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Dog Has A Loud Reaction When His Couch Privileges Are Denied1m38s

Dog Has A Loud Reaction When His Couch Privileges Are Denied

Reuben the Bulldog's family was told when they got him that he would require large amounts of love and attention. How true this turned out to be! They were happy to provide it, but every now and then.... they need some time to relax. Here's a moment where Reuben sees his owner relaxing on the couch, attempting a short nap, but that won't do if he's not right there on top of the situation....literally. The wrinkly pooch comes over to his owner lounging on the couch and demands attention with the sweetest noise his little stubby nose can produce. When the dog notices that his whines don’t work anymore, he tries to jump on top, but is too short to make it, so instead he blew his nose all over his owner’s face! “He just sprayed me in the face with cheese smelling...mucus,” says the human to the camera and we are already starting to lose our composure. But this Bulldog finds none of this even remotely funny, so he makes this adorably sad face, bows his head down and walks over to his own bed. “Well look at that, how novel. He is actually using his own bed. For once,” continues the human, indicating that the dog bed they got Reuben is so rarely used, since the pooch prefers to lay on top of his owner. Reuben has had it with his couch privileges being denied, he starts barking at the dog bed and stomps all over it. He even kicks it around for good measure! He can pout all he wants!

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German Shepherd Whines To Owner About Her Bad Day 38s

German Shepherd Whines To Owner About Her Bad Day

Animals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. However, did you know that animals could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? That seems to be exactly the case in this compilation here! Its never too early to introduce you kids to animals, especially dogs , and teach them the importance of loyalty and true friendship. The importance of spending time with your pets and devoting some time to teaching them new tricks alongside with patience and the urge to earn their treats. In this specific case, this owner has found singing to be the perfect way for them to bond. What is it that puppies love most in life? They love their owners, their food bowl, the frequent walks in the park and the scratches behind their ears. When pups have these things, they are the happiest they can be. But when a treat is introduced to the mix, thing get too cute too soon! Echo the German Shepard loves to tell her owner about her stressful life! She is such a wuss! Take a look at the whiner she is!

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This Is What Your Cat Does Once You Go To Sleep1m18s

This Is What Your Cat Does Once You Go To Sleep

Have you ever wondered what kitties do at night? Wonder no more, because this owner set a night vision camera to capture the whirlpool of adorable antics that can come out of two energetic cats. She recorded the night adventures of her two rascal and made up this hilarious clip. Everything and anything is a plaything for these tiny felines and as they have literally no worries in their lives, playing under the covers. Owning a cat is a fantastic and rewarding experience. And in the end, they become more like our children than mere pets. If you own a cat, you probably let her sleep in your bed. Most of the cats owners are sleeping with their cats in bed. According to a 2012 Harris poll, about 70 percent of American dogs and cats at least occasionally share their owner's bed. Cats are champion sleepers, they sleep around 15 hours a day, but their sleeping cycles aren't the same as ours. A cat who snoozes the day away might be ready to compete in the Kitty Olympics come 3 a.m., racing around the room or on your bed. Some people might suggest that we should lock our cats out of the bedroom so we can get a good night's sleep. Still, that's not going to happen at many cats owners houses. What's a little lost sleep, compared to spending the night with a cat or two snuggled up in bed with you? What all cat lovers have been hoping to hear had finally come right from the mouths of those we like to trust most. Scientist have proven that watching cat videos can actually boost your productivity! Keeping them as pets is a great stress reliever; some offices even let cats stay there so that the employees can feel better while at work.

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Gender Reveals Aren't All Glitter And Perfect Smiles16s

Gender Reveals Aren't All Glitter And Perfect Smiles

Gender reveal parties have come to be very popular in the last couple of years. People tend to find enjoyable, fun and exciting to find out about their baby's gender whether it is through cutting a cake, popping confetti, and even sometimes balloons full of painted confetti. For these guys things don't go according to plan. Take a look! Carissa and her husband are expecting their second child and in the spirit of tradition, they planned a gender reveal. When she was pregnant with their daughter, her gender reveal went perfectly so why couldn't it go well again? Carissa shares the whole experience on her blog Nesting Imperfectly and well, this time it was anything but successful. Her husband had talked her into smoke cannons and somehow she was the one who came out of it with a face covered in blue powder. Robin Ross has good friends because her best friend Skylar planned a gender reveal for Robin and her boyfriend Max Evans. Skylar filled a black balloon with appropriately colored confetti and powder to give them an exciting opportunity to find out together. Although, the universe had other plans because as Robin was on her way to Max's with the balloon, it burst in the car. This gender reveal ends before it even begins! Well, looks like it's a boy! Credit: RTM

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Deaf Groom’s Confused When Bride Stops Walking Down Aisle – Tears Flow When She Raises Her Hand4m10s

Deaf Groom’s Confused When Bride Stops Walking Down Aisle – Tears Flow When She Raises Her Hand

It's always beautiful to see the surprises that happen on wedding days. Usually it is the parents surprising the newlyweds, although it has been known to happen the other way around as well. The surprise can also happen into the form of a someone special to the bride, bringing her and everyone around her to tears. But we think it is safe to say that we have not seen something so emotional as what this bride did for her loving partner. Every couple wants a wedding day to remember. This is the heartwarming moment a bride sings her wedding song as she walks down the aisle to her deaf husband using sign language to translate the meaning. Moments before Elizabeth Shoesmith tied the knot with fiancé Scott, she decided to serenade him with Christina Perri’s song 1000 Years. Bride Elizabeth Shoesmith wanted to show her life to her newly wedded husband by signing the lyrics of Perri’s emotional song. Looking across from him, the blushing bride dressed in a floral gown put up a wonderful singing and signing performance to surprise her loving husband. Footage shows 41-year-old Elizabeth standing at the opposite end of the aisle signing the words to the love song at her 38-year-old deaf husband while using her hands to sign him the meaning. How romantic! While standing at the altar and listening to the adorable performance the groom was brought to tears as his beautiful bride surprised him with this touching gesture. Even though he had never heard the words to a song before, he understood every meaning to it because Elizabeth signed it to him. She taught herself to sign the lyrics over the months leading up to their wedding day and gave him the surprise of a lifetime!

Disabled Teen Enters Talent Show & Gives Audience Chills With Stunning Country Cover7m40s

Disabled Teen Enters Talent Show & Gives Audience Chills With Stunning Country Cover

This is the heartwarming moment when 16-year-old Jared Watson, confined to a wheelchair with spinal muscular atrophy, takes to the stage to sing at his high school talent show. The young man chose to sing 'I Told You So' by Randy Travis while his father accompanied him on the guitar. No one knew what to expect, but everyone was swept out of their feet! Check out his his mind-blowing performance! In May 2017, a 16-year-old boy confined with a wheelchair with spinal muscular atrophy took the stage to sing at his school talent show. His father Lee accompanied him on the guitar. The young man chose to sing ‘I Told You So’ by Randi Travis and no one from the audience knew what to expect. A grainy iPhone video taken by the audience member immediately went viral, because of his mind-blowing performance and talented voice. Jared Watson immediately gained fame and hundreds of thousands of fans, including Randi Travis himself. Randi’s wife Mary David Travis wrote: ‘Jared, you covered Randi’s song beautifully! Just want you to know Randy teared up when he listened to it this afternoon. Great job and we hope that one day soon we can meet you - we would be honored! Keep up the fight, the spirit and the music, you are a very talented young man. God bless you and keep you in the palm of his almighty hand. Sending love and gratitude’. Within weeks of his astonishing performance, Jared was doing talk shows and singing at various venues. He even got a call from Nashville. He has continued to impress his audience with amazing covers. On January 22, 2018, Jared introduced his latest song ‘In The Name Of Freedom’ on the mid-south audio stage for WBOC TV, and the rest as they say is history!

Well-Mannered Little Girl Adorably Asks For Another Bite45s

Well-Mannered Little Girl Adorably Asks For Another Bite

Table manners vary from country to country, household to household. Wherever that might be, the purpose is always one and the same - courteous table manners make dining a pleasant experience for everyone present at the table, but they also show a sign of respect for the host and hostess or the chef. Teaching a kid the few simple table manners is crucial, so that one day it will grow up to be a kind, respectful adult. So why not start early, like when they learn to talk? Toddlers’ brains are like sponges, they soak up all new information quickly and learning is easiest for them. Just don’t forget to lead with an example! Breakfast time for this daddy with his baby daughter Nova is a cuteness overload! While feeding the child so polenta, the dad keeps reminding Nova to ask politely for another bite and always tell thank you. With every bite, the dad tells her to say “more, please”, which the adorable cutie repeats with incredible enthusiasm, watching the spoon scoop from the dish and eagerly waiting for it to land in her hungry little mouth. The sweet head of curls might be watching her cartoon attentively, but that does not mean that she won’t listen to her dad remind her of her table manners. “More, please” she hears with her dad’s thunderous voice and she repeats in her own squeaky sound, but not before opening her mouth widely. Don’t you just wanna eat her up?

Camera Captures Strange Object In A Cornfield39s

Camera Captures Strange Object In A Cornfield

Interesting footage featuring a mysterious flying object that vanishes from a cornfield after making crop symbols has emerged, and anybody who saw the movie 'Signs’ knows how this will end! Triangle UFOs are being reported across the globe, each time they are said to be black in colour, enormous size, relatively low flying, at slow speeds and utterly silent. Reports on underside lights can vary with one type having a light at each corner and a larger middle one. Many witnesses report feeling a sense of fear or awe at the siting and sometimes numbness and memory loss. This witness captured on camera something very disturbing. Footage shows a camera moving through cornfield, like someone is trying to escape a predator or something, only to later point the camera at the sky to disclose a mysterious triangular-shaped object flying off at incredible speed! Are mysterious triangle UFOs real? Weird sightings keep happening and people keep on reporting bizarre triangle UFOs which only deepen the mystery. At the beginning of the video, we can hear that something appears to be moving through the cornfield, even if we don’t get a clear visual of the situation. Moments later we hear a strange noise and the strange-looking object disappears in the clear blue sky. Everything happened in a split second, but what do you think that was? The outline of the object was visible enough to the naked eye and unmistakably triangular with lights in a V shape. It moved silently, with no air movement felt, travelling up in the air in a beam of light! Many conspiracy theorists believe they are actually secret aircraft developed by the US Air Force and other military which are being tested or used. The allegations are that these crafts are created at top-secret military bases like Area 51 in Nevada, by reverse engineering alien technology. Crop circles - allegedly made by landing UFOs - have been widely considered one of the world's biggest paranormal hoaxes since 1991 believing there may be something much more paranormal behind them, linking the crop circles to alien visitations of Earth.

Giant Newfie Throws A Tantrum, And Only His Tiny Owner Can Handle Him38s

Giant Newfie Throws A Tantrum, And Only His Tiny Owner Can Handle Him

Animals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. However, did you know that animals could form bonds with even the unlikeliest of animal? That seems to be exactly the case in this compilation here! What is it that puppies love most in life? They love their owners, their food bowl, the frequent walks in the park and the scratches behind their ears. When pups have these things, they are the happiest they can be. But when a treat is introduced to the mix, thing get too cute too soon! Its never too early to introduce you kids to animals, especially dogs, and teach them the importance of loyalty and true friendship. The importance of spending time with your pets and devoting some time to teaching them new tricks alongside with patience and the urge to earn their treats. Sierra has been raised with huge Newfoundland dogs her entire life. She seems to have learned the language and there is a mutual respect and love between them. Sometimes when Samson gets pushy with his owner, she just asks little Sierra to take over. He seems to be much more concerned about offending his best friend. Mom should start saying, 'Wait till Sierra gets home when he is being naughty'. Hilarious!

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Marine Surprises Mother During Chemotherapy After Being Two Years Apart1m58s

Marine Surprises Mother During Chemotherapy After Being Two Years Apart

It’s always hard to send your children off to defend their country knowing there is nothing you can do for them except think of them every waking hour of the day and hoping that everything is alright. You have to live with the fact that you won’t see their face or hear their voice for days at a time and you just have to count the days until they come back home to you. The constant worry is stressful enough, but this mom was served a whole lot more on her plate. Thankfully, her son stepped in to brighten up her dark period. This is the heart-warming moment a marine dressed as a doctor surprises his mum who he hasn't seen for two years during a chemotherapy appointment. Mary Glasure, the private’s mother, was at the Tony Teramana Cancer Center in Steubenville, Ohio, USA, to plan her treatment for the disease which affects her left breast, spine and left lung among other places. Surrounded by family members, it appears that Mary is talking to a doctor about her prognosis when the footage starts. Dressed in blue scrubs and a surgical mask, the medical professional tells Mary that he needs to get to another appointment. She doesn’t understand what’s happening at first, but she just goes with it. That is, until he takes of his surgical mask and she starts crying happy tears. Mary can’t stop hugging her baby boy, being extremely thankful that he is here beside her. We wish her the best of luck!

The Final 'Maze Runner' Signals The End Of This Major Hollywood Trend2m57s

The Final 'Maze Runner' Signals The End Of This Major Hollywood Trend

Since 2012, there have been three film series and at least a dozen movies that all fell into this very specific movie genre. It seems like just yesterday our young hero Thomas came out of the elevator only to discover he was tracked at the capital with President Snow for being born divergent, now he has to volunteer his tribute one last time to find the death cure. The new sequel of the Maze Runner has been estimated at a $23.5 million when it first came out, and to a first week total of $106 million worldwide. Maze Runner The Death Cure might be the last in a dying breed of young adults in feature films trilogies. Since March 2012 when the first Hunger Games movie was released there have been three separate series and at least a dozen films in this category and like with any movie there were major successes and extraordinary failures, but the final Maze Runner entry in this genre seems to close the book on its fame. Dropping down to first place is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle bringing an estimated $16 million in its fourth week out, that puts the extremely successful sequel well past $822 million worldwide and makes it one of Sony pictures best performing films of all time. Third this week is Christian Bale’s mustache and the Western film that comes with it, the Hostiles, at an estimated $10 million in its first week of release. While this film earned some critical praise its been completely past over this award season with some calling it shut out of the Oscars.

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Bride And Groom Put On Spectacular Show And Leave The Crowd In Awe5m09s

Bride And Groom Put On Spectacular Show And Leave The Crowd In Awe

This is the heartwarming moment when newlyweds decide to bust a move at their wedding ceremony, showing guests what marriage is all about! The bride and groom show just how good they are for each other, as they show off their incredibly synced moves to the beats of today’s best hits! A bride dreams about her wedding from childhood. She pictures the groom, the people, the festivities, the colors, everything that has to do with a wedding has been going through her head since she was a child. And the groom just wants to have some fun. That is why this couple decided to add a little bit of a surprise into the mix that they knew everyone would love. The symbolic of the first dance is the beginning of the couple’s life together. They start with love and fun, to mark the launch of their union. Most of the times it is a slow dance along a song that means the world to the bride and groom, but every now and again, a couple surprises everyone with something that send the crowd cheering for more! The bride and groom decided to surprise everyone with their dance moves. They started slow dancing like all couples do, but moments later they busted a move on various music hits, leaving their guests in awe! After a busy day of getting married, this couple flawlessly pulled off this amazing first dance! Watch as they break into dance with one of the most well choreographed wedding routines you've ever seen! The incredible duo bust out their best moves, much to the amazement and cheers from their guests. Now that is one way to kick off a marriage! What an awesome wedding moment for all of the guests to witness. What other wedding surprises have you seen before?

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Woman attempts to steal packages from a porch, but karma has other plans2m54s

Woman attempts to steal packages from a porch, but karma has other plans

This is the moment when one inglorious thief feels the painful slap of instant karma. Security camera captured this shameful act on January 26, 2018 in Bothell, Washington, United States featuring a clumsy thief attempting to steal UPS packages off someone’s porch. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing justice being served and it’s safe to say that this video tickles our fancy. A UPS van is seen delivering packages to a porch and only moments later a car pulls over the same house and a woman gets out of the passenger side of the vehicle and approaches the front porch attempting to steal the freshly delivered packages. Little did she know that she would walk right into the nasty hands of instant karma, which apparently had other plans for this lady with sticky fingers! Security camera was able to record the thief in the act of stealing. As the woman comes rushing through the yard to try and steal the packages, she lifts the package only to find out that it is very heavy. Nonetheless, she accepts the challenge without an ounce of guilt and decides to carry the heavy burden across the yard and into the car. She grabs the package and rushes to the car, but immediately slips on the grass and badly sprains her ankle when she falls on the ground! Instant karma is served! She is clearly in pain and cannot get up on her own, so the driver of the vehicle eventually comes to help the woman, and carries her across the yard and into the car. However, they didn’t learn their lesson, so he returned to snag the packages. Reportedly, homeowner Lizeth Ababneh explained that one of the packages contained medication for her husband and filled charges to Snohomish County Sheriff's office to open an investigation into the inglorious theft.

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LeBron James Had Some Harsh Words In Response To Blake Griffin's Trade2m17s

LeBron James Had Some Harsh Words In Response To Blake Griffin's Trade

Just ask Kevin Durant—some NBA fans demand loyalty from their favorite teams’ stars. And if those players don’t show that loyalty? Well, you’d better have your fire extinguisher ready. And yet, when a franchise fails to return that loyalty, in the form of, oh, I dunno, promising said player that the team would like to see them play out their career with the franchise, only to turn around and trade that player to, let’s just say, the Detroit hellscape only months later? Crickets. Almost no words of vitriol for a franchise that’s necessarily blessed with more money than God. For whatever reason, teams can ditch players when it’s convenient for them, but players can’t ditch teams for the same reason. Someone all too familiar with this double standard? LeBron James, who was treated with pure hostility in his first game as a visitor to the Cleveland Cavaliers following his joining the Miami Heat, only to be welcomed with eager arms four years later. “When a player gets traded, it’s they was doing what’s best for the franchise,” LeBron said on Tuesday when asked about Monday’s Blake Griffin trade. “But when a player decides to leave, it’s, ‘He’s not loyal. He’s a snake. He’s not committed.’ It’s just, that’s the narrative of how it goes. So I’m definitely (aware). I know that firsthand.” LeBron added: “He spent his last nine years there. He signed a multi-year deal there this summer, so that’s unfortunate. But that’s the business side of it. It’s both sides. It works both sides, though. It’s the business.” The Cavaliers star could help his franchise greatly by letting them know what he plans on doing this summer—if he’s leaving via free agency, they’d likely deal their short-term assets to contribute to a rebuild; if he’s staying, they could use the valuable Brooklyn Nets pick they own to improve their chances of a title this year. But maybe LeBron doesn’t know what he wants yet. He won’t know how attractive the future of the Cavs will be until this summer, and he won’t know the same of prospective destinations until then either. He’s more than earned the right to wait and see what’s best for him, and he doesn’t owe the Cavaliers anything. Credit: The Fumble

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Shameful Dog Apologizes For Almost Biting Owner1m10s

Shameful Dog Apologizes For Almost Biting Owner

Ares was caught in the kitchen where he is not allowed. His owner tried to bring him out of the kitchen, but he refused and tried to bite her. Realizing the error of his ways, Ares tries his best to say ‘I'm sorry!’ Dog owners would agree that having your dog begging for forgiveness is one of the most adorable things ever. You just can't say no to your four-legged friend when it looks at you with puppy-eyes. Ares the Husky is clearly filled with guilt and desperate to redeem to his owner. Watch the cutest reaction of this ashamed dog! Footage shows owner scolding Ares for doing something bad. Apparently Ares was not allowed to go in the kitchen, so when owner found the naughty dog trespassing on forbidden property he tried to take him out, but the dog refused to move and tried to bite owner. Moments later, the guilty dog realized that he did wrong and misbehaved, so he tried his best to say ‘I am sorry’ to owner. Watch how this loud Husky begs for owner’s forgiveness with whines and howls. Ares is sitting on kitchen’s floor, obviously ashamed and reprimanded, and engages in a long argument with owner. Or, is it an act to redeem himself following the shameful he presented? When owner tells Ares to say that he is sorry, the dog goes vocal and produces high-pitched whines with a guilty tone. How adorable is this dog? Would you say no to that face? This adorable dog sure knows how to beg for forgiveness!

Dying Man Sings 'The Dance' From Hospital Bed2m55s

Dying Man Sings 'The Dance' From Hospital Bed

Marc Wright had been battling cancer for three years. He had been a firefighter for over 30 years, battling blazing flames all over the Columbia, Missouri area. But after a colon surgery and an extensive chemotherapy, Marc discovered that his cancer had moved to his liver, two lymph nodes and his lungs. He passed away on January 29, surrounded by loved ones. On his deathbed, Marc was surrounded by his family and friends. Unwilling to give up just yet, Marc had but one more wish - to sing Garth Brook’s classic “The Dance”, accompanied by a friend and his acoustic guitar. According to his loved ones, Marc loved to sing. With some divine intervention, Garth Brooks was shown Marc’s video and had some amazing things to say about Marc and his singing skills. We are sure that Marc would have been honored to receive such high praises from his favorite musician. Marc had been a firefighter since 1988, at the age of 17. He worked his way up to Lieutenant and earned a certification as an emergency medical technician at 19, getting hired as an EMT for Boone Hospital Center. He returned to firefighting in 1992, where he served as lieutenant, captain,. Battalion chief and division chief. Marc retired in February 2017. The leading cause of death among firefighters is cancer, according to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Most firefighters suffer from cancer of the respiratory system, followed by GI, such as the large intestine and kidneys.

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Woman Wins $42.9 Million Japckpot In Casino, Until Security Pulls Her To The Side1m17s

Woman Wins $42.9 Million Japckpot In Casino, Until Security Pulls Her To The Side

Katrina Bookman was playing the sphinx slot machine at resorts world casino when she saw $42.9 million on the screen, she believed it was the dollar amount she won. That amount would have been U.S. History’s biggest slot machine jackpot win. Sadly for Bookman she didn’t even make more than a fer dollars. Before the news was broken to her that the machine was malfunctioning, Bookman took a selfie with the screen in view. Footage shows the woman smiling next to the screen that said it was printing the cash ticket for $42,949,672.76. She learnt she was entitled to only $2.25 because she didn’t actually win. The casino also offered her a complimentary steak dinner because Bookman’s jackpot win wasn’t real but her disappointment and even ‘mental anguish’ were real. Can you imagine the overwhelming emotion of learning that you have win a jackpot, only to be deprived from that excitement moments later due to malfunctioning machine? Obviously, these news came hard on Katrina, especially because of her past struggles, having spent her childhood in foster care and living on the verge of poverty half of her life. In addition, her teen years involved homelessness, struggle and raising four children on her own, so when she read the amount on the screen she thought that luck is finally on her side. Even though casino personnel were able to determine that the figure displayed on the penny slot was the result of an obvious malfunction, a fact that was later confirmed by the New York State Gaming Commission, Alan Ripka, Bookman’s attorney, filed a lawsuit stressing “You can’t claim a machine is broken because you want it to be broken. Does that mean it wasn’t inspected?” Moreover, the maximum winning on the Sphinx slot machine is $6,500 so Ripka might seek at least $43 million in damages but believes Bookman should receive at least the actual maximum amount. Major machine malfunctions should immediately be stated, so that when customers play on the slot machines they don’t face the same disappointment Bookman felt!

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Adorable Pit Bull Sees Himself In Front Facing Camera, Loses It12s

Adorable Pit Bull Sees Himself In Front Facing Camera, Loses It

It’s been a long standing meme - an awkward picture of someone with the caption “when you accidentally turn your front camera on”... Ever since the first front facing camera came to be on mobile phones way back in 2003, people have been hating the way it makes them look. Terrible lighting, bags under the eyes, double chin… “I don’t have a double chin, do I?” is on everyone’s mind when they see that foul image on their phone’s screen. But the truth is, we never expect it to come up and it always seems to catch us in the worst possible time! This curious Pit Bull pup is feeling just like the rest of us when the front facing camera turns on without us knowing it. He, too, can’t believe that his cheeks sag like that, or that the white line down the middle of his face isn’t as straight as he would like it to be! Tail wagging and nose sniffing with curiosity, the dog approaches the camera a couple of times, wanting to make sure that what he is seeing is just the gadget’s fault and not how nature intended! Good thing his brother showed up to take the camera down, because we are all beautiful in our own way and no camera can tell you that! Speaking of dogs and cameras, you just have to see how this goofy dog smiles for the camera. Looking at his owner with his eyes wide, the dog flashes a smiles, and all the while looks like he is thinking “let’s get this over with”.

Energetic Dog Loves Playing Tag With Owner9s

Energetic Dog Loves Playing Tag With Owner

They say “boys will be boys”, but what does that mean? Wrestling in the dirt? Getting naughty and mischievous? How about chasing one another around a post for hours on end? Because that is exactly what this guy does with his German Shepherd pet and they both look like they haven’t aged a day over five! We have told you many a times before how every kid is lucky to have grown up with a dog, but in all honesty, everyone is lucky to share a piece of their life with a pet of some kind. Dogs, cats, fish, even a reptile is a companion that you can confide in. They can keep your deepest, darkest secrets and never utter a word to anyone! But when it comes down to spending some quality time outdoors, nothing beats a good run with your best bud. Actually, if you ever need solid motivation to stay fit, just get a dog, any dog (except a Bulldog). Mutts are always best, because they can have such colorful characters, you will never be bored! They might not like to play tag with you, but a stroll around the block or a trip down to the dog park will do you both good. Now go out and take a stroll down memory lane. You’re it! Catch me if you can!

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"Panda" dog prepares for Super Bowl Sunday!

What does a little panda puppy dog do during the Super Bowl? He holds his own panda puppy bowl! Huxley the Pomeranian panda puppy wishes he could join in on the puppy bowl. His invitation must have been lost in the mail so he held his first annual Panda Puppy Bowl.

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Lazy Dog Hitches Himself A Piggyback Ride Upstairs20s

Lazy Dog Hitches Himself A Piggyback Ride Upstairs

A hilarious footage has emerged of a lazy dog waiting for his owner on the couch just to hitch himself a ride upstairs. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so this canine decided to wait at the station, for his next piggyback ride. Adorable! It's time for this dog to go to bed, but he's just too lazy to go up the stairs by himself. Check out the perfect solution to this problem! When you’re too tired to walk up three stairs and you’re a dog, you can get away with making your mommy give you a piggyback ride to just about anywhere. Sure it might be one of the laziest things that you can possibly make someone do for you, but when you pull them puppy eyes, you can get away with pretty much anything. Calling this puppy apathetic is an understatement because the only thing he does throughout the day is stroll around, sleep and play. Nonetheless, when it comes to walking upstairs he always pulls a tired face and refuses to climb upstairs by himself. Footage shows the adorable moment when the lazy canine is waiting on the couch to catch the next ride for upstairs. Moments later, owner approaches and lifts him up on her back, giving him the royal treatment by carrying him around on her back. The piggyback ride never gets old! This lazy pooch would rather hitch a ride and wait for the piggyback ride than climbing them high, tiresome stairs. We bet he would wait and wait in the lounge couch, until somebody gives him the consideration and take him upstairs.

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Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park3m13s

Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park

Toddlers find everything interesting and fun, even if it just a rock lying on the ground. They will almost always try to make their point and won't take no for an answer, so when a parent steps in, they are ready with a barrage of arguments. This precious toddler named Sean did not like it when her mother told him that it is time to leave the park and go home. Footage shows the adorable moment when this cranky tot puts a priceless temper tantrum trying to prove his point to mom and stay in the park. Of course, his indignation is audible and hilarious and is guaranteed to make your day. You just can't help but laugh at this adorable persistence temper tantrum! How cute is this! We have all been there. A beautiful day at the park and this kid is obviously having the time of his life. So, when mom decided it was time to leave, he just wouldn’t budge. Watch as Sean pulls out the big guns when he is forced to leave the park to go home. Momma calls in the cavalry in the form of big sister, but this is when all hell breaks loose! Screaming, pinching, biting, crying, Sean tries everything just to stay at the park a little longer. Does it work! See for yourself! Watching children grow up and learn what's right and what's wrong is a true blessing. Parents often try to lecture kids on life lessons, but sometimes it's the other way around. We hope that little Sean stopped trying behaving and started obeying his mom. Don’t yell at your mom Sean, she knows what's best for you!

Soda Machine Goes Through 175 Steps Before You Actually Get Your Drink3m41s

Soda Machine Goes Through 175 Steps Before You Actually Get Your Drink

Have you ever seen a contraption like this before? This has to be one of the most complicated and coolest ways to get you Coca-Cola! User Berlagawesome spent 140 hours (over three months) in total in putting this video together with the coke dispenser failing 114 times before he finally got it to work. This takes a lot of time and dedication. User Berlagawesome wasn't going to give up, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! The amount of times this Coca-Cola dispenser had to be reset is crazy. It has 175 steps and many of them are multi-use elements. Going back to reset these 175 steps every time must have take a lot of time! Lucky for us, Berlagawesome continues to keep trying until he succeeded so we got to see this awesome contraption! During the whole video, your eyes are glued to the screen. Every different step is very creative and fascinating. You have to have lots of talent to make something as cool as this. Credit to 'Berlagawesome'. Music: Itro - Yeah. Check out this video of a very unique soda machine that requires 175 steps! Have you ever made something similar to this before? What was your favorite trick in the video? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Daredevil escapes death after insane bridge stunt goes wrong42s

Daredevil escapes death after insane bridge stunt goes wrong

WARNING: Do not ever attempt the stunt performed in this video! A skateboarding daredevil attempts to ride down the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands. What was this guy thinking?! The adventurous spirit is seen casually approaching the suspension, cigarette in hand. He then straps his board on his back and scales the suspension bridge, climbing 456 feet to the top. His friends then run to the other side of the bridge, hoping to get a better angle on his upcoming stunt. Even with maximum zoom, the dude looks like an ant on the video. So he gives the signal and begins grinding down the suspension, looking like he will make a spectacular landing. But do not be fooled, because it took him a split of a second to lose balance and fly down into the Nieuwe Maas river, followed by the terrified screams of his friends, as they watch. But is it all as it seems?

Baby Elephant's Excitement Results In An Adorable Tumble Downhill44s

Baby Elephant's Excitement Results In An Adorable Tumble Downhill

There has not been a kid in history that didn’t want to grow up as fast is it can be. Most of the times it is because of the need to be independent and able to think with your own mind, which is always an admirable trait. Adorable things can happen in the pursuit of independence, as this clip can attest. Human kids aren’t the only ones who feel excitement whenever they get accepted as “adults”. Apparently so do elephant babies. Since they always keep it together in a herd, it is especially important for a young elephant to be accepted by the adults in the group. Looks like this little guy was definitely accepted, but in all that excitement, he forgot how to use its feet! Watch as this adorable baby elephant takes an unfortunate tumble down a steep hill while running with his herd at Biyamiti Camp in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Elephants are able to reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour, which is significant, given their size. The little ones might not be so fast at first, but that doesn’t mean that when they trip over their own feet, they won’t cause a build-up. It all happens so fast, make sure you don’t blink or you will miss the adorable scene! This national park is one of the largest ones in Africa, and it covers a vast area. All sorts of creatures can be seen there, and it is referred to as International Man and Biosphere Reserve, or simply “The Biosphere". Credit to 'Latest Sightings'.