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A Weird Mermaid-Looking Sea Creature Is Spotted On The Spanish Seaside 33s

A Weird Mermaid-Looking Sea Creature Is Spotted On The Spanish Seaside

It turns out that the world that surrounds us is not so benign after all. Your childhood fears about a monster hiding under the bed might be true in the end! Somewhere out there, in the darkness, in isolated forests and in the unfathomable water depths there live mysterious creatures. They appear out of the blue and just as suddenly they disappear into the thin air. Frightened witnesses are dumbfounded and puzzled. We have always known that the world is full of many mysterious things. There are so many things that we cannot yet explain, some of which we cover in the video at the top of the page. From a dragon filmed flying over England to a creature caught lurking in the depths of a sewer, we take a look at the five monsters caught on tape. Let's talk about these mystical creatures, which were somehow managed to be captured on camera. Most of us thought that monsters only exist in works of fiction, but what if some of those works had some merit to them? What if monsters actually existed in our world today? This video right here seems to answer that question! Real monsters or something else? Watch the clip and decide for yourself! Let’s talk about mermaids. We grew up watching The Little Mermaid. A rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel is fascinated with life on land. But growing up we realized that mermaids are not real and Disney just made those characters up. But, did they? Some people still believe that mermaids are real and this video will probably make you think that too. If you believe in mermaids, you might find this spotting in Mallorca, Spain a bit interesting! The footage is taken from a random group of people riding on a boat when they spot the peculiar creature on the rock. The couldn’t believe their eyes. They believe there is a really big chance that is a mermaid! What do you think about this video? Is it a real mermaid? Or maybe is just some <a href=" https://rumble.com/v4v587-mysterious-sea-creature-found.html " target="_blank">sea creature</a> that has a <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3133e-mind-blowing-mermaid-found-at-the-beach-of-hawaii-and-egypt.html " target="_blank">mermaid-like</a> silhouette in that angle under the sun. People believe them to be sirens of the ocean; half fish, half human. Could they be alive out there? Perhaps living in some dome underwater. Many tales are told about these fancy, cute and perfect mermaids for little girls, that people are forgetting that mermaids don't have to be like that! For all, we know they could be real, but have a slight similarity to our kind. They could be either smarter than us (and maybe that's why they managed to hide away from us for such a long time) or just an animal, predator, like for e.g. a shark. What do you believe? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Try To Find The Cat That's Hiding Among These Owls1m20s

Try To Find The Cat That's Hiding Among These Owls

The human brain is truly remarkable . It is capable of orchestrating multiple activities inside the human body at the same time. It can process information, give feedback and store them inside for further use. It orders glands to secrete hormones that make the body work all the while allowing us to form coherent speech and look put together on the outside. But sometimes the brain can cause quite the commotion. Usually when a new information is introduced, the brain tries to gather all sort of relevant past data about it and decide whether it is something it previously encountered or it’s a completely new thing. If it fits past parameters, the brain will store it with other data alike, if it’s new, it will open up another drawer for the processed information. Sometimes during this data distribution, the human mind can be fooled into thinking that a new information is an old information based on the similarities. This makes it store this new occurence in a wrong file and we are left tricked by an illusion. Take this photo for example. In it, we can see a lot of owls. Our brain grabs this information and tries to break it down. It sees that the picture is composed of owls, medium-sized birds with small beaks and large eyes. Their feathers are sandy brown and white and there is a large amount of them overlapping each other, making it difficult to count the. Seeing only one of them is enough to give our brain the image of the owl, and any other owl we see would be stored as past information. Only, are all of them owls? If you look closely you will single the odd one out . The kitten is the same colour as the owls, making our brain mistake it as an owl. Pretty cool, right?

Towing Takes A Hilarious Twist That Will Leave You In Stitches27s

Towing Takes A Hilarious Twist That Will Leave You In Stitches

Many of us probably don't think about the tow truck business that often. We're grateful when one randomly stops on the road when we're broken down. We may think about them when we buy a new car or change our car insurance in determining whether or not we want roadside assistance, but for the most part our paths don't cross too often. There are a lot of interesting things that fly by your window when you’re on a long road trip in a car. Sometimes these things are beautiful, like rural terrain in the Smoky Mountains, but sometimes it can be something funny that will eventually turn into funny viral video! We don’t know about you, but there’s nothing we hate more than having our car towed away. The towing company always wait the right moment to take your car away! This video is so funny that after this you won’t take the towing company so serious! Towing fail - This can't be the right way to tow! Right? This is so funny! Literally the tow truck drags the car in the highway and the car goes from left to right and it could practically hit some cars!There are many safety considerations to properly towing a caravan or trailer, travel trailer starting with vehicle towing capacity and ranging through equalizer hitches to properly and legally connecting the safety chains. But, is seems like they forgot the needed equipment today so they decided to just take the care and go! Who need an equipment, right? Have you ever had your car towed? Not all truck driver are bad as this one. This driver is expert in his job. You will be fascinated by this truck driver towing massive wind turbine expertly navigates tiny irish town! In the following video you will see why you should simply call a professional tow truck ! Filmed from a private apartment in the town of Solin in Croatia, a family witnessed what can only be described as two completely ignorant groups of people, who have probably passed their driving test on a hunch and never even took a good look at the images on the test, attempting to tow a van on a busy boulevard! You might think that there is nothing wrong with it, but here is the catch - when you are in need of a tow, first of all, you call tow company because that is what they do! Second of all, if you are feeling stingy about it and you want to tow the car with your own vehicle, you never, ever tie the tow line on the back bumper of the car that needs to be towed! Tow companies do it like that because they use a rigid connection between the truck and the car, having complete control of the towed vehicle. With a rope, the car in the back needs to steer on the road just as much as the vehicle that is towing it in the front! Well, that didn't go as planned! Check out more epic fails here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCcCC ... Subscribe ► https://goo.gl/SU4ZKo Check out our website ► http://viralvideouk.com/ Like us on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Viralvideouk Follow us on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/ViralVideo_UK For licensing please contact info@viralvideouk.com Check original video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bafvd ... Viralvideouk.com is an independent company which is set up to advise on and maximise sales of your footage to broadcasters. This channel hosts some of the most famous viral videos that you’ve seen on both the internet and on TV such as Gangster crab!, Lemon phone charger, Pirate Cat! and many others! Subscribe to our channel to check out weekly Fails, Pranks, Dashcam, Stunts, Tricks, Animal videos and much, much more! We acquire, verify, and manage UGC to be monetized and licensed to TV and brand producers. We offer a wide distribution network and copyright protection on all things viral. Your video gets recognised instantly as we constantly update our media partners with acquired content. We are specialised in all genre's such as comedy, entertainment, factual, news, sport, lifestyle so whatever the clip we will be sure to find a buyer for it In addition, we will monetize your footage through our YouTube partnerships opening up huge brand potential. If you want to start making money from your YouTube films contact info@viralvideouk.com or submit your video. All footage on this channel is licenced by Viralvideouk.com with the permission of the owners.

Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play1m45s

Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play

Mikey the Great Dane puppy is quite a busy boy. Watch and laugh as he barks at Jack the cat to play with him, giving Jack a few play bows before Jack takes off running with Mikey in hot pursuit. Jack comes back for another round, while Mikey gets sidetracked with his stuffed alligator toy. At seven weeks old Mikey is still smaller than Jack, but not for long! Watch how this Great Dane puppy barks at a cat because he wants to play with it, the puppy barks at the cat to play with him, but it seems that the cat is not interested in playing with him, so the cat fled the puppy when he saw a good opportunity to escape. The Great Danes are dogs of an impressive stature, but this puppy is only seven weeks old and has not yet grown and learned enough, currently the cat is bigger than him, but that will not be for long. The puppy wants to play and teases the family cat which made for this funny video! A Great Dane puppy named Mikey intends to play with a cat named Jack, so Mikey barks a couple of times at Jack and tries to get close to him, but Jack stands still, does not seem to have any intention of playing with Mikey, for that reason when he saw the perfect opportunity to escape he ran to a room away from Mikey. The puppy tries to chase Jack but can not reach him, so he begins to smell the fireplace trying to find where Jack had hidden, but on the way he found his crocodile toy and started playing with him. Then, Jack returns for a second round of fun, but it's too late, Mikey is totally entertained with his toy, so he just climbs up to the table and watches him play from there, maybe Jack should have taken the time to play with Mikey. For years it has been said that dogs and cats can not live in harmony or share the same home, the truth is that both are predators by nature, it is a bit difficult to get both of them to get along, but it is something that can be achieved get. Today it is very common to see dogs and cats living in the same house, many say that everything depends on the education given to both, some people say that dogs and cats get along very well if they receive a good education, because despite to be rivals by nature, both have something in common, both love to play with their owners. The Great Danes are characterized by their impressive stature and elegant appearance, in addition to being very affectionate and full of energy, they are always trying to play and share with the family. It is likely that one of the main reasons why Mikey tries to play with Jack is so that both can create a bond of friendship, maybe Mikey is still a puppy and has a lot to learn, but has the right to have fun and make new friends, regardless of their appearance or age. Many people recommend to let dogs know and play with other types of pets, as this helps them to better understand the world and to quickly learn what are the positive and negative aspects of things. It is important to educate pets at an early age, because when they are adults it is difficult to provide them with education. As we can see in the video, the animals will always have the intention to play. Jack, do not be bitter, play with Mikey!

Tiny Chihuahua Puppy Teases Sleepy American Bulldog 2m16s

Tiny Chihuahua Puppy Teases Sleepy American Bulldog

Pet owners prepare for your heart to melt as this is one video that will surely warm you up. In this video, watch as a fearless chihuahua puppy has no problem making friends with this gentle and loving American bulldog. After confusing the bulldog's tail for a chew toy, the puppy engages in some precious playtime with its new buddy. This is one video that no pet owner or viewer should miss as this will be a video that you will remember for a long time! Isn't this video just adorable? The fact that this little chihuahua is so tiny and is playing with this big dog is absolutely adorable! This big dog really is a good dog as it knows that it should not be too rough with it's little friend! Who knew that dogs like this could become good friends? Surely these two will be friends for a long time. Maybe they will even share a lot of their dog toys together! After all, what dog does not like to play with another dog? They really are a funny duo that cannot help but to make you smile! Aren't these two just adorable? The little pup seems to be very excited to play, however his big friend just wants to nap. Nonetheless, the massive pooch acts like a gentle giant around the little ball of fur. Watch how he tolerates his play, and even teases him to fight! Adorable! These two seem like the best of friends! We could all learn a thing or two about friendship from these two! Don't you just want to take these dogs home with you? What did you think of this clip? Do your pets have any protective behaviors like this? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know down in the comments!

Watch This Little Buddy's Reaction When He Finds Out His Crush Is In Love In Someone Else 2m23s

Watch This Little Buddy's Reaction When He Finds Out His Crush Is In Love In Someone Else

Can you remember the first time someone broke your heart? Heartbreak is never easy, but experiencing it for the very first time can be like having your whole world fall apart. It's a difficult moment for everyone, but imagine it happening to a four-year-old boy! When your child's heart is broken, sometimes all he needs is a talk. Even if he doesn't want to, let him pour out his heart to you! That will help you both. Four-year-old Milo had the cold, hard truth delivered to him by his mom while coming home from kindergarten. Apparently, Milo has his first crush - a girl called Emily, but Emily likes another boy and they already have a playdate set up. What happens next is truly sad to watch! Milo’s feelings are hurt and he does what he knows best, and that is to cry his little heart out from his child seat in the back of mom’s car. He doesn’t want to have many friends, he wants to call Emily right now! "I want her to like me more better!" he shouts through his tears. Milo’s mom is trying to calm him down, but apparently it seems like a difficult goal to achieve. This little guy found out how crushing this "love" thing can be. Thinking of other friends and hanging out with them is is the last thing on Milo’s mind right now. It's bad to laugh, but there is something inredibly cute and sweet about Milo’s reaction. We totally understand this little guy: the first heartbreak is always the worst. Don’t despair, Milo!

This Magpie Bird Laughing Just Like A Child Creeps Us Out 3m12s

This Magpie Bird Laughing Just Like A Child Creeps Us Out

User ‘shura84’ found this magpie in her yard when the bird was just a fledgling and ended up raising the unfortunate bird. The magpie ended back up in the wild, where she belongs, but the bird was given a name that she respond to and every time the woman calls her name, she comes flying down to the woman’s window and even enters the house! All of this wouldn’t be such a surprise, if it wasn’t the one things that sets this bird apart from the others. You see, magpies have long been known as clever mimics, not afraid to tackle the call of another species of bird, or even the sound of a tractor, but to actually learn to mimic the sound of a small child, even talk back like a parakeet , is unreal! At one point in the second half of the video, it even seems that the bird keeps repeating “mama" to the woman, over and over. It would have been cute, if the sound the bird is making didn’t resemble eerily close to that of Victorian dolls - those same ones that so many horror movies are made around. Imagine hearing that in the middle of the night! This woman can keep her laughing, talking magpie. We think we will stick to those back-stabbing felines as pets.

RSPCA Heroes Rescue Pony And Her Foal  3m00s

RSPCA Heroes Rescue Pony And Her Foal

RSPCA inspectors rescue a mare and her foal from the approaching tide on the Loughor Estuary marshland in Gower, South Wales. What a great deed they accomplished, they are definitely heroes! The mare had gotten her back hoof stuck in her mane. The hoof was all tangled up in her hair and her leg was completely bent in an awkward angle because of this. Poor girl. Carefully, the RSPCA inspectors were able to get her leg out of her mane, thank goodness! Once the pony's leg is free, she doesn't get up right away. Her leg must be very tender from being stuck in that awkward position. Who knows how long she was stuck like that for. As the foal approaches her, she slowly starts to get up but she stumbles. She is still very weak. With a couple more tries, she is able to get up, awesome! The mare and her foal walk off together, appreciating every little thing these RSPCA inspectors did for them! Do you love wildlife and animals? Check out some of this nature and wildlife photography ! Nature is so beautiful! Have you done anything heroic before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Find out more about how we rescue animals from all sorts of situations at: https://www.rspca.org.uk/whatwedo/rescue Credit: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)

Snuggly Alpaca Is Best Friends With Friendly Cats 55s

Snuggly Alpaca Is Best Friends With Friendly Cats

When another animal grows up with a cat, sometimes it’s interesting the way they can take after the feline kind. When cats share their affections, they can lure animals in and get them right in the palm of their hand or should we say the paw. This alpaca was raised in a family with cats and even bottle-fed by humans because her mother was unable to. Lacey, the alpaca baby, was born late in the year, in the winter, in her home of Alberta, Canada. For anyone who knows anything about winters in Canada, the weather can reach extremely cold temperatures. Lacey’s family didn’t want her to suffer so instead of sleeping outside in the brutally cold weather, they allowed her to sleep indoors by the stove. Quickly, little Lacey bonded with the house cats , and as she grew, she started to get used to them and now she loves them to that extent that they nap together, play together and hang out together! They have all became the best of friends. This video is the perfect example of them cuddling together on the deck making for the world’s warmest pile of fuzz. This fluffy alpaca is adorable, docile and soft. It is a very social creature, gentle and curious and now she has become a great pet taking after the cats. Alpacas are both prized as pets and as cattle around the world. There are no wild alpacas to be found. Herds often include animals of different species or taxonomic families, such as llamas, goats and sheep. This alpaca and her cat friends are truly inseparable. Watch them snuggle in this lovely clip and you would want to adopt one too!

Hilarious Footage Of Baby Trying To Fight Falling Asleep1m58s

Hilarious Footage Of Baby Trying To Fight Falling Asleep

This smiley and sleepy one-year-old little boy is dozing off while sitting on the couch, but he keeps waking up to laughter. Are you this happy when you're tired? We assure you that you cannot stop smiling and feeling conquered by the tenderness and beauty of this little boy, who despite trying to get to sleep; apparently the effect of his mother's laughter is much stronger than his desire to sleep. Little Alex after his lunch hour has been a little drowsy, so the comfortable sofa in the living room and the pleasant company of mom are the perfect places to take a small nap to repair and replenish the energies for the evening of games that awaits you; but our happy and smiling little friend has such a good mood that not even fatigue manages to make him resist the hilarious laughter of his mother and not stop laughing too. What fun! This witty mother captures the funny moment when her little son tries to sleep a little but definitely, the smiling Alex cannot stop being in a good mood and having a good time even though mom is not working hard for me to get some rest. How many of us are so happy when we are sleepy? Surely the answer is: very few, not to mention Nobody, the truth is that this one-year-old seems to have so much fun listening to his mother laugh that no matter that the fatigue and his obvious desire to take a nap are undeniable, it just adds to the funny moment and laughs non-stop. It is so adorable! It is obvious that Alex after a hectic morning and a succulent meal is ready to count little sheep and dream of many little angels, but apparently, mom has other plans. Will she ever let him sleep at some point? Definitely, there is something in the world more tender and funny than seeing a baby fighting a pitched battle against sleep, simply You cannot stop smiling! but what is not so common is to see the protagonist of the funny scene, to have fun as much as the spectator himself. This beautiful baby and his contagious smile has surely managed to conquer a few hearts. Who could resist so much tenderness? and it is that his good humor and the so calm, fresh and even funny reaction that he has before the impossibility of taking a few minutes of sleep ... is incredible. It is possible that this video will get you a few smiles and will make your heart melt with so much tenderness, but do not try to imitate the images seen at home. Beware! It is possible that not all children have such a good mood and wake up as happy as baby Alex and if you do so it will be at your own risk. And remember that if you loved this clip, you did not stop laughing or have a kid at home that definitely reminded you of our sleepy and funny little friend, give it a Like and click on Share so that many more people can be conquered by this hilarious boy or just let us know your comments.

Woman With Beetle Tattoo Showcases Unique Design 18s

Woman With Beetle Tattoo Showcases Unique Design 

Tattoos are permanent and will always be with a person. So, tattoos should be a work of art that you will always appreciate. In this short video, a Brazilian tattoo artist Tomas Melo or as he goes by “Menace”, created a beautiful dung beetle on a women’s lower arm. The beetle’s wings cross her elbow in a way where when she moves her arms she can make the beetle fly. How cool is that! The video ends with the view of a radiant Brazilian sunset with compliments the stunning tattoo design. This unique design is a masterpiece, which will endure the test of time and remain cool and trendy. Tattooing has been around for thousands of years. The art form can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt, but there have been examples of tattoos found in other cultures where they developed individually, especially in China, Polynesia, and South East Asia. The art form was popular in South East Asia as tribal and religious symbols. These tattoos were mainly given using a "stick and poke" method, where a needle dipped in ink would be rapidly stabbed into the skin. Tattoos spread to the western world with Captain Cooks voyages, on his first voyage, his crew returned from their travels in Asia with tattoos of plants and important symbols from their travels. In addition, Captain Cook brought back a native Pacific islander who was tattooed, which highly interested King George of England. Shortly after the first tattoo shop opened in the United Kingdom, but was still largely associated with sailors. The art of tattooing gained more popularity in the United States, during the civil war. Japanese and Polynesian tattoo artists would give American and European soldiers tattoos, especially in port cities. After the war, the art of tattooing remained popular among soldiers, but soon gained more popularity among the upper classes, and was seen more as an art form rather than lower class. Although with the invention of the electric tattoo machine, tattoos became cheaper and less of a status symbol than before with the ‘stick and poke’ method, making the practice available among all social and economic classes. While tattoos are seen negatively in some parts of society, I think this tattoo is an incredible work of art and incredibly unique. So original! This short video shows off an amazing, beautiful tattoo designs . The tattoo of a beetle on this women’s arm looks like its flying if she moves it in just the right way. The tattoo artist Menace did an amazing job creating a beautiful work of arm on this Brazilian women’s arm. Hopefully, we will see more unique and creative works from this tattoo artist. His work is so creative! What do you think of the video? Do you have any unique and interesting tattoos? Make sure you tell us in the comments down below what you thought of the video and to be sure to share this video with others so they can have inspiration from this amazing tattoo design!

Mechanic Finds Furry Stowaway Within Car5m27s

Mechanic Finds Furry Stowaway Within Car

Ready for the best video you have seen in a while? Okay, we thought as much. Grab your cuppa coffee and find a comfy position. Here we go! This jewel was made on September 6, 2018, in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK. This is what the maker of the video said about this event: "A customer came to the garage worried about a scraping noise inside of her car. The customer presumed an animal had become trapped somewhere within the car. My colleague and I checked underneath the car and could see nothing, so we assumed the animal had fallen out or ran away. We then heard the same noise she had described from within the wheel arch. We attempted to remove the screws, but as they were rusted in place, they would not come undone. The customer asked to remove whatever it was in any way we could. I decided to film it as we thought it would have been a rat or a small bird. Previous to the video being taken we had tried to remove the wheel arch." Don't you just want to grab this cutie and take it home? Yeah, we know there was a lot of work put into its rescue and it will definitely cost a few dollars but it is definitely worth it! That precious hamster face is saying: "OK guys, where next?" But wait, don't move a muscle! We have more hamsters running for you. Take a look at this "scary" one. The lazy pooch is not impressed with the new hamster pet . Here's the thing with those irrational fears we all suffer from (don't deny it!) - the less sense they make, the worse they often are. The small the object of your fear is, the more irrational it gets. Take this dog for example. Can you imagine a big Bernese Mountain Dog, being scared of a tiny little hamster? Well, this dog is scared of the tiny rodent and just will not look it in the eye! Doesn't matter that he is like 1000 times bigger than the tiny creature and would certainly win in a fight, if it comes to that. This puppy is definitely not pleased with his new furry friend. Despite attempts made by owner Songyi to introduce the cute pair, this dog did not want to see eye to eye. The Bernese Mountain Dog was quick to turn its nose up at the new furry member of the family. The hamster is welcome to live it's little life in it little pellet den all it wants, just keep it away from the dog and his personal space! This funny video went all the way to Reddit, where fellow Redditors poured their stands on what is going on in the video. The best has to be: “That’s a good way to not have a hamster much longer.” So there you have it – if your dog doesn't want to meet the new rodent, stop shoving it in its face! The dog has nothing else but a silent treatment for his supposedly new friend. He gives the hamster such a cold shoulder that we have to rub our eyes to believe it. Dogs are usually the friendliest canines, but who knows what has gotten into this Barnese. Is it the fear of mice that led him to stupor or the fact that he has to share his owners and his personal space with another “invader”? Whatever the case, he remains off- putting, cold and distant and what is more he can’t bear to look this little creature in the eye. What a funny dog!

Baby Girl Has Emotional Reaction To Daddy's Singing34s

Baby Girl Has Emotional Reaction To Daddy's Singing

What a precious moment!As soon as this father starts to sing to his baby girl, her reaction is priceless. She is enjoying every moment her dad sings a new note to her. Her smile is so beautiful; he must be so happy that he can make her laugh with his voice. He has a great voice, sweet! This little girl is so adorable; she is looking directly at her dad, focusing on everything he does. As her dad continues to sing to her, she even lets out a little giggle; she loves every minute of this, she appreciates every moment of the love and affection, these two already have such a great bond, so adorable. Her dad carefully holds her head, as she continues to listen to him sing. She is mesmerized, there is nothing that will distract her now, she has her full attention on her dad. When he is done singing, he gives her the biggest kiss, and I'm sure she loves it! What a beautiful moment! How could you not spoil this little girl? She is adorable! Check out some of these baby products so you can spoil your kids as well! Having a baby is an individual thing. They can change your life forever. Everything that is done for them will always be worth it, from cleaning their diapers to paying for their college to singing to them and enjoying this kind of precious moment. The father and daughter bond is unbreakable. From the moment they are babies till the day they grow up to be somebody's wife. Just take a look at this fantastic father and his daughter sharing a particular moment at her wedding. This father-daughter dance made every guest jump to their feet and we find it so incredibly fun. This bride is no exception! This dynamic duo took the dance floor with “My Girl” by The Temptations, but after the first chorus, the record scratches and the mashup begins! From “Baby Got Back,” to “Gangnam Style “ and “Whip/Nae Nae,” these two set the dance floor on fire. They surprised the guests, and they had so fun dancing! Usually, brides choose a song that means a lot to them and their dads, often accompanied by tears of joy and sorrow, but these two made a choreography that was out of this world! A father is one of the unique persons we all have in our life, they are the ones who make us strong, who makes us fell in ourselves, to have faith in us and our decisions as we grow up. Fathers share their stories with their daughters; they teach them to take risks to build self-confidence, they talk to each other and share what happened throughout the day. Their relationship is strong and will always be like that, as fathers see their daughters as little girls no matter how old are they! Do you have any precious moments to share? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Girl Breaks Down In Tears After Tasting Pepsi For The First Time 44s

Girl Breaks Down In Tears After Tasting Pepsi For The First Time

Can you imagine what it must be like for people who are allergic to certain foods, so much so that they have never tasted them their whole lives? Coffee, chocolate, nuts, strawberries, eggs; all of these can cause deadly allergies, meaning that those who suffer from these allergies will never know the pleasure of a freshly brewed espresso, the crunch of a good bar of chocolate, that first scoop of Nutella or the last scoop of ice cream... Like, imagine going your whole life without having a taste of Pepsi at one point or another. For example, Mario R.'s girlfriend is allergic to caffeine and therefore can't drink most sodas containing (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.). She had no idea what she had been missing so far; all she had to go on were what people were telling her, some probably even told her “come on, one sip won’t kill yah". If only that were true. Mario wouldn’t be the best boyfriend in the world if he didn’t go out and track a bottle of caffeine free Pepsi for his girl to try. He brought her a bottle and told her that it tastes just the same as the real deal (we can’t say for sure, so we have to believe him). The smell alone made the poor girl wanna cry and we feel for her. But that first sip… Who would have known that a Pepsi tasting could turn so emotional? You can bet that there will be more caffeine free Pepsi in her future!

Adorable Large Newfoundland Demands A Belly Rub1m07s

Adorable Large Newfoundland Demands A Belly Rub

Animals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. However, did you know that animals could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? That seems to be exactly the case in this compilation here! What is it that puppies love most in life? They love their owners, their food bowl, the frequent walks in the park and the scratches behind their ears. When pups have these things, they are the happiest they can be. But when a treat is introduced to the mix, thing get too cute too soon! No matter how big they grow up to be, puppies will always be puppies! Even if they grow up to be a 160 lbs bear like little ol' Sebastian here! Sebastian might be an adult, but he's still a baby in his heart. He loves when his human gives him nice, long belly rubs. But there's time for play and there's time for chores, so when theb human stops and tells him she's done, Sebastian throws a tantrum, just like a little baby! "Are you mad at me?" says the lady as he turns his back on her. "Don't be mad at me, I'm sorry" are the magical words that bring this lovable teddy bear back! Looks like Sebastian believes he is the king of the house! Watch as he argues and pouts after his owner stops giving him a belly rub. His reaction at the end will bring a smile to your face!

Little Girl Pulls Off Hidden Camera Prank On Dad45s

Little Girl Pulls Off Hidden Camera Prank On Dad

Pranks seem to be the rage now a days on the internet and this little girl is no exception! Watch as this adorable 4-year-old girl steps it up in this scare prank on her cranky dad. Watch along as she brilliantly hides in the closet, waiting for him to grab his keys and jacket. As soon as he opens the door, he gets one of the biggest scares of his life. Well executed for someone so young! You cannot help but to laugh as this <a href=" https://rumble.com/v2zvku-dumpster-diving-clown-hidden-camera-prank-scare.html " target="_blank">hidden camera</a> prank goes off beautifully. This is one video that you do no want to miss! This video is adorable! Sure, pranks on the internet are getting pretty overdone now a days, but this little girl is still managing to keep it fresh! Most people get called out for making fake pranks but this video seems not fake at all, as the father genuinely looked scared. Did you hear how the little girl said sorry to her dad at the end? Talk about cuteness overload! This is one precious moment that they will surely never forget! It seems that this little girl really loves practical jokes and pranks of that sort. Who knows how many <a target="_blank" href=" https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Toys-Games-Gags-Practical-Joke/zgbs/toys-and-games/166034011?&_encoding=UTF8&tag=rumble07-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=8623d41aeb221bb9b29a2bc1955617dc&camp=1789&creative=9325">practical joke toys</a> she will have in the future?! What we do know is that she is one funny girl! Another kid also pulled a hilarious and <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3qr1v-took-your-pillow-baby-plays-trick-on-daddy-giggling-uncontrollably.html " target="_blank">innocent prank</a> on dad and several times too! It seems that this baby already knows how to play tricks on people and have a good laugh while they’re at it! He’s sitting on the floor with dad and playing with his toys, but dad has claimed his sensory ball as a pillow. Of course, baby wants his sentiment known, so as soon as dad turns away to watch a show, the baby reaches out and grabs dad’s “pillow” right for under his head!

This Is The Laziest Puppy You Have Ever Seen! 2m10s

This Is The Laziest Puppy You Have Ever Seen!

The Shiba Inu is the smallest of the six original and distinct spitz breeds of dog from Japan. If you are not familiar with the breed, just look at the incredible movie with Richard Gere called ‘Hachiko’ and you will fall in love with the breed instantly. Sorry for the tears while watching the movie but it’s worth it. Anyway, t These tenacious hunters were bred to go after ducks, boards, and even bears. They also have dense undercoats, which allow them to withstand cold temperatures—a particularly helpful trait for a hunting dog. However, this cute dog is not quite the hunter as expected from its breed. This cute dog loves to stay in bed and enjoy all day! Looks like Lulu the Shiba Inu puppy does not like getting up in the morning. How cute! “Wanna wake up Lulu? “ her owner asks her to get up on the sweetest way ever but Lulu act like it’s not listening to anything because it’s too early to get up! Ages later, Lulu is still in bed! Guess today it’s not going to be a productive day! It will lots and lots of naps. We wish we could have a day like Lulu spent in bed! They are not just lazy dogs we don’t want you to know them like lazy! They are also very loyal and very very lovable. Just look at how this shiba inu loses it when owner comes home it’s so adorable! !

Couple Rescues A Bear With Bucket Stuck On Its Head6m13s

Couple Rescues A Bear With Bucket Stuck On Its Head

This is unbelievable, a bear has been roaming around the Perry Township area for several weeks with a bucket stuck on its head. How has he been able to walk around with this uncomfortable object on his head, it’s not clear. Poor bear . At first, a man tries to remove the object from his head but it doesn't budge. He puts all his force into it but it doesn't look like it's coming off. The bear gets startled and runs past the fence with the object still on his head. He runs into the woods and a few people start to follow him. The group of locals start to take action to free the bear. They hold the bear down as they try to remove the object. He is very scared and the freeing mission seems very difficult. Using a saw, they cut open the bucket, and it comes off his head. The bear runs off and is so happy to be free. If he could thank those people he would. How awesome it is to see these people save the bear’s day! Nice job! Everybody keeps saying "curiosity killed the cat", when they should be saying "curiosity got a bucket stuck on a bear's head"! The poor thing probably thought that something yummy was inside (maybe it really was!) and decided to sniff in there, but by the time it turned out to be nothing but a layer of dried goo, it was too late! It's mama probably told him not to stick his head in strange places...he should have listened! In the following video, we can see an incredibly close encounter when a black bear appears out of the woods and slowly approaches a friendly man sitting in the porch. The ignorant animal curiously investigates his human friend, but soon decides it is uninterested, and decides to leave! It is amazing to see a black bear showing utter curiosity to befriend a human friend, much to our amusement. This is the intense moment when a dangerous black bear slowly approaches a man, showing no violent nature whatsoever. However, after sniffing his body in detail, the bear soon decides that the human is not her type and slowly retreats into the woods. What a lovely encounter! Admit it, you never expected this close encounter to end like it did! With a happy ending and a new friendship! Adorable! Who would have ever thought that a black bear would be so curious to become friends with a human? Maybe it is the fact that the man was sitting still and not moving a muscle, hence, not presenting any danger to the animal whatsoever. What would you have done if you were in a situation similar to this one? Run? Hide? Faint? Scream? Pet the bear? What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen something like this before? Would you ever go anywhere near a black bear? We would love to hear what you have to think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section!

Black Kitten Wiggles Her Ears With Excitement While Being Bottle-Fed 1m45s

Black Kitten Wiggles Her Ears With Excitement While Being Bottle-Fed

An adorable kitten flapping its ears while being bottle fed has taken the internet by storm. Watch as this two-week-old bottle fed kitten named Polly wiggles her ears while eating. Now that's just heart-warming! If you didn’t have kitten fever already, you will get it after watching this video of a tiny black kitten getting bottle fed. Footage shows the tiny creature wrapped tightly into a soft cloth, patiently waiting to receive a feeding bottle from owner. Watch as the black kitten sucks on the pacifier with delight and moves its ears with excitement. It is adorable to see that as tiny as can be, this cutie knows how to show signs of satisfaction. The heartwarming video footage shows the joyous eyes of kitten Polly glow as she suckles on the bottle and enjoys her milk. Watch as Polly wiggles her ears while enjoying her tasty meal. What an amazing way of showing your owners that you really enjoy their pampering and food. Some of us enjoy our food so much, we cannot help but hum when we eat because it is just too delicious! This kitten is not shy when it comes to expressing her feelings towards her favourite food and she puts her happy ears into action! She continues to wiggle her ears with excitement as she sucks on the bottle! No one should bother this little kitten while she is eating her food. She is enjoying it way too much to be interrupted. Do you have any adorable stories about your pets that you want to share?

Bossy Toddler Teaches Great Dane Who's In Charge 20s

Bossy Toddler Teaches Great Dane Who's In Charge

This is the heartwarming moment when a bossy toddler decides to steal the bed of a Great Dane canine. Check out this Great Dane’s reaction when he realizes that the baby has his most prized possession - the bed! Footage shows the priceless moment when a 25 pound baby teaches a 150 pound dog who's in charge of the household! Looks like the loving Great Dane had no choice but to accept defeat. Apparently, the doggy bed is Great Dane’s most prized possession, but when his human baby tries to sleep in his cozy spot he is left for words and cannot believe his eyes! Hilarious! Poor pooch! The "tough" Great Dane has to give way to the little toddler and give up his bed. Watch as the confident baby comes rushing towards the gentle giant, who is comfortably nested in his cozy spot, smacking him with his tiny baby hands, urging the dog to get up and give up its place. Then, the baby lays down and nicely tucks himself into the warm doggy bed. It is hilarious to see dog’s reaction to having his bed possessed and occupied by the tiny toddler. The gentle giant is left puzzled and confused but there is nothing he can do about it, so he just stares in disbelief. Surprisingly, this gentle giant doesn’t engage in fierce play and doesn’t use aggression to reclaim his place, but politely stares at the baby, hoping he will leave and free up his spot! Adorable! The term Great Dane often symbolizes the gangly and troublesome Marmaduke ruining the neighbor’s yard, or Shaggy’s clumsy canine companion in a Scooby Doo mystery, cowering or devouring everything in sight! However, even though the Great Dane delivers a protective visual deterrent, this breed is actually very friendly and fantastic with kids. As they grow and grow, they live up to the attribute ‘the tallest dogs on the planet’.

Jack Russell Terrier Closes Door To Hide Its Guilt27s

Jack Russell Terrier Closes Door To Hide Its Guilt

Check out what 4-years-old Ari does when her owner scolds her for being a bad doggy. Priceless! Another hilarious pup video! Everyone loves a funny pet moment, and this one takes the cake! Dogs are known to feel guilty when they know they have broken the rules in some way or failed to live up to the expectations of their owners . This probably stems from the fact that our furry friends are connected to us and intuitive in ways we do not fully understand. This little terrier just could not be any cuter! He has obviously done something that he was not supposed to do. We do not really know what that is though. Perhaps he got into the trash ? Maybe he had an “accident” on the floor? We are not quite sure. Whatever it is though, this adorable pup knows he should not have done it. When his owner comes home and finds that the dog has done whatever it is that he did, the owner scolds him a little. The part that makes this a cute moment though, is the dog’s reaction. If you happen to be a pet owner, any type or race of pet, you are well familiar that your pet or pets instantly know when they have done something they were not supposed to do. However, we bet they have never done what this little terrier had! How does he react, you ask? Wait for it…. Wait for it… He goes in the other room and closes the door behind him! Hilarious! If this dog could speak, we imagine he would be saying something along these lines: “Dad, I know I messed up, ok? I get it. But you just are not understanding what my day was like today. You got to be at the office and out of the house all day, but I was stuck here! I had to do something to keep myself occupied! So really that is your fault, isn’t it? Anyway, my point is, I know I broke the rules and all that, blah, blah, blah. But Dad, I am just really not in the mood for a scolding right now ok? Can we do this later? You know what, forget this. I am going to my room, and you are not invited! Peace Out Human!” Pet situations are always funnier when we try to imagine what the pet would be saying if they could speak! What did you think about this video? What was your initial response to the action? Did you gasp in shock? Always feel free and encouraged to comment on our videos and let us know what you think. We always want to know the reaction of our viewers here! Also, if you are a small video creator and you are looking for a platform to share your videos and actually make money on them, you are in the right place! Subscribe to Rumble and create an account and channel of your own. From there you can upload your videos and share with the world! Let us do the hard part of marketing for you, and you just focus on continuing to create high-quality content! When we all work together, we can achieve so much more than when we work alone! We are always providing top quality video product that is sure to brighten your day!

Boy Sings Sweet Song To Cheer Up Friend Having A Bad Day3m09s

Boy Sings Sweet Song To Cheer Up Friend Having A Bad Day

This is the sweet moment a young boy sings a song to his best friend after she had a bad day at school - cheering her up before the pair embrace in an adorable hug. The sweet and heartwarming video is sure to brighten your day. We all need a friend like this in our lives to make us smile when we are feeling down! Watch the sweet moment when a young boy sings a song to his best friend after she had a bad day at school. Evan Martinez, aged seven, sprang into action after hearing that his best friend Bailey was going through a rough time and was sad. Two of her friends at school had rudely told Bailey that they no longer wanted to play with her. She was crushed and badly upset, but what she didn't know was that her bad mood was about to turn around. Bailey called Evan's Mom, Ruby Jimenez and told her about what had happened that day and asked if Evan could come over and hang out. When Ruby described the terrible day Bailey had to Evan, he came up with an idea that would put a smile back on her face. Evan immediately started singing a song that he knew would mean a lot to her and show her that she still had, and always would have a friend that she could count on. He practiced the song over and over, belting out the words in the van as his Mom drove him all the way to Bailey's house. When they arrived at Bailey’s house, near El Paso, Texas, she came out to the street and Evan got out the car while his mom blasted Bruno Mars’ ‘Count on Me’. Evan serenaded her by singing the song with a loving look at his face. This moment is the sweetest thing we have ever seen. You can see all of the work he had put into practicing the song and he even had the hand movements. As Evan stood on the sidewalk, singing the song to his best friend in the whole wide world, Bailey just stood there and you can see a smile coming across her face. She starts moving to the music and the most adorable thing happens....she starts to sing along with him! The two look like beautiful scene in a love story, standing on the sidewalk, staring into each others eyes and singing a tune together! She doesn't even mind it when she goes off tune! When the song finally ends, Evan darts off like a rocket to embrace his best friend who is now smiling and happier than ever. They stand there hugging for what seems like the longest time. Evan has given his friend a gift that she will probably never forget. Evan and Bailey have been best friends since before kindergarten and although they are both very young, have been through a lot together. They hang out all of the time and get closer and closer with time. Everyone needs a friend who will be there for you to sing silly songs with and will always be there to remind you that you are not alone!

Son Pops Out Of A Car’s Backseat To The Confusion Of His Family1m08s

Son Pops Out Of A Car’s Backseat To The Confusion Of His Family

When the Richter Family piled into the car, they were all excited about going on vacation for spring break. But when they started taking a video to help capture the moment, their excitement reached a whole new level. As they looked into the video camera, they saw a hooded head pop up out of the backseat and they all began screaming! The surprise guest was their son and brother Rowan, finally home from the Marines. He decided to hide in the car, waiting for his moment to surprise his family ! Going on vacation with your family is always a fun time, especially when the entire clan can be together. A moment to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime. Sometimes vacations can take a surprising turn, and things aren't always what you expect. This was exactly the case for the Richter Family, but the memory that was about to be created was not what any of them expected. Dad was taking a video to remember their eventful journey, when a hooded figure appeared in the backseat. Suddenly he says "wait, Rowan, a little to the right," as his son pokes his head up and into the shot of the video camera, Mom gets a confused look on her face and asks "Rowan?" before excitedly screaming! Rowan's siblings join in on the screams, covering their mouths with their eyes open wide. Everyone was shocked at first, but seconds later, they started celebrating. This family could obviously not be more surprised! Dad was the only one in the family that knew his son was in the backseat. He had worked out the whole plan with his son prior to them loading up the vehicle for their vacation. Dad waited until no one was looking and then secretly opened the back door to their SUV and got his son Rowan to hide behind the seats so that no one could see him. They plotted to use a video camera in the prank so they would be able to capture this amazing and heartwarming surprise on video to watch back. Everyone was totally shocked and completely overjoyed. Mom even gets out of the car holding her chest and crying "oh my god, that scared the hell out of me! He's home, he's home!" Rowan's sisters help him out of the back of the car so he can embrace with his family and celebrate his surprise return home! As Rowan climbs into the front seat, all he has to say "hey guys" like he is just returning home from the grocery store. While everyone is screaming and crying, it is hilarious to watch his dad, who was in on the surprise. He just smiles the whole time into the camera while enjoying his family all being together once again. He is obviously very proud with his prank and he cannot get the smile off his face! Have you ever experienced a joyous surprise quite like this? Share your stories with us in the comments!

Red Light Runner Runs Straight Into Trouble And Slides Down A Slope15s

Red Light Runner Runs Straight Into Trouble And Slides Down A Slope

A bad driver is something that no road can possibly be saved from. Now, there are incredibly many cars in the world, and they all travel on the same roads. If you drive smart, you can quickly get to work, go on a trip to anywhere in the world or just go shopping for a few weeks ahead. But at the same time, not all drivers follow the rules of the road making the lives of the first group simply unbearable. And the worst part of it all is that you just have to learn to live with this, because whatever you do, whatever the authorities do, nothing will be done in the end. So, what happens now on the roads of the world? More and more people get a driver's license , buy their cars, but not all of them make efforts to comply with all the rules of the road the majority of drivers adhere to. Unfortunately, the lousy driver is not only oblivious to the rules but simply refuses to care what else is going around them - they just make a mess of it all, do minor mucks on the road and leave! Like what they have just done does not concern them, it was not their fault they slammed into someone’s car, or a person and caused damage or injury, those extras always appear out of nowhere anyway! And you are usually so shaken by the incident that you have no focus or time to write down their car make or registration number and you find yourself at a double loss. But now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can correct the situation a little. And, luckily, karma is here to mend all wrongs, the faster - the better! After this driver takes the liberty to drive against the ruls, karma does its police work and immediately bestows him or her with dire (here laughable) consequences. Watch the video at the top of the page! This video was made on September 21, 2018, in Otago, New Zealand, and this is what the filmer has to say amount this tragi-comic event: "I captured this today on my travels. This is two Asian women in a rental car, their driving was far from flash this afternoon, they ran the red light on the Beaumont bridge and had to back off for an oncoming Hilux. the end result is priceless! They were not injured and I called it into the police." Take that, bad drivers! The lesson of the day is that one should abide by absolutely all traffic rules and do not act as if you are driving a priority vehicle. Karma or no karma, lives of people directly depend on it. It was sheer luck that these drivers passed so lightly. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!