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Greek drone captures mystical forest of Hercules3m14s

Greek drone captures mystical forest of Hercules

This is the forest of the Centaurs, near Ancient Olympia, the beautiful Foloi. We fly above the only forest level in Greece, where Heracles met with his friend Centauro Folo in his effort to fulfill the promise he made to Eurystheus to capture Erythmathios Capros. Check out this awesome ancient history!

Drone footage captures ancient port in Greek islands2m27s

Drone footage captures ancient port in Greek islands

Check out this unique flight in history and time. We fly over the port of Ancient Anthidona, the ancient city with a blossoming market, the port of the ancient city of Thebes where 100 triremes were built following the resolution of Thebes. The best-preserved ancient harbor of Greece, where parts of it are out of water, while the ancient harbors are today sunken due to the rise of sea level.

Greek islands cruise: 10 best ports & things to do9m36s

Greek islands cruise: 10 best ports & things to do

Discover the 10 best ports and things to do if you are considering or are interested in doing a Greek Island cruise. Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers talks about the places you need to ensure are on your itinerary and explains how many cruises will start or end in Venice and Athens.

Drone magnificently captures the secret beaches of Athens, Greece2m56s

Drone magnificently captures the secret beaches of Athens, Greece

Did you know that just one hour from the center of Athens you can enjoy breathtaking beaches? Enjoy a flight over three beaches surrounded by vertical rocks and small coves that will make you feel the tranquility of nature and the beauty of the landscape. They are located near the beach of Sesi in North Attica, after the lake of Marathon. Access is relatively easy, from a path. On your next trip, do not miss them!

Drone Footage Captures An Untouched Beach In Greece3m51s

Drone Footage Captures An Untouched Beach In Greece

Either science is finally able to capture a flying dream, or we are looking at the beach of Trimi on the border of Mount Athos, Greece. One can be forgiven for believing you are hallucinating. The water is the bluest, most crystal clear water imaginable. The rocks jut from the water’s edge like statues, while the surrounding hills and trees are artfully landscaped by the gods, themselves. The shape of the cove, a Greek Ω or omega gives visitors a sense of shelter, concealing them from the real world for a time. War, famine, strife, political upheaval? All a distant dream to visitors of the beach , which offers no easy access. Only the intrepid can swim to it from a neighboring beach. Otherwise, it can be reached by a footpath over the hill, and by boat, of course. Spectacular drone footage reveals a stunning coral reef, giving the completely transparent Mediterranean water a mottled hue, from bright aquamarine to London Blue topaz, to shadow. What kinds of sea life might we find below? Those lucky few who arrive by boat could certainly tell us, since they only need fins, a mask, and a snorkel to launch themselves over the hull. Otherwise, they can beach their craft on the sandy shore, or moor to a rocky prominence and have a small slice of the beach all to themselves for a while. They can even hide themselves from other beach goers if they secure a cozy little spot between the magnificent columns. Astronomers long ago named a large swatch of darkness on the moon the “Sea of Tranquility”, but looking at the lazy, carefree beach people from this vantage point, the name might just as well apply to the waters of the north Aegean Sea. So many islands to choose from. The water seems to coordinate with the blue sky . Way off to the south east is Limnos. To the northeast is Thassos. The role of Greece in the development of western civilization is seminal, and yet you can hardly tell anything arising from the human mind or hand ever happened here. It’s almost as if we are looking at a forgotten land. What secrets will be disclosed in soft tones, the beach will never tell. The beach of Trimi was made for the vacation club posters lining cubicle walls all over America. It’s hard to conceptualize a more classical getaway scene than what we see here. How lucky one must be to pilot a drone here. You not only have the perfect equipment for this exciting enterprise, but the weather is on your side, as well. There will be many a wistful sigh when it comes time to depart our magical beach. “C’mon guys, you know we have to go sometime. We have pictures, and we’re out of Ouzo.” The boat kicks backward, away from the sandy shoreline. There’s nothing but blue below and above. You think you can catch a glimpse of Apollo, the sun god Apollo Helios, and the sea god Poseidon, so you wave goodbye to them for now. You’ll be back some day.

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Magnificent Drone Footage Captures Awesome Fall Colors33s

Magnificent Drone Footage Captures Awesome Fall Colors

Mueller Park is a popular trail in Bountiful, Utah. This beautiful clip shows a drone flying away, capturing the fall colors on the mountain. The view is absolutely unreal! From this bird’s eye view, you can see everything that makes up this park. The colors of the leaves and trees are so rich and flawless. You’ll see vibrant reds, greens, yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, blues, whites, and the list continues. Everyone has seen the seasons change, and we have all watched the colors of leaves change from green to fall colors; however, not many can say that they have seen fall colors that are quite this drastically bright and vibrant. In the center there is a large white rock face positioned amongst the trees. The video begins with a close up view of the two male drone operators. One very interesting fact with this video, as well as the other videos posted/uploaded on similar channels, is that it is all recorded using a drone. If you are not familiar with drones, here is some basic explanation: A drone is a remotely controlled device that is used to record people or places or events. It is similar to a miniature airplane; however, many new drones have completely different designs. It really depends on the type and brand of drone that you are seeing or using. One important piece of a drone is to be sure that it is discreet. This characteristic is nonnegotiable for most drone customers. Drone operators want a quiet machine that will not draw massive attention as it soars through the air. This could be for the purpose of being discreet and somewhat sneaky. There are a few other channels who have also uploaded several videos that are just as interesting and contain gorgeous views just like this video does. To see more landscape and breathtaking horizons, click this other video of a paraglider who is soaring high over a mountain range . He recorded this video using a drone also. It is pretty amazing to see this different kind of point of view of our beautiful planet. People get so used to their visual of life that they sometimes do not even realize how truly remarkable Earth really is. Videos like these remind us of the true and natural beauty of this world that we should never take for granted. Amazing nature captured by a drone flying over Hatta Dubai. This is located on the Rumble Travel Channel. Anyone who enjoys extensive traveling will love these aerial views that a drone can show you. People can have remarkable experiences with these little contraptions and devices. Besides drones being used by adults, they can also be used by and for children. Kids love anything that comes with a remote control. While this would be a rather expensive “toy” for a child, there is absolutely no way they would not like it! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Drone explores massive fairytale castle in Greece1m24s

Drone explores massive fairytale castle in Greece

Enjoy a flight over the Castle of Fairytales in Kiparissia, Greece. It was built by a doctor, Haralampos Fournarakis, at his birthplace, in order to promote his village. The results are dubious. The writings on the castle state: "Measure the man not by his money, nor his knowledge, but by the amount of happiness he gives to his fellow human beings".

Drone captures majestic cave in Corinth, Greece2m51s

Drone captures majestic cave in Corinth, Greece

There is a special place in Corinth, which does not look like any other. The vertical rocks of the coastline near the village of Strava Korinthias are interrupted by a natural, stone, huge arch. Entering the arch, on the right, there is a cave that is home to a magnificent beach with fine white pebbles that give the water the turquoise color. The beach and arch are a real "monument of nature" that we have never met elsewhere in Greece. Due to the fact that the beach is in the cave, the sun never "sees" it, so it's always cool and you don’t have to wear sunscreen! Access is possible either by boat or by a difficult path that is small in length. Enjoy the flight!

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Drone Captures Greek Island's Hidden Gem2m16s

Drone Captures Greek Island's Hidden Gem

Enjoy a flight over White Beach, or Hawaii as the locals call it. It's located in Chalkidiki, on the second leg (Sithonia) and more specifically on the island of Diaporos, opposite Vourvourou. On your next visit to Chalkidiki, do not miss to visit it and enjoy the white sand, its elaborate rocks and its shallow, crystal clear waters. This bird’s eye perspective gives the viewer the perfect sight of this pristine landscape and waterfront. Few people can say they have ever seen such a beautiful natural sight. Greece is known for its historical tributes that tourists flock to from all over the world. The entire country is entrenched with history, and there are endless sights to visit and learn about. However, the history is not the only rich thing here that brings in massive numbers of tourists, because the other aspect that this place is known for is its naturalistic beauty. This is obviously evident in this video. Watching this video can almost make you feel like you are there in the chopper, floating over this beautiful landscape. Places such as this one are destinations that people crave to visit because of the relaxing effect it has on our minds and bodies. The old saying of “no one needs a vacation like the man who just came back from vacation” may be true for many places and many different activities, but we are hard pressed to say that no one could go back home after visiting this site in any sort of tension. The water is so unbelievably clear that it almost looks like a special effect that cannot be real, but of course, it is real. Sit back and try to just take in this beauty. It will give you a momentary escape from whatever else is going on around you. Even the background music here adds to this feeling of intense tranquility. It is definitely fitting to this sighting. The video also shows a few groups and families out on the water in their boats enjoying the incredible surroundings. Even the rock formations on the edges of the water are beautifully constructed. Another interesting feature for this particular destination is the weather and temperatures. This part of the world has a beach like setting, but it does not always have the intense heat and humidity that other tropical looking places will have. That makes this a very attractive tourist spot for many visiting families to travel to. Visitors can enjoy the beauty and serenity of a beachy, tropical paradise , and they can also have a few other days in this beautiful country to visit all of the historical sites. These are among some of the oldest in the world, so it is always recommended to tourists that they try to do both. Have a few days of amazement and excitement in the cities, and then spend the last half of your vacation on the beautiful beaches. You are sure to go back home relaxed. Do not forget to take pictures either, because all of your friends are going to be jealous.

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Beach in Crete, Greece is impossible to keep clean2m45s

Beach in Crete, Greece is impossible to keep clean

Crete island in Greece is famous for its incredibly beautiful beaches. But there is also a place in Crete where things are not like that. Analoukas Beach in Lasithi is one of the most typical examples of a beach, where vast quantities of garbage - mainly plastic - that travel the Aegean Sea are drawn by the wind and strong sea currents and end up in this location. At times there have been many cleaning efforts (the latter at the end of 2017 by WWF), but the beach is again more dirty than ever, as if it were the dump of the Aegean Sea.

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List Of Top Ten Best Sights To See In Iceland8m32s

List Of Top Ten Best Sights To See In Iceland

Here are the 10 best sights in Iceland with Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers. Come and learn about the very best things to see and do, and also tips on easiest way to get to see them! This is an amazing channel that gives interesting facts and tips for people looking to travel. Check it out! They have all kinds of videos related to traveling etiquette, great spots to visit, and much more. If you are planning a trip soon and want to know information about your means of travel or travel destination, they are a perfect channel to look into! Many people when traveling to locations love to look into the history of the area. They would love to visit the historical buildings the city or country is known for, the beautiful views it has to offer, or even eat at the spots it is famous for. For this video, they will be instructing us on the best sights to see while visiting Iceland. Iceland is a beautiful country with many beautiful views to offer. If you are planning a trip to Iceland or maybe looking for new spots to venture to, this could be the perfect video for you! Gary Bembridge recommends taking a cruise for these sights as it is the easiest means of travel to see the majority of these amazing sights! His first recommendation is the Gullfoss waterfall. It is a beautiful waterfall that is 32 meters high and is surrounded by greenery. It has multiple drops and is one of the biggest flows in all of Europe. Another wonderful recommendation is Strokkur, a geyser geothermal area. It is a beautiful plain with many geysers and the main one, Strokkur geyser. Many people haven’t seen a geyser in person and it is an amazing sight. The Strokkur geyser erupts every couple of minutes so you can always have a chance to see it. It is the only active geyser in the area and is a real cool sight to see if you are traveling in the area! Another giant waterfall to see in Iceland is the Godafoss, which means waterfall of the gods. It stems from an ancient myth in Iceland based on the changing of religions in Iceland. This is a beautiful waterfall and you can get level with it and see it from a distance! One of the must-see locations in Iceland is the Dimmuborgir. This is the lava fields in Iceland. Iceland is known for lots of volcanic activity over the years. This area also has a connection to mythology where trolls turned to stone on this area and thus the hardened rock lava structures! Another must-see is the Blue Lagoon. This is a giant hot spring that is known all over the world and gets many tourists that visit throughout the year. It is a perfect spot to relax in the hot clear blue waters. Great place to sit and enjoy the surroundings! Most of theses sights can be visited through cruise since most are coastal. If you are considering a trip to Iceland you might want to look into that as an option. This video has many more places and sights to see that Gary thinks are must-sees. If you are planning a trip, definitely check this out to see what places you would like to see!

Twelve Things That Can Get People In Trouble During A Cruise8m36s

Twelve Things That Can Get People In Trouble During A Cruise

Are you traveling in the coming months or maybe taking a cruise soon? It is always important before taking a trip to do an extra research on your travels. If you are taking a cruise, you should know different facts about your trip. You should know the travel path you will taking, how to act appropriately, and you will definitely want to know what things will get you kicked off the cruise ship . You definitely do not want to be removed from the ship at all during your travels, that can be a quick and terrible way to end a beautiful vacation or trip! This video is going to cover the 12 things that can get you kicked off your cruise ship. It is always great to be aware of things that could get you in trouble when traveling. If you plan on traveling soon, it is best to follow this advice to make your trip and trouble free as possible! Before even having the chance of being kicked off, you have to at least get on the cruise ship. It is important to have all your documentation with you and make sure it is up to date. Many people miss their cruise due to not having all their documents or they have expired. Always make sure to have everything you need and keep it up to date. Another thing you must get through before entering the ship is going through security. Make sure to follow all the rules when being checked and only follow the instructions of what is ok and not ok to pack. You don’t want to be kept from your cruise because you packed something you shouldn’t. If you are trying to take something illegal or prohibited which is a very quick way to find yourself staying at home, and be faced with the law. Once you are on the ship, you must make sure to attend all the safety and precaution drills. Failing to participate can cause you to be kicked off the ship. It is important to stay safe while traveling and these drills are meant to help you in case something goes wrong. Another way of getting kicked off your cruise could be you getting sick or ill. If you need hospital attention that the cruise can not provide, you would have to leave the ship. Make sure you are healthy before taking off on your trip because it would be such a waste to get sick on your trip and be removed from the ship. One of these easiest rules to follow is to not throw anything overboard. There are trash cans all around the cruise ship, if you are caught littering in the sea you can be kicked off. Just be wise and throw your trash away properly! There are many more tips to cover and this video does a great job of explaining them. They give great examples and scenarios for each tip. This is a great video to watch for anyone preparing to travel on a cruise. Remember to be safe, follow the rules, and have fun!

Possidi: The majestic sandbank of Halkidiki, Greece2m02s

Possidi: The majestic sandbank of Halkidiki, Greece

Enjoy a drone flight over this sandbank trademark of Halkidiki, Possidi. The unique morphology of the ever-changing shape of the sandbank allows swimmers to always bathe in calm waters. On one side there are waves while on the other there is calmness. Overnight beach parties are organized in the area by the nearby campus camp. Enjoy!

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