Blu-Ray Laser Makes Hundred Balloons Explode, Creating A Domino Effect

WorldScott Published March 21, 2014 201 Plays $0.68 earned

Rumble / Weird ScienceThis is the amazing moment when Blu-ray laser makes hundred black balloons explode, creating a domino effect! The entire experiment is over in about seven seconds but the effect of it will last for days!

Recorded at the Cremerie de Paris International exposition center, this video features the moment of truth when Blu-ray laser meets hundred black balloons and makes a triumphal strike in blink of an eye. The laser used in this video is custom made from a LED flashlight body and a laser diode from with 12X speed Blu-ray burner drive that cannot be purchased in a store or online.

Filmmaker has lined up the balloons and fixated them to stand still over a plastic cup of water. The moment he turns the laser on, balloons are seen popping one after another in a row, creating the amazing domino effect! It is very satisfying to watch!

Watch as the hundred balloons explode like dominoes the moment this Blu-ray laser is turned on. Amazing! Sometimes happiness is found in the simplest things in life, like popping hundred black balloons, blu-ray laser style. It was a matter of seconds before the laser worked its magic and blew the balloons like candles in the wind!

We are used to balloons popping, but the succession and speed at which they exploded is remarkable. YouTube user WorldScott filmed this amazing video from multiple angles and played it back in reverse for us to enjoy. You don’t have to be a laser expert, to conclude that black balloons are more sensitive to laser light because they absorb more energy than white balloons and conversely reflect it.