The World's Most Expensive Kebab1m13s

The World's Most Expensive Kebab

At this London kebab restaurant, your standard donner is a thing of the past. With their 'Royal Kebab' costing $1350, this isn't your typical Friday night hunger buster. But just what goes into such an expensive kebab? Diagonal View takes a further look.

We Present You The World's Largest Glass Viewing Platform 1m25s

We Present You The World's Largest Glass Viewing Platform

Teetering 2519 feet above sea level, and 1312 feet above the floor of stone forest valley near Beijing, this is the world's largest glass viewing platform. The breath-taking observation deck opened to the public on May 1, 2016 and has quickly drawn the attention of daredevil tourists. This attraction is set to be a very popular tourist destination, both for those looking for a thrill or a way to remedy their vertigo. The bridge and platform are both made out of glass , leaving many visitors feeling a little sick. The platform is 4,470 square feet in size as it protrudes more than 107 feet over the edge of the cliff face it's set against. A glass-bottomed walkway leads to a circular viewing platform which is often windy. Some visitors are so scared to look down and clutch their hands to the railings, unable to let go of their grip. Others would rest on the platform or even do push-ups. This transparent walkway is both scary and exciting! Footage shows that this breathtaking platform hangs over a rocky cliff with lush mountains ranging as far as eyes can see in the background. Watch as some tourists struggle to walk on the platform, while others cannot get enough of the transparent floor and stare down the vertical rock underneath their feet. Known as the "flying saucer" this attraction provides those brave enough to confidently stride across. It is offering visitors with incredible, bone-chilling views of nature. Would you dare to climb up this platform and look down?

Drug Driving Simulation Suit2m11s

Drug Driving Simulation Suit

Scientists at Ford have developed a special suit that simulates the effects of drug driving to demonstrate the dangers of being behind the wheel whilst high.

Drone Grand Prix1m16s

Drone Grand Prix

On March 11th 2016 there was an International Drone Race Tournament held in Dubai, with a prize of a quarter of a million dollars for the winner.

Company Designs Tails For Humans1m15s

Company Designs Tails For Humans

Company Designs Tails For Humans English company GreyWorld have come up with a new inventions that will surely get tails wagging. Why? Because they have come up with a tail extension for us humans. How bizarre.

These Enthusiasts Made A House Boat Of 100% Recycled Cardboard1m08s

These Enthusiasts Made A House Boat Of 100% Recycled Cardboard

When life presents you with a large cardboard box, do not throw it away immediately. You can simply recycle it or use the tons of interesting ideas recycling enthusiasts share daily on the Internet. Such is the inspiring project these guys have been tackling with for a while now. They have built a functional houseboat made 100% out of recycled cardboard; the best part is that it floats! “The foolish man had built his house on the sand, but had it washed away.” These guys made their house out of cardboard and expect it to float. It took months of work scavenging hundreds of cardboard boxes thrown out by businesses around Stratford, England. And the result is a house made 100% of recycled cardboard. “There are hundreds of laminated cardboard ribs. You can see this table top is an offcut of one of those ribs. It contains five sheets of cardboard that we glued together. There have been 150 pounds of PVA glue.” It comes complete with two bunks, a portable television, a wine rack, a card table and even a bubble-wrap flag. Unsure of whether the boat will float, they coated it in varnish to waterproof it and they were hoping for the best as they were unloading it into the London’s River Themes. Amazingly, it looks like all the hard work, cardboard and varnish has paid off. As always, it is true what they always say: whatever floats your boat!

A 4-Year-Old Drives Cars Like An Experienced Driver1m02s

A 4-Year-Old Drives Cars Like An Experienced Driver

Whilst most four-year-old boys are content to play with toy cars and only learned to walk not so long ago, young Katiresh is already driving a car. “Once, while I was driving the car, he asked me if he could drive the car, and the very next day I started to teach him how to drive a vehicle. On exactly the 29th day, he started to drive just like a very experienced driver. He can drive anywhere and everywhere, and without anybody’s help”, says Katiresh’s father Vijaykumar. Katiresh can drive at the speed of 43.5 mph or 70 km/h and has driven approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers). What is the next stop for Katiresh? He wants to be a Formula 1 racing driver . This video proves that all drivers can be taught to drive if adequate methods are both applied by the mentor and followed by the learner, even if that learner is only a four-year-old boy. In our case, Katiresh started getting driving lessons from the moment his eyes could reach out from behind the steering wheel, sitting on his father’s knees. Let us hope that he will continue driving at all times under the mentorship of an adult and that this boy’s dreams of becoming a Formula 1 racing driver will come to fruition one day. Do you have any fun and interesting stories about how you or someone you know started driving? If so, do share them with us in the comment section below.

Cool Micro-Cars From The 50s: The Peardrop49s

Cool Micro-Cars From The 50s: The Peardrop

This article serves to remind you of one of the older and rearer makes of automobiles. This short film shows us a most interesting microcar called the Peardrop, which is dated as having been filmed during 1952. Follow along and watch as it is being demonstrated darting around on the busy streets of London. The novel little egg-shaped, three-wheeled plastic microcar with a hinged two-piece windshield top appears to be powered by a small one cylinder air-cooled engine. It is noble, eye-catching and comes with a sunroof. This is the Bouffort Peardrop, named after its constructor Victor-Albert Bouffort, a French car pioneer who was an aeronautical engineer in Paris during WW2. He applied those principles in several one-off vehicles from the late 1940's up to the mid-1950's. The Peardrop was also known as the "City-Car", and featured a Sachs engine. He made a doorless roadster based on the Peugeot 403 in 1957, followed by the Transville in 1959, and the Enville in 1961. He made a tour through Germany to sell his design. After he made a few other cars, out of which none reached bigger productions, Bouffort stopped car building. There was a lot of interest, but nobody took out a license. He must have inspired some, because it didn't take very long before Brütsch and Tourette came up with very similar vehicles, which they claimed to be their own idea.