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How to make banana peel chips46s

How to make banana peel chips

The zero waste trend is booming nowadays, so don't throw away your banana peels! They are full of vitamins, including A, B, B6, C and K. Take a look at how you can turn banana peels into delicious treats!

Published: April 27, 2017Updated: April 28, 20171 views
3-ingredient vegan raw bars50s

3-ingredient vegan raw bars

Just 3 ingredients! Nothing more is needed for these tasty brownies. No added sugars and totally vegan.

Published: April 26, 2017Updated: April 27, 20174 views
Apple and cinnamon detox water recipe42s

Apple and cinnamon detox water recipe

This water detox can help you feel better, your body function better and you appear healthier, all with a little effort and a change in your beverage consumption.

Published: April 11, 2017Updated: April 18, 201732 views