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Lebron James Is A Basketball CYBORG, JR Smith Chooses Friendship Over Defense2m21s

Lebron James Is A Basketball CYBORG, JR Smith Chooses Friendship Over Defense

We're really starting to wonder, SERIOUSLY, if LeBron James is man or machine. The King has uncanny instincts on both offense and defense, and has focused more heavily on passing over shooting. James discussed the technique of his assists and how his passing mechanics change depending on the target. We were completely speechless. Unfortunately, LeBron's teammate JR Smith doesn't possess the same type of awareness. In a game vs the Milwaukee Bucks, the Cavs guard was busy catching up with friend Jason Terry on the opposing bench as the Bucks inbounded the ball and scored relatively easily with Smith out of the picture. Cleveland went on to lose to Milwaukee by a score of 118-101.

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sweater mom golden state dance off challenge1m51s

sweater mom golden state dance off challenge

The Warriors double-OT barn burner was a spectacle for sure, but there was just as intense a battle going on in the stands as there was on the court. Dub Nation's favorite 'sweater mom' Robin Schreiber has been undefeated on the dance cam, but a new challenger emerged Thursday night. Her latest opponent came visually prepared, decked out in a solid gold blazer, but his moves just couldn't quite cut the mustard. Sweater Mom still reigns supreme, but at least the fans got a little extra show to cheer them up after the overtime loss.

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Steven Adams PUNCHED In Stomach Every Time He Misses Free-Throws1m44s

Steven Adams PUNCHED In Stomach Every Time He Misses Free-Throws

How's this technique for improving your free throw shooting technique? Oklahoma City Thunder Steven Adams has a new discipline to help him focus on his shot. If he misses, OKC coach Darko Rajakovic will get punch him in the stomach or slap him on the arm. Through his first 3 NBA seasons, Adams averaged 55% from the charity stripe. After a few shots to the gut, he is now over 81% Safe to say, it works. The results speak for themselves.

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The Rock Tried To Pull Out A Man's Tongue!1m44s

The Rock Tried To Pull Out A Man's Tongue!

These days, The Rock is seen as a gentle giant, but during his football playing days at Miami, Dwayne Johnson had a bit of a temper. The current highest paid actor revealed that he got so enraged at a teammate in a meeting, that he shoved his hand in the poor guy's mouth and actually attempted to rip out his tongue! Luckily, the man's tongue was too slippery to get ahold of, so The Rock gave up. The two ended up hugging it out only a couple minutes later.

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Dwight Howard Tries To Play Point-Guard, FAILS Miserably1m56s

Dwight Howard Tries To Play Point-Guard, FAILS Miserably

Dwight Howard did say he wasn't going to experiment with expanding his game. We just didn't know he really thought he could go from Hawks center to point guard overnight! Check out this clip of Howard trying - and failing - to run a fastbreak in the first quarter of Wednesday's game against the Phoenix Suns. Dwight made a bullet pass to the backboard, but the backboard isn't wearing a jersey. Howard did, however show off some range, hitting two jumpers that were previously not part of his repertoire. Dribbling just still doesn't seem to be his strong suit. What did you think of Dwight trying to run the point? Give your best roast in the comments below.

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Raiders QB Derek Carr Suffers Pinky Injury Comes Back to Win Game1m44s

Raiders QB Derek Carr Suffers Pinky Injury Comes Back to Win Game

In the first half of Sunday's game between the Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers, Oakland QB Derek Carr, suffered a dislocated pinky finger on his throwing hand during a snap. The injury caused Carr to miss a series while team doctors remedied the situation. Carr returned to the game with a glove, and led the Raiders to their 5th consecutive victory by a score of 35-32, and they maintain their 1st-place hold on the AFC West division. Oakland hosts the Buffalo Bills next week, but the question remains as to whether Carr will be the Raiders' starting QB for that game.

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Brazil's Chapecoense Soccer Team's Plane Crashes In Colombia1m55s

Brazil's Chapecoense Soccer Team's Plane Crashes In Colombia

A plane carrying 77 passengers, including Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team, crashed in Colombia on Monday November 28th, leaving only 6 survivors. The chartered plane crashed shortly after taking off, not far from the José María Córdova International Airport in Medellin where the team was supposed to arrive. The team was getting ready to take on the top-rated Colombian team in the final of South America's 2nd most important soccer competition. Considered an underdog team, the football club was enjoying their best run in 40 years. The surviving players from the doomed flight, Jakson Ragnar Follmann, Alan Luciano Ruschel and Helio Hermito Zampier Neto will join the players who did not travel to mourn the crash victims.

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Ohio State Vs Michigan Rivalry Game Highlightsh Source - High bitrate1m54s

Ohio State Vs Michigan Rivalry Game Highlightsh Source - High bitrate

Rivalry Week was all we hoped it would be, especially for the biggest rivalry in all of college football over the past 10 years, as the Ohio State Buckeyes. Cleveland Cavaliers star players LeBron James and JR Smith were in attendance, getting in some passing reps during pregame. The game itself lived up to the hype, with a double-OT thriller that saw the Buckeyes come out on top with a touchdown to win 30-27.

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Russell Westbrook: The Triple Double Demon1m56s

Russell Westbrook: The Triple Double Demon

No Durant? No problem. Actually, that might make things a bit easier for Russell Westbrook, who is officially averaging a triple-double this season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In Monday's game against the New York Knicks, Westbrook was in full killer mode, as OKC snapped the Knicks' 6-game home winning streak behind Russ' 37 points, 18 rebounds and 14 assists. The Thunder closed New York out by the score of 112-103.

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