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After Collapsing In A Family's Yard, Exhausted Puppy Gets A Second Chance At Life3m32s

After Collapsing In A Family's Yard, Exhausted Puppy Gets A Second Chance At Life

When a dirty little pooch collapsed in a Los Angeles family back yard, they thought the pup was looking to catch a break. But when the pup didn’t move for hours, the people knew that something is wrong and they knew exactly who to call - Eldad Hagar and his team at Hope For Paws. When the rescuers came, the woman tells Edgar and his colleague Loreta Frankonyte that the dog’s front paw looks broken and that it wouldn’t move after collapsing on a carpeted doormat. Loreta tried to touch and pet the injured doggie, but it jumped in fear and pain. Still, it wouldn’t move, a sure sign that it is injured. “It’s okay" were the words whispered to the injured pup, as the two nice people were trying to comfort the dog and get him to trust them. They called him Milo. He wouldn’t let them pick him up, so Eldad improvised a gurney out of a blanket to get him in their car and straight to the hospital. Vet determined that Milo had been bitten by some other dog and with his dirty matted fur, it was only a matter of time before his leg got infected and swollen the way it did. They managed to drain the puss from the wound, but his leg would never be the same again. That didn’t stop sweet Milo to show his true, playful and lovable nature, which got him adopted with lightning speed. He got lucky to collapse where he did, now thriving in his new life. Please help us save more dogs like Milo and make a small donation: http://www.HopeForPaws.org Thank you Cause for SB Paws for finding him such an amazing home! They have many more beautiful dogs for adoption, so please check them out here: http://www.CauseForSBpaws.org

Published: July 31, 201777,089 viewsVirality: 2%
This Is What Happens If You Pour Sulfuric Acid On A McDonald's Big Mac 2m22s

This Is What Happens If You Pour Sulfuric Acid On A McDonald's Big Mac

Ever wonder what happens if you soak a McDonald's Big Mac in sulfuric acid? This video shows what happens when you pour sulfuric acid on the McDonald's Big Mac cheeseburger. The results are surprising! It almost looks as if it was left it in the oven for too long. Watch the time-lapse of this video over a 30 minute period. A Big Mac gets drenched in sulfuric acid. First it kind of looks exactly the same, but then it starts getting gross. A Big Mac is difficult to break down even with sulfuric acid. Just imagine what happens to McDonald’s food in your stomach. The bun turns dark and loses its pillowy texture. Turns out the sulfuric acid cooked the bun until it turned rock hard rather than a soggy mess. The rest of the Big Mac was only slightly damaged, because its structure protected the other ingredients from getting too destroyed so, the patty, the cheese, the sauce, and the pickles remained in relatively decent shape. When you chew down on a beefy goodness from McDonald’s, you’re relying on your stomach acid to melt down that big, leathery slice of meat. However, this video shows that maybe you shouldn’t bet too heavily on your stomach winning that fight. YouTube channel Let’s Melt This says, ‘We originally through the big mac would dissolve into a giant pile of mush. Turns out the sulfuric acid actually cooked the outside of the big mac bun until it was rock hard’.

Published: September 1, 2016279,296 viewsVirality: 12%
This Is The Most Hilarious Mix-Up A Dog Has Ever Made1m07s

This Is The Most Hilarious Mix-Up A Dog Has Ever Made

A street camera in Brazil captured a guy sitting on a curb minding his own business when a dog comes up behind him, lifts his leg, and pees on his back. It takes the man a second to realize what happened, after which he chases after the dog. This footage shows the funny moment captured by CCTV on an early Friday morning, on October 13, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when a dog mistakes a man for fire hydrant! A man is sitting down on the curb and looking at his phone when a white dog strolls up behind the man and smells his back. After a few sniffs, the dog comes to the conclusion that this is a perfectly fine place to urinate, so he pulls his leg up and lets loose. Seemingly unaware of what is going on behind him, the man shoots up of his feet and feels his back after the liquid seeps into his shirt. The dog is quick enough and manages to avoid the swinging boot of the man who wants revenge. A brown dog then strolls up to the man after he has taken his top off to examine the damage, where he then walks away in disgust. This footage may seem funny to those of you who haven't experienced something like this, however, for those of us who have, condolences to the poor man!

Published: October 16, 2017352,284 viewsVirality: 29%
Boy With A Hairy Tail Worshiped As A God In India 1m57s

Boy With A Hairy Tail Worshiped As A God In India

An eight-year-old boy is being worshipped in an Indian village after growing a long hairy tail. Dulha Singh was born with a patch of hair on his lower back with locals believing that he is an incarnation of Hanuman – a monkey like God. The young boy lives with his uncle Sahib Singh and aunt Majeer Kaur in Amritsar, Punjab. Little Dulha says that he doesn’t mind the tail and that he would leave it, believing it’s a gift from God. “Some kids used to make fun of my tail. They are now my friends and do not tease me anymore.” admits Dulha, obviously feeling the burden of fame. The uncle told media that Dulha’s mother decided to cut his tail when he was younger, but unfortunately she died before she had the chance. Now that Dulha is in his custody, he decided not to cut it and people from the surrounding villages are flocking to see the incarnation of the Monkey God and pray. People used to travel hundreds of miles to seek blessings by touching his tail. It is nice to see he is happy in his own skin and doesn't care if he is different, that is what makes him special! Dulha also has a knack for climbing trees, which villagers see as further proof of being a God! Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: Joshua Douglas

Published: June 5, 201756,481 viewsVirality: 12%
This Kangaroo Isn't A Fan Of Halloween39s

This Kangaroo Isn't A Fan Of Halloween

This kangaroo is not afraid to take on any foe he can find, including this old Halloween decoration! It doesn't matter if this kangaroo can't quite reach it, because he sure put on a great show and entertained the audience just by trying to reach the spooky ghost! This is one hilarious sight you won't want to miss! It is so adorable to see this big kangaroo struggling to befriend the Halloween decoration that is hanging over him from a tree branch. He tries so hard to reach it but he fails even before he tries. Namely, he rests his weight on his tail and leans back in the attempt to reach the decoration that is hanging high on the tree. Unfortunately for this guy, his arms are too short and not very flexible. He doesn’t even manage to lift his hands up! He fails every time. He is so cute and adorable, but I feel sorry for him, he is so determined to succeed but his target is out of his range. He constantly reaches with his hands in a hug-maneuver and turns around trying to grab it, but never really gets a hold of the ghost decoration. He gets frustrated and starts turning around in circles underneath the decoration, hopelessly trying to grab it, but to no avail! He wants this decoration so much, but he never tries to jump. I bet he would easily snatch it if he only remembered to jump.

Published: May 9, 201732,033 viewsVirality: 7%
Wife Cries When Balloon Store Ruins Gender Reveal, Then Husband Finds A Note In The Box 40s

Wife Cries When Balloon Store Ruins Gender Reveal, Then Husband Finds A Note In The Box

This baby gender reveal was left up in the air - after an hilarious mix-up by a balloon shop. Happy couple Joe and Leela Krummel, together 9 years, gathered friends and family at their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, to find out if they were expecting a boy or girl. A simple reveal had been planned - opening a box of balloons which would then pop out revealing pink for a girl or blue for a boy. However the bemused pair were greeted by a bunch of multi-colored balloons leaving them baffled. Joe said, "Nobody at the party knew the gender, including us. Before opening the box we were nervous because the store didn't seem to understand the concept of blue for boy, pink for girl, but they reassured us it would be done properly. But when we saw the multi-colored balloons we were so disappointed, not only because 30 people were staring at us in confusion but because we couldn't find the card in the bottom that had the gender written on it." Apparently, the shop that made the gender reveal prop thought that they were supposed to HIDE the card with the baby’s gender in a secret compartment at the bottom, thinking that is the whole point. They are definitely NOT getting a good review for this!

Published: December 5, 20163,024,303 viewsVirality: 4%
Adorable Cockatoo Sees His Owner Through Window, Loses It1m28s

Adorable Cockatoo Sees His Owner Through Window, Loses It

Onni the baby umbrella cockatoo loves to bask in the sun and take in the scenery from the living room window sill. You can probably tell by how much the edge of that sill has been chipped off. He loves watching the birds, chipmunks and calls to the neighbors. However, on this day he was taken off guard by his human brother who climbed up two stories to say hello when he came home from work. He is confused at first but upon realizing who it is he could not contain his excitement! Chet is hanging from the sill on the outside of the window and the moment Onni realizes that it is his big brother, he spreads his crest and starts dancing up and down the window, with his beak wide open with excitement! The simplest things in life send this beautiful soul into tap dancing and hopping for joy! By the way, Onni is a common Finnish name that means “luck" and “happiness", which is exactly what this little guy is. The white cockatoo, also known as the umbrella cockatoo, is a medium-sized all-white cockatoo endemic to tropical rainforest on islands of Indonesia. When surprised, it extends a large and striking head crest, which has a semicircular shape similar to an umbrella, hence the alternative name.

Published: October 13, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017436,576 viewsVirality: 9%
Gorgeous Husky Had A Bad Day And Demands Cuddles24s

Gorgeous Husky Had A Bad Day And Demands Cuddles

Being a husky owner can be hard from time to time. They get stubborn, howl for no apparent reason, love to tear up the living room cushions and will absolutely defy your every try to make them go outside. But these arguments are void, because at the end of the day, we will love our huskies more than anything. These furry and absolutely adorable goofballs can brighten our day in just a few seconds, and it is only normal that we do the same for them. Despite their bark, they are loving souls who just want to cuddle. However, every once in awhile they are entitled to a bad day too, and it's of utmost importance that we give them some TLC. This husky is the cutest furball you’ll see today. It seems that he had a bit of a ‘down’ day and the only thing he requires is some love from his owner. The owner does so by giving him a few scratches on his neck, but those don’t seem to be enough. He needs more and more and more and he isn’t keen on stopping them yet. This husky is in it to win it. But that is alright, his owner’s love will chase the blues away with additional scratches.

This Girl With Oddly Long Tongue Is A Potential Record Holder3m36s

This Girl With Oddly Long Tongue Is A Potential Record Holder

Adrianne Lewis believes she has the world’s longest tongue measuring a whopping 4 inches. Her serpent-like appendage can touch her nose, chin, elbow, and even her eye with a little help. And she is currently in talks with Guinness World Records and waiting to see if she’s the new record holder. The current record holder is Nick Stoeberl's 3.9-inch long tongue. At 4 in. long, Adrianne Lewis may just have the longest tongue in the world. The 18-year-old from Michigan has made a name for herself on social media for having a tongue that Kiss rocker Gene Simmons would be proud of. Although she has not been officially judged, Lewis believes she has what it takes to break the Guinness World Record. She created a YouTube channel two years ago and since then her long licker has gone viral with thousands of people tuning in to watch her roll and twist her extraordinarily long tongue. Adrianne Lewis isn’t the first in the family to have exceptional length in tongue. Her mother’s side of the family all had extremely long tongues as well. “I feel as though I may have inherited it, but I think with time and me being the weird kid that I was and always sticking out my tongue, it could have stretched", says Lewis. The stretched out muscle that has been gaining attention all over the internet is actually eight muscles, according to Scientific American. “The soft patty of flesh we call the tongue is not just one muscle, it’s a conglomeration of eight separate muscles. Unlike other muscles, such as the bicep, tongue muscles don’t develop around a supporting bone. “ According to a University of Delaware study, only about 65-80 percent of the population can roll their tongues, and the debate about it being genetic is ongoing.

Published: December 23, 2016243,892 viewsVirality: 19%
Cat Shares Special Bond With The Mailman And Our Hearts Are Melting 35s

Cat Shares Special Bond With The Mailman And Our Hearts Are Melting

Could you imagine what it must be like to work as a mailman? Not to mention all the mileage you have to pass everyday, loaded with letters and packages, delivering the mail to thousands of citizens, without mixing them up. Mailmen get to meet all sorts of folks on the job, friendly folks, hostile folks, quirky folks, and also their pets that come along. Now, pets can sometimes be protective of their household and not greet the mailman the right way. Some pets might think the mailman as the enemy who is intruding in their home, others might want to scratch his eyes out in order to protect their owners. However, Levi Davis, a postman from New Zealand Post, enjoys his daily mail run in the town of Taranaki mainly because he gets a special affection from one particular feline friend! Every time this cat sees Davis riding on his bicycle, delivering mail, she starts following him around. The cat even has a routine that she has perfected when she climbs on a wooden fence and jumps into his bike basket full of mail and wants to be pet. How amazing is that? If you are still not convinced that being a postman is the greatest job in the world, than maybe seeing this unique friendship between a postman and a cat will change your mind! Credit to "Levi Davis / New Zealand Post"

Published: September 21, 2016474,501 viewsVirality: 2%
Giant Swimming Bat Confirms Our Worst Nightmares46s

Giant Swimming Bat Confirms Our Worst Nightmares

Michael Phelps might be sleeping soundly at night, knowing that his reign in the swimming pool is secure, but right now our attention is drawn elsewhere. In this short clip that comes to us from Chandigarh, India, we see something that might not be all too surprising, as we’ve seen flying animals swim before, but not yet seen a bat in the water, swimming like it is it’s second nature! Is nothing sacred anymore? These creatures of the night might not be famous for their prowess in the aquatic sports, so we just have to hand it to this guy; he looks like quite the pro! As you might have guessed it, the flying bloodsuckers are actually quite good at handling themselves during thick situations. According to the Smithsonian Museum, bats can swim if the need arises, but it’s certainly not part of their daily curriculum. Flying foxes, on the other hand, have been known to take a dive or two, if that means securing their next meal. Bats drink water on the wing; echolocation helps them track down a dam or river (or even a swimming pool), and they swoop down and skim the water's surface for some liquid refreshment. So while we don't know how this winged beast ended up in the water, we cannot exclude the possibility that the mammal was simply trying to have a drink and miscalculated its approach.

Published: October 2, 2017Updated: October 24, 2017579,808 viewsVirality: 14%
Customs hear small cries for help from plastic bags — make horrible discovery in man’s basement1m22s

Customs hear small cries for help from plastic bags — make horrible discovery in man’s basement

Pangolins are the world's most trafficked mammal, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and are targeted for their meat and for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Poached pangolins, also known as ‘scaly anteaters’, have unfortunate fate and have been hunted from the wild, upholding a thriving trade primarily in China and Vietnam, that continues to supply chefs with the animal’s meat. Thirty-two pangolins were found and rescued after a dramatic chase. These animals were found tied up in tight nets and plastic bags, struggling for air and space, with no access to food or water. It took a while to take them out, as they were found covered by their own poop and urine. All of them managed to survive these harrowing conditions and are were brought back to the center alive. When transported some had to share a box, but they all look strong and made it alive. Pangolins have large, protective keratin scales covering their skin, and they are the only known mammals with this feature. They live in hollow trees or burrows, depending on the species. Pangolins are nocturnal, and their diet consists of mainly ants and termites which they capture using their long tongues. Unfortunately, scenes like these are common. In fact, pangolins are the most trafficked mammals in the worldthe most trafficked mammals in the world, with populations rapidly declining due to a growing demand for their meat and scales. The species are the only mammals completely covered in scales, which provides them an effective defense against all their predators except humans. It is estimated that more than one million pangolins have been taken from the wild and illegally traded over the past decade alone.

We’re not exactly sure what this could be lurking in the waves, but it’s pretty freaky1m25s

We’re not exactly sure what this could be lurking in the waves, but it’s pretty freaky

This footage comes to us almost right on time for Halloween! A ghost-like apparition of a ship was spotted in the waters of the world’s largest freshwater lake, like a mirage on a hot summer’s day. These ghost ship sightings are a pretty-much-never in a lifetime experience, but it just must’ve been Jacob Asselin’s lucky day. Jacob spotted the eerie-looking vessel while he was sailing just off the shores of Lake Superior and uploaded the video YouTube. He wrote the following description along with it: "Saturday evening, Oct 8, 2016, far off coast from Marquette, Michigan appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! I was filming a music video of Nashville recording artist Kevin B Klein playing his new song "My Michigan" and we wanted to see the sunset before a long drive that evening." The hazy blur of what the netizens jokingly call the Flying Dutchman has set the internet ablaze. Jacob says that he isn’t sure what he was seeing in the blurry distance and, to be honest, neither can anyone else. Haunted ship sightings aren't unheard of in the region. There are more than 6,000 known shipwrecks in all of the Great Lakes, and more than 200 just in the 80-mile stretch of Lake Superior off Whitefish Point, not far from where Jacob was shooting the video. According to Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum Executive Director Bruce Lynn: "If there was a ghost ship sighting, this would be the place for it."

Published: October 28, 2016358,008 viewsVirality: 12%
Woman Grabs Sand Dollar Out of the Ocean. Now Watch Closely While She Turns It Around.48s

Woman Grabs Sand Dollar Out of the Ocean. Now Watch Closely While She Turns It Around.

Anyone who has ever been to the beach has found one of these round, cream colored discs that we lovingly call “sand dollars". We love the recognizable design, shape and color and no visit to the beach is the same without a scavenger hunt to take one of these seaside keepsakes home. But did you know that those cream colored dollars are actually living beings? Do not be surprised when we tell you that sand dollars are actually flattened, distant cousins of sea urchins - those same ones that we look to steer clear of when going in the water. Also, there are a not-so-flattened variety that are called sea biscuits! The dark side of this adventurous story is that those off-white sand dollars we pick up at the beach are actually just the shell of dead sand dollars. Sad, but true, it is the way of life. The current of the sea washes them ashore, which is why seeing a live sand dollar is one the rarest sights in nature, but one woman had the greatest pleasure of finding a live individual during her trip to the beach. Before they perish, these sea urchins are actually much larger, darker, and have a kind of slick appearance. Crazier still, when she flips the sand dollar over, it’s covered in tiny feelers that move in wave-like patterns! These creatures are completely harmless, but if you do happen to find a live one like this lady, be sure to return it to the ocean.

Published: September 20, 2017Updated: September 21, 20171,320,402 viewsVirality: 22%
Adventurous Cat Rides In The Front Seat of Four-Wheeler and Stares In Disbelief38s

Adventurous Cat Rides In The Front Seat of Four-Wheeler and Stares In Disbelief

There are some pets who are more adventurous than the others and want to take fun to a whole different level. This owner decided to take a test drive with his pet just for the thrill of it! Watch how this brave cat loves being taken for a spin and enjoys riding in the front seat of a four-wheeler. Quebec resident Lysanne Adams took her cat Somy for a joyous wild ride on Wednesday, April 26, in the front seat of her Can Am 1000 all-terrain vehicle. Have you ever seen a cat riding on a four-wheeler before? She looks thrilled to be taking this ride! In this clip, Somy’s facial expressions tell a story of their own, as she is whisked through the snowy surroundings. This cutie is very much enjoying the view and is constantly turning her head back and forth, taking in all that nature! Curiosity killed the cat and she is still kicking! Somy is dressed in an enveloping red winter jacket which fits perfectly on her body and makes this video even more adorable! It is surprising to see how this feline looks around in awe as the four-wheeler speeds to its destination. Somy is one happy cat who sure likes winter and speed rides.

Published: May 1, 201730,872 viewsVirality: 1%
Texan Woman Spotted A Mysterious Breed Of Bug 1m21s

Texan Woman Spotted A Mysterious Breed Of Bug

Our world is so big, it would be crazy to say we have seen everything there is to be seen. With all those hidden nooks and crannies around, we’re pretty sure that there surely is something we have yet to encounter and marvel at, like this woman did and was quick to film the interesting looking round bugs. The peculiar shaped bugs were spotted in Houston, Texas. When Mandy Danyale spotted the circular bugs on the side of her house she was quick to grab her camera and record the odd critters that were seen marching to the beat of their own drum. From their color and shape to their unique and unusual movements, these bugs were like nothing she’d ever seen before. Mandy saw the six bugs marching in a row and eventually moving into different geometric formations all in time with one another. The insects move for a few seconds, all freeze in sync and then continue their ‘jitterbug jive’. She described the plump bugs as "dancing blueberries", oddly enough. The might looks juicy, but we would not put them to the test. Those leaving comments on the original video can't come to a consensus as to what the bugs may be. One user identified the creatures as southern green stink bugs, the same skunky insects found all over the world in various shades of green. Others claim the insects are black kudzu bugs, another stinky insect found in the southern United States that is known to munch on soybeans and other crops. Credit: MandyDanyale via Storyful

Published: August 8, 2017194,323 viewsVirality: 1%
He Was Out To Throw The Garbage, Never Expecting To Face Death40s

He Was Out To Throw The Garbage, Never Expecting To Face Death

Not all viral videos are from cats chasing their own tails. In fact, a lot of the videos that make insane rounds on the Internet show people having near death experiences, because humankind just loves a good scary story and this one is no exception. In this viral footage, shot on September 18 in the town of Vitebsk in Belarus, a young man notices that his life is in immediate danger from being crushed under a huge loose piece of facade from the building he was walking under and he escapes just in the nick of time. You can notice how heavy that piece of cladding was, as even the CCTV camera was shaking when the piece broke off from the building. Later that same lucky young man said: "That evening I went to throw out the boxes from the goods, I walked back and then the wall cladding fell from the wall. The wind that day was very strong, cars were droning in the street, so I didn't hear any sounds of falling objects. I still don't understand how I managed to react and jump off" What he doesn’t get it that his quick feet are what probably saved his life. He should be dubbed “the luckiest man alive". Check out more near miss here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m455K... Subscribe ► https://goo.gl/SU4ZKo Check out our website ► http://viralvideouk.com/ Like us on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Viralvideouk Follow us on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/ViralVideo_UK For licensing please contact info@viralvideouk.com. Viralvideouk.com is an independent company which is set up to advise on and maximise sales of your footage to broadcasters. This channel hosts some of the most famous viral videos that you’ve seen on both the internet and on TV such as Gangster crab!, Lemon phone charger, Pirate Cat! and many others! Subscribe to our channel to check out weekly Fails, Pranks, Dashcam, Stunts, Tricks, Animal videos and much, much more! We acquire, verify, and manage UGC to be monetized and licensed to TV and brand producers. We offer a wide distribution network and copyright protection on all things viral. Your video gets recognised instantly as we constantly update our media partners with acquired content. We are specialised in all genre's such as comedy, entertainment, factual, news, sport, lifestyle so whatever the clip we will be sure to find a buyer for it In addition, we will monetize your footage through our YouTube partnerships opening up huge brand potential. If you want to start making money from your YouTube films contact info@viralvideouk.com or submit your video. All footage on this channel is licenced by Viralvideouk.com with the permission of the owners.

Published: October 24, 2017393,314 viewsVirality: 25%
Little Baby Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Her Daddy's Singing45s

Little Baby Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To Her Daddy's Singing

There are some songs that just won’t do. You try to make yourself love them, but they are just not your cup of tea. Well, it seems like this little girl has found herself in the same predicament. Little baby Violet is left with the decision of choosing which song is better, and according to her, The Lion King theme song is a no go. Her daddy had to sing her a lullaby before going to sleep but he couldn’t choose only one. So, he did the only thing he thought of doing and he came to Violet for help. The little girl seems to be in a good mood and she eagerly awaits to see what her dad has in store for her. The first thing he does is sing a nursery rhyme for little baby Violet and it’s pretty safe to say that she is ecstatic! She claps with her little hands, bounces around in her father’s embrace which tells us that she has made her choice. The father doesn’t give up, he want’s to check if his daughter would like the other song too. He starts to sing her The Circle of Life, only to find Violet on the verge of tears. To make matters a tiny bit better, he starts singing the first song and everything turns out alright. Phew, that was close!

Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 17, 201779,512 viewsVirality: 1%
Adorable Husky Finds Out That Sitting On A Floor Fountain Is Not A Good Idea25s

Adorable Husky Finds Out That Sitting On A Floor Fountain Is Not A Good Idea

When this husky visited the local water park he was in for a big surprise. The dog runs into a fountain and he is amazed at how water can be coming out of the ground for no apparent reason. The Husky enjoys the shooting water with amazement and curiosity. Fascinated by the shooting water, this curious Husky explores the multiple fountains. He loves to watch it go off, but he isn’t quite sure how he feels about being right in the heart of the action. That is why his owner’s decided to take him to the water park that day so he could explore and figure out his true feelings for all of these water fountains. When they temporarily turn off, this puppy coincidentally sits right on top of one of the fountains. Watch what happens when they turn back on. It is all fun and games until he gets blasted in his rear end by an unexpected shot of water. That's when he realizes this fountain is not his friend, and this arctic dog chooses to bounce. I wonder if he had any idea that it was going to turn back on because when it did, the look on his face was absolutely priceless. Maybe he thought that if he sits on the fountain, it won’t come back on, or maybe he knew the whole time, and was just curious about what would happen if he sat down on it. This husky’s reaction to the water shooting up on him is hilarious. Credit to 'troyslezak'.

Published: March 20, 2015Updated: May 22, 20151,829,961 views
Short Compilation Of Alien Sightings Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine6m58s

Short Compilation Of Alien Sightings Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine

These videos will sure give you the chills but you decide whether these alien sightings caught on camera are real or fake. Alleged footage claims to be an interview with a grey alien shot inside Area 51, scientists are conducting a series of tests on the extraterrestrial being. Other footage shows an alien seated behind a glass wall as a telepath is trying to communicate with the extraterrestrial being. On a graveyard, you can see some kind of humanoid creature hiding in the cemetery. The figure is grey and gaunt looking with an over-sized skull. Whether hoaxed or not, these remarkable footages will give you the chills and stir a debate amongst the paranormal community. Another security camera shows a humanoid figure peering out alongside the fence. It has eerie black eyes with a striking facial structure. Inside the thick brush there appears to be an alien-like animal staring back at the camera. It has big, glossy eyes and a dome shaped head. After hearing some strange noises on his roof, this man grabbed his camera to investigate. In plain sight is a slender creature with long arms and legs, an elongated neck and small head. It pauses for a second then leaps over the roof. In the video several soldiers berate the creature asking it to speak. It murmurs a number of times and appears to be chained to the seat. — SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Channel_Subscribe WATCH MORE HAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQAE9na2LSI&list=PLz9EdJARh8znMQFsAaMKvEFp0UGgNsI6r&index=1 OUR PATREON PAGE: https://www.patreon.com/SlappedHam OUR STORE: http://bit.ly/Ham_Clothing

Published: October 7, 201756,113 viewsVirality: 2%
Grandparents Can't Hold Back Their Excitement During This Triplet Gender Reveal48s

Grandparents Can't Hold Back Their Excitement During This Triplet Gender Reveal

Toby Seyfang and his wife are pregnant for the first time and they have had the unique opportunity to expect not one, not two, but three babies! Although rare, it is entirely possible for women to conceive naturally with three babies. However, fertility assistance is the strongest influential factor when it comes to having triplets. IVF does not diminish the fact that these grandparents are super excited to have a whole bunch of babies at home, so when the time came to reveal the babies’ genders, the grandparents were more than eager to be the ones to reveal them. Keeping it simple, the expecting parents opted out for big black balloons filled with helium and colored confetti to announce the baby’s gender. Each grandparent was given one balloon and a pin to pop it and give a majestic feel to the reveal. Grandpa goes first, popping his to reveal pink confetti and he is really happy about getting a girl! Grandma number 1’s balloon popped blue confetti out of it, followed by more whoops. Grandma number 2 also pooped hers to reveal that baby number three is also a boy! With all those cliche reveal the babies’ genders out there, it is good to see someone keeping simple and intimate. The excitement is still there though, so congrats to Mom and Dad!

Published: October 12, 2017Updated: October 18, 2017701,394 viewsVirality: 13%
1-Year-Old Gets Adorably Upset When Daddy Prepares To Go To Work 54s

1-Year-Old Gets Adorably Upset When Daddy Prepares To Go To Work

Watch as this 1-year-old gets adorably upset with dad once she realizes he's about to step out for work. Sounds like she has her reasons! Watching her cling to her papa’s pant leg really breaks our hearts! Why does he have to go every day and leave her at home alone with mom?! Dad knows she won’t separate herself from him, so he asks the question that is on everyone’s mind: “Do you want to come with papa to work?” and as if she understood him perfectly, she grabs the fabric on his pants and tries to pull herself up! Of course she does! The office is no place for a cute tot like that, so he just tells her he’s sorry and he has to go, to which those bright little eyes go blurry with tears! She lets go of dad and puts her teny hands on the door. No one is getting out! As discouraging as that may sound, it can be very helpful to remember that separation crisis is completely normal, even healthy. "From the earliest years of life, we should want children to encounter ordinary adversity because it's practice for building resilience," says Aaron Cooper, Ph.D., co-author of ‘I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy! Why You Shouldn't Say It…’ To minimize your child’s suffering, you can start early, to accustom your baby to you leaving for a period of time for work. Keep your goodbye short always and keep a cheerful mode on. And of course, do what this little tot’s dad did and create a ritual when they get older, to create order into the departure.

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Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught On Film2m33s

Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught On Film

If you treasure your fingers and toes, please keep them in the cage at all times, because this shark is as big as Jaws! The footage shown in this video shows the largest Great White shark ever caught on film, and she was pregnant at the time too! The 20 foot long female shark is known as Deep Blue, showing her dwarfing the divers in the case of Guadalupe Island, Mexico. According to a documentary, Deep Blue is recognizable by her scars, which she gained through either fighting or mating through the years, as well as her massive size. Researchers have also noted that she has a large, gaping hole on her right trunk and her dorsal fin and tail seem to be scraped and damaged. The footage showing the animal swimming with the divers was recorded by a videographer named Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, who then published the video on his Facebook page, where it garnered more than 8 million views, with viewers saying that this is the best video he has ever recorded of the massive aquatic predator. Mauricio claimed that seeing this ferocious beast in its natural habitat at such a grand age was evidence that the conservation efforts are working.

Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right1m13s

Baby Learns How To Speak, But Can't Quite Get It Right

Children's language skills usually develop in an orderly fashion. Many of the parents are interested in how to stimulate more speech from their toddlers. Most often children just need a little more incentive to get them talking, so speech therapists usually suggest using communicative temptations. There are many ways of “tempting” your child to speak, for example, use food as bait. Eat something your child loves in their presence without offering them any. When your child indicates that they would like some, show a more advanced way for them to make the request, whether it is using a sign, a word or a simple phrase. For example, if your child points and grunts to the candy, model the sign for candy then wait and see if your child will imitate the sign candy. This mother is teaching her daughter pronunciation and the toddler repeats after. She shadows her mother's speaking but doesn't get some words quite right! This young toddler is putting in some "hard work" to earn baby points and get a treat. Her mother asks her to say "please, can I have a yogurt" and struggles to pronounce "I" in the most adorable way. This adorable toddler will instantly win your heart and charm you with her ways of speaking. She almost gets her "words" right, but has a bit of trouble completing the task! After repeating the word 'up' many times, she almost gets it in the end. So adorable!

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Kitty Freaks Out When He Finds Out He's Been Neutered34s

Kitty Freaks Out When He Finds Out He's Been Neutered

An amusing video has emerged of a cat staring at the camera in shock after he realizes that he got sterilized. In the footage, captured in Chengdu City in Sichuan Province on September 17, the American Shorthair looks down at its groin and then looks at the camera with its eyes and mouth wide-open. This cat was enjoying his daily cleaning routine of licking its groin like most cats do, but then, all of a sudden, the cat stopped licking itself as if something was wrong, and looked up with a face full of surprise and mild confusion. He stares straight into the camera with an open mouth and eyes wide, looking at its owner in disbelief. Neutering is a general term used to describe the castration of a male animal. However, neutering is often used in reference to both genders. The surgical procedure, performed by a veterinarian, renders the animal incapable of reproducing. Imagine the horror when this cat realizes that his man-parts are gone! His reaction is priceless! He looks like he just had a stroke. What a CAT-ASTROPHE! With his mouth open wide and eyes looking startled, the cat appears utterly confused with the situation. The owner can be heard chuckling away in the background at the cat's incredible reaction. He cannot believe what just happened.

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