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Drone almost swallowed up by Lake Berryessa glory hole4m28s

Drone almost swallowed up by Lake Berryessa glory hole

Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa County, California. This reservoir in the Vaca Mountains is formed by the Monticello Dam, which provides water and hydroelectricity to the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out this drone that hovers at approximately 1,000 feet above Lake Berryessa and then descends into the famous glory hole and almost gets lost forever. Our guess is that all the water draining into the spillway created a sort of vacuum that made the drone unstable the further it goes down. What a close call! It takes some real skill to be able to get a drone that close to the glory hole without falling in. What a spectacular sight though, isn't it? Check out this close call with a drone!

Published: February 24, 20173,026,507 viewsVirality: 2%
This adorable kitten play fight will make your day!52s

This adorable kitten play fight will make your day!

One of the kitten facts that make them so adorable to humans is how sociable and playful they are. Once kittens are old enough to walk, run and interact, they seem to do little else with their waking hours. This is because kittens learn through play, so all of the climbing, scampering, biting, stalking, meowing and so on emulates actions they will need to know as older cats. Watching kittens play with each other can never be a boring experience, and we are addicted to the cuteness. Check out two precious little munchkins doing kitten stuff in the most adorable way! These two little kittens, named Yin and Yang, get involved in a classic sibling play fight. It has to be one of the cutest confrontations you'll ever see. You can't help but smile while watching that! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this adorable kitten fight!

12-Year-Old Irish Boy Gets an Awesome Surprise at Airport2m53s

12-Year-Old Irish Boy Gets an Awesome Surprise at Airport

County Limerick boy Sean McGrath had no idea he was going on a trip to Spain with his grandparents until he arrived at the airport on Wednesday, April 5. In the car park of Shannon Airport, his dad, Colum, asked him to check the boarding passes on his grandmother’s phone, which revealed a third pass with Sean’s name on it. Dad Colum recorded Sean’s tears of joy at the news.

Published: April 12, 2017501,495 viewsVirality: 8%
Guy Revs and Wrecks His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle10s

Guy Revs and Wrecks His Brand New Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle

New toys are the best toys… Until they get their dashboard and headlight smashed. We've said it time and again - motorcycles are as big of a responsibility as any. Plus, they are some mighty expencive toys! It must have hurt this guys heart and pocketbook, seeing how he was no match for the GSXR's beast of an engine! A lot of people complain about the revving of cars and motorcycles at night, and we guess that this guy suffered a bad case of karma. He wanted to show off his brand new ride so he got his friend to film him revving it. Unfortunately, he must’ve revved it too hard, since he flipped it over and wrecked it bad. Thankfully, the driver’s left without a bruise, although the same can not be said about his dented wallet. Whenever handling a motorized vehicle, or any vehicle on that note, it is important to operate within safe circumstances. Safety should always be a concern. Thankfully this man was not injured. Check out this fail on a brand new motorcycle.

Published: April 12, 2017Updated: April 13, 2017541,581 viewsVirality: 7%
What happens when you put 20,000 volts into a Watermelon?6m08s

What happens when you put 20,000 volts into a Watermelon?

What happens when you pump 20,000 joules into a watermelon? Two words. Pink Mist. After trying to blow up a watermelon with a smaller capacitor, my friend coyt brought over 4 capacitors rated at 20kv and 25uf each. They came from a lab that used to them to simulate the effects of lightning on materi

Dashcam Captures Polish Driver's Collision with Police Car45s

Dashcam Captures Polish Driver's Collision with Police Car

A dashcam video from Poland showing a collision between an overtaking driver and a police car went viral in April 2017. The collision occurred when the police attempted to turn left at the same time as the other driver was overtaking. According to the driver, whose dashcam recorded the incident, the police officer admitted fault for the accident and took a statement from the driver. Storyful cannot verify the driver’s account.

Published: April 5, 2017201,637 views
Dog Owner Sees Dog Toy Covered in Mud, and Then Realizes It’s Alive43s

Dog Owner Sees Dog Toy Covered in Mud, and Then Realizes It’s Alive

This precious hedgehog had a very rough week, to say the least. Namely, he has all covered in mud when a dog owner found it. He soon realized it's alive, even though his first guess was that it's a toy dog. When he say it moving, he quickly washed off the mud, and it took a lot of patience and perseverance to get this adorable creature on its feet again. The vets and the entire medical staff were happy to deliver the good news to the man who found it! Just look at that precious face! When we see stories like this, we can't help but think that there are still good souls out there.

Published: April 12, 2017572,594 viewsVirality: 14%
Big man is unstoppable on slip n slide10s

Big man is unstoppable on slip n slide

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying man! Well sort of flying. This guy decided to give the slip n slide a go, and boy must he regret it now. You can see from the beginning how much speed he begins to pick up. THat right there should've been the red flag for this hilarious disaster of an ending. Sometimes a viral video can serve as a lesson in physics. This big man's slip n slide fail is a lesson in momentum. A big man in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. This big guy gets some serious momentum on this soapy slip n slide and he ends up launching off the end of it. Summer fun often ends with a big bang. Sometimes we don't know what we are getting ourselves into. Occasionally, that's what makes for a good story. You can bet that this video will be going around for some time throughout his family! Check out this guy get some big air on a slip n slide!

Published: December 2, 2015Updated: December 1, 2015922,105 viewsVirality: 25%
Rescued Kitten Thanks New Owner Affectionately41s

Rescued Kitten Thanks New Owner Affectionately

This beautiful kitten, named Henry, was rescued from Cat Rescue Newcastle with hours left to live before it was going to be put down. Adelle, a foster carer for Cat Rescue Newcastle who rescue cats from the pound, saved him and this video shows how grateful he is to his new owner! This display of affection has been seen over 263,000 times at the time of writing on YouTube where it was originally posted. You can just tell how happy this kitten became. Here are a few quick facts about rescue animals. Every year there more than 6 million animals admitted into shelters that are looking for homes. Obviously some get adopted, but there are still a large number that don't. Over one million of these animals will be euthanized throughout the course of the year. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this rescued kitten being extremely affectionate!

Published: February 17, 2017132,669 views
Tuna VS. Seagull2m11s

Tuna VS. Seagull

One day the tuna started to visit the port and it became a local attraction with people feeding it. They call it "Ramona". On a work break, a man and his colleagues went to feed sardines to it, seagulls were trying to get it as well, and that's when the moment was captured where the tuna "eats" the seagull, throwing it out right away. It was feeding time for the large tuna, and the seagull decided with was hunting time. From there, everything went wrong for the seagull. In an attempt to steal the tuna's sardines, it got captured by the tuna's bite. But luckily, the tuna released, only wounding the over confident seagull. Credit: Robert Zawadzki / ViralHog.com Occurred: January 9, 2016 Location: L'Escala, Girona, Spain

Published: April 19, 2016Updated: April 28, 20161,027,660 viewsVirality: 7%
Cat introduced to gathering of 16s

Cat introduced to gathering of "new best friends"

There are two kinds of people in this world: ones who swear by cats, and others who can’t stand their sight. Thankfully, there is only one kind of cat - the perfect one. So imagine what must’ve happened for this cat to look so sour. The secret rule to having your cat love you forever and ever is to keep ducks in any forms, shapes and sizes as far away from it as humanly possible. Guess these people belong to the latter kind, since this purrfection is buried beneath piles of toy ducks. A shame really, but it’s still too hilarious! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this hilarious cat!

Published: April 8, 2017Updated: April 10, 2017136,360 viewsVirality: 8%
This Gorilla is Causing Quite a Stir. When He Turns Around, You'll See Why!51s

This Gorilla is Causing Quite a Stir. When He Turns Around, You'll See Why!

If you happened to stay awake during science class, then you might know that humans are most closely related to apes than any other family of animals. Even knowing this evolutionary fact, scientists at the Kent wildlife park were still shocked to see this phenomenon. Ambam, a 27-year-old silverback gorilla at Port Lympn Animal Park in Kent, UK, gained international fame when he was captured on video walking upright like a human. Park officials say that he has not been trained to do so and that he probably behaves this way so that he may have a better view of his carers or to be able to see where the food is beaing scatered in the enclosure. What ever the reason, this is a unique sight of our glorious ancestor. Make sure to share the video with your friends.

Published: April 11, 20172,795,617 viewsVirality: 20%
Surprise Groom walks off altar during wedding vows Stepdaughter2m37s

Surprise Groom walks off altar during wedding vows Stepdaughter

When marrying someone with a child, you are also becoming another parent to that child. It is important for the child to feel comfortable and welcomed by you, and hopefully that translates into a mutual love for one another. When at his wedding, this groom surprised everyone by stepping away from his now-wife during vows. What this man did was amazing. He got down on one knee and gave his vows to his new stepdaughter, promising to love her and treat her as his own. To cap it all off, he gave her a real diamond necklace for her to wear. Now that is one classy move from the groom. What a touching moment for everyone! What an amazing moment witnessed by family and friends alike. One's wedding is a special time, and what a better way to spend it than sharing it with the ones you love. Check out this awesome surprise that this groom had in store at his wedding.

Published: April 4, 2017Updated: April 5, 2017232,561 views
Prairie Dog Likes to Play With Cat2m13s

Prairie Dog Likes to Play With Cat

A new arrival to the home likes to play with the house cat, in this video from Auburndale, Florida. Jason Hilt has had the prairie dog a few weeks and says it’s very playful, as can be seen in this video of the prairie dog with the cat.It's always a true pleasure watching two animals of totally different species to befriend and start playing. This is the case with this playful prairie dog, who sees a cat for the first time, and just can't resist the urge to play with him! He instantly bonds and energetically starts wandering around the room, but lazy cat has a bit different plans for the day. Nevertheless, he accepts the challenge and goes into play mode very soon. Just wait till you see the end! For all you cat and animal lovers, this is going to be a cuteness overload! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this Prairie Dog playing with a Cat!

Published: April 12, 2017208,612 viewsVirality: 2%
Great White Shark Spotted Near Florida Coast1m10s

Great White Shark Spotted Near Florida Coast

Billy Skipper and his friend, Cooper Meyers, were out fishing near Amelia Island, Florida, on April 2 when they spotted a great white shark. “Myself and my friend Cooper Meyers were fishing at the Jetties and decided to go out a bit further and fish the buoys just offshore when we spotted him on the surface,” Skipper told Storyful. Despite this encounter, OSEARCH’s global shark tracker did not detect any great white sharks in the region, according to local reports A version of this video with sound can be watched below.

Published: April 3, 201766,508 viewsVirality: 1%
WIND SHEAR B737 Pulls just in time for GO-AROUND1m09s

WIND SHEAR B737 Pulls just in time for GO-AROUND

In this video you see a B737 by KLM go for a GO AROUND. The skilled pilot did save the plane form a disastrous hard contact with the tarmac by performing a go around. What we have here is a true tallent and amazing maneuvering skills, as pilot performs a stunt that will blow your mind! As he's trying to land the plane, he realizes he's too close to the tarmac, and does his best to avoid crashing into it. And he really does an amazing job! He manages to avoid any contact and in the end lands the plane safely. True hero of the day!

Published: February 21, 2017191,638 viewsVirality: 28%
Platoon of Marines perform flawless trick drill2m35s

Platoon of Marines perform flawless trick drill

Check out this platoon of marines as they practise their "monkey drill" a day before graduation. It's called "monkey drill" because it's improvised, yet it takes a lot of coordination, being comfortable with your equipment, a wide vocabulary of moves and tricks and most of all- lack of hesitation. Considering their heavy gear, these boys performed the drill admirably! Even though improvised, a monkey drill can be tricky. Luckilly, these men seem to be a top, closely knit team and surely will wow their superiors and audience at the graduation ceremony. Make sure to share this video with your friends, so that they too can bask in the sight of a well done monkey drill.

Published: September 16, 2015Updated: September 17, 20151,869,712 viewsVirality: 6%
Tow truck drops car during risky lift47s

Tow truck drops car during risky lift

Looks like this tow truck lift attempt in Quebec City, Canada didn't exactly go as planned! Watch as the vehicle crashes onto its side during the risky procedure. Credit to 'Michaël Pelletier'.

Kitten's First Vet Visit3m19s

Kitten's First Vet Visit

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day - Marmalade's first trip to the vet when he was a kitten… he loved exploring the new space but as you could see wasn't a fan of the vaccinations! … Such a BIG meow from such a tiny kitten! This was literally the day after Marm came into our lives, he had fleas and came from a family who didn't want him… He had two siblings that died during birth and they also lived by feral cats, it wasn't until later that we found out his mom was often let outside to roam free which is almost certainly why Marm is FIV+… Since we rescued Marm his mom has thankfully been spayed! There are more cats than dogs in the U.S. but vet visits for cats are statistically down and it’s a major concern! It's very important to schedule regular check-ups at the vet for your kitties, cats are so good at hiding signs of illness, early detection of any symptoms is invaluable to their health and well being… (and yours!) 10 Tips For EASIER Vet Visits - by Layla Morgan Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101: http://catwisdom101.com/10-tips-for-e... SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/user/chrispoo... SHOP - http://shop.spreadshirt.com/coleandma... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColeandMarma... Website: http://coleandmarmalade.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/coleandmarmalade/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/coletheblackcat Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ColeandMarm/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/100218804...

Published: March 27, 2017Updated: March 28, 2017251,329 viewsVirality: 3%
Woman Finds Strange Caterpillar In Garden32s

Woman Finds Strange Caterpillar In Garden

A woman in Spain has stumbled across a strange double-headed creature, and the internet is going crazy. Luján Eroles, 46, was walking at her courtyard when she came across the critter, before she shouted her friends across in horror. The rough skinned creature looked like a serpent with two heads, measured at about 10cm and with skin as passionate as a snake. The creature seemed to blink in one eye, which astonished Luján's friends. It turns out the creature may have been an Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar, known for their horn-like curved spines. **Please contact video@catersnews.com to licence this content** Company Information: Caters Clips is owned and operated by Caters News Agency Ltd, an international multimedia content provider. We supply news, picture, video and feature stories to the world’s largest media publishers. All videos aired on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners. For media / licensing / broadcast usages, please contact video(at)catersnews.com www.catersnews.com Connect with Caters: Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Caters_News Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CatersTV Visit our website: https://www.catersnews.com

Published: March 29, 2017157,521 viewsVirality: 8%
Off Duty Lifeguard Saves Two During Interview3m19s

Off Duty Lifeguard Saves Two During Interview

I am a photographer and needed a good interview to help promote a company sponsored beach clean-up for Earth Day. I set up a interview with a friend and local lifeguard, Tim Capra. I asked him to bring his family and some boards to make the interview a little more appealing. The interview started after 7:00 pm (after hours, where there is not a lifeguard on duty). In the middle of the interview, Tim began to focus on a specific spot in the currents and paused during his response to the question. Then, he walks off camera and spots the people he saw in the water were caught in a rip current! Tim took off down the beach to grab one of his boards he brought for an interview prop, and began to paddle out to save a young man and his father from drowning. Tim got them on his board and back to shore. He casually walks back to his family, drys off, and then finishes the interview - classic hero.

Published: April 3, 2017194,615 viewsVirality: 8%
Mom Can't Handle Pregnancy Announcement1m00s

Mom Can't Handle Pregnancy Announcement

One of the greatest surprise announcements that a family can make is the pregnancy announcement! Well hold onto your seats, because this mom just found out that her daughter is pregnant and she only has three words that can express her utter excitement, oh my god! This young lady has some important news to deliver to her mom and dad. What she doesn't expect is her mom's reaction! When she finally tells them that she's pregnant, her mom is swept off her feet, literally! News like this is always a challenge to deliver, but this young woman totally nails it! Mom on the other hand can't stop screaming with joy, and starts roaming around the room! Hilarious is an understatement for this situation! Congrats mom, you'll be a grandma soon!

Published: March 30, 2017265,138 viewsVirality: 5%
Sensitive dog shames owner but quickly forgives30s

Sensitive dog shames owner but quickly forgives

This is one of those stories where the owner leaves home the dog and goes to work. Dogs clearly don't have any sense or idea of what time is so they feel like their owners are just leaving them out to dry. Samson clearly felt his family was gone for too many hours. He lets his feelings be known, but instantly forgives. It is obvious that all he has been doing throughout the day is worry and wait for them to return. Watch his reaction when he realizes his parents are back. Such a sweet dog!

Published: March 27, 2017616,210 viewsVirality: 2%