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Custom Nike Air Force 1 | How to Matte Angelus Paint5m36s

Custom Nike Air Force 1 | How to Matte Angelus Paint

Matte, Satin, High Gloss... What type of finish do you prefer? Follow along with @Chadcantcolor while he walks us through a Beginner/Intermediate custom on the iconic Nike Air Force 1. Chad breaks down the proper steps to matte out your custom by using Duller mixed with Angelus paints. For those who are wanting to achieve a glossy look then Acrylic Finisher is what you're looking for. Check out the video and let us know what you think! Items Used - Flat Black Paint - Gift Box Blue Paint - Pearlescent 18K Gold Paint - Angelus Duller - Angelus High Gloss Acrylic Finisher - Angelus Paint Brush Set - Leather Preparer and Deglazer Follow Chad: CREDIT -Angelus Shoe Polish:

10 cute DIY paper craft projects20m21s

10 cute DIY paper craft projects

CUTE PAPER CRAFTS TO MAKE AT HOME - DIY CRAFTS TO SELL Paper is a perfect material for crafting. First of all, this way of crafting is perfect for families with little kids, because it's not messy, secondly, it's absolutely safe, thirdly, it will cost you nothing. Everyone has a lot of paper at home but few of us know that paper is a source of never-ending fun and creativity. Paper crafting helps to develop fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination! Watch this video and see yourself if you don't believe me. The first idea is very simple, yet it looks stunning! What about making a cute greeting card for someone you really like? This handmade love message won't take you a lot of time – just follow the tutorial and see what happens! You can make a lot of cool things and toys with paper. For example, you can make a mini album. Paper is also good for making decorations. Decorate a box or a photo album. Another awesome paper craft is making beautiful squash – this card will keep your memories alive! Another amazing idea is making paper explosion box to surprise your loved ones. Try and make the biggest paper explosion box! You can do this with your friends as well. The next craft will be a shaker card. Make this romantic card for your bestie or your mom. She'll be delighted!

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DIY crafts: How to make a shaker card3m32s

DIY crafts: How to make a shaker card

In this DIY, we are taught how to make a shaker card from scraps, design paper and plastic sheet. These shaker cards are incredibly cute and creative! You can use them as birthday cards, thank you cards, etc. Let's have some fun!

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Police Officer Shares A Trick For A Better Night Vision While Driving2m06s

Police Officer Shares A Trick For A Better Night Vision While Driving

Statistics support that fatal crashes occur four times more in the night as compared to fatal crashes during the day. Is this because there the number of drunk drivers in the night is significantly higher than during the day or is it because of the absence of sufficient illumination during the night. Both of these factors are contributing to the statistics already mentioned and there is more to it – the fact that at night, the cars from the opposite direction strikes and glares the driver’s eyes causing seconds of temporary blindness. This officer discussed a simple but very efficient way of dealing with this situation. He started by pointing out the biological response of the human eye to light during the night. When light strikes the pupils, it will constrict to control the entry of light into the eye. This is a defensive response to protect the eye from too much light. When it is dark, the pupil of the eye will dilate to allow as much light to enter. These are auto responses thus, we have no control over it. Now, when driving at night, the interval of dilating and constricting happens with seconds where the driver experiences momentary blindness. When the car at the opposite lane approaches, the pupil constricts and seconds thereafter, when the car passes, the eye is confronted with total darkness which it cannot instantly cope by dilating – it requires few seconds before it will dilate so that the driver’s eye can adjust to the darkness. Those few seconds may prove significantly fatal. Anyone who experienced driving knows that a split of a second is vital in driving as it could define the bounds of whether or not an accident will occur. This clever officer suggests this life-saving hack: When in a situation mentioned above, close one eye. This will allow you to have one eye, accustomed to darkness and thus is already dilated while the other eye is focused on the grid of the road. If you do this, when the car passes by and you are confronted with darkness, simply open that eye you closed and you can have a better vision compared to when both eyes were glared by the lights of the approaching car travelling the opposite lane. This life hack is so useful especially that there are other drivers who are not considerate – they drive with their high beam on. With that level of illumination, even if you are wearing anti-glare glasses, the eye will certainly need more time to adjust to the dark part of the road – enough time to lead a driver plunging into a ravine of certain death. Do you usually drive at night ? What precautions do you observe aside from making sure that you will not sleep while driving? Try this trick when driving at night especially if your route passes through passages that have low illumination like tunnels, winding and circuitous roads at the outskirt of the city or in uninhabited areas where there is lack of street lights. Drive safely.

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Crafty Man Shows How To Make A Handy Mini Bar9m43s

Crafty Man Shows How To Make A Handy Mini Bar

In this video viewers will learn how to make a mini bar from Jerry can. The same concept could be used to make storage for anything. All you need is to work on different shelving design! The narrator in this video teaches how to make this project very well, and it seems like an easy task that anyone can do who may be wanting a contraption such as this. It does take some basic tool working skills, but none of it seems so complicated that it would be impossible for the novice to learn how to make. This would certainly be a great project for those who like creating things and working with their hands. The end result could also be something that is considered sellable in the right marketplace. For the handyman husband who has a little extra time on a Sunday afternoon, this could be the perfect project. The process of creating the product would be enjoyable, but the final result is also exciting if the contraption is something that can be then sold in the right areas. The instructor starts the project with a newly purchased red 20 liter Jerry can. He includes in the materials needed hedge trim, clasps, and hinges. It is advised that you should get all materials together before beginning the project. You are more likely to finish the project faster and more efficiently if you are not having to stop between steps to go gather materials. The speaker also suggests making sure that there is no leftover gasoline inside the can whatsoever if you are going to use a can that has been previously utilized for another purpose. The last thing you need is to create a disastrous fire hazard because the can still contained traces of gasoline that could pose a very serious threat for flare ups. This is especially true when there will be power tools involved that create heat, extreme friction, and sparks. The first step is to use the tape to mark where the mini bar will be. He uses a black sharpie to do this marking. One quick tip that the speaker uses to mark off rounded edges is the top of a container. This could make the rounded edges much easier to spot and helps with making all of your corners symmetrical. He then uses an angle grinder to cut the straight lines. Watch the speaker’s dexterity with power tools. He is definitely not a novice; he seems to be a very experiences tool worker and is not new to projects such as these. He also utilizes a rotary tool. Again, be sure that you have all of the necessary products with you before you begin doing anything. Another thing to remember is to use all safety precautions necessary. The speaker recommends gloves to protect the hands, and he advises viewers to use some kind of hearing and sight protection also. All of these are imperative to stay safe while working with power tools. Watch the video to see the rest of this very impressive project.

Easy leather craft project: DIY Apple pencil case6m58s

Easy leather craft project: DIY Apple pencil case

I love my iPad Pro. It helps me organize and sketch my ideas with the apps such as Procreate and Good Notes. The functionality of drawing with the Apple Pencil is awesome! But the pencil itself is pretty fragile. That is why I made this Apple Pencil Sleeve out of beautiful full grain veg tan leather. The top half of the sleeve is openable, this allows the Pencil to be pulled out of the sleeve without having to grab on the easy to pull off magnetic cap.

Making Of Modern Steel Metal Vase3m36s

Making Of Modern Steel Metal Vase

This video is sure to motivate amateur metal fabricators. It's a long way between the planning and the finished product, but in the end, all that hard work was worth it. The maker should rightly be proud. The faceted metal vase was inspired by modern art. It's quite marvelous how all those irregular angles nicely fit together. The video starts out showing a paper plan with many two dimensional shapes. We see the project name is Polygon Vase Set. Next, we see the craftsman sorting the pieces, now cut into their metal forms, into a coherent pattern on his work table. The video is in slow motion, set to a synth rhythm. Putting a large metal vase together isn't a one-man job since we see multiple hands involved. Maybe the different roles, like designer and fabricator require unique skill sets? The video moves quickly through construction phases, so this isn't meant to be a tutorial as much as it is documentary. Struts and braces are measured, cut, and welded together using precision techniques. The plan is referred to again to make sure we're doing it right! As the piece takes shape on the table, we can get a sense of scale against the two men bringing it to completion. With every piece welded into place, it's time to grind out the rough corners and edges. Now we have to pause to admire the spirit of the vase. We have a sense of pride and relief seeing the imagination manifest itself into the real world. Only a day before this was just an idea in someone's mind. There's one more stage after grinding, and that's polishing. The craftsman uses a buffing wheel to smooth down the surface, and finally polishes the metal structure to a silky finish. It's ready for painting! The final part of the video shows the painting process, which is a kind of dance between the painter and his airbrush. This is a very sensitive stage, where the piece cannot be touch or contaminated by air born particles. It is hung on a rack like a side of beef, then rolled into the kiln. There's a lot more to ceramic coating than just spray painting. The kiln sets the ceramic coating by bringing it to high temperatures and then letting it gradually cool. This makes the coating hard as a rock. The kiln is quite a large space that can accommodate several other works, as well. May as well take advantage of all that extra space that would otherwise be unavailable for the day. The time has come to take the vase out of the kiln. Our videographer shows it off, with close-ups. It's a work of art unto itself. At this point the craftsman's part in its construction is over, so we don't need any people in the final shots. We want to marvel at the elegant design, space and color it takes against the studio brick walls and wood floor. Where will this vase spend the next years of its life, in a New York studio, or a museum? Maybe it will get the attention due in the foyer of a luxury hotel, or, just maybe, the private residence of its creator.

Compilation Captures The Formation Of Frozen Wintry Bubbles1m01s

Compilation Captures The Formation Of Frozen Wintry Bubbles

Are you the kind of person who enjoys fun DIY projects that allow you to feed your creative side and have some light hearted fun at the same time? If so, this video is for you! Here you can learn the process of making what we call “Frozen Bubbles.” This is a really simple process. It does not take much time, and it takes practically no money since there really aren’t any major or significant costs to complete this project, as many times as you want to do it! This would be of particular interest for stay at home moms or nannies who might need an activity to do with young children during the day. This project requires weather well under freezing though, if you are choosing to do this outside. That could be really useful for some of you parents out there though, because when there are days like that, sometimes children who are cooped up inside the house get a bit hyperactive and need an outlet to get that energy out. This project will engage their mind, while also allowing them to be outside in nature to help work some of that built up energy out and be released. The process of creating frozen bubbles is actually quite simple. First, mix water and dish soap. For the second step, add corn syrup and sugar. Then you are ready to go! Suit up to go outside—do this on a day when the temperature is below the freezing point . Be sure to wear a scarf or earmuffs, as well as gloves to make sure that all of your extremities are not exposed to the weather and temperature. Use a straw to carefully blow a bubble onto a frozen surface. You will see the crystallization process and the bubble freezing, so get your camera ready! These bubbles make for some really incredible, unique, and interesting photographs and videos! If you want to catch a really good photo, place your bubble in an area where the sun is shining behind it in your photo. Position the bubble between you and the clouds, or between you and the sun. Preferably, try this when the sun is either just coming up, or when it is starting to set. Snap a series of photos so that you can go through them later and pick your favorite. If you share those pictures with friends, you are certain to get a pretty significant response being that most people have never even heard of making frozen bubbles, much less seen pictures of them. Have fun with it! We don’t know any young child between ages 2-10 who would not absolutely love this little project! This is definitely one that they will be telling their friends about! If you want to be that cool mom whose house all your kids’ friends want to come to, then you are going to need some cool crafts and activities that are not typical so that you can hold the attention of all of those little tasmanian devils!

Creative DIY Trick To Make A Whiskey Glass7m07s

Creative DIY Trick To Make A Whiskey Glass

In this video, learn how to cut a glass bottle by using regular glass cutter and thermal stress, repetitive use of hot and cold water. Enjoy! DIY projects, or Do It Yourself projects, are always fun to watch. It is amazing how people use their creativity to improve their lives and have fun in the process. DIY projects can inspire the viewers to take on their own DIY projects and tasks. In this video, the man will make his own whiskey glass out of a glass wine bottle. Usually glasses are purchased and used, but this man wants to create his own personal glass! Handling glass is always risky so make sure to remain careful and be safe with the tools you are using! The man in the video goes by the name of Igor and he is on YouTube channel called Inspire to Make. This channel is all about inspiring others to make their own cool items, such as their own whiskey glass. Igor finds the perfect bottle as it resembles the bottom of a typical whiskey glass. This will be his first time trying something like this and he is really excited about the possibility of a new glass! The tools needed for this project will include a tub of water, some fuel, cotton string, spears or scissors, some different types of sandpaper, a lighter, and of course goggles for safety. Dealing with glass can be dangerous and you definitely don’t want to have your eyes exposed if something goes wrong! Now that you got all your materials ready, it is time to start! The first step is to tie your string around the bottle at the height you want to cut it at. This will be the height of your glass so choose wisely! Next, Igor dabs some fuel along the string all the way around as you will be setting it on fire to make your glass. Igor struggles with this step and has to resort to a plan B. Igor crafts a simple glass cutter that makes a nice cut in the wine bottle that will be the top of his new glass. Next, he gets boiling water and cold water to create temperature differences that will eventually split the bottle. As he pours both waters on the bottle and alternates between the two, it pops off and he left with his glass! Now the top of his glass is still sharp and not suitable for use, this is where the sandpaper comes in. Igor gets out his sandpaper and goes to work on the glass. You can obviously sand to your own liking but you have to make sure it isn’t sharp anymore, because that can be very dangerous. Igor sands in circular motions and uses the different grades of sandpaper to get different types of smoothness on his glass. Finally, he gets it just how he likes it and pours himself up a nice drink. This video is sure to inspire people to make their own glass. If you are a whiskey drinker this a great watch for you! Always remember to be careful with the glass, fire, and different water temperatures!

DIY Korean rice face mask with numerous health benefits1m45s

DIY Korean rice face mask with numerous health benefits

Learn how to make this homemade Korean face mask for glowing and brighter skin. Rice paste will lead to not only fairer skin, but also a smoother complexion with fewer wrinkles. Rice powder or rice flour is superb for our skin. It's very straightforward and easy to use. Korean women use rice powder in their beauty routine, and their skin remains fresh and smooth despite using heavy makeup. If we examine the benefits of rice powder then it is natural anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, remove sun tan, and treat blemishes, pigmentation, and acne. It also makes your skin tone naturally fair and whiter. It is the rich source of vitamin B that grows new cell and slows down the aging process also protect your skin from the sun. It controls oil properly and makes skin looks fresher.

DIY Chandelier Made From Hundreds Of Can Tabs3m27s

DIY Chandelier Made From Hundreds Of Can Tabs

Watch this chandelier being built from nearly 1,000 upcycled can tabs. It took about 2 weeks to form enough chains and another week to build. String lights were added to the inside hoop for lighting. Enjoy! Don’t you just love a nice DIY project ? DIY, also known as Do It Yourself, is very popular among people who decide to do something themselves instead of hiring someone to do a service or making a good instead of buying it. These type of projects definitely leave you with a sense of accomplishment for your new item or skill. This video is all about making a chandelier. This is no ordinary or extravagant chandelier, this chandelier is made entirely from the tabs taken off of cans. That is some serious commitment to collect enough tabs and have the patience to build it! Definitely one of the more interesting DIY projects I have seen. This video is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good DIY project and maybe it will even inspire you to have a soda can tab chandelier of your own. Seems like a great way to introduce guests into your home! The person in the video documents how they built this chandelier. It is sped up as I am sure this process took many hours to complete. According to the video, it took two weeks to collect the number of can tabs necessary to build this chandelier, and it took about a week for the build. Apparently, there were over 1000 tabs used for the building of the chains. That is some serious dedication for this chandelier! Hopefully, not too much soda sugar was consumed in the making of this chandelier! The process begins with the woman taken all her tabs and turning these into the chains you see on normal chandeliers. She uses these small metal circles to link together this aluminum can tab and after so many tabs, this creates one chain. She makes quite a few chains as this is quite a decent-sized chandelier . Next, she has these circular holders that the chain will wrap around. This will give the chandelier some structure and she decides to paint it a silver color to match the tabs! Screws, obviously silver in color to match the theme, were inserted into the circular structure holders. The aluminum tab chains will be attached to the screws so they can hang from the circular holders and finally start to look like a chandelier. Once she hangs this from the ceiling, is when the chandelier really begins to look good. As it hangs from the ceilings, she starts to drape the chains over it a nice design and pattern. She hangs some chains through the middle that really makes it look like an elegant aluminum tab masterpiece! Obviously, there is one final piece missing, the lights! No chandelier is complete without some lights. She has these little battery powered lights attached to a string. She decides to wrap these on the inside of the hoops and it looks great reflecting off the soda can tab chains. This is a perfect little creation for subtle use around the house or in your relaxation room where you can hang around with some friends. They might even be astounded and impressed by the new DIY chandelier!