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This Old Truck Is Turned Into A Guesthouse Unlike Any Other3m04s

This Old Truck Is Turned Into A Guesthouse Unlike Any Other

If you are into thrifting and love having a house on wheels, then this is the project for you! A Hungarian company by the name of Mòkus Valley took some of Hungary’s old Csepel trucks to create some remarkable lodgings! What was once a truck for industrial use has now been upgraded with a porch, a sleeping and dining area and a kitchen, for your guests’ - or your own! - personal pleasure. According to the company’s website, the Csepellina, as they call it, “is a nostalgic old truck that has been converted into a unique comfortable guesthouse. Situated next to a private pond with regular visits of kingfisher birds and grazing sheep. “You enter the house from a cozy private terrace with hammock, chairs and a pond and forest view. The interior is made of natural logs with an industrial detail. Comfortable bed with terrace/pond view, lounge seats, fully equipped kitchen, breakfast area, bathroom, toilet, wood-burning stove, wifi, etc. Don’t know about you, but we can definitely see ourselves having our morning coffee on the terrace, beneath the willow tree. It looks so whimsical and adventurous, both inside and outside. We imagine sipping on a glass of wine, while the wood cracks in the cozy! Talk about a transformation! The old Csepel truck was stripped and transformed into this beautiful home. The results are stunning, natural wood throughout, recycled materials and amazing attention to detail. Make this one of the most beautiful tiny homes we have seen.

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Check Out The Magical And Mysterious World Beneath The Waves In The Cayman Islands1m46s

Check Out The Magical And Mysterious World Beneath The Waves In The Cayman Islands

There is an underwater world of mystery and beauty that calls to the adventurous. Scuba divers put on tanks of air and slip below the waves sinking slowly to a magical world where there is near silence. It is a world of peace and tranquility, of violence and danger, where almost every moving creature has teeth. They may be the predator one second and fighting for their life the next. Few locations in the world are as beautiful as the Cayman Islands. The water is crystal clear and strikingly blue. The majestic beasts that call this their home accept divers with curiosity...or they pass by with indifference. If divers are respectful, the animals will allow them close enough that they can almost touch them. They will eat in front of them if they remain still. The beauty underwater is indescribable. Divers swim among 500 year old corals and sea sponges that have far more right to be here than people do. They are guests in this domain and they are aware that improper behavior here will have consequences. The vivid colors of the fish and corals against the deep blue background are breath taking. The graceful movements of the creatures are mesmerizing and hypnotic. In comparison, the divers are clumsy and slow, but the weightlessness provides them with a freedom of movement that they can't experience on the surface. This sport is like an addiction for many and the euphoria experienced here is undeniable. The constantly changing scenery unfolds in front of them like an IMAX theater production. Sea turtles, rays, sharks, eels and countless fish swim around the divers constantly. The minutes pass all to quickly and after an hour, divers must return to the surface. Their air supply is exhausted and the buildup of nitrogen in their bodies makes it impossible to stay any longer. They will wait on the surface for an hour to clear the nitrogen so they can return to their paradise for another adventure. They feel and hear the call of the reef and they are powerless to ignore it.

Ghost village of Greece as seen by drone2m33s

Ghost village of Greece as seen by drone

Undeveloped stone houses, old temples, remnants of another era that testify that once, this village was full of life. The old village of Plagia is located on the north-west side of Xiromeros, opposite Lefkada Island. Its inhabitants abandoned it after the 1966 earthquake and landslides, and relocated to the new Plagia village. The houses that you will see in the video below were similarly architectural with the houses in the villages of Lefkada. It is worth noting that such houses aren't met in the area, which makes us think that this particular village could be a model traditional settlement, very close to the sea. The area is characterized by its beautiful nature. Buds, figs and many almonds are scattered between the ruins.

Daredevil Scales Mt. Huashan, World's Most Dangerous Hiking Trail27s

Daredevil Scales Mt. Huashan, World's Most Dangerous Hiking Trail

This is the stomach churning video featuring what it feels like to scale Huashan, one of China's five Great Mountains, which has a long history of cultural and religious significance. Don’t look down as this daredevil adventurer scale the dangerous Chinese mountain trail! A group of people hiked about five hours to reach the plank road and walk along the mountain at over 7000 ft of height, on pieces of wood nailed to the side of the mountain. Footage shows one daring traveller balancing precariously on a three-foot-long wooden plank, pretending to step off the path, dangling a foot above the drop. The bold hiker films himself leaning over the edge of the plank, tethered to side of the mountain only by the slim harness which is clipped to the thin wire that runs down the side of the mountain. That is crazy! The trail includes steel rod ladders, toeholds carved out of the cliff and the narrow wooden plank walks. It is very dangerous as there are nothing but planks to walk on and a rail of chains to hold on to. A slim harness keeps walkers from falling but there is no one to ensure that walkers wear their safety gear. The 7066 ft tall Mount Huashan is considered to be one of the five sacred mountains in China, and locals call it the “most precipitous mountain under heaven”. Impossible pathways have been carved all over the crags, and it is this place that has caught the imagination of adventurers everywhere. Mt. Huashan has been a place of religious importance after the Daoist temple was established at its base. Since then, pilgrims, monks and nuns have inhabited the mountain and the surrounding area. A network of dangerous and precipitous trails allows them to access the mountain’s five summits, each of which has a religious structure like the tea house on the southern summit. Together, these five summits form the points of a flower shape. In addition, the paths have been reinforced due to a recent influx of tourists, but they are nonetheless dangerous, and carry a reputation for fatal falls. Although no official statistics are kept, some say that the number may be as much as about 100 fatal falls a year.

There's a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan and it's quite disturbing1m12s

There's a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan and it's quite disturbing

Would you eat dinner sitting on the toilet? Ever dreamed of drinking from a urinal or sipping a hot chocolate from a toilet shaped mug? You can do this and more at the quirky Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan's vibrant capital city. The menu here is anything but subtle - with some seriously questionable items to choose from. All food is toilet themed and comes out shaped like scarily real turns, be it the bread, the ice-cream or the meatballs with a very disturbing yellow sauce for extra measure! Would you eat here?

Drone footage captures incredible 3m24s

Drone footage captures incredible "blue lake" of Greece

Enjoy a flight over a place that looks like it was hand-painted by an artist. On the fringes of Greece, where one gazes at Turkey in a short distance, is this terrestrial, untouched paradise of Kassonisi of Samos. Access is possible either by boat or by a difficult path, but the effort is definitely worth it!

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Drone captures secret sailor's paradise cove in Greece2m29s

Drone captures secret sailor's paradise cove in Greece

Enjoy an enchanting flight over the unknown paradise of Aitoloakarnania, Vathyavali in Greece. The waters are blue-green and reminiscent of an exotic beach. It is a safe anchorage and for this it is a paradise for many sailors who find shelter with their luxurious boats from bad weather.

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Slauerhoff Bridge In The Netherlands Is Not Your Everyday Bridge 6m36s

Slauerhoff Bridge In The Netherlands Is Not Your Everyday Bridge

The Slauerhoffbrug (or Slauerhoff Bridge) is a fully automatic bascule bridge in the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, sometimes called a “tail bridge”. Also affectionately called the “Flying Drawbridge”, it uses two arms to swing a section of road in and out of place within the road, in order to allow water traffic to quickly pass, while stalling the road and bike traffic briefly. Named after the writer and poet J. Slauerhoff, the underside of the Flying Drawbridge is painted in the colors of the coat of arms and flag of Leeuwarden: blue and yellow. The Netherlands have loads of canals, which of course means loads of bridges. Each location has a different situation about it, which requires an innovative design to be implemented. Drawbridges have always been interesting to designers and they always look for new ways to get the bikes, cars and boats to cross safely, without interfering with each other. The Slauerhoff bridge was designed and built by a company called Van Driel Mechatronica in 2000 over the Harlinger Vaart River. Seeing how the Netherlands have very frequent traffic on the water, the bridge is raised and lowered around 10 times a day. There has to be some serious engineering going on, to have that huge piece of road to hang about the ground like that, but we have to admit, it still looks brilliant!

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Spectacular New Year's Eve Aurora display in Alaska3m06s

Spectacular New Year's Eve Aurora display in Alaska

Winter in Alaska is a magical time, and one of the things that makes it most magical are the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis. In Alaska, the aurora is only seen from August until April, because there is too much daylight to see it during the summer months. But during the long, cold, and dark winters, there are guarantees of marvelous displays nearly every night of the week. As long as the weather is cooperative, those closest to the Arctic Circle stand the best chance of seeing it. The reason being helps to explain the science behind the aurora. Our sun is a giant ball of fire, which is very active with constant explosions of energy that send particles out into space. Headed in all directions, including toward earth, these particles are electrically charged. As these charged particles travel past, they are drawn to earth&'s magnetic poles. They form a ring of waving color at both the north and south poles of the earth, so those closest to the poles are more likely to see it. In the northern hemisphere, they are called Aurora Borealis. In the southern hemisphere, they are called Aurora Australis. The wonderful colors "dance" as the electrically charged particles are excited by the magnetic energy of the earth. It's sort of like a water droplet dancing on hot oil in a pan. Sometimes there will be 'green rainbows', which are bands of green which arc across the sky and appear not to move. Other times, when the particles are more excited, the ribbon whips and moves something like water flowing over rocks in a stream, or like the tail of a kite in the wind. It is no wonder people throughout history have described these displays as magical. Alaskans are very fortunate to see aurora more frequently than many others in the world, and yet it still holds an excitement and appeal for even those who have witnessed them many times. There are over 6,000 images in this video display, which were taken on a very windy New Year's Eve in 2015 outside Delta Junction, Alaska. You will see trees dart back and forth while the aurora moves above them. Sit back and enjoy the wonder and magic of the Aurora Borealis, as it ushers in a new year!

Drone flight captures paragliding above majestic Wild Carpathia57s

Drone flight captures paragliding above majestic Wild Carpathia

The Carpathian Mountains form a 1,500km-long range in Central and Eastern Europe. They stretch west to east in an arc from the Czech Republic to Romania. The Tatra range between Slovakia and Poland is a national park and has several peaks above 2,400 meters. Check it out as this dude paraglides from one of the peaks in movie-like fashion!

Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Captures Hikers Under The Milky Way Galaxy1m32s

Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Captures Hikers Under The Milky Way Galaxy

Watch this amazing time-lapse video composed of several hundred images showing the Milky Way Galaxy rising behind Mt. Rainier. As it zooms in, you can see the headlamps of the hikers as they ascend up Mt. Rainier in the middle of the night, under the stars. When put all together the images make one mesmerizing time-lapse video. This time-lapse was photographed in August of 2017 from around 11pm till 2am by photographer Mike Ver Sprill a.k.a. Milky Way Mike, taken during a New Moon when the sky is usually the darkest. When put all together the images make one mesmerizing time-lapse video. A local photographer captured a breathtaking view of the Milky Way galaxy descending behind Mount Rainier in the early hours. Watch the gorgeous, mash-up of earth, sky and stars and be amazed! Mount Rainier is the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, and the highest mountain in the U.S. state of Washington. It is a large active stratovolcano located 54 miles (87 km) south-southeast of Seattle, in the Mount Rainier National Park. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, with a summit elevation of 14,411 ft (4,392 m). Shooting stars are visible streaking across the dark sky, but what about those glowing lights on the mountain itself? They are mountain climbers, using their flash lights as they move up on the mountain in order to see and photograph the Milky Way over Mount Rainier. Milky Way and Mount Rainier go perfectly together! In order to get a photo of the Milky Way over Mount Rainier you need to be in the right spot at the right time of year. The spot seen in the photographs is a great spot in that it isn't too far of a hike and provides an unobstructed view of the mountain and the milky way. Be sure to check weather conditions as there needs to be a clear sky in order to see the stars. As far as time of year, the Milky Way is best seen in the summer months, but late spring or early fall will work as well.

Drone captures exotic hidden beach at Greek border2m17s

Drone captures exotic hidden beach at Greek border

Enjoy an enchanting flight over an exotic corner on the edge of Greece, at Livadaki Beach Samos. The beach is located in an enclosed bay, which on both its right and left sides is enclosed by rocks, creating a long sea lane. How cool is that?

Published: December 10, 2017
Incredible power of Tropical Storm Nate changes Kittiwake wreck forever1m50s

Incredible power of Tropical Storm Nate changes Kittiwake wreck forever

The USS Kittiwake is one of the best-known wreck dives in the Caribbean, if not the world. Its convenient location, just off Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, and shallow depths make it a popular site among scuba divers as well as snorkelers and freedivers. Brent and Elsa pictured in this video traveled to Grand Cayman in 2017 for a dive vacation and enjoyed diving the then upright wreck. The USS Kittiwake is a Chanticleer-class submarine rescue ship that served as an Auxiliary Submarine Rescue vessel (ASR-13) with the 6th Submarine Squadron. On January 5, 2011 - a decade after the Cayman Island Tourism Association first dreamed of adding a new wreck - the Kittiwake finally sank upright beneath the waves off the coast of Grand Cayman and a new artificial reef was born. When Tropical Storm Nate hit Grand Cayman October 6,2017, the Kittiwake wreck would be changed forever. On October 9, divers discovered that the wreck had been toppled on its port side. After extensive inspections of near by reefs as well as the integrity of the wreck, it was once again opened to recreational divers. Some may have thought this incident would ruin the artificial reef for divers, but many see it as a completely new wreck.

Sled Dog Team Rests Under Explosion of Northern Lights1m39s

Sled Dog Team Rests Under Explosion of Northern Lights

In the early hours of February 17, 2016, musher Laura Neese entered the Braeburn, Yukon checkpoint during the Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race. She then set about the task of caring for her team under a spectacular display of northern lights, or aurora. The Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race is a 1,000 mile race which spans northern areas of Alaska and Canada's Yukon Territory. On even years, as in 2016, the race starts in Fairbanks, Alaska and heads east into Canada. Mushers race by dog team from checkpoint to checkpoint, stopping to rest, care for their animals, and care for themselves and their equipment. Sometimes the teams stop at designated checkpoints - other times, they will pull off the trail and find a good spot to take a break. At designated checkpoints such as Braeburn, mushers will "check in" with a checker who logs their time, and also makes sure they have all their required equipment. This required equipment includes survival gear such as an ax and arctic sleeping bag for the musher. For the dogs, they are required to have booties for each member of the dog team, and enough food in case they have to stop and camp somewhere other than a checkpoint. After this check in, the mushers parks their team, lays out straw for each of the dogs for a nice warm bed, then begins cooking a hot meal for the dogs. While the dogs are resting, the musher and a veterinarian go about the task of checking each dog to make sure it is healthy and well. The musher will rub joints and apply cream to feet to keep them healthy. The veterinarian will ensure the team is well, and note this in a log book which must be kept with the musher at all times. This ensures that veterinarians at each checkpoint see the condition of the animals, and spot any problems. In this video, you will see all of this. You will see the musher, Laura Neese (in dark clothing), caring for her team. The persons in red and blue are part of the veterinarian team, checking the log book and the dogs. You can see the cooker in the foreground, fire blazing as she is preparing a hot meal for her dogs who are resting on their straw beds. It was a very cold night, about -30F below zero. Just before Laura and her team arrived at the checkpoint, there was a faint aurora display. Almost on queue as she was settling them in for their rest, the sky exploded with movement and color. Braeburn, Yukon is on the remote Klondike Highway, just south of the arctic circle and often receives spectacular aurora displays. The light you see in the center of the sky is actually the moon, rising up as the display raged on for several hours. What an amazing display of nature's beauty!

Magnificent Drone Footage Of 'Golden Beach' In Kyllini, Greece3m24s

Magnificent Drone Footage Of 'Golden Beach' In Kyllini, Greece

It's no wonder that Greece is the number one destination for tourists of all ages and financial backgrounds. This country can boast with six thousand (yes, you read that right) islands, of which only more than 200 are inhabited. Its coastline is also full of tourist destinations, enchanting the visitors with the turquoise sea and white sandy beaches. Tourism is also very important (if not pivotal) part of the country's economy. Kyllini is a small port town in the western part of Greece, situated on the Ionian Sea coast. This place is also very popular with tourists, and if you wonder why, then just watch the video and everything will be clear as day. The most famous "Golden Beach" looks amazing (from birds eye view but also from the ground), and the waters look very welcoming for swimming and other water activities. This is the perfect way to warm yourself up in the cold winter days, and if you can't go there, then at least you can enjoy this majestic drone footage. It captures the beauty of this Greek tourist destination perfectly! Maybe if you go there you can spot a famous actor or athlete enjoying the good weather on the beach, as Greece is known to attract many members of the elite around the world. Time to add this place to your bucket list! Check out this majestic beach in this awesome drone footage! Astounding!

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