Reckless Driver Has SUV Reconstructed By A Metro Train

rumblestaff Published April 3, 2014 72 Plays

Rumble / Horrible DriversWith videos like these, there is only so much that we can say in favor of the driver. Traffic rules are there for a reason and when someone ignores a clear and very loud sign, like the flashing lights and loud signal of an oncoming train, then we think it is pretty safe to say they really did it on purpose.

Houston Metro Police released this CCTV footage from a terrifying car accident that occurred on March 26. The footage shows a black SUV running a red light on a railway crossing and meeting a gruesome end.

The footage clearly shows the ramp lowering and the signal lights starts to flash bright red as a warning of the super fast metro train that is about to cross. The SUV comes but a second later and the driver decides that it is not too late to cross. Oh, how they were wrong. When the car slows down to wait for the cars on the other side to pass, it gets struck out of the way by the Houston metro train. The train slows down to a halt after a few feet.

According to NewsNet5, a Houston native woman by the name of Raunel Arreola-Moreno was driving the wayward car with her two children in the backseat. All the passengers of the SUV sustained minor injuries and are expected to make a full recovery. Thankfully, there are no fatalities from this horrendous crash.

Authorities say Mrs. Arreola-Moreno has been cited for her reckless driving that led to the accident.

Credit to Metro Transit Authority of Harris County and Houston Metro Police.


  • ikillbugs, 2 years ago

    And the award goes to...

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  • BruceAFrank, 2 years ago

    Hold my beer and watch this!

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  • wildboy6x6, 2 years ago

    The Darwin award goes to? Maybe a better title is natural selection, darn the driver should have been killed.

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  • jeannawilliams, 2 years ago

    what was the reason that they so badly had to go back thru asap, or were they playing chicken and lost

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    • repinSehT, 2 years ago

      I was wondering the same thing , if the driver was not alone some attempted murder charge should be added and removal of driving license for life !

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  • gardenofeden, 2 years ago

    3 years ago.....but hard to feel bad for someone who drives around the gate arms.

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  • jsterr1, 2 years ago

    how much of a dumbass do you have to be? i mean...really...

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  • hootbah, 2 years ago

    A serious lack of functioning brain cells?

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  • jayessell, 2 years ago

    I suppose it would cost four times as much to make the gate twice as long, due to physics and math. What are the orange cones there for? Not helping! That "Do not stop on tracks" sign should be on the same pole as the right arrow sign. What does it say? 'Stay in lane'? What sign means 'There are two sets of tracks'? Should have had that.

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  • Warchild, 2 years ago

    Yes folks you too can get your SUV customized by AMTRAK just find a crossing and wait until the cross bucks drop and remember timing is the key to this innovated method. Be the first on your block to display just how advanced you are in the latest of automotive styling. Just call 1 800 num nutz.

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  • OswaldS, 1 year ago

    the driver should have licence suspended for eternity

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  • Oldfart, 1 year ago

    Should be banned for 5 years

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  • BlackDeep, 1 year ago

    People pay attention. People do not get hit by trains. The most stupid statement you can make is Car hit by train. The train did not go after the car. Some dumb moron drove out in front of a train.

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  • rusty2, 1 year ago

    Looked more like a suicide attempt.

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  • Carshowlvr, 1 year ago

    Murder suicide. Get those kids away from her.

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