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Caught this lovely trash panda stealing the gifts that were meant for my birthday. She thought she was SO clever and smart and did not think we would figure out who took the packages off our porch! She has picked the wrong house to mess with, we have blasted her all over the world of Facebook and news channels! Lets continue to spread the word of this nasty women who likes to steal peoples hard earned items. You never know who is watching. That's why no one should ever do something as nasty and low as stealing. There is no honor is stealing from someone, especially when there are packages outside someones door.This woman had no idea what she was stealing, for all she could've known, it could have been vital to someone's life. How unfortunate that there are people like this woman in the world. Stealing is wrong, no one should ever turn a blind eye to it and share to spread the word of a criminal caught in the act and that justice can be served!

Published: June 7, 2017Updated: June 8, 2017240,999 viewsVirality: 28%
Huge sinkhole swallows minivan in southern China45s

Huge sinkhole swallows minivan in southern China

Dramatic footage has emerged from China of the moment a sinkhole opened up, swallowing a minivan. The video, filmed in Nantong, Jiangsu Province on June 10, shows an already-damaged road collapsing, causing the parked vehicle to fall into the hole. The collapse causes a water pipe to break, which was spilling water into the hole. Fortunately, no one was injured. China is the proud owner of the world’s deepest sinkhole, reaching 662 meters deep. The cause for these occurrences is very simple - it’s the matter that is beneath the surface, which is shifting elsewhere.

Published: June 12, 201730,061 viewsVirality: 38%
RC Jet Crash1m58s

RC Jet Crash

What you are about to see might be painful for those who love model airplanes, so be advised! The working 1:3 size replica of a RC fighter jet is doing some incredible stunts in the air over the spectators for like a minute before something heart-shattering happens. Uploader says: "This video was filmed during one of the most important RC (radio controlled) events that meet here in Italy. Located in the airfield Barone Rosso in Fagagna (Udine). All the best pilots come here with their biggest airplanes and helicopters. The model cost is $35'000 and it's a replica of a Dassault Rafale, with a twin turbine. It touched the trees and crashed in a huge explosion because it was filled with 10 liters of Kerosene, which is very explosive liquid." It may have been devastating to the model builder to watch his prized replica go down in flames, but we just cannot peel our eyes off the clip! The hobby plane really puts on an impressive show, soaring across the blue, sunny sky, but then it disappears into a 1:3-scale explosion, fiery tongues licking the grass where the once glorious model crashed. Shame.

Published: June 6, 201798,024 viewsVirality: 54%
Kitten checks herself out using front-facing camera17s

Kitten checks herself out using front-facing camera

The world has a deep love/hate relationship with the front facing camera on their smartphones. It comes in handy more often than we would like to admit. Not counting selfies, the front-facing camera is like the utility knife of gadgets. Lash in your eye? Turn the camera on. Don’t have a mirror to fix your lipstick? Turn the camera on. You might hate how your second chin looks when you turn your camera on, but this little kitty seems to think she is just fabulous! Sweet little foster kitten named Alex sees her image in the phone and can't get over how cute she is!

Published: June 14, 2017Updated: June 15, 201726,097 viewsVirality: 8%
Car Almost Drives Into Semi13s

Car Almost Drives Into Semi

We have said this a million times and we will say it again. Never. Brake. Check. A. Semi. In case you haven’t noticed, semis are big vehicles. Given they have to haul enormous amount of freight, semis have moving power that cannot be stopped at a moments notice, so you would be smart to steer clear of their path if you find yourself near them on the freeway. The driver of the car in this video has to an adrenaline junkie or something? It doesn’t look like he’s slowing down or speeding up, as he approaches the intersection where the semi is driving. Up loader says: “This is how close a person came to losing their life Tuesday afternoon on SR281 and Liberty Hi Rd. This person did not stop or even slow down. They literally came inches from the front bumper of my 80,000 truck at 55mph. I saw them and started to slow and you can tell by the video a few seconds either way and the outcome could have been terrible.”

Published: June 9, 2017175,199 viewsVirality: 33%
Stubborn cat vocally argues with owner14s

Stubborn cat vocally argues with owner

This is just a typical cat behavior! Ari the Siamese cat wants on the table, but his owner won’t allow him. Every time she tells him to get out, he stubbornly meows back! We are surprised he didn’t persist any longer when she showed him the door! When the two Siamese cats in Disney’s “Lady and The Tramp” cartoon sang “We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please”, they weren’t lying! Siamese cats are like the Huskies in the feline world - talkative and opinionated. Even though they like to argue, with their raspy voices, Siamese cats are very fond of their human companions and will follow them around, offering their “support” by sitting in their lap or sleeping next to them, under the covers with their head on the pillows. Such nobility!

Published: June 15, 201747,104 viewsVirality: 16%
Guilty dog begs for forgiveness. You won't believe how!1m31s

Guilty dog begs for forgiveness. You won't believe how!

For a dog lover, catching your dog begging is one of the most adorable things ever. You just can't say no to your four legged friend. Ettore the Labrador is clearly filled with guilt and desperate to win over her owner Anthony Federica Granai. Watch as the two take part in one of the cutest interactions you'll ever see! How adorable is this doggo? Would you say non to that face? Chances are probably not. Be sure to stop by https://rumble.com/ to get your daily dose of cuteness and viral videos. Check out this adorable dog begging for forgiveness.

Published: September 17, 2015Updated: June 15, 201724,921,658 views
Man serenades dog on piano, dog loves it! 1m13s

Man serenades dog on piano, dog loves it!

Nothing like paying a visit to your parents' house for the first time in a while to clear your head. After some time away, this man had made the return to his parents' house and was greeted kindly by Franky the dog. While visiting his parents, Luke plays a song for his dog Franky on the old piano he grew up playing. Franky prefers Coldplay (and frequent pets and kisses)! We all love our awesomely adorable doggos. Especially when they come and share moments like this one. Your dog has the potential to make anything you do a hundred times better, just by being there. Isn't that special? Isn't this just the most adorable thing that you've seen all day? Be sure to visit Rumble.com to get your daily dose of cuteness as well as your hub for viral videos. Check out this man playing the piano while a dog loves it.

Boy With Hairy Tail Worshipped As God In India: BORN DIFFERENT1m57s

Boy With Hairy Tail Worshipped As God In India: BORN DIFFERENT

An eight-year-old boy is being worshipped in an Indian village after growing a long hairy tail. Dulha Singh was born with a patch of hair on his lower back with locals believing that he is an incarnation of Hanuman – a monkey like God. The young boy lives with his uncle Sahib Singh and aunt Majeer Kaur in Amritsar, Punjab. Little Dulha says that he doesn’t mind the tail and that he would leave it, believing it’s a gift from God. “Some kids used to make fun of my tail. They are not my friends and do not tease me anymore.” admits Dulha, obviously feeling the burden of fame. The uncle told media that Dulha’s mother decided to cut his tail when he was younger, but unfortunately she died before she had the chance. Now that Dulha is in his custody, he decided not to cut it and people from the surrounding villages are flocking to see the incarnation of the Monkey God and pray. Videographer / director: Rare Shot Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: Joshua Douglas

Published: June 5, 201712,195 viewsVirality: 26%
Baby can't figure out big girl spoon56s

Baby can't figure out big girl spoon

A big thing for babies and toddlers is becoming a "big kid". This adult decided it was time to step it up and give this baby a proper spoon when it was feeding time.Check out this little girl's priceless reaction when she's fed with an adult spoon. It's such a mind-blowing moment for her! You can tell that she was definitely enjoying it! The thing about babies is that everything is so new to them. We've all seen their reactions to their first lime, first sour grape and so on, but have you seen a reaction to a big spoon? An absolutely priceless moment is captured on camera when this baby is trying to eat with a big spoon for the very first time. Watch this adorable little baby give an hilarious reaction! If you're a parent, do you remember making that step for your kids? How was it? Leave a comment and if you have a video of a hilarious moment with your child, upload it to https://rumble.com, it might just go viral! Check out this adorable baby using a big girl spoon for the first time!

Published: May 30, 201735,999 viewsVirality: 24%
Baby's Chew Toy Surprise11s

Baby's Chew Toy Surprise

Babies love to put things in their mouths, even if they don't know what it is. This baby is looking for something to chew on. He found this toy and decided to stick it in his mouth. To his surprise, it ended up being the dog's chew toy. Check out his adorable reaction when he finds out that it's the family dog's toy! Make sure that you always monitor what your child is putting in their mouth. Thankfully, this chew toy was not a threat, just covered in dog saliva so you can understand why the little guy threw it. How hilarious was his reaction though? Babies are always putting whatever they can find into their mouth, thankfully it wasn't a small and dangerous object! If you're a parent, have you ever caught your child doing something like this? How was it? Leave a comment and if you have a video of a hilarious moment with your child, upload it to https://rumble.com, it might just go viral! Check out this hilarious reaction to finding out he had a dog toy in his mouth.

Published: May 31, 201712,473 viewsVirality: 12%
Baby otter playtime is a cuteness overload!27s

Baby otter playtime is a cuteness overload!

You don't see many pet otters around, but they sure are extremely cute. Just like any other animal or pet, this otter loves to play. Watch as this otter enjoys himself with a few towels. He loves playing and jumping around, as evident in this video. Just look at how much fun this curious otter is having there! Everyone loves different animals as pets for different reason. Most say that their choice is cute, others go for intelligence, while there are a certain few that love to be different. You could argue that having this little guy as a pet can constitute all three of those lines of reason. Regardless this little otter is as cute as a button! Would you ever consider getting an otter as a pet? Did you even know that you could get an otter as a pet? If you want to see more adorable pets doing funny things, be sure to visit Rumble.com to get your daily dose of cuteness. Cartel the Asian small clawed otter takes some time to play with a towel. Too cute!

Published: June 5, 2017Updated: June 6, 201731,561 viewsVirality: 2%
Cat scolds raccoon for playing in water bowl58s

Cat scolds raccoon for playing in water bowl

Raccoons have a tendency to wash their food before they are about to eat it, just like humans. Who knows, maybe it's to clean off any dirt or bacteria. Anyways, this raccoon has grown accustomed to that way of life. That's what led this raccoon to try to wash it's watermelon in the nearest source of water. Too bad it was the cat's drinking water... When the cat found out, you can only imagine how happy it was. Watch as the cat doesn't take exception to the raccoon using its water bowl as a cleaning station for its food. Would you want anyone else washing, say an apple, in your bowl of water? It's safe to say probably not, so you can kind of see where this cat was coming from. How hilarious was that though? Even after the cat gives the raccoon a little whack, the raccoon carries on like nothing else is wrong, which is just hilarious! Visit Rumble.com to get your daily dose of funny animal videos. A raccoon decides to place pieces of watermelon into the cat's water bowl, but not without consequences. See what happens when the cat finds out!

King Cobra Fights Python36s

King Cobra Fights Python

This epic snake fight took place on the MacRitchie Nature Trail on the Northern side of the reservoir. Both species are indigenous to the jungles of Singapore and both snakes are apex predators. Both species are known to eat each other but the King Cobra is known to feed on other snakes and often initiates the confrontation while the python more commonly defends itself by constricting and eventually eating the King Cobra if it is able to subdue it without being bitten. The footage shows the cobra sneaking up to the python from the back and as the python tries to wrap itself around the cobra, she bites him on the back and leaves. Witnesses who were there said that the Reticulated Python eventually died from the bite of the King Cobra.

Published: June 2, 2017131,526 viewsVirality: 45%
Hardworking student stunned with brand new car and proposal at her graduation1m38s

Hardworking student stunned with brand new car and proposal at her graduation

When Maddison Figg left her graduation ceremony to say hi to her friends and family, she wasn't expecting to receive not one, but two very big gifts! After greeting her loved ones, who congratulate her on graduating from Ivy Tech College, her boyfriend Aaron and his son take her to her first present, a brand new Dodge, neatly wrapped in a big red bow. Just as Maddison thinks she couldn't be happier, the two gentlemen both drop on their knees to ask for Maddison's hand in marriage. The fiance says that he was proud of his girlfriend for being such a hardworking student, that he wanted to surprise her with the car she always needed. The proposal was just the icing on the cake!

Published: May 30, 201721,833 viewsVirality: 3%
Giant snapping turtle acts just like a dog52s

Giant snapping turtle acts just like a dog

Tank has been in the family for about 8 years now. He interacts with them and is involved in many things. Being a 37 pound male common snapping makes him a big turtle. Tank takes life in stride and is easy going. He see no reason to bite anyone and doesn't. Whether it's sunning outside or cuddling on the couch he is docile and friendly. Tank is an educational turtle that visits many schools and organizations during the year. Life is good for the big man-turtle! Did anyone other than the man in this video know that a snapping turtle this big can be so tamed? That's awesome! Although he looks quite scary, he is the most chilled out turtle that you'll see! But not all of them are like that. You can't be going out into the wild and engage one of these guys, as the wild ones are pretty dangerous. Be careful or you might lose a finger. Are you as much of a fan of this turtle as the man in this video? Looks like they have a bond which cannot be broken. This turtle loves this man and this man definitely loves this turtle. Check out this dog-like turtle!

Published: May 26, 2017Updated: May 30, 201719,845 viewsVirality: 2%