Sailboat Wipeout During High Speed Race

kostrooPublished: March 28, 201418,298 views
Published: March 28, 2014

These sailing competitors were not expecting this! Dutch Farr 30 racing team Triple P wipeout during the IJspegel Trophy competition after a nose dive ended in a Chinese gybe. Amazingly enough, these young sailors didn't lose their lead, they made a full recoverer and went on to win the race! This was only achieved by their teamwork. Everyone stayed as calm as possible, and they all quickly helped each other get back into their spots.

Two of the sailors had fallen off when the boat made a flip, this must have been frightening. As they are in the water, one of the sailors is able to bring the boat back up into its normal position. This allows the rest of the sailors on the boat to regain their standing position so they could help the sailors from the water. Awesome! It is amazing to see that they were able to regroup and in the end, win the race! What a motivating video!

Do you want to go for a boat ride? Make sure you have some life jackets! You don't want to have a chance of falling into the water without safety gear!

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