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Sloppy Joe Rolls1m11s

Sloppy Joe Rolls

This isnt your average cafeteria sloppy joe. We have given the Sloppy Joe a complete makeover. go ahead, try this recipe and let us know what you think!

How to make muffuletta pretzel bites1m21s

How to make muffuletta pretzel bites

Muffuletta pretzel bites make a great snack or appetizer. They can be made ahead of time and popped into a toaster oven or microwave. Enjoy!

Published: August 3, 2017Updated: August 4, 2017495 views
Pizza Fries!!!!!54s

Pizza Fries!!!!!

We have combines the ultimate superfood, Pizza and french fries...and guess what.....ITS AMAZING!!! Go head, try it and let us know what you think!

Oreo Dirt Cups1m09s

Oreo Dirt Cups

Got a sweet tooth craving? Well we have the remedy. Try these Oreo Dirt Cups and let us know what you think!

Spicy Mango Michelada1m02s

Spicy Mango Michelada

Trade in that boring Bloody Mary for something a bit more exciting. Try our Spicy Mango Michelada, we guarantee a good time!

Published: July 28, 2017Updated: July 29, 2017
Taco Pop Tarts!1m11s

Taco Pop Tarts!

Ever spent the days wishing Pop Tarts came out with a Taco Flavor? Well your wish just came through! Go ahead try this Taco Pop Tart Recipe and let us know what you think!

Published: July 27, 2017Updated: July 29, 2017
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes1m21s

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

The perfect treat for the perfect summer. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes are a simple recipe meant to satisfy any sweet tooth craving!

Jalapeno Poppers 3 Ways2m58s

Jalapeno Poppers 3 Ways

Here are the best 3 ways to make Jalapeno Poppers. #1- Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Chicken #2- Jalapeno popper egg role #3 - Mac & Cheese Jalapeno Popper

The easiest and most delicious chicken recipe1m09s

The easiest and most delicious chicken recipe

Prepare for your stomachs to rumble as this video will surely make you hungry! Learn how to make your dinner unforgettable as this delicious chicken recipe will have your mouth watering. All it requires is simple and easy to obtain ingredients; chicken, flour, pepper, string beans, soy sauce, honey, and salt. Who knew something so easy to make could taste so good!? With very simple ingredients and amazing taste, this recipe is one that everyone should follow! You will not regret watching this video! Doesn't this video just make your mouth water? This recipe looks so good! It is astonishing how easy it is to make as well! Who says you have to be a master chef to cook amazing food?! This recipe is so easy that anyone can cook it, even a college student operating out of their dorm! More and more people now a days are getting into cooking. It is videos like these that people get inspired to create some new culinary cuisines! That is also why a lot of people are purchasing cook books so they can try out new recipes and make new dishes! Just saying that surely is starting to make you hungry! Do you have any unique and easy recipes? Let us know down in the comments!

Breakfast Stuffed Rolls1m07s

Breakfast Stuffed Rolls

Tthe perfect way to start your day! Go ahead, try our recipe for Breakfast Stuffed Sausage Rolls and let us know what you think!

3 Way Cheetos2m33s

3 Way Cheetos

Here are some of the craziest & hottest Flamin Hot Cheeto recipes on this planet! Enjoy!

Smore's French Toast Roll-Ups1m10s

Smore's French Toast Roll-Ups

A mix between a crepe and a french toast, this recipe will take the American Classic Smores and turn it into something more. Go ahead try it at home and let us know what you think!

Kidney cleansing drink recipe49s

Kidney cleansing drink recipe

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body. Thanks to them, we eject all the toxins and excess salt from our body. Learn how to make this delicious beverage to help with such an important process!

Published: July 2, 2017Updated: July 5, 2017922 views
Immunity booster smoothie recipe47s

Immunity booster smoothie recipe

This infusion contains a powerful immunity booster, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties for powerful digestion stimulants. Amazing!

Published: July 2, 2017Updated: July 5, 2017271 views