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If You're Having A Bad Day, Just Watch What This Baby Has To Say 45s

If You're Having A Bad Day, Just Watch What This Baby Has To Say

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example. The first few milestones in a baby’s life are huge for the parents and of course, they want to capture it all on camera, for posterity. It seems like in the “old days", when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time. Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again. The first thing a baby ever learns to do is talk. Sure, they don't jump into having meaningful conversations about life and philosophy, but given how they learn everything by imitating their loved ones, they start by babbling and making noises and faces like their parents do. Some babes are shy and might not present themselves in their true light, but as the other end of the spectrum, there are babies that can babble and entertain for hours on end, much to the delight of everyone around them. These baby babbles sound like a language all on its own like they understand what we are saying but they can only answer like so. We might not speak the language of babies or have forgotten it after years of not using it, so it can be really hard to tell what is going on inside their tiny little heads! That didn't stop this adorable little guy from saying his mind and we can't stop giggling. Mom has recorded the entire conversation while giving him the incentive to keep on talking. Good thing that's Mom, because if she didn't interpret behind the camera, we never would have understood what the little man wants to say. From what we could tell of their conversation, it was something Dada did, and then something else happened...anyone else speaks babyish? If you love adorable baby talk as much as we do, or, honestly speaking - as the next person (because who does not just love babies?)you just have to look at this next video. This adorable toddler scolds her dad for leaving the toilet seat up , can you just imagine that? The exasperated toddler told her dad off for one of the biggest male crimes - not putting the toilet seat down 'for the girls'. It seems that this bossy toddler was up to here with her father for leaving the seat up in the bathroom. Giving him a piece of her mind, the confident three-year-old said: "How many times do I have to tell you when you put the seat up and I tell you to put it down?" Isn't that just adorable? Talk about one cute moment that this family will surely remember for the rest of their lives! This little girl is quite talkative for being just 3 years old! She is not afraid to speak her mind which can be a blessing and a curse. Maybe when she gets older, she will pursue a career as a lawyer, she would be good at it!

Killer Whale Nearly Jumps Into Boat, Scares Unsuspecting Passengers22s

Killer Whale Nearly Jumps Into Boat, Scares Unsuspecting Passengers

A group boating off the coast of Savary Island in British Colombia were in for a heart-pounding surprise after a killer whale nearly boarded their boat after emerging from the surrounding waters. This group certainly had no warning, the killer whale came out of no where! Their reactions are priceless, good thing the killer whale didn't actually hit the boat or some of them may have fallen in the water! Even though they were't expecting the visit from the killer whale, this is an amazing sight to see. It isn't everyday you get this opportunity, so cool! Killer whales are at the top of the food chain, no other animals except humans hunt these whales. They very rarely attack humans but the name 'killer whale' is still chosen because of their ability to take down large marine animals. They have a lot of strength and will prey on any animal they find in the sea and even in the air over the water. They aren't picky when it comes to choosing their meals! They can grow up to 23 to 32 feet which is very large! That's almost the length of a bus! Footage shows a sneaky killer whale approaching a boat in the waters of Savary Island, in British Colombia, scaring the life out of these unsuspecting passengers. This footage captures the rare encounter these people had with the orca, as the creature decided to jump out of water just inches in front of their boat. Talk about happening out of the blue! As the killer whale suddenly charges towards the boat, instantly frightening the passengers. The spooky whale then fled rapidly away from the boat , leaving the passengers in awe! However, it sure made one amazing clip. Aside from the fact that they would have been in trouble, had the killer whale managed to hop on board, this will be one moment they will remember for the rest of their lives. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Please share this video with your family and friends as this is clip that no one should ever miss!

Dad Straps GoPro To Elf On The Shelf, Captures Incredible Footage1m59s

Dad Straps GoPro To Elf On The Shelf, Captures Incredible Footage

December has arrived - and with it comes Elf on the Shelf, sent by dear old Santa Claus to check on children across the globe. If you feel like you’ve missed out on something, here’s the big scoop - the festive toy began as a children's book in the US in 2005, telling the story of how Santa sends a "scout" elf to check whether your children are being "naughty or nice". Recently, the book moved across the great pond to the UK, where it grew into other merchandise including a figure of the book’s character. Families all over the globe have been getting Santa’s little helper to keep an eye on their little ones in the days before Christmas. It is both a great addition to every house’s Christmas decorations and an exceptional educational method. Kids know that they have to be extra nice during this period and with Elf on the Shelf , everything is in exceptional order, so parents can rest easy. But have you ever wondered what Elf is actually up to at night? One dad in Boise, Idaho decided that his entire family deserves to know the truth about how Elwood, as they endearingly call him, gets to Santa to deliver him the deets. After the kids say “goodnight” to Elwood, dad straps a GoPro camera to the toy, sitting in his designated spot on the top shelf in the living room. The next morning they find footage of the Elf waking up from his slumber, climbing down from the shelf and, camera in hand, looking for the fastest way out of the house to reach Santa! He tries the front door, but no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t jump high enough to grab the door handle. He goes back to the living room, where he sees that the window is slightly ajar, so he runs over to the foot stool, drops his heavy load and jumps out! Have you been nice this year? You have one more week to behave!

Frozen Kitty Gets A Second Chance At Life1m05s

Frozen Kitty Gets A Second Chance At Life

On a cold winter day when the temperature outside was -30 degrees Celsius, this couple found a cat that was frozen to the ground and immediately took some action, to save this little guy's life. The event occurred on November 21, 2016 in Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk, Russia. An old English proverb states "A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays". However, cats don't really have nine lives. The main reason why cats got this reputation for reincarnation is their ability to jump and land. They climb high trees, run in front of cars and jump from high places, and yet they do it so well and nonetheless manage to survive. Cats are good at surviving indeed . This cat is the living proof of that. The weather outside is freezing, and this cat has been stuck in the snow for hours, but its heart is still beating and it still has that mysterious poker face on, like all of its moves were planned ahead. This couple saved this cat's life, at least one of them, by using hot water to defrost cat's foot which was stuck and completely frozen. They proceeded with caution, in order not to break cat’s leg. Next, they gently picked up the cat from the ice and wrapped it around in warm, cozy blanket. Now this rescue cat is their beloved pet . Have you ever saved a life? Credit goes to Сергей Баранов (Sergey Baranov)

White German Shepherd Motherly Cares For A Baby Goat46s

White German Shepherd Motherly Cares For A Baby Goat

Introducing two animals of different kingdoms can present itself to be quite the challenge, but if performed properly and carefully, it can be a very rewarding experience. Most of the times, people think of how are they going to introduce their adult cat to a puppy, or vice versa. But this family had a very unique opportunity – they introduced their pet white Shepherd dog to a baby goat! The aftermath is worth the effort! Watch as Shadow, a white German Shepherd, looks over and cuddles with the family's newborn baby Pygmy goat, a breed of miniature domestic goat. According to her owner, Shadow takes care of the adorable goat as if it were one of her puppies! Talk about maternal instinct ! Have you ever seen a bond like this? A baby goat mistaking the family dog for her mommy? In this adorable video, a white Shepherd dog is taking care of a newborn baby goat, and she is such a loving guardian! Watch as she watches over the baby goat, being as gentle as can ever be while she grooms the goat with wet licks and enjoys every moment of it. How adorable! Two adorable species coming together in one place to make for probably the cutest video that you will see all day. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? All you doggy lovers definitely let out an awh or two, don't hide it! Don't you just want to snuggle up with these two and give them kisses? Cuteness overload. German Shepherd dogs are actually great at guarding , that is the main reason why they are the number one police dog world wide! They are well renowned for their protectiveness over family members and when that family includes some kind of animal, their protectives includes those members of the family as well. These two look like they will be the best of friends though, amazing! See more at 'Royalair German Shepherds'.

Angry English Bulldog Confronts Harmless Door28s

Angry English Bulldog Confronts Harmless Door

A hilarious video has emerged of an angry pooch intensively barking at a moving door. Why is this English Bulldog barking at the door as if it's his mortal enemy? Nevertheless it makes for a hilarious clip! Bulldog aggression and dominance is something that comes instinctively to the breed. Dominance was the name of the game when they were originally bred, as herding and baiting was their main purpose. This breed tends to assert dominance over other doggies in particular and sometimes even their humans. This sort of behavior mostly occurs in younger puppies and it is very natural. It is adorable how this angry Bulldog pooch gets at the door, intensively trying to pick up a fight by barking in the most cutest possible way. He has the temper tantrum attitude that should not be ignored! So precious! Footage shows the hilarious moment when an English Bulldog pooch stands his arguments straight with the moving door, barking his lungs out at the swinging door, making for this adorable clip! The poor thing then tries to growl and shake his head to back up his statement, whatever that may be, but the entire performance is very funny. This angry pooch is even trying to bite the door, approaching it very closely, pushing it against the wall with its bulky head, trying to make it still, and not move at all! Barking his hearts out, the moody pooch is then at peace, given the door is not moving a bit! It is adorable how this cutie doesn’t mind the fact that the door is just a moving object and stands tall when he feels endangered by the moving piece of wood. Enrolling in a feisty confrontation , this pup sure knows how to win an argument. He is indeed one courageous fellow who knows how to start a fight and put up an argument. His bark is loud and scary, so doors, beware! Credit to 'titusbulldog'.

 Rescued Kitten Loves To Play Tug Of War With Patient Dog's Ears1m37s

Rescued Kitten Loves To Play Tug Of War With Patient Dog's Ears

What do you think of when you think of pets? Do you imagine them as adorable fluffballs who are there to give you a cuddle or two when you need them the most? Or do you maybe think of them as an extension of the family, your little brothers and sisters that speak another language and shed their hair all over your room? Among other things, people love to show off their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of the top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. It is totally inconceivable that a person who has access to the Internet and knows how to use it has not noticed that cats have totally taken over it and rule it with supremacy! But if you think that this is a modern phenomenon - you are dearly mistaken: not only that cats are trending for the past 10 years on the Internet but they are trending for millennia. If you do not believe us, please take a look at the drawings of cats in the Egyptian pyramids. The Internet was first conquered by cats: a lazy cat, an angry cat, a cross-eyed cat, a brave cat (Remember the hero cat who saved the little boy from a dog attack? Of course, we all do!) these were on the all-star list of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Photos, videos, memes, gifs, whatever you could possibly imagine to share online was instantly gaining immense popularity! Entire audiences of admirers and subscribers started to gather and expanded. And how did our dogs leg behind in this pet-craze? They actually did not! Dogs confidently began to catch up with the mustachioed mousers. And not only catch up, they even started overshadowing their popularity. When you think of a cat and a dog, we never think of one happy little family. Cartoons should take all the blame! Sure there are dogs who are fascinated by cats and chase them down, because cats resemble the burrow-dwellers that certain dog breeds have been taught to hunt in the past. But there are some dog breeds that have never felt any disdain for the feline kind and them make exceptional companions. Who has ever seem a Pomeranian dog chase after a cat? Sure, they bark on everything that moves, but that is a subject for another video. After being abandoned by his mother, Pancho the kitten was found alone and with his eyes closed. He was taken in by this caring family, who fed and nursed him to the healthy kitten he is today! While living in his new home, the fearless kitten became attached to Jinxy, an adorable Pomeranian dog. The pair couldn't be any cuter! Pancho loves Jinxy so much, he can’t take his tiny, needle-like teeth off the dog’s ears. Jinxy definitely knows how tiny and uneducated this kitten is, because if it were anyone else, he would have barked at them by now! But between tugs Pancho also delivers some loving kisses, which is probably why the Pomeranian puts up with him in the first place. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Husky Puppy Goes Against His 'Arch Enemy' The Plastic Bag1m31s

Husky Puppy Goes Against His 'Arch Enemy' The Plastic Bag

Raising dogs really can be like raising children. They need constant attention, need to be feed and really need to be played with too! Dogs love to play with their toys, but it seems that this husky just wants to play something else. Dogs are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. However, did you know that animals could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? That seems to be exactly the case here! Huskies are a fearless and stubborn breed of dogs, so you'd expect that they'd be highly suspicious and excited when an unknown object comes across their territory. They are very playful and energetic, so sometimes they can even engage with the object and playfully examine it. This Husky puppy reacted adorably after noticing that a plastic bag entered into his backyard territory! He definitely didn't trust it! Just look at him barking and wagging his tail while running full-speed all across the backyard. He's obviously defending his home from the plastic bag, but it's just too adorable. Credit to 'ZestyMike'.

Breeder Was Going To Throw Out 2m52s

Breeder Was Going To Throw Out "Defective" Mastiff Puppy Until This Happens

This Neapolitan Mastiff, a purebred 4 week old puppy was about to be thrown out like trash because she was deemed "defective" but 2nd Chances Rescue raced over to save her. Full Story: Willow was born with a congenital condition called Swimmer's Syndrome. The condition means Willow was unable to stand or walk at the normal three weeks of age. Instead, her chest was flat and her legs were splayed out like a turtle "swimming." For Willow's breeder, she was considered a defect and was about to throw her out like trash but by chance he first posted a message on social media. Somehow, this message was repeatedly shared until it reached Jennifer Williams, President at 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, California. Jenn got in the car and drove to this breeder’s home where she saw 5 healthy Neapolitan Mastiff’s running and playing - and then saw Willow who was floundering on the ground unable to keep up. These “defective” dogs are often euthanized or abandoned. Willow was in such a severe state that she could not eat or drink. Jenn immediately took Willow to Animal Acuscope Therapist, Gina Gould. Within two days, Willow took her first steps. Within months, she was running. Using a combination of binding her chest, tying her legs in the correct position, acuscope therapy and swimming, Willow has made a complete recovery. Today, eight months later, Willow is 80 lbs., rambunctious, happy and healthy. Note: A Neapolitan Mastiff puppy sells for $1,000 on the low end. From a reputable breeder, Mastiff puppies can sell as high as $3,000. Special thanks to Gina Gould, Animal Acuscope Therapist ginagouldebw@yahoo.com Please donate $5 to 2nd Chances Rescue: Jen2ndchances@icloud.com Website: www.2ndchances.rescueme.org Catch up with 2nd Chances Rescue socially: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2ndChancesRe ... Catch up with PAWsitive socially! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveSubscribe Facebook: http://bit.ly/PawsitiveFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveTwitter G+: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveGooglePlus Director: Hai-Lam Phan Producer: Dawn Poomee Music: Provided by Premium Beats http://www.premiumbeat.com END CARD: Creative Commons Attribution music by Chris Zabriskie The song was not modified in any way. "Prelude No.6" by Chris Zabriskie Find more of Chris's music here: http://chriszabriskie.com/ To see the full Creative Commons License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b ... ***All people, locations, photos, footage and logos have been used with express written consent from all parties.***

Dog Lovingly Babysits Cute Baby Goats39s

Dog Lovingly Babysits Cute Baby Goats

This is Betty, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. All she wanted to do this day was use the soothing shadow and take a nap on the ground. Little that she knew, her baby goat friends had quite different plans. Careful where you put those hooves, little ones… Baby goats are the most loving, easygoing creatures. They love Betty like she is one of them, like a goat mom. They are together all day and every day. Their favorite pastimes are cuddling, napping, and chasing each other around – but, even when playing, Betty never, ever stops caring about their safety. We all love our pets, and feel in our bones that this love is returned multi-folds. However, can cats and dogs fall in love other animals, too? Can the expressions of love we evidently notice in our pets, really just be simple instincts that help them get a treat or something else they want? There is cold, hard scientific research to back the ‘love theory’ up. Claremont Graduate University, Paul Zak has been doing a series of studies based to the “love drug” - oxytocin. Zak went to an animal refuge to test whether animals could feel love and friendship for other animals. His study focused on two young males who would often play and simulate fighting with each other. They were two different species: a dog and a goat. The the pair was left to interact freely in an enclosed area, and, he took their baseline blood samples and drew again after the playdate. The dog’s oxytocin levels increased by 48 percent, showing the strong friendship he feels t for his goat buddy. But it seems the goat is actually in love with the dog — he had an increase of 210 percent! To sum up, what you saw in the video were some true and beautiful mixed family moments.

Brave Tiny Puppy Challenges Larger Doberman Dog26s

Brave Tiny Puppy Challenges Larger Doberman Dog

David against Goliath. The little guy versus the big guy. The age old story is one that has been told from one generation to the next, giving the little guy a bit more confidence when going up against the big one. Here in this video, we have a similar story, except instead of man and a giant, we have a little Doberman puppy going against its full grown counterpart. You could call the puppy the under-dog! Watch as this adorable puppy named Kyra goes up against Boss, a much larger Doberman dog, while playing in the family backyard. She has no fear! This adorable pup definitely puts up a valiant effort, although we think it is safe to say that the much larger dog is equally eager to play with the tiny chocolate version of himself. The Dobie's fierce reputation precedes him. He is feared by those who don't know him, stereotyped as highly aggressive and vicious. True, he is a formidable guardian, but he is usually a gentle, watchful, and loving dog. He does not go looking for trouble, but he is fearless and will defend his family and turf if he perceives danger. The Doberman Pinscher enjoys being part of a family. He likes to be close to those he loves and, when this love is present, he is a natural protector. He is trustworthy with his family's children, friends, and guests as long as he is treated kindly.

Confused Kitten Battles Its Own Reflection In The Mirror1m02s

Confused Kitten Battles Its Own Reflection In The Mirror

After discovering his reflection in the mirror for the first time, this adorable Tabby kitten goes straight into attack mode! Unfortunately the harmless reflection doesn't back down and the adorable kitten walks away defeated! No creature is truly comfortable when they see their reflection in the mirror for the very first time. It’s a moment that can confuse even the brightest of children. This kitten reacts suspiciously to seeing its own reflection, before trying to play with it with cute ferocity! After playing on the carpet for a moment, this little kitten sees his reflection in the mirror and goes crazy! Arching his back, running back and forth, jumping up against the mirror, the cat goes extreme attack mode! It sure takes a while before he can figure it out and calm down! This cute little feline notices its reflection in the mirror and wants to play with it, thinking it's another cat! Too cute! There is nothing more adorable than a cute ignorant baby animal meeting its reflection for the first time and of course the result is absolutely hysterical. Things escalate when he starts slamming his little head in the mirror! Cuteness overload! Immediately after noticing a cat staring back at him , the little guy attempts to headbutt his fellow four-legged reflection. Overly confused, the young kitten takes a few steps back before diving directly back into attacking his reflection, again. He is obviously annoyed by his reflection in the mirror and he repeatedly starts giving himself nice headbangs! This little fellow is determined to win, and is going to give himself one nasty headache when all of this is over! It is totally inconceivable that a person who has access to the Internet and knows how to use it has not noticed that cats have totally taken over it and rule it with supremacy! But if you think that this is a modern phenomenon - you are dearly mistaken: not only that cats are trending for the past 10 years on the Internet but they are trending for millennia. If you do not believe us, please take a look at the drawings of cats in the Egyptian pyramids. But let us return to the present. Youtube is brimming with videos of cute kittens and every video is becoming an almost instant sensation. There are a lot of channels dedicated only to striped purring creatures, memes, gifs, demotivators, avatars with mustaches, tails and cat muzzles that have eclipsed the space of social networks, there are oceans of ​​groups of feline lovers, which in fact are the most popular forms of online networking of pet enthusiasts. People who have not been dragged into the pool of kitty veneration, are dealing with a very logical question: "What aroused such interest in these soft-furred mousers? Why not dogs? Why not birds? Or fish? Why cats?" Both the very culprits, doing the campaigns for promoting cats online, and the viewers and loyal cat fans even though they do their best to unravel the mystery of cat interest, they cannot provide a single definite answer, apart from: "Cause they are so funny and adorable." What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Dad Opens Christmas Gift To Find His Long-Lost Daughter  3m21s

Dad Opens Christmas Gift To Find His Long-Lost Daughter

An emotional dad gets all choked up when he opens his Christmas gift and finds his long-lost daughter hiding in the box. It is sad to hear that Terra and her father haven't had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together for the past 25 years due to various reasons, mostly because they are living on opposite sides of the country. Terra hasn't been able to spend Christmas with her daddy since she was only four years old and it was time to change that! She thought it would be a great idea to hide into a box and set a big surprise for her father, making up for lost time, and she was right! Her dad thinks that she's back in her city on Christmas Eve, and he has no idea what's in the box. Terra's uncle is explaining that this special gift is both Christmas and 60th birthday present for her dad. The old man doesn’t have a clue what’s about to happen and is left for words when he finally opens the box! How’s that for a surprise? In a heartwarming family reunion , this father presents the most adorable reaction after he opens his early Christmas and birthday present! Watch as he opens up the “present,” having no idea that his holiday is about to get a thousand times better. With the holiday season just around the corner, gifts are the one thing on everyone’s mind. Finding the right gift for each person can be a very difficult task, but when it came to picking out something for her dad, Terra knew exactly what to do. He could have never guessed what’s hiding in that box! What a precious moment! The moment Terra emerged from the box, she hugged her father, who stared at her in disbelief. The two locked in a long embrace while the rest of the family clapped. This girl gave her dad the best Christmas surprise ever. It is heartwarming to see someone go to so much trouble to make their father’s Christmas extra special!

Cute Frenchie Does Push-Ups With Her Owner14s

Cute Frenchie Does Push-Ups With Her Owner

Going to the gym can be pretty rough and some people love to bring their human friends during their workout sessions. Say what you want, but unless you earn money by looking jacked up and spending hours at the gym, working out can be tough. It's hard, sweaty, smelly ( depending on the gym you go to ) and it can get very boring, unless you have someone to keep you company. Usually we convince a friend to come and share the misery with us. When bringing along a friend, each session gets a little easier as you can motivate each other to do one more rep, just one more. This dog owner has definitely no need to do such a thing. Why? Oh, well, because he already has the best workout buddy ever. This man found quite an unusual partner for the daily exercise - his funny French bulldog puppy. The energetic French Bulldog pulls off an impressive set of push-ups , as she takes her daily exercise with her owner Enrico. The French Bulldog is pretty determined to stay fit, so she does everything it takes to achieve performance and will go to any lengths to do so. Of course, we love the little canine’s efforts and we encourage her to do some more. It may be a good idea if Chloe works a bit on her push-up technique, but we are sure she will get it right with more practice - her enthusiasm will ensure it. Don’t miss this adorable video and stay in shape together with this bulldog.

Watch This Pit Bull's Hilarious Reaction When He Discovers Broccoli In His Treat15s

Watch This Pit Bull's Hilarious Reaction When He Discovers Broccoli In His Treat

This owner attempts to outsmart her dog by sneaking a piece of broccoli into her treats was indeed a nice try, however this clever pit bull cannot be fooled that easily and knows exactly what to do with vegetables. Pit Bulls are strong, energetic, agile and powerful dogs, also they are very resourceful and driven. Determination is one of their most notable traits. Whatever they set out to do, they will put their heart and soul into it. They just don’t give up easily, so good luck to this owner making this dog like broccoli. There is no fooling this pit bull, when owner switches up a treat with a piece of broccoli, the dog immediately drops it like it's hot. Too funny too watch. Some parents try so hard to get their kids to eat vegetables, and pup parents are no different. This pit bull loves treats, but like most kids, getting her to eat her vegetables is sometimes a battle. When human tries to add some nutrition into this dog’s diet, the pit bull shows very quick reflexes. The moment the broccoli hits her tongue, the pit bull spits it out almost immediately. On one hand, experts claim vegetables provide necessary nutrients, and adding leafy greens to a dog’s diet can help them maintain a healthy weight. On the other hand, some researchers believe dogs to be true carnivores, stressing that there is no place for plants in dog’s diet. Some veterinarians say that adding a few vegetables to your dog’s dish won’t hurt, but if you ask this dog, we already know the answer. Credit to 'peanutbutterpibble'.

Car Waiting At Railway Crossing Has Honk-Off With Train44s

Car Waiting At Railway Crossing Has Honk-Off With Train

Communication is key, they say, and the two heroes in this clip certainly did a good job at that! We see the car slowly approaching a railway. The cars are waiting for the train to pass . As the train approaches, it honks the cars as it passes them, to signal its approach. The dude in the red sports car decided to honk back and this is when the hilarity ensues. As the train gives a short honk , the car reciprocates. The train sends two short honks, so does the car. They keep at it for quite some time, back and forth with their signals, like they are the bestest pals in the whole world, long time no see. The guy recording this is having a meltdown. He laughs like a hyena in his car, thinking it won't catch it. But the camera did catch his laugh, just like it did the radio show he was listening inside and the priceless conversation going on between Lightning McQueen and Thomas the Tank Engine! We wonder what Mr. Tow Mater thinks about this coded convo. He might be heartbroken. We thank the dude who recorded this hilarious conversation for providing us with a good laugh, part from the honking and beeping and in good part for his priceless laughter! We bet the machinist had a good laugh as well, sitting in his big machine that only goes where the tracks take him...

This Is Why You Don't Play Foolish Games At The Office!32s

This Is Why You Don't Play Foolish Games At The Office!

This classic game of leg pulling while on a rolling chair doesn't exactly end well for this lady. Watch her reaction when she falls off the chair as the colleague who is pulling her legs, literally, takes a sudden turn, resulting with her hitting the ground! Who doesn't love a good office chair race? Well on this slow afternoon, these two coworkers thought that they would break up the boredom with a little office chair race! Needless to say, it didn’t go exactly as they planned and a hilarious fail ensues! This pair of colleagues will teach you how not to play the game of rolling chair racing, and makes for one epic fail video, much to our amusement! Dude is being all confident about winning the game of rolling chair race, while the lady is making herself comfortable on the chair, making sure that she holds on tight when the action starts rolling. Moments later, the colleague starts pulling lady’s legs and hence moving the chair forward. As he walks further away to gain momentum, the guy makes a sudden turn to the left, not seeing what’s coming! Of course, resulting with the lady falling on the floor and him losing the game he was feeling so competitive about! Poor guy, maybe next time he will nail it! This is where we are all reminded that there is such a thing as false confidence, because the dude underestimated the angle and the sharp turn the rolling chair has take. Instead of turning safely to the left, the guy makes a sudden, unexpected turn, resulting in one big epic fail. The rolling chair leans to the floor, grounding the lady with a soft landing, and losing the race! We would probably fall off our chairs laughing, but so did the lady in this clip!

Cat Shows Extreme Dose Of Patience With Energetic Dog2m06s

Cat Shows Extreme Dose Of Patience With Energetic Dog

The difference between dogs and cats is extreme, in fact, other than being the most favorite pets in every house, they have nothing else in common. The way they play and hang out with their owners is something that is pretty characteristic for every pet. While dogs are very energetic and friendly to humans, cats are nothing like that. Cats love to stay at home all day long and chill on the couch. On the other hand, your dog needs more space to fool around and most canines want to be outside as much as possible. In this video, we can see a Pit Bull pooch with high doses of energy trying to make a new friend. Except of the fact that his new ‘friend’ is a domestic cat, who is not that into his little game. The dog did nothing wrong to the cat, other than annoy her big time. Nonetheless, cat’s reaction is priceless. Being so calm and doing nothing while the dog jumps and barks so outrageously around her, she sure deserves a medal honor! This cat sure knows how to give a passive treatment! Considered as the largest domesticated breed of cats, we have so much to learn from the Maine Coon . This highly tolerant kitty cat shows us the true meaning of patience. Watch how chilled he is as he deals with the family Pit Bull canine, who may be just a little bit too excited to make a new friend out of her. If you enjoyed this video as much as we did, comment your thoughts below! Credit to 'tglander99'.

Cat Gets Vocal About His Love For Mac n' Cheese19s

Cat Gets Vocal About His Love For Mac n' Cheese

Every species’ babies are adorable in their own way, but we have to say that, hands down, kittens are the most adorable baby animal in the world! With their squeaks and those itsy bitsy pawsies and their first purrs, kittens can be just a little bit too much to handle. Also, when they are this tiny, they love to be swaddled up like furry little burritos. Kittens life can be extremely stressful, all that scratching of furniture, playing with toys, chasing laser pointers, being petted all day, can leave you breathless and tired to the point when you just need to relax. This cat in particular loves to be treated to some good old mac'n cheese. Mac n' cheese is probably one of the most popular meals in the world, and we haven't met anyone that isn't a huge fan. If you have, you should probably stop being friends (just kidding). This creamy and rich dish is an all-time favorite not only for humans, but for felines as well! Watch as a hungry cat , named Dog, tastes macaroni and cheese for the first time in his life. Judging by this reaction, the little guy loves it! And who can blame him, he obviously has great taste in food. After watching this video, we recommend you go to the kitchen and whip up this delicious meal sent from the Gods and surprise your loved ones! They will surely love it as much as this little munchkin.

Low-Flying UFO Filmed Over Adriatic Sea Disappears Into Thin Air2m01s

Low-Flying UFO Filmed Over Adriatic Sea Disappears Into Thin Air

The world and its galaxy has many mysteries that will probably remain mysteries for many years to come. With a several unknowns out there, people have taken the liberty to attribute phenomenons to things that are unknown, one of them being UFOs and aliens. Science is getting closer and closer each day to proving that there may in fact be intelligent life out there beyond our planet, but for now it is not confirmed. Here we have apparent footage featuring a low-flying unidentified object speeding over the Adriatic Sea. The sight was captured during a boat trip from the Island of Pag to mainland Croatia. For all you outer space lovers out there, this video will definitely get you going! With tons of these kinds of videos being busted for editing, there are still a bunch out there that haven't. Raw footage featuring a low-flying unidentified object speeding over the Adriatic Sea left us dazzled and confused. However, with today’s advanced technology this may be the work of video editing. On the other hand though, it could be a strange phenomena or proof of aliens? It is curious how this unidentified flying object disappears into thin air and it seems like it vanished underneath the water surface. This video loops three times, the original footage, the slow motion footage and the zoomed in footage. After watching all three of them, we are a little bit worried about the real story behind this phenomena! What do you think it could be? Real UFO or job well done? Let us know in the comment section! Check out this low-flying UFO in Croatia.

Ninja Kitten Uses Its Tiny Marshmallow Paws To Show Dog Who’s The Boss14s

Ninja Kitten Uses Its Tiny Marshmallow Paws To Show Dog Who’s The Boss

A video has emerged of a curious kitten performing a surprise attack on a dog, seeking for attention and trying to set a few ground rules. During this comic encounter, the dog is patiently waiting for cat’s paws to touch his big nose. This adorable duo Beatrix the Bernese Mountain Dog and Midge the cat get together for the cutest boxing match and engage in the funniest fight ever! We actually think that the kitty won this round! Midge is a tiny kitten who tries to appear brave by using its cute marshmallow paws to battle the big scary dog in the ring! There’s nothing that quite beats the feeling of watching two adorable animals from different species playing and bonding with each other over a friendly fight! As funny as a cat standing up on his hind legs looks, the origin of the move is serious business. When cats feel threatened by a devious predator, they will often attempt to make themselves appear as large as possible. Perching up on the back legs is part of this survival tactic. In extreme cases, you might even see cats shuffling along sideways while in this upright position, which is another attempt to look as large and fearful as possible. Dog, do not mess with a cat on his hind legs! The popular phrase ' fight like cat and dog ' couldn't be further from the truth. This video reflects the commonly held belief that dogs and cats just can't get along because they are natural enemies. People who share their homes with both species know that this is not true. Dogs and cats can form fast friendships. It is life experiences with members of the other species, and not an inborn animosity, that determines how cats and dogs feel about each other.

Cats Jump At The Same Time And Land Directly On Top Of Each Other23s

Cats Jump At The Same Time And Land Directly On Top Of Each Other

It is totally inconceivable that a person who has access to the Internet and knows how to use it has not noticed that cats have totally taken over it and rule it with supremacy! But if you think that this is a modern phenomenon - you are dearly mistaken: not only that cats are trending for the past 10 years on the Internet but they are trending for millennia. If you do not believe us, please take a look at the drawings of cats in the Egyptian pyramids. But let us return to the present. Here is what happens when you end up doing the same thing at the same time in the same place as someone else. These two cats are just hanging out while outside when they both simultaneously decide to scale the same wall at the same time. You can be sure that the outcome of this decision will give you a good belly laugh. Now that's something that you don't see every day! While doing the same thing at the same time, these two cats found themselves in a fairly peculiar situation. Since they both decided to do the same thing at the same time, they both ended up in the same spot. The funny thing is that one ended up on top of the other. Their reaction is even funnier as they both share a "what the heck" moment. We love just how in sync they are. The lookup, jump on the exact same brick, take a left jump and land on the exact same spot at the exact same time! We don't know if they are litter mates or just buddies that happen to share the same neighborhood, but we do know this. They are so in tune with each other, and even though they looked kind of confused when they landed on top of each other, they probably gave each other a mental high-five for being so awesome! Most of the time, no one understands why cats do what they do. For all we know, they could have been attempting to achieve this before and finally, they have accomplished, or it was probably a complete accident. Most likely the latter. Cats are independent as the rising sun. They observe everything with their gentle feline eyes, they loves to sit on a lap for strokes, they purr like a well-oiled engine - loud and strong, and wind around their owner’s legs at meal times. Cats are indeed funny animals with their black and white preened fur they patrol in the garden, chase butterflies and pounce on beetles. When they are confined within the borders of their homes, they leave muddy paw prints across the kitchen tiles, mew for food when they are hungry and snooze on the couch, wait for the fuss, purr like a tractor while their fur flies everywhere. Check out what happens when two cats jump onto this wall at the exact same time. Whoops! Their reactions are priceless!

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Needy Big Pup Won't Let Go Of His Owner1m16s

Needy Big Pup Won't Let Go Of His Owner

We all love our pet dogs. After a long and hard day at work, we get home to be greeted by their wagging tails and doggy smile, ready to turn ever the crustiest of frowns into a smile. We all love our pet dogs. After a long and hard day at work, we get home to be greeted by their wagging tails and doggy smile, ready to turn ever the crustiest of frowns into a smile. They hug us, jump all around us, give us slobbery kisses and make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. That, friends, is the power of puppy love! Sully the Saint Bernard dog really loves his dad! Watch as he pins him down and gives him a big hug after returning home from a long day of work. Now that's adorable! Look how comfortable he is, although he probably weighs the same as his owner, maybe even a bit more. Sully probably forgot that he is way too big to be a lap dog anymore, but he doesn't care. He just knows that he is the cutest, hugest dog in the whole wide world and that he loves his owner very much. Saints aren't suited to living outdoors with little human companionship. They need to live in the home with their family. They're not aggressive, but they'll bark when there is cause, and any threat to their people will bring out their protective instincts. Their size is usually a deterrent to any would-be attacker or burglar. (source: dogitme.com) It is clear that Sully adores his owner so much that the owner’s every attempt to try and talk his dog into letting him go is futile. Sully just wants to rest his huge body on top of his owner and feel his warmth. If this is not bonding, than what is? It is just one of the ways to get closer to your dog. But not all dogs are like Sully - stubborn, opinionated and persistent. Nothing that comes out of his owner’s mouth, will help him free from this huge silly dog. Sully positions his body in such a way that his human owner can do nothing but lavish him with hugs and kisses . That is exactly what makes this dog frisky. We get the impression that they have been separated for a long period of time and now, Sully can’t have enough of his human friend. No matter how hard this man tries to get up together with the dog, it is simply impossible. He is heavy and can’t be moved so easily. We wonder whether this big needy pup will be willing to show mercy and stop being such a pest for his owner and whether his owner will find a way out of Sully’s tight clutch. Companionship is of prime importance to this sociable breed. Left alone too much, he becomes dispirited -- and destructive. Saint Bernards are generally relaxed and accepting of everyone, but because he is such a massive dog, he requires early, frequent excursions into the world so that he grows up to trust and respect people. If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

Tiny Puppy Successfully Squeezes Through Door Crack 26s

Tiny Puppy Successfully Squeezes Through Door Crack

When you get yourself a pet, there might be some rooms in the house where the pet will not be allowed to enter . That may be the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the closet, etc. because of many reasons, for example, the pet might make a mess, break things, ruin your clothes, bed sheets, this list goes on... People decide to put puppy gates in order to keep their pets away from these forbidden areas and most of the times barriers work, but not in this case. There is no such thing as the universal perfect puppy. A perfect puppy is healthy, and his personality fit within your lifestyle and is compatible with your personality. Therefore, in other words, to find your perfect puppy, you must know what you can and cannot live with in terms of personality traits of dogs. The puppy in this video shows how happy and content it is when it conquers the door obstacle. At the beginning of this video we see a closed door with some cloth tucked under the door crack. Moments later we hear a squeaky sound, and suddenly there is a tiny little head picking from under the door. It is the head of a tiny puppy that struggles and somehow manages to fit under the door and enter the room. His owner must have left locked him in the other room, and used cloth in order to prevent his escape. However, this baby dog is too tiny and scared, so naturally he tries with all his efforts to squeeze himself under that crack and be close to his human again, and be reunited at last. His escape might be annoying, but he’ll grow out it, literally. Here is another dog that hasn't changed his habit of squeezing through small cracks. The family was up for a big surprise when one of their dogs popped his head through the pet door only to somehow “magically" shapeshift into a completely other dog, the next time a head appeared through the tiny hole! This adorable revolving door of dogs brings on the smiles and keeps this family entertained. Dogs can be very goofy sometimes! These three dogs decided to put on a show and entertain their humans by popping their heads through the pet door, one after another, just to say a quick hello, and by so, making us wonder if there's only one dog behind the door! A pet door is a small portal in a wall, window or human door to allow pets to enter and exit a house on their own without needing a person to open the door. These humans were amazed by the patience these dogs shows by taking their turn to peak through the hole. Only the sight of different dog heads appearing through the pet door is enough to put a smile on your face and assure you this is the best dog trick so far!

Guilty Dog Coughs Up Evidence Of His Crime30s

Guilty Dog Coughs Up Evidence Of His Crime

Faithful, kind, affectionate, loyal - all these complimentary characteristics apply to dogs that know their owners, like no other. Imagine what kind of secrets your beloved furry amigo could tell about you, if only it could talk. Scientists have conducted comprehensive research and have determined that when a person looks at a pet dog, the hormone oxytocin is produced in his or her body. Apparently, that's why dogs love to look at their master with their gentle eyes, when they want to get something. By the way, the same hormone in the body is produced when a person looks at a small child. This oxytocin is the sole culprit why dogs “understand” us so profoundly. Many dog owners can confirm that whenever they are sad, worried or anxious their dog starts to behave differently, as if they can read our thoughts and feelings. In many ways, we are almost the same as our furry companions. Dogs love food just about as much as we do. They also have acquired a taste for food that is not meant for their consumption, like sandwiches. A good hearty sandwich is among the easiest and most delicious ways to eat a filling meal. Any sandwich aficionado knows just how versatile and tasty they can be. Especially to our canine friends. When they sniff out the meaty, cheesy goodness, their mouths water just as much as any human’s does! One dog’s desire to take a little bite out of his owner’s sandwich proves too much for him to ignore. The adorable dog seen here is named Saben and as soon as his owner leaves the room, and her sandwich unattended, he makes his move. While he means to take just a bite, the deliciousness overwhelms him and he ends up stuffing the entire thing in his mouth! But before he could chew it up and swallow it all down, his owner returns. So Saben does what any guilty dog will do in this type of situation, he tries to look as sweet and innocent as possible. He tries to hide the fact that he stole his owner's sandwich, but in the end it all comes out. Out of his mouth that is. Upon returning and seeing that her meal is gone, his owner asks him: “What happened to my sandwich?” He can’t really do much at this point with the sandwich crammed in his mouth, so Saben simply turns away from her to avoid any uncomfortable eye contact . Avoiding her gaze proves to be his downfall because she can see a very suspicious looking lump in his mouth, which is the half eaten sandwich bulging out! Watch as he hilariously tries to hide the proof inside of his mouth, but inevitably ends up spewing it out. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!