as an apartment building suddenly peel off the mountain face. As the cascade of rock tears down the mountain, it throws a serpentine cloud of dust into the air. And it falls with a loud thud, the sound can be compared to serac falls and avalanches. This rockfall resonates so much throughout the mountain that we can only assume how destructive it has been. Rockfalls are fascinating, powerful, complicated, and dangerous, so learning something about them can be useful. There are many causes that make up a smaller portion of rockfalls, including earthquakes, snowmelt, freeze-thaw cycles, and lightning. Still, for 26 percent of falls documented, the geologists can’t identify a cause (although the current thinking is that heat may be at work for some of these). It might be possible to predict rockfalls someday, but not for a long time. In the meantime, it is believed that a promising route is to look at thermal maps of rock faces. Warm air can surround both sides of a detached flake and heat it up faster than the rest of the cliff. These hot areas on the cliff could be the most likely to rip off next.

Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge2m03s

Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge

Drone pilot took their equipment to Greece and captured this stunning footage of the Greek islands. The camera captures the beauty of the ocean, in all its power and majesty. Luckily, the drone captured some footage of a the islands sinking and emerging, which bring additional beauty to the video. This pilot knew exactly where to go and capture the magnificent sights of these two beautiful islands. Guess what, they have managed to capture an amazing experience of these two islands sinking under water and then emerging as the video goes on. This video is definitely one of the most beautiful experiences nature has to offer. This drone footage captures a pair of islands that have the ability to sink and re-surface, depending on the water movement in the Straits of Chalkida. Simply put, in the morning they are there, in the afternoon they disappear! It is a place of exceptional beauty, a turquoise paradise, which is just 1 hour from Athens just outside the city of Eretria. If you are on the fence on what your next travel destination should be, this video is a must see, as it will definitely make the choice a whole bunch easier. One of the most spectacular views and a destination to put on your wish list as far as traveling goes. You will definitely be surprised of how beautiful nature can really be. Don't be shy and go ahead and take a look. You will not regret it! Enjoy the flight!

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Bizarrely beautiful sunset in Puerto Rico19s

Bizarrely beautiful sunset in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria things have been very different in Puerto Rico, even in the sky. This footage was captured traveling westbound on Highway 2 of the sun setting, but only in a very specific place in the sky. There are clearly delineated lines in the sky indicating something is preventing the sun from setting over the entire sky. However, there are no visible obstacles present.

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Drone Captures Destitute And Abandoned Russian Village2m04s

Drone Captures Destitute And Abandoned Russian Village

Thousands of abandoned villages are scattered across northern Russia. Many have become uninhabited due to a lack of infrastructure and jobs. Poor quality roads make some regions unreachable, so people have to save food for weeks ahead, especially in early spring when the frozen rivers begin to melt and before ferries are operational. Although rapid urbanisation and industrial farming depopulate rural areas from China to Canada, the situation in Russia is especially catastrophic. Almost 36,000 villages, or one in four, have 10 residents or fewer. Another 20,000 are abandoned, according to Russia's latest nationwide census conducted in 2010. The construction of this village in the Moscow region was almost complete when it suddenly became abandoned. There were rumors of radiation here, but the real reason could be much worse. This ghost village will make you feel like a time traveller: old and ruined houses, and narrow streets are part of the everyday. They say that villages are the soul of a country and the people, and if that a village dies, then the whole country dies. It is very difficult no to agree with this statement. After all, this village is really the cradle of Russian culture and traditions, the Russian spirit and the Russian poetry. Unfortunately, leaving village life is not something that is uncommon in Russia today. More than often, people abandon villages because modern Russians show an increase in preference of urban way of life, breaking away from their roots. And in the meantime villages become degraded and they only appear on the map of Russia. There are thousands of photos with lonely villages which amaze us with their despondency and longing.

Massive Avalanche Leaves Tourists Dumbfounded2m25s

Massive Avalanche Leaves Tourists Dumbfounded

Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile’s Patagonia region, is known for its soaring mountains. Dramatic footage has emerged from Chile of two tourists having a very close call with a massive avalanche in the mountains. The video, captured by one of the tourists, shows the avalanche that charges through the valley and races down the mountainside. The avalanche starts suddenly and quickly unveils right in front of these people! It comes faster than God on a skateboard. One minute the slopes are pristine and the next they're moving. In seconds the powder is all over the mountain kissing it coldly. In another moment the weight of the snow is so heavy and the forward momentum is no longer under control. The light is gone. A minute ago there was a beautiful sunshine which can be now seen on the other side of the mountain. There is a sound mightier than thunder, a cracking, a warning of the violence to come. The accompanying noise with which the avalanche trickles down is deafening. In moments, it is tumbling in white, cold, then darkness and still more noise. Then everything stopped, not slowly, but suddenly. It is like being set in concrete. This is not the soft snow of making angels in the yard, this is more like the snow is being buried in earth. There are various kinds of avalanches, including rock avalanches, ice avalanches, and debris avalanches and snow avalanches constitute a relatively common phenomenon in many mountainous areas. The size of a snow avalanche can range from a small shifting of loose snow (called sluffing) to the displacement of enormous slabs of snow.

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Drone footage captures acres of gorgeous blooming tulips1m06s

Drone footage captures acres of gorgeous blooming tulips

On a gorgeous April morning, Brent and Elsa woke up long before the crack of dawn to venture out into the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada to capture some beautiful morning sights. This drone footage captures an incredible sunrise over the Coastal Mountain range with acres and acres of amazing tulips nearing full bloom. So cool!

 This Market In Bangkok Is Set Up Right On Active Train Tracks4m28s

This Market In Bangkok Is Set Up Right On Active Train Tracks

The famous Mae Klong outdoor train market in Bangkok, Thailand is the perfect place to sell meat and produce if you don't want to pay any rent! Check out what happens when a train comes through! It is just another day at the Mae Klong market. The fresh produce is out, the stalls are all stacked to the brim and people are stopping by to pick up what they require for their kitchens. But then, in the distance a train horn can be heard. It sounds very far away, but the vendors are already busy at pushing their stalls inwards towards the walls. Like ants, each merchant gets out in between the stalls and stowes them away. When the produce is cleared we get to see just how close the train tracks are. Finally, they pull the fabric awnings inward towards the shops and the only thing left are a few shallow crates on the ground near the tracks. The camera pans out to show the train passing through the marketplace, ever so slowly. You think to yourself “No, the fruit! The veggies! The train will trample them and squash them all over, why aren’t they moving?” But as it happens, these merchants are already experienced with the art of stacking their items tall enough so as not to allow the train to damage them. This train passes through the market eight times every day. The vendors have to quickly gather up their produce and move it away to let the train pass and just like that, within seconds they are back in their original positions, trading as if nothing has happened!

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 Watch As Strokkur Geyser In Iceland Erupts44s

Watch As Strokkur Geyser In Iceland Erupts

Strokkur (Icelandic for "churn") is one of the most famous hot springs in Iceland and belongs to the famous Golden Circle. It is a fountain geyser in the Geyser geothermal area in the southwest part of the country, east of Reykjavik. Strokkur is a powerful hot spring and an impressive sight. It erupts about every 4–8 minutes and spouts water to a height of 15 - 20 m, sometimes up to 40 m. “When we started our Golden Circle tour, we had no idea that Strokkur was an erupting geyser. We heard that the most famous one – Geyser stopped erupting after an earthquake, but when we came there we were caught totally off guard. This video is taken at the third eruption we witnessed, when we knew which side to stay on, since some of the people got drenched in the foul smelling vapors of the geyser. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience!" - say some of the bystanders. The geyser is a bit of a teaser, sometimes spurting a small one, then a few minutes later a huge one. The area gets usually quite busy but here we can see that there are plenty of space for people to spread out and watch the eruptions. You won't get tired of watching this particularly active geyser. With free entry, unobtrusive safety barriers and plenty of space to watch, every eruption is spectacular and gets a great reaction from the crowd. If you don't want to get soaked, make sure you stand upwind of the geyser. You may feel less than impressed, if you happen to stand downwind because you will get completely soaked from the water.

Drone Captures Stunning Cherry Blossom Trees In Netherlands1m38s

Drone Captures Stunning Cherry Blossom Trees In Netherlands

A stunning drone footage has emerged capturing the magical sight of thousands of cherry blossoms in the Netherlands. A DJI Mavic Pro captures these magnificent cherry blossom in the city of Almere, and the sight is simply amazing! Spring is here! Drone footage has captured pretty cherry blossoms in bloom in this captivating video. Watch as tens of thousands of cherry blossom tell the story of what is Almere like in spring! Simply beautiful! Reportedly, these trees came into full bloom earlier because of the warmer weather. The pure sight of witnessing this beautiful cherry blossoms, filmed both from side and from above is truly breathtaking! Share this lovely moment with as many people as you possibly can before these flowers are gone. What a magical experience! This sight is absolutely stunning! A pink sea of blooming cherry blossoms is attracting waves of tourists to the Netherlands.The famous trees blossom flaunts the magical full bloom, much to our amazement. Captured in all their divinity, these blossomed trees make for the picture-perfect moment! Numerous tourists come to the Netherlands during spring just to witness this flower phenomenon! Enjoy the drone flight over this never ending orchard of cherry blossoms that looks like it was hand-painted by an artist, resembling an untouched paradise. These stunning and beautiful cherry trees blooming in the Netherlands are magnificently filmed from above using a DJI drone. Seeing these sights in person is definitely something you need to add to your bucket list immediately!

Misty morning Florida canal flyover 4K drone footage1m02s

Misty morning Florida canal flyover 4K drone footage

This video captures a gorgeous misty morning in central Florida flying over a local canal. The sun cast a beautiful golden hue over the trees as the early morning mist was getting burned off by the strong Floridian sun. This video was captured with a DJI Mavic Air.

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Florida wilderness flyover 4K drone footage51s

Florida wilderness flyover 4K drone footage

This is a 4K drone video flyover of a central Florida waterway and wilderness. This video captures the stunning Floridian landscape, including a beautiful sky with clouds reflected in the water.

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Stunning wintry 4K footage in Slovenian national park1m02s

Stunning wintry 4K footage in Slovenian national park

There is a steep footpath through the deep, crisp, unspoiled snow to reach the Slovenian waterfall. This winter wonderland proves a little challenging at times, but well worth the reward of the thunderous fall and fabulous falling icicles. Slap Pericnik is a two-stepped waterfall within the glacial Vrata Valley, Triglav National Park, Slovenia. In winter months both waterfalls freeze completely and the water droplets sprayed against the rock face form incredible, glacier blue stalactites and stalagmites.

A Spectacular Drone Footage Of  An Ice Phenomenon In The Netherlands1m16s

A Spectacular Drone Footage Of An Ice Phenomenon In The Netherlands

Have you ever thought about visiting The Netherlands and seeing all its natural beauties? Well if you haven’t thought of it here are some beautiful facts and inspiration about The Netherlands that will make you buy a plane ticket right at this moment! When you think about The Netherlands the first thing that comes to your mind in Amsterdam. We know, don’t act innocent! But The Netherlands has a lot of breathtaking places that will make you want to move there. Here is one favorite place of ours: The biggest lake Ijsselmeer. Ijsselmeer, shallow freshwater lake, northern and central Netherlands. It was formed from the southern part of the former Zuiderzee by the building of a dam separating the Ijsselmeer from both the Waddenzee (the northern part of the former Zuiderzee) and the North Sea. You can look this video of The Netherlands and how they are experiencing an incredible ice phenomenon in their biggest lake. It's getting warmer and all the ice sheets at the lake are starting to shove. It’s mesmerizing! Lake Ijsselmeer, Western Europe’s largest lake, is a beautiful place to spend a few days. You can skirt the perimeter by foot or bike and we recommend you do. It's very flat and incredibly peaceful. This lake in the Netherlands gives amazing opportunity to visit old fisher villages, enjoy the sun or fight your way through heavy winds. So, did you buy a ticket for The Netherlands?

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