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Naughty Parrot Wants The Purple Comb All To Himself! 39s

Naughty Parrot Wants The Purple Comb All To Himself!

Einstein, the African Grey Parrot, found his owner's comb on the counter, so he decided to have some fun with it. What can a parrot do with a comb, you ask? Well, they can certainly practise their percussion skills with it for starters. After Einstein hits the comb on the sink a few times, he stops and places the comb down on the sink. The teeth on the comb seem to be bothering him. No worries, Einstein comes up with a great plan! Einstein thought the teeth on the comb were too long so he decided to make them shorter by gnawing at them! His owner certainly wasn’t happy about it. There goes that comb! No one can use it anymore, it has officially become Einsteins new instrument, lucky for him! When she confronted him with his deed, Einstein said he was sorry, but it seems like he’s only doing it to get out of trouble for now. Right after he apologizes, he gets right back to gnawing on that comb! What a naughty parrot! If he wants something, he is going to get it, that comb is officially his! What a crazy parrot! Have you seen a parrot act like Einstein before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: June 16, 2017Updated: June 19, 201781,677 views
Paranormal Activity Captured On Baby Monitor24s

Paranormal Activity Captured On Baby Monitor

What a creepy moment! For those that have seen the Paranormal Activity movies, you might get a little more freaked out than some. This recording taken by a baby monitor shows a misty light float over baby Rosie in her crib. At one point the orb passes very closely to her dad. Can anyone explain this ghostly appearance?! At first, it looks like a flare, maybe from the sun’s light passing through the camera’s lens or some kind of reflection. But if you look closely enough at the beginning of the video, you might be able to see like a white mist on the left side of the crib. For a moment it looks like it’s the curtain doing it, but the mist moves opposite of the curtain! The baby doesn’t seem at all disturbed by the presence, if there is anything there in the first place. Usually, babies are able to sense if there is someone in the room with them. If they feel it is menacing they cry and scream; if it’s benevolent, they coo and babble to it. Parents all over the planet have recorded similar incidents on their baby monitors. What would have you done if that was your child and you saw this happening in real time? Let us know in the comment section.

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9-Week-Old Baby Loves When Her Deaf Grandma Signs To Her 1m02s

9-Week-Old Baby Loves When Her Deaf Grandma Signs To Her

Shari Joy McMahon shares this video with us of her mother Pamela with Shari’s 9-week-old baby daughter Aria sharing a precious moment. Both Pamela and Aria are born deaf, so Grandma is trying to teach the baby girl sign language. All of Pamela’s grandchildren are born deaf, so this comes as second nature to her. Even though baby Aria is still way to young to understand, she seems to be catching up to Grandma’s gestures pretty easily. Watch how she reacts with her amazed facial expressions. Baby Aria even tried to sign something back to Pamela with those tiny fingers, which got Grandma even more excited! Having someone to teach her sign language from early on can be a life saver for the baby, since she will be able to communicate what she wants from early on. As long as she has Grandma’s support, little Aria will have no problems learning her gestures in no time! Aria is a very smart girl, it is impressive to see she is catching on so quickly, awesome! Pamela and Aria already share a special connection, so cute! Such a special bond they have! Check out this precious video of Grandma Pamela and baby Aria bonding! What do you like to do with your grandparents? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Gender Reveal Doesn't Go As Planned When Pinata Has A Malfunction 3m02s

Gender Reveal Doesn't Go As Planned When Pinata Has A Malfunction

Gender reveal parties are becoming a huge hit. New parents try to surprise everyone attending, themselves included, by coming up with insane ideas - balloons in a box just don’t seem to make the cut anymore. On June 12, expecting parents Britnae and Ethan decided to make their own version of a gender reveal, by busting a homemade piñata ball filled with colored confetti over the guests. They were supposed to slam the piñata on the ceiling and the confetti to rain down on the people, but apparently Britnae made it a bit too tough. After several unsuccessful tries, Ethan has had it with the piñata and grabs a machete and starts to cut into the piñata in hopes to make it weaker. When that didn’t help, Britnae grabs it and split it in half by hand, sprinkling the floor with blue confetti. Congrats, it’s a boy! The reveal may have taken a while but at least everyone was excited when the news was finally revealed! What a lucky family! They have many exciting more memories to come! The conclusion is - you just make the baby and leave the piñata making to the professionals! Check out this gender reveal fail. Have you seen a hilarious gender reveal party before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Gender Reveal Party Takes An Unexpected Turn!10m49s

Gender Reveal Party Takes An Unexpected Turn!

Gender reveal parties become more and more unique, but this has to be the one gender reveal party to outshine all gender reveal parties past and to come! This will be one moment that his amazing family will remember for the rest of their lives! These reveal parties are all so very unique; people go to great lengths to stun their guests with a surprise shower or a unique reveal, but this party had another thing in mind, or rather, the expecting father did. In October 2015 mom- and dad-to-be threw a gender reveal party with a scavenger hunt, which was to take everyone to Grandma’s house. Mom was Team Blue, while Dad was expecting to strengthen his Team Pink. When Mom was supposed to go outside and show the gender to everyone, including herself, what she wasn’t expecting was to see dad in his knee, diamond in hand, asking her to marry him. Cue the tissues! And if that wasn’t enough, the whole party was preparing for a impromptu wedding, right there on the spot! This has set the bar way high up for future parents-to be! Do you have any heartwarming moments to share? Let us know down in the comment section! Please share this heartwarming moment with your family and friends as this is one moment that no one is going to want to miss!

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How (Not) To Make A Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner4m45s

How (Not) To Make A Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner

In the crazy era of fidget spinners, TheBackyardScientist made a giant rocket-powered fidget spinner, so you won’t have to! Kevin Kohler a.k.a. TheBackyardScientist gives his own spin to the fidget spinner craze by custom building a giant fidget spinner out of metal and gave it an extra feature. The crazy backyard scientist added rockets to each of the fidget’s lobes, thus making it the ultra fidget spinner! He assembles his creation on a tripod and sets up a makeshift blast barrier, just in case. His girlfriend is already there, waiting to see what will happen. This video shows just why every one of these videos comes with a disclaimer “do not try this at home”. Just when the spinner reaches speeds of over 5.000 rpm, two of the rockets break free, shooting shrapnel all over the scientist’s backyard, almost hitting his girlfriend and definitely hitting his car! In case you were wondering what caused the dysfunction, physics has a simple answer to it - centrifugal force! The spinner was going so fast, that the gunpowder inside the rocket “engines” was being forced out the back and to the sides of the rockets, causing a magnificent shower of sparks! So there you have it. You can make a self-propelled fidget spinner, but it is not without consequences. Definitely don’t try this at home!

Adorable Falcon Runs After Caretaker Like A Puppy6s

Adorable Falcon Runs After Caretaker Like A Puppy

Sometimes you just need to spread your wings and... run? This falcon is a little different than most. Usually what would happen is that the caretaker would stick out their arm and the falcon would spread its wings and fly towards its caretaker, landing on their arm. This one does it a little differently. It spreads its wings and runs. Will it ever catch up to its caretaker? We see the unusual duo at the entrance of an amusement park, by the sound of it. The caretaker takes off with a slow run ahead of the bird and it just jumps on after him. You would think that the falcon would bounce once or twice and then take off flying, but nope. It seems the bird of prey would much rather skip and run towards him human companion, then fly off and land on his shoulder or something; you know, like in the movies! Whatever made that falcon decide to go on foot, rather than on wings, makes this clip so adorable and heartwarming, for a moment there we all wished we would have a falcon at home, to run after us like a pup. But then, who would catch him all those mice? How hilarious is this? Check out this falcon as it runs to its caretaker instead of flying. Too funny!

Published: June 7, 201751,488 views
Rescue Chimp Reunited With Caretaker After Quarantine11s

Rescue Chimp Reunited With Caretaker After Quarantine

"Reunited and it feels so good!" Manno was rescued from a trafficking situation in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan). It took three years, but they finally relocated Manno to Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya. After months in quarantine with no outside contact, Manno and his rescuer were finally reunited... What a heart-warming moment shared between the two of them. You can definitely tell the look of excitement wash over the faces of both the chimpanzee, as well as his rescuer. You can tell that these two have developed a bond with one another that will last a lifetime. The new power duo! When an animal goes through a traumatic experience, it is not unusual for the animal and the rescuer to have a bond this strong. Kudos to the rescuer for getting him out of the trafficking situation! Check out this heartwarming moment shared between a chimpanzee and his rescuer.

Published: May 22, 2017Updated: May 23, 2017187,619 views
Fisherman Film Terrifying Interaction With 15ft Great White Shark!1m32s

Fisherman Film Terrifying Interaction With 15ft Great White Shark!

We've all seen or heard of those Hollywood shark movies before. It is because of those movies that our perspective on sharks have trained drastically. Shark are seen as these big, ferocious animals that live to terrorize people. Although that is not true, maybe some of those beliefs have a bit of merit as this clip seems like something out of a movie! Darcy Russell and her cousin Andrew were just a mile off the coast of Port MacDonnell, South Australia, when they recorded this terrifying footage of a 15 foot Great White shark biting their boat and slamming it with it’s tail. The video shows the beast circling the boat, just before it decided to take a nibble off the boat’s motor. The cousins say that the shark was circling them for maybe 10 minutes, but with the fright they were experiencing, it felt like a lot longer! Another Great White jumped into the boat of a 73-year-old man off the coast of New South Wales just a month before this incident, but only grazed the skin on his forearm. The otherwise unharmed pensioner was able to call the Coastguard for help. Please share this shocking moment with your family and friends as this is one moment that no one should miss!

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Widow Becomes Best Friends With A Puppy38s

Widow Becomes Best Friends With A Puppy

A widow who grew up on a farm with dogs has found heart-warming companionship with her neighbour’s very fluffy new puppy. Sally Rewehooeern, 92, from Mount Vernon, Washington State, USA, moved from her hometown of Leeuwarden, Holland, in 1953, has lived alone for the past 27 years, what with her husband's passing and her children scattered across the country. Sally’s neighbours were distraught when their lovable old dog died in January but their fluffy new arrival named Brody has not only raised spirits next door but has even become Sally’s best friend. When 15-week-old Brody wandered off one day, they found him in Sally’s house down the street and they have been best friends ever since! What an amazing moment! Please share this heartwarming clip with your family and friends as no one should miss this moment! **Please contact video@catersnews.com to licence this content** Company Information: Caters Clips is owned and operated by Caters News Agency Ltd, an international multimedia content provider. We supply news, picture, video and feature stories to the world’s largest media publishers. All videos aired on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners. For media / licensing / broadcast usages, please contact video(at)catersnews.com www.catersnews.com

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Huge Sinkhole In China Swallows Minivan Like In A Disaster Movie 45s

Huge Sinkhole In China Swallows Minivan Like In A Disaster Movie

When thinking of sink holes, we tend to think of scenes from big budget Hollywood disaster movies. In these movies, the sink holes swallow everything that is unlucky enough to be caught in it's grip. We do not think something like that could ever happen in real life, but this clip puts that belief shame. Dramatic footage has emerged from China of the moment a sinkhole opened up, swallowing a minivan. The video, filmed in Nantong, Jiangsu Province on June 10, shows an already-damaged road collapsing, causing the parked vehicle to fall into the hole. The collapse causes a water pipe to break, which was spilling water into the hole. Fortunately, no one was injured. China is the proud owner of the world’s deepest sinkhole, reaching 662 meters deep. The cause for these occurrences is very simple - it’s the matter that is beneath the surface, which is shifting elsewhere. This is one scary moment. Just imagine waking up one day and having one of your cars just swallowed up by a sink hole! This is insane! Lets just hope that the person who owns this van has insurance that covers sink holes! Please share this shocking clip with your family and friends as they will surely not want to miss this!

Published: June 12, 201783,561 views
RC Fighter Jet Replica Crashes Into Flames 1m58s

RC Fighter Jet Replica Crashes Into Flames

What you are about to see might be painful for those who love model airplanes, so be advised! The working 1:3 size replica of a RC fighter jet is doing some incredible stunts in the air over the spectators for only a minute before something heart-shattering happens. Uploader says: "This video was filmed during one of the most important RC (radio controlled) events that meet here in Italy. Located in the airfield Barone Rosso in Fagagna (Udine). All the best pilots come here with their biggest airplanes and helicopters. The model cost is $35'000 and it's a replica of a Dassault Rafale, with a twin turbine. It touched the trees and crashed in a huge explosion because it was filled with 10 liters of Kerosene, which is very explosive liquid." It may have been devastating to the model builder to watch his prized replica go down in flames, but we just cannot peel our eyes off the clip! The hobby plane really puts on an impressive show, soaring across the blue, sunny sky, but then it disappears into a 1:3-scale explosion, fiery tongues licking the grass where the once glorious model crashed. Shame. Do you enjoy model airplanes? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Curious Cockatoo Greets People With A French Accent47s

Curious Cockatoo Greets People With A French Accent

Cockatoos are extremely intelligent and curious birds. They are affectionate with people and demand a lot of attention and stimulation. Sid, a sulphur-crested cockatoo, is no different and he closely examines and greets new guests. But when the time comes to greet them, he imagines he is Inspector Clouseau and switches to a French accent! He climbs on Dave's arm and inspects him curiously while saying hello. Nobody knows how he learned to say "Allo" with a French accent or why he does sometimes does it, but he decided that a simple "Hello" would not do. Knowing that cockatoos have very powerful beaks, poor Dave was more than a little nervous about Sid's intentions but Sid is a very gentle bird. We wish Sid would learn a bit more in French than a simple “Hello”, How about “Ca va?” (“How are you?”) or “Comment tu t’appelles?” (“What is your name?”). Even some simple stuff, like “fromage”, or “creme” or even “creppes”....those are simple words that just roll off the tongue, right? That would have been totally hilarious. Almost all cockatoos are able to learn between 20 to 30 words; some go even further and mimic the voice of the person that taught them these words. But most of these birds just “babble”, where they spurt different sounds that seem like talking, but don’t form meaningful sentences. Still, it is pretty awesome to have a bird that can scare off intruders by talking almost like a human! Watch this bird speak in a French accent.

Adorable Little Girl Gives Her Dog Kisses Before She Goes To School 22s

Adorable Little Girl Gives Her Dog Kisses Before She Goes To School

How precious is this? If you ever came across a Newfoundland dog, then you probably know how big and menacing they look. But just like a good “don’t judge a book by its cover” story, these dogs are not as they seem! This Newfoundland dog loves to show the love and it looks like the little girl does too! Little Sierra is lucky enough to have not one, but two of these big, teddy-bear-like dogs at home, the famous Samson and Sebastian. She has a very deep connection with the two and they both just adore her! From playtime to naptime, the three are inseparable. She is so lucky to have her companions by her side, how could you ask for better friends then these two loving dogs? When Sierra is getting ready to leave home for school, Samson is there to send her off. Just before she goes, Sierra gives fluffy Samson three kisses on the nose. We are melting, it’s so adorable! Samson must have loved those kisses, such an amazing bond these two share. It is a good thing this little girl is going to be back home soon, Sampson and Sebastian can't wait too long! They are ready to play with her the moment she gets back home, Awesome! Do you any adorable stories about your dogs? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Little Kitten Fascinated By Herself On Front-Facing Camera!17s

Little Kitten Fascinated By Herself On Front-Facing Camera!

The world has a deep love/hate relationship with the front facing camera on their smartphones. It comes in handy more often than we would like to admit. Not counting selfies, the front-facing camera is like the utility knife of gadgets. Lash in your eye? Turn the camera on. Don’t have a mirror to fix your lipstick? Turn the camera on. It seems that little kittens are now getting on the front camera train as this adorable kitten is using it to check herself out! We can only assume that she got this habit from her owners as pets tend to mimic some of the owners behaviors and habits to some degree. What a smart kitty she is! You might hate how your second chin looks when you turn your camera on, but this little kitty seems to think she is just fabulous! Sweet little foster kitten named Alex sees her image in the phone and can't get over how cute she is! She is not the only one that finds herself adorable as we cannot seem to look away as this kitten stares into our eyes! Please share this adorable clip with your family and friends as they will surely not want to miss this cute moment!

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Dog Makes A Very Unusual Friend!55s

Dog Makes A Very Unusual Friend!

We bet you've never seen such an adorable friendship in the making, as this here in this hilarious video! This playful pooch has found himself a new best friend, and believe it or not, it's a bunny! Wandering around the yard, doggy finds something strangely moving around, when he realizes it's alive! And it's a bun! So he starts chasing it all over the place, and looks like he's begging this little guy to play with him! Bun needs no persuasion at all, as he accepts the challenge and starts running around immediately! Isn't this just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Who knew that a big dog and such a little bunny could be such good play-mates together! It just goes to show you that unexpected friendships could come from anywhere! This is a precious video that should not be missed by anyone! These two look like they are having so much fun with one another. Maybe the dog will even share some of it's dog toys with the bunny to have even more fun! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as they will surely not want to miss this! So sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing video!

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Car Almost Causes Fatal Accident With A Semi 13s

Car Almost Causes Fatal Accident With A Semi

We have said this a million times and we will say it again. Never. Brake. Check. A. Semi. In case you haven’t noticed, semis are big vehicles. Given they have to haul enormous amount of freight, semis have moving power that cannot be stopped at a moments notice, so you would be smart to steer clear of their path if you find yourself near them on the freeway. The driver of the car in this video must have had an adrenaline junkie or something? It doesn’t look like he’s slowing down or speeding up, as he approaches the intersection where the semi is driving. Saving some is not worth risking your life. Stop and let the semi pass. How difficult is that? Up loader says: “This is how close a person came to losing their life Tuesday afternoon on SR281 and Liberty Hi Rd. This person did not stop or even slow down. They literally came inches from the front bumper of my 80,000 truck at 55mph. I saw them and started to slow and you can tell by the video a few seconds either way and the outcome could have been terrible.” The person who almost hit the semi is very lucky. The end result to their stupid judgement could have been a lot worse. It is a good thing the semi was able to slow down. Have you ever witnessed a close call on the road? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Rescued Kangaroo Joeys Ready For A Better Life1m37s

Rescued Kangaroo Joeys Ready For A Better Life

Animals are precious creatures of nature that need to be respected. Sure, there are some scary ones that you would not want to get anywhere near, but then there are some like these adorable baby kangaroos, that you cannot wait to get near and just want to cuddle with! Boondi and Rocko are two orphaned Western grey kangaroos that now live at the Denmark Animal Farm and Pentland Alpaca Stud in Denmark, Western Australia. Joeys by nature are inquisitive and playful, as well as very cute! It is a shame that these adorable little joeys got abandoned at such a young age. Good thing that the person found them when they did, as if they had been out alone any longer, the unthinkable could have happened. Don't you just want to take these joeys home with you and just cuddle with them? Unfortunately that is not a possibility for most people. Looks like you have to resort to watching them in videos on the internet. However, you could always purchase some adorable stuffed animals from Amazon to satisfy that cute and cuddly need! Please share this precious moment with your family and friends as this is one clip that no one should ever miss!

Published: September 24, 201547,247 views
Adorable Kitten Melts Our Hearts While Playing And Having Fun 45s

Adorable Kitten Melts Our Hearts While Playing And Having Fun

What a precious video this is! It doesn't get much cuter than this. An adorable newborn kitten is enjoying some good old playtime with its owner, so sweet! The baby kitten loves to grab onto its owners hand. You can definitely tell this kitten has adjusted quite nicely. It already feels comfortable with its family, so adorable! Look at the kittens beautiful blue eyes! How can you say no to them? If it wants to play, you have to play! It will not take no as an answer! The owner then moves the pillow away and the kitten looks surprised and confused, where did it go? It doesn't take long for the kitten to forget about it. Its owner easily distracts the kitten by continuing to play around, this kitten loves it! It wants all the attention, there is no time for anyone else at the moment, only this adorable kitty! These two will be playing around with each other for many years to come. There is an infinite amount of love! Simple moments like these really bring a smile to your face! Kittens are great sleeping buddies! Cuddle up with them and take a nice nap, so cute! Do you have any adorable kittens in your house? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Stapler Contains A Neat Trick 22s

Stapler Contains A Neat Trick

Isn't this a neat trick? Before watching this video, most of us probably didn't even know this was possible. A stapler has never been interesting before, we never think twice about it. We've used it multiple times before but have never looked at it that closely. Is there anything interesting about one? Yes! After watching this video, you can see that the metal plate on the stapler can actually be twisted in a circle! Cool! At first, the paper is stapled the normal way, we are used to this, we have stapled many papers in our lifetime. Then we get to witness this neat trick! When the metal plate on the stapler is pushed, it rotates. Once its rotated 180 degrees, it looks just like the normal position, except its facing the complete opposite way! Now when you try and staple, the staple faces outward instead of inward. Cool! When the staple is put in outwards, it is much easier to remove. If you need a non permanent staple, this is a great trick you can use. Awesome! What a cool surprise this is! How many people actually knew about this trick before watching the video? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: May 19, 2016Updated: May 20, 20165,695,220 views
These Trick Shots Will Have You In Disbelief34s

These Trick Shots Will Have You In Disbelief

No one ever said that life was fair. While some of us can’t even get the ball inside the hoop during basketball practice, this guy manages to do it flawlessly… without looking at the imaginary hoop behind him. His skills are so profound, it doesn’t matter if the target is just a few inches away from him or a solid few feet, it’s all the same. We guess practice makes perfect, but this kind of talent requires a lot of hard work and dedication and the only thing we can say to that is “good job 'hijosh' and may you bless us with more amazing trick shots like these!” Some of these shots are amazing! Who knows how many attempts it took for this man to land those shots? What we do know is that this sure does make for one entertaining video! He looks so confident when he lands those shots too! We all know that on the inside, he must be screaming for joy! What makes this video all the more hilarious is the fact that his face remains expressionless throughout the whole thing! Please share this video with your family and friends as this will surely make them smile!

Published: May 4, 201512,286,501 views
Massive Snow Storm Completely Covers The City Of Krasnoyarsk, Russia 3m26s

Massive Snow Storm Completely Covers The City Of Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Now this is definitely something you don't see every day. Check out this amazing footage as user 'vladimir1991' managed to capture a snow storm completely covering the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. We have a great view of this massive storm approaching, it is frightening, but also interesting at the same time! These people from Russia are not phased at all by the massive snow storm coming their way. They look like they are very used to these occurrences. With temperatures reaching as low as -15 Celsius, which is 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and spring warmth arriving as late as the second half of April (can you imagine that?), it is a safe bet to say that this is a normal sight for the people in Krasnoyarsk. However, watching the massive cloud of frozen water vapour, snowflakes and sleet approach the men on the pier, like a torrent out of a Hollywood disaster movie, really makes you thank Mother Nature for letting you live where you do and not in freezing Russia! At least they get to witness a very cool sight! It is quite intimidating watching the storm slowly creep its way closer to the people. You don't want to get stuck in that snow storm! Have you ever seen a storm as eerie looking as this? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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 'Glory Hole' Spillway Overflows At Lake Berryessa 2m14s

'Glory Hole' Spillway Overflows At Lake Berryessa

The Morning Glory Spillway, called the “Glory Hole” by locals, spilled over for the first time in 10 years this week. The overflow is a result of a month of recent rains filling the river in formerly drought-stricken California. Drone operator Evan Kilkus told Storyful that the latest rains in California are topping the lake off at over 3.5 feet above the World Famous Glory Hole Spillway at Lake Berryessa. His latest drone video shows Lake Berryessa, Putah Creek, and the Monticello Dam. What a spectacular phenomenon this is. Locals around this lake were not expecting such substantial rainfall, as it was supposed to be a La Nina year, meaning that the surface temperatures of the sea were below-average. The result tends to be reduced precipitation, or can even result in a drought. That is what caught everyone by surprise. Planet Earth still contains many mysteries that sometimes science can't understand, but isn't it just awesome? Take some time out of the day to observe the beauty that this world has to offer. Check out this crazy 'Glory Hole' or if your interested in buying a Drone to do your own filming, you can buy one of the top selling drones on Amazon!

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Snake Fakes Death While Showing Off Its Impressive Acting Skills 2m10s

Snake Fakes Death While Showing Off Its Impressive Acting Skills

This snake has perfected a cunning way of deterring predators - by playing dead. With an Oscar-worthy performance, the Eastern Hognose writhes around as if in sheer pain, whilst also emitting a disgusting smell. The snake even hangs its fork tongue out of its mouth to ensure the dramatic scene is fully believable. Texan local, Kenneth Gisi, stumbled across the distinctive snake when it was being confronted by a feral cat. Kenneth explained: "I was just coming home from the store and, while I was walking down my driveway, I noticed a feral cat in the tall grass staring down at the ground intensely. I had a feeling that this cat had found a snake so I went to investigate. Sure enough, it was this Hognose. I was extremely happy that I got to save it from the cat and got to experience this beautiful creature." The Eastern Hognose is famous for being able to deter its enemies from attacking by doing the ages-old trick of playing dead. One really cool feature is that, when confronted with a possible foe, they spread their necks to imitate cobras. But if you don't go away, they will eventually throw themselves into fake spasms and simply play dead! Awesome! Videographer / director: Kenneth Gisi Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

India, The Most Adorable Kitten Loves To Play With Her Owner 2m15s

India, The Most Adorable Kitten Loves To Play With Her Owner

This little kitten India, is absolutely adorable! I don't think it is possible to say no to this little one, especially when you're looking into her eyes! She is so small and innocent, it doesn't look like she has done anything wrong before! This little kitten looks so tired as she leans on her little basket, it looks like it took a lot of effort for her to move herself into a comfortable position, too cute! As her owner starts to rub her head, she shows some more energy, it looks like she is ready to play now as she follows her owners finger around with her paw, too precious! She looks very fascinated with her owners finger, I don't think she fully understands what it is yet, with time, she will continue to learn many more new things! As her owner asks for a high five, this baby kitten tries her best to give a high five back but she falls over. Poor kitten, it's okay though, she has lots of time to practise and prefect a high five! This little kitten definitely puts a smile on your face, she is so cute! Have you ever seen a kitten as adorable as India before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: February 8, 2017Updated: February 9, 201732,942 views