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Belize: An underwater world of mystery and danger1m39s

Belize: An underwater world of mystery and danger

Belize has some of the most spectacular and thrilling scuba diving in the world. Its reef is home to sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, eels, octopus and an endless assortment of beautiful fish. those daring enough to venture beneath the waves will get to truly experience the wonder and mystery 60 to 80 feet down. Imagine sharing this world with sharks and sea turtles that are curious enough to approach and interact with visitors. It is peaceful and almost silent among the coral. For almost an hour, these divers saw the creatures of the reef up close and looked into the eyes of animals that most people will only see in pictures. Venturing into the deep is safe if done correctly, but it is not without risks. Divers need the proper training and supervision to avoid serious hazards such as the bends, nitrogen narcosis and lung injuries from ascending too quickly. The allure of this magical place is strong and once divers get a glimpse of the beauty here, they are sure to return.

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Ancient sunken city in Greece captured by drone2m53s

Ancient sunken city in Greece captured by drone

Enjoy a flight over the immersive Sunken City - the "Atlantis" of Argolida, situated close to the coast of ancient Epidaurus in Greece. Walls, foundations of buildings, amphorae of huge dimensions and paved sections are sunken just meters below sea level, and only few meters from the shore. How cool is that?

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Ammouliani in Greece is a tropical paradise2m06s

Ammouliani in Greece is a tropical paradise

Ammouliani is an island located in the Chalkidiki regional unit of Greece that contains breataking beaches and crystal clear waters. Definitely a must-add to your bucket list!

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A day In Chicago: One of America's largest cities1m35s

A day In Chicago: One of America's largest cities

Chicago is known for many different things: the beautiful skyline, architecture, museums, Navy Pier, the Willis Tower and John Hancock Building, theater, zoos, sports, restaurants and nightlife. On a recent trip to the Windy City, Alex found it was possible to experience the city in a way that can be lost in the hustle and bustle of trying to take in all the city has to offer in the matter of a few days. Walking along the city streets, it is possible to view the city in a different, even simpler way. From watching boats transporting people along the Chicago River to noticing the famous Chicago EL from a different perspective, or from finding Chicago’s own example of the Flatiron building to seeing stunning examples of architecture like the top of the Harold Washington Library, even finding a calming fountain for rest and rejuvenation beside the famous Art institute and just steps away from the often hectic Michigan Avenue, Alex saw many different things this great American city has to offer. This city is alive, active, hectic, and tourists often miss the subtleties that reminded Alex that it takes more than just attractions to make a city. So if you visit Chicago, make a conscious effort to view, and really see things you normally wouldn’t. Look at the people, their movement and pace, their eyes, their actions. Look at the beauty all around as you move from place to place. Find moments of grandeur, as well as peace and serenity among the millions of people, and don’t settle for the typical experience.

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Drone captures tropical paradise of Petalioi, Greece3m43s

Drone captures tropical paradise of Petalioi, Greece

Enjoy an enchanting flight over the South Evian Paradise, just 2 hours from Athens, Petalios. Petalioi is an island complex located in the southern Evoikos bay. The cluster includes 10 islands which are all uninhabited. In the near past, however, a small population maintained the Megalonissos and Hersonissos, which are the largest islands in the cluster. The other islands of the complex are Avgo, Lamperousa, Flower, Makronissi, Pontikonos, Prasos, Tragos and Fakti. The total area of ​​the complex is about 22.5 square kilometers. The islets enchant with the multicolored water and the exotic beaches that do not remind the other beaches of the southern Euboic area.

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'Next Stop' Vacation Travel Guide: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico22m21s

'Next Stop' Vacation Travel Guide: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Welcome to Los Cabos, home of Cabo San Lucas, world renowned for it’s good times, which of course we will dive into on this episode. We’ll also take you to San Jose Del Cabo and dive into the area’s rich traditions, history, culture and art. More local music, more great friends, and more surprises await you on this episode of Next Stop from Los Cabos. The fun starts now! Get to know the Mexican outback by going on hikes or riding dromedaries. Learn about all that nature provides to those you want to be eco friendly, like cacti flowers that can be boiled into soup, or the sap of a tree that can be the best replaced for you forgotten chap stick. It is also important to know about one of the most deadliest snakes, called taipan. A single drop of the taipan’s poison can kill up to 60 people! If you are more into the water sports, you can visit Ocean Riders, where you can go snorkeling and whale watching. Visit the ambiguously named Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach, the latter of which is famous as a filming location for some of Hollywood’s blockbusters, like Planet of the Apes and the epic Troy. Watch the video for some other incredible travel destinations in Cabo!

Drone in Greece captures magnificent footage of shipwreck3m11s

Drone in Greece captures magnificent footage of shipwreck

Enjoy an enchanting flight over an endless beach of exceptional beauty, located a few kilometers from Thessaloniki. Drone footage near Epanomi Beach shows a shipwrecked boat that is a delight to all visitors to the area.

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Crazy And Crowded Boat Terminal In Bangladesh1m42s

Crazy And Crowded Boat Terminal In Bangladesh

Big ships and small boats fight for limited space at the Dhaka Ferry Terminal in Bangladesh. It looks so complicated yet so organized at the same time! The Port of Dhaka is a major river port on the Buriganga River in Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. The port is located in the southern part of the city. It is Bangladesh's busiest port in terms of passenger traffic. The port has services to most of the districts of Bangladesh. In 2013, a container terminal opened 20 km from the city to handle ocean-going ships. Along with Barisal, Chandpur and Narayanganj; the Dhaka port handled 53 million tonnes of cargo and 22 million passengers in 2013-14. The Sadarghat ferry terminal is a traffic vortex of hell! Dhaka’s vintage boats and some of their modern-day mechanised cousins carry passengers, animals and freight say in and out, up and down the eddies of the Buriganga river, without as much as scratching one another. The terminal can get quite crazy during monsoon season. The river shores look like straight lines in the dark and not even the 3000-watt searchlight can make a difference. Still, the people that frequents the Port of Dhaka know it like the palm of their hand and the daily use of the terminal has made them sort of experts in maneuvering the tight spaces between the ships and boats.

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Top 4 must visit places in Turku, Finland 4m41s

Top 4 must visit places in Turku, Finland

In this video Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers shows you the four very best things to see and do in the 800 year old city of Turku in Finland. It's the country's oldest city and has great historical significance. Attractions include the Turku Castle, Turku Cathedral, River Aura and more!

Drone soars above sea of 3m03s

Drone soars above sea of "frozen" waves

Located in Vourvourou (Greece) is a magnificent landscape as waves and shallow waters create small hills of sand that have taken the form of "frozen" waves. Beautiful!

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Drone view of Greece's unknown desert2m14s

Drone view of Greece's unknown desert

Enjoy an enchanting flight over the desert of Greece, a place where the sand covers everything and there is little vegetation. Thousands of years of sand accumulation from the western winds that usually blow in the area have created this eerie landscape that resembles the Sahara. The minimal trees that exist try to survive in these adverse conditions. The dunes dominate the area and make the spectacle of flying above them unique.

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