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Piranha in Amazon lake ferociously attacks meat dipped in water1m00s

Piranha in Amazon lake ferociously attacks meat dipped in water

Piranha are one of the most feared fish in the water, second only to sharks. Despite their small size, they are more than capable of killing a large animal, or even a human in a matter of minutes. Living in large schools and able to smell a drop of blood in the water from a distance, they attack their prey and retreat, returning to bite again. In great numbers, such an attack can inflict serious injury rapidly. Piranha have large, razor sharp teeth and powerful jaws with a bite force that is greater than most other fish. As a result, they can tear a chunk of flesh off an animal with ease. Piranha don't often attack healthy humans in the water, but they have been known to do so when food is scarce or when a person is injured or incapacitated. Thrashing and splashing in the water will attract them, making children more frequent targets than adults. Although it is believed that their attacks are coordinated, cooperative hunting, it is more of an individual attack that coincides with other piranha in their school. Schooling is actually a means of protection from predators. They are even known to attack their own species when stressed or extremely hungry. Piranha are generally no larger than 1 foot in length but some species can reach 20 inches. They live in most fresh water lakes and rivers throughout the Amazon basin. This video was taken with a GoPro camera that was dipped in the water of a lake at a small and secluded lodge, situated on a remote inland lake connected to the Napo River, one of the largest rivers in Ecuador. Meat was dangled in the water by a local fisherman and the piranha were recorded as they swarmed the bait. The fisherman caught a larger adult and displayed the teeth for a group of Canadians who attended the nearby lodge. This was part of an educational program and the fish was immediately released back into the water unharmed. Despite the fact that these piranha are capable of posing serious risk, people occasionally swim in the lake and are generally unharmed. It is not advisable to do so, especially if the swimmer is injured.

DIY crafts: How to make a shaker card3m32s

DIY crafts: How to make a shaker card

In this DIY, we are taught how to make a shaker card from scraps, design paper and plastic sheet. These shaker cards are incredibly cute and creative! You can use them as birthday cards, thank you cards, etc. Let's have some fun!

Grandma reacts to her long lost wedding film2m03s

Grandma reacts to her long lost wedding film

This man's grandmother believed she had lost the footage from her wedding day in 1964. She never even had the opportunity to re-watch it. 54 years later, his brother finds it in the back of a wardrobe and gives it to him to restore onto a DVD. All that was left to do now was to surprise his grandma with the film from that wonderful day!