Weird Prison Restaurant1m27s

Weird Prison Restaurant

Looks like you no longer have to commit a felony to get some old-fashioned jail food. This bizarre restaurant in Japan is themed like a prison.

Pig Wears Boots1m01s

Pig Wears Boots

This little piggy didn't go to market...because it was pathologically afraid of mud. Luckily, someone made it some little rubber boots.

Underwater Christmas Dinner1m06s

Underwater Christmas Dinner

Underwater Christmas Dinner It's 1945 and this team of divers from Florida celebrate Christmas in the only way they know how - by eating their dinner underwater.

Howitzer Backfires33s

Howitzer Backfires

This Paladin Howitzer fires 39 caliber, 155mm shells. That's a whole lot of firepower - especially when it accidently explodes like this.



For $150 an hour, this company in Germany will rent you a digger so that you can go be a man and dig some holes.

Blind Pilot47s

Blind Pilot

Ken Woodward has been blind for 6 years, but hasn't let that stop him flying a light aircraft.