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What does a Princess Cruise really cost?9m49s

What does a Princess Cruise really cost?

What does it really cost to cruise with Princess Cruises? In this video you will learn about the 6 things your fare covers, and the 9 most important things that it does not. Some are unavoidable or hard to avoid and will increase the cost of your cruise by quite a lot of money. So knowing this in advance will ensure you know the real and total cost of your cruise. Every cruise line is different on what their fare includes or excludes. Find out what the situation is on Princess Cruises.

Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge2m03s

Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge

Drone pilot took their equipment to Greece and captured this stunning footage of the Greek islands. The camera captures the beauty of the ocean, in all its power and majesty. Luckily, the drone captured some footage of a the islands sinking and emerging, which bring additional beauty to the video. This pilot knew exactly where to go and capture the magnificent sights of these two beautiful islands. Guess what, they have managed to capture an amazing experience of these two islands sinking under water and then emerging as the video goes on. This video is definitely one of the most beautiful experiences nature has to offer. This drone footage captures a pair of islands that have the ability to sink and re-surface, depending on the water movement in the Straits of Chalkida. Simply put, in the morning they are there, in the afternoon they disappear! It is a place of exceptional beauty, a turquoise paradise, which is just 1 hour from Athens just outside the city of Eretria. If you are on the fence on what your next travel destination should be, this video is a must see, as it will definitely make the choice a whole bunch easier. One of the most spectacular views and a destination to put on your wish list as far as traveling goes. You will definitely be surprised of how beautiful nature can really be. Don't be shy and go ahead and take a look. You will not regret it! Enjoy the flight!

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The 11 best thing to do in Tampa Bay, Florida8m17s

The 11 best thing to do in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay is possibly one of the most ignored places in Florida by visitors. It is the state’s third largest city but people tend to think of visiting places like Orlando, Miami, Florida Keys or the beaches at places like Clearwater and St Petersburg. Discover what it has to offer and see if you should be considering adding it as a destination or part of a wider Florida trip.

Drone footage captures acres of gorgeous blooming tulips1m06s

Drone footage captures acres of gorgeous blooming tulips

On a gorgeous April morning, Brent and Elsa woke up long before the crack of dawn to venture out into the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada to capture some beautiful morning sights. This drone footage captures an incredible sunrise over the Coastal Mountain range with acres and acres of amazing tulips nearing full bloom. So cool!

Is this the most luxurious cabin at sea?3m07s

Is this the most luxurious cabin at sea?

The Cunard Queen Victoria Q2 Caronia Suite Tour is possibly one of the most luxurious (and costly) cabins you can cruise in. This Queens Grill suite on board the Queen Victoria cruise ship, which is the same as a similar suite on the sister ship Queen Elizabeth, is the "first class" on the ship and the Caronia Suite is a Q2, which means it is the second biggest grade of suite on the ship with the Grand Suite being larger and more expensive. For many this suite is seen as probably one of the most luxurious way to go cruising. In this tour we travel around the suite and talk about the facilities and added extras included.

Drone Captures Stunning Cherry Blossom Trees In Netherlands1m38s

Drone Captures Stunning Cherry Blossom Trees In Netherlands

A stunning drone footage has emerged capturing the magical sight of thousands of cherry blossoms in the Netherlands. A DJI Mavic Pro captures these magnificent cherry blossom in the city of Almere, and the sight is simply amazing! Spring is here! Drone footage has captured pretty cherry blossoms in bloom in this captivating video. Watch as tens of thousands of cherry blossom tell the story of what is Almere like in spring! Simply beautiful! Reportedly, these trees came into full bloom earlier because of the warmer weather. The pure sight of witnessing this beautiful cherry blossoms, filmed both from side and from above is truly breathtaking! Share this lovely moment with as many people as you possibly can before these flowers are gone. What a magical experience! This sight is absolutely stunning! A pink sea of blooming cherry blossoms is attracting waves of tourists to the Netherlands.The famous trees blossom flaunts the magical full bloom, much to our amazement. Captured in all their divinity, these blossomed trees make for the picture-perfect moment! Numerous tourists come to the Netherlands during spring just to witness this flower phenomenon! Enjoy the drone flight over this never ending orchard of cherry blossoms that looks like it was hand-painted by an artist, resembling an untouched paradise. These stunning and beautiful cherry trees blooming in the Netherlands are magnificently filmed from above using a DJI drone. Seeing these sights in person is definitely something you need to add to your bucket list immediately!

The 9 best river cruises in the world7m38s

The 9 best river cruises in the world

What are the best river cruises in the world? Which rivers should you consider cruising on, and why? Discover the very best rivers to cruise along across Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. In this video Gary tells us his recommendation on the top nine rivers to explore as they are the most beautiful, interesting or appealing of all the many rivers you can choose to cruise on.

Misty morning Florida canal flyover 4K drone footage1m02s

Misty morning Florida canal flyover 4K drone footage

This video captures a gorgeous misty morning in central Florida flying over a local canal. The sun cast a beautiful golden hue over the trees as the early morning mist was getting burned off by the strong Floridian sun. This video was captured with a DJI Mavic Air.

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Florida wilderness flyover 4K drone footage51s

Florida wilderness flyover 4K drone footage

This is a 4K drone video flyover of a central Florida waterway and wilderness. This video captures the stunning Floridian landscape, including a beautiful sky with clouds reflected in the water.

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Stunning wintry 4K footage in Slovenian national park1m02s

Stunning wintry 4K footage in Slovenian national park

There is a steep footpath through the deep, crisp, unspoiled snow to reach the Slovenian waterfall. This winter wonderland proves a little challenging at times, but well worth the reward of the thunderous fall and fabulous falling icicles. Slap Pericnik is a two-stepped waterfall within the glacial Vrata Valley, Triglav National Park, Slovenia. In winter months both waterfalls freeze completely and the water droplets sprayed against the rock face form incredible, glacier blue stalactites and stalagmites.

Drone footage magnificently captures picturesque town in Greece3m25s

Drone footage magnificently captures picturesque town in Greece

Enjoy an enchanting flight over Tolo, Greece, with its endless beaches. Tolo (formerly Toulon, Minoa) is a village in the prefecture of Argolis, built along a long beach on the coast of the Argolic Gulf. Its long beach, combined with the three islands that surround it and create a safe haven for boats, has made it one of the most popular summer destinations.

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10 must know tips for adults visiting Universal Orlando Resort Florida12m28s

10 must know tips for adults visiting Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Discover 10 things that all adults visiting Universal Resort (Universal Studios, Universal Island of Adventures, Volcano Bay) without young kids need to know to have a successful and fantastic trip. This includes what it is, who it is for, best time to go, what tickets to buy, how to see all of the Harry Potter attractions, how to prepare, how to make the most of your days in the park and what to take.

Best cruise ship cabins for 11 different traveler types10m22s

Best cruise ship cabins for 11 different traveler types

Discover the 11 best cruise ship cabins for 11 different types of cruise travelers. Learn which is the best cabin for your cruising vacation if you are seeking a quiet trip, are a party animal, looking for the lowest cost, worry about seasickness, are a solo traveler, family with young kids, family with older kids, looking for luxury, travelling with friends, need a quiet space to retreat to or use a wheelchair or have limited mobility.

This Old Truck Is Turned Into A Guesthouse Unlike Any Other3m04s

This Old Truck Is Turned Into A Guesthouse Unlike Any Other

If you are into thrifting and love having a house on wheels, then this is the project for you! A Hungarian company by the name of Mòkus Valley took some of Hungary’s old Csepel trucks to create some remarkable lodgings! What was once a truck for industrial use has now been upgraded with a porch, a sleeping and dining area and a kitchen, for your guests’ - or your own! - personal pleasure. According to the company’s website, the Csepellina, as they call it, “is a nostalgic old truck that has been converted into a unique comfortable guesthouse. Situated next to a private pond with regular visits of kingfisher birds and grazing sheep. “You enter the house from a cozy private terrace with hammock, chairs and a pond and forest view. The interior is made of natural logs with an industrial detail. Comfortable bed with terrace/pond view, lounge seats, fully equipped kitchen, breakfast area, bathroom, toilet, wood-burning stove, wifi, etc. Don’t know about you, but we can definitely see ourselves having our morning coffee on the terrace, beneath the willow tree. It looks so whimsical and adventurous, both inside and outside. We imagine sipping on a glass of wine, while the wood cracks in the cozy! Talk about a transformation! The old Csepel truck was stripped and transformed into this beautiful home. The results are stunning, natural wood throughout, recycled materials and amazing attention to detail. Make this one of the most beautiful tiny homes we have seen.

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Ghost village of Greece as seen by drone2m33s

Ghost village of Greece as seen by drone

Undeveloped stone houses, old temples, remnants of another era that testify that once, this village was full of life. The old village of Plagia is located on the north-west side of Xiromeros, opposite Lefkada Island. Its inhabitants abandoned it after the 1966 earthquake and landslides, and relocated to the new Plagia village. The houses that you will see in the video below were similarly architectural with the houses in the villages of Lefkada. It is worth noting that such houses aren't met in the area, which makes us think that this particular village could be a model traditional settlement, very close to the sea. The area is characterized by its beautiful nature. Buds, figs and many almonds are scattered between the ruins.