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Fluffy Cat in a Cutest Shadow Play Theatre30s

Fluffy Cat in a Cutest Shadow Play Theatre

We are sure you all know how shadows are formed and that with a little bit of imagination you can have a fun with them. So let us present you Jeremy the Ragdoll cat. He’s a fluffy little boy who can't get enough of his fatherly teaser wand. But to make things little different, his owners decided to present his play through the art of shadow performance also known as shadow play. Shadow play is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment where figures are held between a source of light and a screen. Here, you can see a real Cat playing in the cutes Shadow play technic. Jeremy the Ragdoll is the great hunter (and his shadow as well). So let us tell you a bit more about this oldest form of puppetry in the world. It is known as the precursor to modern movies and it takes a true mastery to make puppets come alive under a lamp light. The story of shadow play dramas have a long history and some say it’s over 2000 years old. According to one beautiful legend, it first originated during the Han Dynasty. The legend said that Emperor Wu became devastated, inconsolable and completely heartbroken after his favorite young concubine had died. He ignored all the affairs of the state and ordered his officers to find a way to bring his beloved back to life. Unable to fulfill their emperor’s demands, officers had the idea to recreate the shape of passed concubine using leather pieces and painted clothes. Using an oil lamp, they could make her shadow move, thus bringing her back to life. After seeing the shadow play, Emperor Wu and his heart began to recover. This love story is recorded in the book titled, “The History of the Han Dynasty.”

Free Scriptures: Verse Per Line (VPL) Bible Format to Haggai XML Conversion17m17s

Free Scriptures: Verse Per Line (VPL) Bible Format to Haggai XML Conversion

The verse-per-line format for Bible texts is a quite primitive format and therefore only used for legacy projects and to provide ease when it comes to editing. To get the benefits of XML processing, the vpl2haggai1 tool converts an VPL input file to Haggai XML, which is very similar to Zefania XML. From there, transformation to other formats might take place, be it another XML markup language such as OSIS or HTML or an end format like PDF. Project: http://www.free-scriptures.org Code: https://github.com/free-scriptures/free-scriptures Discussion: http://www.free-scriptures.org/forum Open Scriptures: http://openscriptures.org Bible Organisational System: https://github.com/openscriptures/BibleOrgSys Gospel Fellowships: http://gfel.org

Swimming fun51s

Swimming fun

The first bathing pass for the little ducks and Thorin is an eye-catcher and nothing happens.

Published: March 18, 2018