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Goat jumps on donkey's back to reach leaves41s

Goat jumps on donkey's back to reach leaves

A donkey appears to be helping out a goat reach the high branches of a tree by allowing it to stand on its back. The donkey has no clear benefit from this, proving that these two share a very unique bond!

Adorable otter loves his fresh bedding1m02s

Adorable otter loves his fresh bedding

This is the adorable Asian short clawed otter, also called the oriental small clawed otter from the Twycross Zoo in England. Coming out of his den he went straight for his new fresh bedding, a pile of straw. He shows the love for it like us humans do when we just can’t wait to snuggle up in our freshly washed bedding. As a human poll suggested it was first on the list of things that made you feel good. It is no different with this cute Otter. He just loves to snuggle and wiggle in his straw and in the process he probably leaves his scent for the others to tell them: “This is my bed!” Just look at his face, he is really loving it. Looking up into the camera in between, before he puts is head in to straw and wiggles it about. Once he gets himself in a great sleeping position he quickly dozes off, curled up in a ball on his straw. Sleep tight, sweet dreams little Otter.

Orphaned baby monkey doesn't want caretaker to leave33s

Orphaned baby monkey doesn't want caretaker to leave

This adorable Vervet Monkey was orphaned and rescued at a very early age, and had to grow up and a wildlife center. She will be released back into the wild, some day, but in the meantime, she needs a foster mom, which is what her caretaker is to her. In order to be able to return to the wild, she can't be humanized, which means that she can't be used to people, or she would approach them once she's free, and it would result in her either getting captured and kept as a pet, or killed, so her foster mom can't do anything a monkey wouldn't do, such as talking to her. But since keeping her company is required, the caretaker sits with her for hours, but even after all that time, the baby monkey still doesn't want her to leave, and keeps jumping on her shoulder, and screams and she finally manages to.

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Polite talking crow can't befriend grumpy squirrel47s

Polite talking crow can't befriend grumpy squirrel

Competition at the backyard bird feeder is a natural thing. Squirrels chase each other and birds also squabble for their share of the food. But a wild, talking crow tried another approach when he landed on a branch beside the peanut supply. The talking crow was patiently waiting in line behind another crow. The first crow took three peanuts in his mouth before flying off. A red squirrel quickly dashed onto the peanut platform ahead of the waiting crow. The crow took the polite approach and greeted the squirrel with a friendly "hello". Believing that all was cordial and that the squirrel might be in the mood to share, he landed on the edge of the feeder platform. Ever so politely, he repeated "hello" as he moved in for a treat. The squirrel didn't seem to care that the crow was polite, or that he was in line first. He promptly launched himself at the talking crow in a very unfriendly manner. He then grabbed a peanut in his mouth and made a quick exit. Quickly stashing his peanut, the saucy red squirrel returned to the feeder for another. This time, the talking crow flew in and landed on the branch, startling the squirrel. The furry little fellow ran right over the top of the camera with his peanut in his jaws as he made his escape. Ever the gentleman, the crow offered an apologetic "hello" as he hopped onto the platform and finally got his snack. This bird feeder is located behind a home in Millbrook, Ontario, that is owned by a compassionate veterinarian. The animals who come to it for food are completely wild and free, but a family of orphaned crows fell out of a tree in the neighborhood in 2011. The parents were unable to care for them and the vet and her family took them in, raising them in as natural a way as possible. The crows learned to say a few words in a voice that resembled a parrot. One of their words was "hello". They greeted their human family with this word each time they flew in for a meal. They would also repeat this if the family spoke to the crows. The crows soon became wild again and integrated with a local crow family, even flying south with them that first winter. They return each spring and can occasionally be heard in the trees or at the feeder, saying 'hello". The family is relieved and thrilled each time they hear this because it tells them that their crows are still alright. But it was a great surprise to hear the crows trying to speak with other wildlife, such as this squirrel. Incredibly intelligent, crows have complex language skills and understanding. It is obvious that these crows even understand that this word "hello" is a greeting. But despite the impressive manners and friendly efforts, it doesn't seem to impress the local squirrels that a crow can speak "human".

Playful raccoons turns backyard pond into social hangout3m14s

Playful raccoons turns backyard pond into social hangout

Watch as these adorable raccoons play by the pond. These cute little bandits make themselves at home while terrorizing the yard. These raccoons have been frequent visitors for years. Watch as the one plays with a bucket from the pond. He continues to entertain himself by jumping and rolling around. At one point, the two raccoons seem to have an argument. They almost act like an old married couple. Who knew raccoons liked water? These little guys not only swim but also sit on the water fountain. For the past few years raccoons have been common place. Most will just sit by the pond or nap in the grass. However, these two are our favorite. They’ve always been a bit rowdy and more playful than the others!

Goofy cat naps in awkwardly weird position1m30s

Goofy cat naps in awkwardly weird position

Butters is an unique kitty even when he sleeps. He likes to sleep on the top of the couch with the sun shining down on him, but the sun is so bright. The only logical way past this is by digging his face into the cushion. He must be comfy!

Loon and fish engage in epic battle for survival1m17s

Loon and fish engage in epic battle for survival

Loons are known to dive deep and fast and skillfully catch fish to eat. They can swim underwater for long periods of time unlike other similar water fowl. The video captured here shows a beautiful loon first beating down the catch and then after a fighting for a while, the fish seems to give up. This allows the loon to position this large fish so the loon can unbelievably swallow it whole. Watch as you can see the loon's neck completely expand as the wide fish goes down. After the battle is complete, there is a quick pause and then the loon seems to call out a victory "wooooo". What an amazing bird!