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Loop Head Lighthouse: The edge of Ireland2m54s

Loop Head Lighthouse: The edge of Ireland

There has been a lighthouse at Loop Head since 1670, originally a signal fire on the roof of a single-storey cottage (which can still be seen on the grounds), where the lightkeeper lived. The present tower, which stands 23 metres high, was built in 1854. The range of the light is 23 nautical miles and its ‘character’ is a white light flashing four times in 20 seconds. The operation was converted to electricity in 1871, and automated in 1991. Loop Head (Irish: Ceann Léime, meaning "leap head") is a headland on the north side of the mouth of the River Shannon, in County Clare in the west of Ireland. Loop Head is marked by a prominent lighthouse. The opposite headland on the south side of the Shannon is Kerry Head. The Shannon Foynes Port Company controls navigation in the Shannon estuary and river. Loop Head peninsula, has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Shannon Estuary on the other, with barely a mile of land saving it from island status.

9 best things to do on an Alaskan cruise9m59s

9 best things to do on an Alaskan cruise

Learn about the 9 best excursions and things to do on an Alaskan cruise through the Inside Passage. An Alaskan cruise is a one in a lifetime trip for many people and these amazing activities and shore excursion suggestions should help make the most of this unique journey. Some of the ideas are quite expensive, but many Alaska tours are and so you may need to save up for them. There are four main places you visit on an Alaska cruise and my tips cover all of them: Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Glacier Bay.

Drone Captures WWII Lookout Tower On Top Of Doon Hill In Ireland2m12s

Drone Captures WWII Lookout Tower On Top Of Doon Hill In Ireland

The Second World War is a dark page in the history books. It was a devastation of human lives and nature unlike anything the world had ever seen before. There are a lot of debates about the date it started on, but most historians consider the beginning of WWII as the day Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Although most of the war activities happened on European soil, there were fights in the Pacific Ocean as well as the northern parts of the African continent. The Second World War affected almost all of the countries in the world despite the fact that not all of them participated, because the usual trade routes were closed and it was the downfall to many economies. Contrary to these, some economies thrived because of the great demand for military supplies, but they eventually crashed after the end of it. Although the death toll is unknown, it is estimated to be around 60 million people, 20 of them being military and 40 million of them being civilians. The Second World War is notorious for the atrocious crimes committed against humanity. It proved that when it comes to war, all bets are off. Millions of people were killed because of their religious beliefs, ethnicity, the color of their skin or just out of spite. The atomic bomb was used and it became the symbol of utter destruction. People were herded in concentration camps like livestock and starved to death. In some places of the world, brothers were fighting brothers, children were holding weapons and parents were burying their offspring. All in all, this gruesome period in human history serves as a reminder that human life is frail and we should protect it and cherish it forever. During World War II, a number of coastal lookout points were built around Ireland to monitor shipping and air traffic. Ireland had declared itself neutral. In total, 84 of these lookout points were constructed. They consisted of what can best be described as a little concrete bunker. About 50 of those structures have left footprints or are still standing. They are built of concrete, and most of them are in a state of disrepair. There was a tiny fireplace in it, otherwise it was pretty much open to the elements. Volunteers were assigned to each of the look out posts on eight hour shifts. If there is one thing Ireland is known for, then it must be its breathtaking scenery. The lush greenery and coastal landscape is what has captivated people throughout history. The old castle ruins overgrown with moss are especially appreciated by filmmakers who chose Ireland as a filming destination for many of their films. The green island has been in the background of many movies and series such as Game of Thrones, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Vikings, The Tudors and many others. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Eerie deserted village in Ireland filmed from drone2m16s

Eerie deserted village in Ireland filmed from drone

Close by Dugort, at the base of Slievemore mountain (671 metres) in the Republic of Ireland, lies the Deserted Village. The village is divided into three areas called Tuar, Tuar Riabach and Faiche. There are approximately 100 houses in the village, aligned north-south and parallel to each other. The atmosphere of the Deserted Village is unique; it's remoteness; a feeling of almost intruding on those who lived there. The houses were built of un-mortared stone, which means that no cement or mortar was used to hold the stones together. Each house consisted of just one room and this room was used as kitchen, living room, bedroom and even stable. The doorways were east-facing, while one small window was built in the north-east wall. While one or two houses may have had a small stable built on to the end of the house, most families had to share their house with cows and other livestock, who would be brought into the house at night and tied at southern end. The tethering rings can still be seen in the walls. The most of the houses had opposing doorways to facilitate families on their daily task of milking cows. The cow was taken in one door, milked, and then taken out through the opposing door. Inside many houses, a shallow channel or drain in the floor led into a manure pit outside the building. This feature along with the opposing doorways suggests an earlier building phase. According to archaeologists the field systems and the lazy beds found in this area indicate several occupation phases. Also some remains suggest there was a settlement here during the Anglo-Norman period. The village was gradually abandoned because of the many evictions for non-payment of rent during Sr Richard O’Donnell’s tenure, the 1845-49 famines and the emigration throughout the successive years. Until 1940s the village was used as a booley in summertime.

Drone footage shows stingrays hunting on Grand Cayman Island1m25s

Drone footage shows stingrays hunting on Grand Cayman Island

Rum Point is on Grand Cayman Island which is one of three small islands in the Caribbean. These islands are part of the British West Indies. Grand Cayman Island is approximately 22 miles (35 km) long with its widest point being 8 miles (13 km) wide. The elevation ranges from sea level at the beaches to 60 feet (18 m) above sea level on the North Side. Rum Point gave Brent, the mavic pro drone pilot and videographer, the perfect setting to catch an amazing sunset and capture two stingrays hunting in the shallow waters. The very warm, shallow waters at Rum Point attract many vacationers and locals to enjoy some activities for the day. Also being a scuba diver and generally avid water nut, Brent takes any opportunity to capture sea life in it’s natural habitat whether he is above or below the waves. The southern stingray seen here hunting has a flat, diamond-shaped disc, with a mud brown, olive, and grey dorsal surface and white underbelly. The barb on its tail is serrated and covered in a venomous mucous, used for self-defense. With such great interaction here, many of these local rays have come to be very friendly and interactive with visitors. The stingrays eat mainly small fishworms and crustaceans which is why they cruise the sea bed and sandy floor looking for a meal. Larger rays, with the incredible amount of suction they are capable of creating for gathering food, can even suck a conch snail right out of it’s shell. The people you see within these waters are completely safe around these stingrays.

These Guys Take You Through A Cliffside Road In The Himalayas That Is Absolutely Amazing2m10s

These Guys Take You Through A Cliffside Road In The Himalayas That Is Absolutely Amazing

As if mountain roads aren't scary enough to travel through, these guy's take it on another level by driving their jeep through the most narrow and rocky roads. These guys take you on a adventure through the rocky parts of the Himalayas and the terrifying sights. Take a look at this incredible footage captured by Gabriel Morris while driving on an insane road perched on a sheer cliff in the Himalayas of Nepal. You would think these guys are crazy and are definitely daredevils, but it is not as if they are going down an unknown road. That's right, some people use this road on their daily commute and it is a totally normal thing. However, that doesn't go to say that this road is straight up scary, Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD. Check out 'gabrieltraveler' for more great tips and videos! Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of 'Following My Thumb', a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s and of several other books. Take a look at his extreme yet wonderful adventurous and make sure to enjoy!

What does a Princess Cruise really cost?9m49s

What does a Princess Cruise really cost?

What does it really cost to cruise with Princess Cruises? In this video you will learn about the 6 things your fare covers, and the 9 most important things that it does not. Some are unavoidable or hard to avoid and will increase the cost of your cruise by quite a lot of money. So knowing this in advance will ensure you know the real and total cost of your cruise. Every cruise line is different on what their fare includes or excludes. Find out what the situation is on Princess Cruises.

Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge2m03s

Epic Drone Footage Of Twin Islands In Greece While Both Sink And Emerge

Drone pilot took their equipment to Greece and captured this stunning footage of the Greek islands. The camera captures the beauty of the ocean, in all its power and majesty. Luckily, the drone captured some footage of a the islands sinking and emerging, which bring additional beauty to the video. This pilot knew exactly where to go and capture the magnificent sights of these two beautiful islands. Guess what, they have managed to capture an amazing experience of these two islands sinking under water and then emerging as the video goes on. This video is definitely one of the most beautiful experiences nature has to offer. This drone footage captures a pair of islands that have the ability to sink and re-surface, depending on the water movement in the Straits of Chalkida. Simply put, in the morning they are there, in the afternoon they disappear! It is a place of exceptional beauty, a turquoise paradise, which is just 1 hour from Athens just outside the city of Eretria. If you are on the fence on what your next travel destination should be, this video is a must see, as it will definitely make the choice a whole bunch easier. One of the most spectacular views and a destination to put on your wish list as far as traveling goes. You will definitely be surprised of how beautiful nature can really be. Don't be shy and go ahead and take a look. You will not regret it! Enjoy the flight!

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The 11 best thing to do in Tampa Bay, Florida8m17s

The 11 best thing to do in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay is possibly one of the most ignored places in Florida by visitors. It is the state’s third largest city but people tend to think of visiting places like Orlando, Miami, Florida Keys or the beaches at places like Clearwater and St Petersburg. Discover what it has to offer and see if you should be considering adding it as a destination or part of a wider Florida trip.

Drone footage captures acres of gorgeous blooming tulips1m06s

Drone footage captures acres of gorgeous blooming tulips

On a gorgeous April morning, Brent and Elsa woke up long before the crack of dawn to venture out into the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada to capture some beautiful morning sights. This drone footage captures an incredible sunrise over the Coastal Mountain range with acres and acres of amazing tulips nearing full bloom. So cool!

Is this the most luxurious cabin at sea?3m07s

Is this the most luxurious cabin at sea?

The Cunard Queen Victoria Q2 Caronia Suite Tour is possibly one of the most luxurious (and costly) cabins you can cruise in. This Queens Grill suite on board the Queen Victoria cruise ship, which is the same as a similar suite on the sister ship Queen Elizabeth, is the "first class" on the ship and the Caronia Suite is a Q2, which means it is the second biggest grade of suite on the ship with the Grand Suite being larger and more expensive. For many this suite is seen as probably one of the most luxurious way to go cruising. In this tour we travel around the suite and talk about the facilities and added extras included.