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See why tiny San Pedro is a world famous destination1m20s

See why tiny San Pedro is a world famous destination

Madonna sang about the tiny town of San Pedro, Belize in 1987. She was touched by its beauty and charm and she fell in love with the little island paradise. Decades later, the town has changed very little. There are no cars, except taxis. The people ride in golf carts, small motorcycles, and bicycles. There are few places as beautiful and as untouched by the rest of the world. The ocean, the island and the people make this a place that anyone could fall in love with.

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Spain's southern coast contains jaw-dropping beauty2m00s

Spain's southern coast contains jaw-dropping beauty

This adventurous couple spent some time travelling around Andalusia (southern coast of Spain). They visit Granada, home of the ancient Alhambra, a must-see attraction of Europe, let alone Spain. They then drove to Cordoba and walked over its exquisite Roman bridge, and visited the beautiful Mosque. Add this to your Bucket List!

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Breathtaking beauty of Spain's southern coast2m54s

Breathtaking beauty of Spain's southern coast

Starting in the delightfully vibrant Malaga, this couple spent 2 weeks travelling around as much of Andalusia, a large autonomous region of hills, rivers and farmland bordering Spain’s southern coast, as they could. They traveled to the breathtakingly romantic Ronda where they were blown away by its beauty and history. They then drove to Seville and treated their taste buds with Salmorejo and Jamon serrano, whilst visiting Catedral de Sevilla and many other characterful landmarks.

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Lihadonisia Islands are the 'Bahamas' of Greece4m13s

Lihadonisia Islands are the 'Bahamas' of Greece

Landscapes that seems painted, rare monachus seals, black stones of volcanic origin, a shipwreck from World War II and many, many stunning beaches make up the cluster of the Lihadonisia islands in North Evia, Greece. Enjoy the flight!

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Ultimate scuba diving compilation in Moalboal, Philippines4m26s

Ultimate scuba diving compilation in Moalboal, Philippines

These adventurers had the thrilling opportunity to spend six days exploring the waters of Moalboal in the Philippines. Some of these sights are utterly breathtaking. Adding this to my bucket list for sure!

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What to see and eat in Bangkok, Thailand6m56s

What to see and eat in Bangkok, Thailand

Subscribe Now: Welcome to Bangkok, the capital and largest city in Bangkok! This city has a population of over 8 million people and if you want to get a taste of Asia then this is the place to visit. This episode is all about sites you cant miss and dishes to try in Bangkok. First up is the Grand Palace of Bangkok. It dates back to 1782, it’s the number one visited site in all of Thailand. The complex houses the royal palace, government buildings and the temple of the emerald Buddha. Its important to dress appropriately, that means no shorts, sleeves tops and no tight pants. Next up is my favorite place to eat in Bangkok, Boat Noodle Alley. It was recommended to me back Mark Wiens of Migrationology the authority of Thai cuisine. Its located next to victory monument and its incredible! Each bowl cost .30c USD and they are delicious! Try to eat as many as you can, it’s a competition. Now let’s head to Chinatown! The Wat Trimitr temple houses the largest golden Buddha in the entire world. The Buddha measures 15 feet in height and is worth 28 million pounds and is made out of solid gold! Time to eat some Chinese food in Chinatown. If your looking for good Chinese food head to Yaowarat Road and go to a restaurant that doesn’t have air conditioning. It might be a little sticky but the food is better and the cost is half the price compared to a restaurant with air conditioning. Another must see is Wat Arun, which means Temple of the Dawn. It is the most famous temple in the city and it dominates the skyline of the river. The temple is 75 meters in height and its covered with thousands of seashells, demons and monkeys. Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes! Now let’s head to Wat Pho, one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok. They are famous for their reclining golden Buddha which is 46 meters in length and for being the birthplace of the Thai massage. Its right next to the grand palace. Wang Lang Market is famous for its deep fried pork, another incredible recommendation by Mark Wiens. We first tried some noodles with pork, then some crepes with pork and finally we found the best deep friend pork in the world! It was really that good!! And lastly we head to Chatuchak Market, one of the largest weekend markets in the world! There are over 15,000 booths in 27 acres and over 200,000 people visit each day. A must visit when in Bangkok!! Learn more about Thailand here: Ayutthaya, The Second Capital of Thailand: Exploring Monkey Temple in Lopburi: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @davidsbeenhere Instagram: Facebook:

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Top places to see in the Faroe Islands8m44s

Top places to see in the Faroe Islands

Subscribe Now: Welcome to the Faroe Islands! The Faroe Islands in Danish means the Islands of the Sheep, and you will see why! It’s located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles off the coast of Northern Europe, between Norway and Iceland. The first people to colonize the islands were Norwegians about 1,200 years ago and it become a major Viking settlement in that time. Its main industries are fishing and tourism - people come to experience its natural beauty, incredible bird life and delicious Faroese gastronomy. First up is Gasadalur, which for a long time it was the most isolated town in the Faroe Islands. It’s a very popular town to hike to because of its natural scenery and its cliff views. In 2006 they opened a tunnel to make the town more accessible. Fun fact: Gasadalur means Goose Valley. Lake Sorvagsvatn is the biggest lake in the Faroe Islands. It has an area of 3.4 sqkm, and its located on the island of Vagar, where the airport is. It takes a few hours to hike around the entire lake, so get your hiking boots ready! The best way to see the lake is by helicopter, the only way to see the lake emptying out into the Atlantic Ocean. Torshavn is one of the smallest and most pleasant capital cities in the world! Torshavn in Old Norse means Thor, God of Thunder. It’s a modern city with the highest concentration of hotels, restaurants and cafes in the islands. You can explore the old Tinganes district where the parliament building is. You can see the national museum, check out some galleries, see the harbor and dine at some delicious modern and traditional restaurants. Now we head to the southernmost village in Streymoy, Kirkjubour. This was the religious center on the Faroe Islands for over 1,000 years until the reformation. We came to see the 13th century ruins of the Saint Agnes Cathedral, the House museum and a middle age church. We head north on Streymoy to Saksun. This is a beautiful town with turf roof houses. The best time come is during low tide because you can see the beach and walk on a sand bar to the lagoon. There are no restaurants here so be sure to bring a snack for a picnic! Tjornuvik is the northernmost town on the island of Streymoy. It’s a quiet village, but the scenery is beautiful its beach has epic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Next up is Gjogv, the northernmost town on the Island of Eysturoy, the second largest island in the Faroes. It’s a small scenic village with a charming bed and breakfast. We stayed a night, but you can just as easily just come for the day. Gjogv is undoubtedly on of most picturesque places in the Faroe Islands. The name Gjogv means gorge – it was named after the village’s natural gorge Klaksvik is the second largest town in the country and from here you can take a ferry to Kalsoy. I suggest you pass by Bakariio Jorun (Bakery Jorun) and grab a snack or lunch. They have plenty of Danish-style toasts with different toppings, as well as homemade pastries, coffee, and beverages. A 25-minute ferry ride will take you to Kalsoy, AKA island of the man. There is one road that travels up the east side of the island connecting a handful of villages. Kalsoy is the best place in the Faroe Islands to go hiking. Or, you can just drive around and snap tons of photos of this picturesque island. Next is Vidoy, the northernmost island in the archipelago. Here we visited Vidareidi. The northern islands are more traditional, less modern but if you love taking photos of amazing scenery then you must visit Vidareidi. Lastly we are heading to the Island of Mykines! We took a helicopter but you can also take a ferry. Once you arrive you need to hike about 90 minutes west to see all the sea birds. There are over a dozen species of birds like the Gannet, Fulmar, Starling, Gulls, Razorbills and the most famous that everyone comes to see are the Puffins! Be sure to bring a packed lunch, drinking water, a warm outfit, comfy shoes, and don’t forget your camera! We hope you enjoyed my Top Places to See in the Faroe Islands! Please subscribe, give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment below! Learn more about the Faroe Islands: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @davidsbeenhere Instagram: Facebook:

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Manfrotto BeFree Live1m35s

Manfrotto BeFree Live

I recently had the opportunity to test out the new BeFree Live tripod by Manfrotto by taking it along with me on a shoot for an episode about the best Cuban sandwiches in Miami. As a filmmaker and host, I highly recommend the BeFree Live Tripod because of its excellent portability (fits in a backpack!) and super durable structure. The truth is I have used many Manfrotto products in my production, so this was an easy choice for me. It was easy for me to film with it and capture exactly what I needed to create the episode. The BeFree Live is great for amateur or professional filmmakers and photographers who just want good quality steady images without having to spend a fortune. The tripod comes with a carrying case and it only weighs 3.9 lbs. The aluminum and hard plastic design make it extremely durable without any added weight to it. Full disclosure: This review was sponsored by Manfrotto. You can read a full review here: Check out the BeFree Live Tripod:

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Top beaches of Koh Lanta, Thailand3m01s

Top beaches of Koh Lanta, Thailand

Subscribe Now: Welcome to the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand! Today I am going to be showing you the top beaches in Koh Lanta and at the end of the video I'll tell you which is my absolute favorite beach on the island. We start at the northern part of the island at Klong Dao Beach, this is a 3km long beach. Clear water with white sand, it was the first beach to be developed in Koh Lanta. Next up we head the longest beach in Koh Lanta, Prah Ae Beach AKA Long Beach. It measures 4km in length, the water here is deeper then the rest of the beaches. Even during high season it doesn't feel so crowded because the resorts are spread out. Compared to the previous two beaches Klong Nin Beach is a smaller beach. It has a great selection of local restaurants and beach bars. At both ends of the beach it has rainforest and the water is emerald green. We made it down to the southern end of the island to Ba Kantiang Beach, it's a lot greener then the other beaches and its only 1 km long. It also is home to Pimali, the only 5-star resort on Koh Lanta. At the very end of the island we have Mu Koh Lanta National Park. It two secluded beaches, hiking trails and is home to Koh Lanta's iconic lighthouse. There aren't any facilities here so be sure to bring your own towels, water and packed lunch. Last but not least, is Bamboo Beach my personal favorite. It's secluded and surrounded by rainforest, making it very romantic. There are a few resorts here but I recommend La Lantaa Hideaway as the best place to stay in Koh Lanta. I hope you enjoyed the best beaches in Koh Lanta!! Learn more about Thailand here: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @davidsbeenhere Instagram: Facebook:

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The medieval town of Pocitelj, Bosnia & Herzegovina1m07s

The medieval town of Pocitelj, Bosnia & Herzegovina

In this episode David spends a morning exploring the charming medieval town of Pocitelj (Počitelj) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town itself dates back to 1444, but the height of its power was during the Ottoman occupation. The Ottomans were in eastern Europe for over 400 years! Traces of their past can still be seen today, from the cobblestone streets they constructed to the beautiful minarets that watch over the town. Pocitelj is located on the wine road from Mostar to Neum, so it makes a perfect day trip from either one. You could even do a day trip to Pocitelj from Dubrovnik. Things to see in medieval Pocitelj include exploring the ruins of the fortress and its walls, the Sisman Ibrahim Pasa mosque, the clock tower, and strolling the quaint cobblestone streets. Also take the time to admire the unique architecture of the local houses, which blends Asian and Mediterranean elements, common in classic Turkish architecture. The views of the Neretva River below are stunning. Learn more about Bosnia and Herzegovina: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @davidsbeenhere Instagram: Facebook:

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5 Things to do in Darwin, NT6m29s

5 Things to do in Darwin, NT

Subscribe Now: In this episode we’re exploring Darwin, a city in the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory – an area known as the “real Outback.” First stop on David’s tour of Darwin is Crocosaurus Cove, a reptile park situated in downtown Darwin. It holds the world’s largest collection of Australian reptiles, but the main attraction here is the famous Cage of Death! Watch as David dives in with the most aggressive croc species in the world, the Australian saltwater crocodile AKA the “salty.” Next up is the Mindil Beach Sunset Market – an evening market where locals and tourists alike come to eat, shop for arts and crafts, and spend time outdoors. David had a crocodile burger. There are also Asian, Greek, and local food stalls to choose from. The Mindil Beach Sunset Market is open every Thursday and Sunday (dry season), but Thursday night draws more of a crowd. Another market you can’t miss in Darwin is the Saturday morning Parap Market – another fantastic opportunity to mingle with the local community and sample international foods or browse for arts and crafts. Open from 8 am to 2:30pm, this is a great opportunity to have breakfast outside of your hotel. David ordered a Laksa and a fresh fruit smoothie. Other choices include Vietnamese pho bowls, sushi, desserts, and freshly cut fruit. Parap is perfect for families! David joins Wallaroo Tours for a day of adventure, beginning with a boat tour to see the infamous jumping crocs of the Adelaide River. These are the largest and most aggressive crocodiles in the world and they have a remarkable ability to leap out of the water for food. Next up on the tour is Litchfield National Park, a gorgeous nature refuge where visitors can swim in the natural rock pools or in the lagoon of Wangi Falls. For a complete guide to Darwin, check out our article What to See and Do in Darwin: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @davidsbeenhere Instagram: Facebook: Special thanks to Tourism Northern Territory So there you have David’s list of 5 things to do in Darwin, Australia! If you’ve been to NT and have more suggestions of what to do, leave us a comment below!

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Roman Villa Rustica in Mogorejlo, Bosnia & Herzegovina2m15s

Roman Villa Rustica in Mogorejlo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Come with David and his friend Sasha as they take you around the first century Roman Villa Rustica in Bosnia and Herzegovina also known as Mogorjelo. The site is mostly in ruins, but it has an interesting history. It served as a military base in early 4th century and is the largest excavated Roman site in Herzegovina. Its location is no accident & the Romans strategically chose is for being at the intersection of four rivers. That is what made Mogorejlo the perfect place trade outpost. Next door to the ruins of Mogorejlo is the restaurant Villa Rustics, where David and Sasha have a delicious lunch paired with local Herzegovina wine. Have you ever visited the Roman Villa Rustica of Mogorejlo? Leave us a question or comment below! Learn more about Bosnia and Herzegovina: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @davidsbeenhere Instagram: Facebook:

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What to see & eat in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina10m06s

What to see & eat in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Subscribe Now: In this episode David takes us to the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina to discover Sarajevo’s sights, sounds, and tastes. Sarajevo is a bustling capital with several historical, cultural and gastronomic stops to experience. David starts off in the city center where he meets up with his local guide Raza to begin the tour. The best place to start is the Eternal Flame, located in the city center. It has burned continuously since 1946 except during the Bosnian War 1992-1995. It is on display for everyone to see. David and Raza then take a walk along Ferhadija, Sarajevo’s main pedestrian street that links the two different parts of the city – the 19th century buildings dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Medieval district dating back to Ottoman occupation. In the mix there are also several communist-era buildings when Bosnia existed as a republic in the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia, for short). At the point when Ferhadija Street meets the Ottoman quarter, there is line on the floor that shows the split. All along Ferhadija Street there are shops, restaurants, cafés, and banks. It is also where the Eternal Flame is located. Before Raza and David head into Bascarsija (Ottoman district), they make a quick stop at the square of the Sacred Heart Cathedral. In Bascarsija they visit the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, which was built 1530. Afterwards, Raza shows David the different ways to drink a traditional Bosnian coffee at a local Kafana. After fueling up, David stops by Sebilj fountain to have a sip of water. Legend has it that anyone who drinks from the fountain will return to Sarajevo, so we’ll see if David makes his way back one day to experience more of what to see and eat in Sarajevo! Now time for a little souvenir shopping down Coppersmith Street. Raza shows David the most typical gift one could buy here – a copper coffee pot used to serve Bosnian coffee. All this walking around made them work up quite an appetite, so they head to a bakery to try some delicious pies (cheese, spinach, and meat). The pies are baked over a coal oven and are the perfect fast food. They are also very inexpensive. Next thing David tries is cevapi (pronounced che-vap-ee), which is pretty much the unofficial national dish of the country. Day 2 takes David and Raza to see the city from a magnificent lookout point, Zuta Tabija, or “yellow fortress.” David recommends driving or taking a taxi there because the climb to the top is quite steep. From here you can see the center of the city and the rolling green hills in the background (in case you didn’t know, Bosnia is one of Europe’s most lush and verdant countries). After quickly seeing Emperor’s Mosque, Raza takes David to see the exact spot where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie, were assassinated on June 28, 1914. At the time David visited (2014) it was the 100th year anniversary of their untimely deaths. The assassination triggered the start of the First World War. After revisiting such a pivotal point in European history, David gets curious to see where all the bread he’s been eating comes from so Raza takes him to a nearby bakery, Pekara Alifakovac. They specialize in Somun bread, which is what is served with cevapi. This family-owned bakery churns out hundreds of Somun breads each day, and they have a pick-up window for customers on the go. It’s very hot inside but the experience was well worth it, especially since they allowed David to eat a piece of freshly baked bread. Last but not least, David heads outside of the city center to visit one of the most culturally significant places in Bosnia, the Sarajevo Tunnel or Tunnel of Hope. Visitors can now see a portion of a tunnel that allowed Bosnians to smuggle in weapons and supplies during the Siege of Sarajevo (May 1992 through November 1995). And there you have it, a brief intro about what to see and eat in Sarajevo. We hoped you liked it! ►Check out What and Where to Eat in Sarajevo: ►Check out Top Sarajevo Day Trips: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @davidsbeenhere Instagram: Facebook:

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Scenic Time Lapse showcases incredible mountain views in Asheville, North Carolina3m25s

Scenic Time Lapse showcases incredible mountain views in Asheville, North Carolina

An amazing fall color time lapse brought to you by Enjoy the colorful view from above with this homage to fall in the mountains, and then discover for yourself why Fodor's, NBC's TODAY Show and TripAdvisor have all listed Asheville, North Carolina, as a top vacation destination for fall foliage. Credit to 'Youtube/Asheville'.

Breathtaking panoramic view of Niagara Falls41s

Breathtaking panoramic view of Niagara Falls

Check out this phenomenal view of Niagara Falls showing both the American and Canadian falls. Taken from the Canadian side, this panoramic footage shows all the way from the Peace Bridge to the Canadian falls. Over 6 million cubic feet of water go over the falls every minute!

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