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Big Silverback Gorilla Lets Everyone Know Who's Boss59s

Big Silverback Gorilla Lets Everyone Know Who's Boss

The big gorilla is not having one of his best days. Oumbi is getting agitated by the fact that he can't choose to go inside when he wants to, like he normally can. He's strutting his stuff, beating his chest and taking his frustration out on the rest of the family. The reason for being locked out all day is that their inside enclosure is having a refit with new climbing frames and ropes. The family keeps looking through the windows to see what is going on inside. All that waiting doesn't play well with Oumbi and he lets out his frustration on his family!

Graceful stingrays cruise in their underwater habitat40s

Graceful stingrays cruise in their underwater habitat

Have you ever wanted to glide effortlessly through the air? Or seamlessly swim through water without effort? If you have, you have to observe stingrays in their underwater habitat. Like birds, Stingrays use their wing-like features to cut through any current that stands in their way. While minimizing resistance, Stingrays use little effort to cut through the water. They float and glide without any apparent cares or worries. How much better would it be if we could move through life and its challenges as a stingray moves through water?

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Seahorses glide gracefully among ocean coral51s

Seahorses glide gracefully among ocean coral

Seahorses are endearing creatures with a head shaped like a horse and a tail that resembles that of a monkey. They are slow swimmers and are hardly able to chase their prey, the tiny copepods that they feed on. And yet, they are highly adapted to be very efficient hunters. The shape of their mouth makes their movement undetectable to the tiny organisms which rely on water vibration to sense an oncoming attack. Seahorses catch over 90% of the prey that they intend to. Seahorses are also famous for being the only animal in the world in which males incubate and deliver the young. A female will actually deposit her egg in the male's abdomen where it is fertilized and held for 28 days before the young seahorses are born. Amazingly, the male seahorse is able to deliver his young in the morning and become pregnant again the following day. It is a rare treat to see one of these fragile, yet beautiful creatures in the wild.

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Big cat Love: Cute leopard cub plays with mom2m46s

Big cat Love: Cute leopard cub plays with mom

This footage was captured in a wilderness area of the Kruger Park, South Africa. The love and affection for this cute tiny leopard cub is unbelievable. The mother shows great care for her youngster and she even gives him a few hugs during the video. This little one definitely melted the hearts of many on the safari vehicle lucky enough to witness this, in the wild, right in front of them!

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Sandhill crane comes right to front door for food27s

Sandhill crane comes right to front door for food

This is why you don't feed the birds! A sandhill crane in Orlando, Florida is used to receiving treats from humans, so it casually walks right up to the screen door and knocks on it!

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Awkward Porcupinefish is both charming & deadly poisonous1m01s

Awkward Porcupinefish is both charming & deadly poisonous

The Porcupinefish is a slow and awkward swimmer, using its fins for propulsion instead of its tail. In order to defend itself from predators it has evolved some incredible advantages to make it virtually invulnerable. Its organs contain a toxin that is so powerful it could kill 30 grown men, if ingested. Even its slime contains a dose of the neurotoxin. It can also inflate by inhaling water or air, making it impossible for anything except a shark to eat it. The Porcupinefish is an adorable looking fish. Its huge eyes and human like mouth make its face resemble a child's face when it looks at you head on. Diver's find these fish fascinating and take advantage of any opportunity to photograph or video them. Although quite shy, the Porcupinefish swims among the coral and sea fans with little regard for predators, secure in the knowledge that nature has compensated for its slow speed. To look at this adorable face, one would never guess that this fish is deadly poisonous.

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These Runners Encounter A Newborn Baby Deer On The Trail3m50s

These Runners Encounter A Newborn Baby Deer On The Trail

Whilst on a trail run in North Devon, England, a group of friends came across a newborn baby deer in the woods. It was so young that it struggled to stand at first. The runners were amazed when it came right up to them. They didn't touch it as their scent could cause the mother to reject it. The tiny fawn can clearly be seen lying in the middle of the trail and then men start whispering, in the hopes of not scaring the gentle animal away. The fawn is still so young, the spots on his back are clear white and his fur is still a little curly. It was hard to leave it and carry on with the run, but they were told by the local animal shelter that they did the best thing as the mother was probably close by and would've come back for her baby. Apparently they're often left in long grass but can often stumble onto trails like this one. What an amazing experience! A couple of brothers had a similar encounter with a different fawn, only that guy was really eager to play with them. Tyler and his big brother saw a fawn in their backyard and went to see if it needed help, but as soon as Tyler approach the young animal, it started jumping and running in circles.

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Clydesdale horses run joyfully with herd in meadow1m06s

Clydesdale horses run joyfully with herd in meadow

These Clydesdale horses are part of an amazing herd of horses that live at the Mane Intent in Indian River, Ontario. People come to this incredible place to interact with the horses and learn about themselves, relationships and leadership. Others, such as first responders and trauma victims, come here for healing therapy through their connection with these magnificent beasts. The horses love their work and they love the people they help. Their happiness can be seen and felt, especially when they are seen enjoying a run together in the meadow. Part of the footage was actually filmed by Samson, who wore a GoPro camera as he ran with the herd. Clydesdales are one of the most majestic and awe inspiring animals, especially when they are galloping through the pasture.

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Check Out This Double Humpback Whale Breach Off British Columbia Coast1m00s

Check Out This Double Humpback Whale Breach Off British Columbia Coast

This is the incredible moment a school of humpbacks whales breech just feet away from docked boats, showing off their giant bodies. A group of bystanders watched as the behemoth majestically beached the surface of the water near the coast of British Columbia. Leigh Torres, a marine ecologist and National Geographic explorer who is also a professor at Oregon State University and one of the bystanders, said that seeing the animal so close to the docks is surprising. The humpback whale populations are expanding, so they are probably looking for new location to find their prey, or avoid competition. Despite the close quarters, these individuals seem to be using the “bubblenet” technique, where they blow a ring of bubbles around a school of prey, hemming them in for an easy capture. When you see something so majestic so close, you might be tempted to get even closer, but Torres urges people to make sure to avoid the beasts and let them feed instead and just enjoy the sight. Scientists are still unable to reach a consensus behind the breaching behavior with whales, but they are generally within the same conclusion - it’s a way to show off. Either they’re showing off to a female, to a nearby rival, or to a scout from a different school, telling them that they are invading territory.

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Divers swim with extremely rare loggerhead sea turtle1m00s

Divers swim with extremely rare loggerhead sea turtle

Loggerhead sea turtles are an endangered species that only a lucky few scuba divers have encountered face to face. Weighing up to 1000lbs, they are second in size only to the leatherback turtle. They can hold their breath for several hours, depending on their level of activity. A group of scuba divers encountered this 400lb male loggerhead as he cruised over the reef looking for conch shells, one of the staples of their diet. He was very relaxed about their presence and mildly curious. He allowed them to swim with him for over fifteen minutes before they eventually ran low on air and had to make their way to the surface. This monstrous turtle is large enough that the only threats he faces are large sharks and humans. Poaching and slaughter for eggs are the most common causes of death, followed closely by garbage ingestion and accidental capture in fishing equipment. These divers were able to follow this loggerhead and capture photographs and videos. A dive like this is one that no scuba diver could ever forget!

Swimmers see shark feeding frenzy from the inside1m05s

Swimmers see shark feeding frenzy from the inside

Snorkelers in Belize flock to a shark and stingray sanctuary called Shark Ray Alley. They are given the rare opportunity to swim among a large group of hungry nurse sharks. These 10 foot beasts appear ferocious but they are really gentle and curious and they will allow swimmers to join them as they compete for scraps of fish that are dropped from the boat. Although they are capable of biting, like any shark, their mouths are not designed for the same kind of flesh ripping and tearing as some of their more aggressive cousins. These sharks have skin that feels like sandpaper and they bump the swimmers and push past them in their hurry to get the scraps. The swimmers are careful to keep their hands away from the sharks' mouth and they wear wetsuits if they expect to be in close to the action. Although perfectly safe, being so close to dozens of big and hungry sharks is a very exhilarating experience.

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Astonishing Bird's-Eye View Of Whales And Their Calves In Western Australia2m56s

Astonishing Bird's-Eye View Of Whales And Their Calves In Western Australia

Majestic drone footage captures exciting images of Southern Right Whales and their calves at the Fitzgerald National Park, near Bremer Bay in Western Australia. Between the months of January and March, this spot off the coast of West Australia starts sizzling with life. This drone footage is one of just a few filmed in Augusta where a Southern Right Whale calf can be seen. These footages are being gathered by researchers at Murdoch University’s Cetacean Research Unit, in order to measure the body size and health and these extraordinary creatures. So far, little was known about their movements and habitat use of breeding and calving grounds in Australia. The entire world population of the Southern Right Whales is estimated at several thousand, compared to the original population, which numbered at around 100,000 before whaling. Recent estimates of the population around the southern coast of the continent put them at only 1500 individuals. They are thought to be recovering at a rate of about seven per cent each year, and are once again becoming a spectacle along the coastline. The southern right whale spends summer in the far Southern Ocean feeding, probably close to Antarctica. If the opportunity arises, feeding can occur even in temperate waters such as along Buenos Aires. It migrates north in winter for breeding and can be seen by the coasts of South America, Madagascar, New Zealand and South Africa, however, whales have been known to winter on sub-Antarctic regions.

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Guinea fowl's first moments of life emerging from egg41s

Guinea fowl's first moments of life emerging from egg

Guinea Fowl are adorable little birds that originate from Africa. This newborn chick is breaking out of its egg in an incubator. From the first few moments, they are fascinated by anything that moves. Some of the chick's brothers and sisters have already hatched and watching this one emerge. He takes a few minutes to get his balance as he rolls clumsily on the floor of the incubator. The older chicks seen here have only been out of their eggs for an hour when their brother hatches, but they are dry and mobile, already exploring their surroundings. Guinea fowl grow to be beautiful, speckled birds about the same size as a farmyard chicken. They are vigilant watch dogs and will sound an alarm if predators approach. They are a welcome addition to farms as they are voracious eaters of pest insects. They are known for their ability to exterminate ticks, a serious problem on any farm. In addition to being useful and decorative, Guinea Fowl are famous for being delicious to eat. These chicks are fortunate enough to be members of Jim's farm in Peterborough. They will be treated more like pets than farm creatures.

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Gorilla Humorously Slides Backwards Downhill54s

Gorilla Humorously Slides Backwards Downhill

From the time that the internet has been around, animal videos have dominated it! There is something about animals that we as people find very fascinating a very funny! Maybe it is because the animals do not realize what they are doing most of the time, that we find so funny! This video is no exception to that also, as this gorilla will surely make you laugh with it's routine! The hilarious gorilla is sliding backwards downhill... well, it's more of a 'creeping' downhill. The mom is very protective of the gorilla's baby brother, so the gorilla has to take different approaches to get to him without mom moving between the two, as she only lets him play with his brother when he isn't aggressive in his approach. In the end it's well worth it, as he has some quality time with his brother! What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen an animal do something like this before? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile and laugh just as we did!

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Black Rhino Calf And Mom Make Presence At Cincinnati Zoo1m04s

Black Rhino Calf And Mom Make Presence At Cincinnati Zoo

Rhino calf Kendi, born July 17, ventures into the outdoor habitat with his mom for short periods throughout the day. He is still getting used to the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. His mom, Seyia, keeps him inside or close to the rhino barn most of the time. Visitors may see him if they walk by the habitat at the right time or wait patiently for him to appear! Credit: The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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Hippo Scares Away Threatening Rhino17s

Hippo Scares Away Threatening Rhino

Don't get in the way of a mom and her kids. She will do anything to protect her own. While spending time with her kids at the Hlane Royal National Park in Swaziland, this mother hippo notices a threatening rhino slowly inching closer to her family. She doesn't waste anytime and immediately shows the rhino who is boss. She runs towards the rhino and releases a very loud and threatening growl. The rhino starts to run away immediately. It knows you cannot mess with an angry mother. This mother hippo shows she cares for her kids very much as she protects them as soon as she senses something isn't right. I doubt this rhino is going to come back anytime soon. After witnessing this hippo, it has learned its lesson. Now this mother hippo can enjoy the time with her kids. How cute! Never get in the way of family, they always stick together! What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen something like this before? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to interest them! This is one video tat no one should ever miss out on!

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Intense Bison Stand Off Occurs In Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park 1m12s

Intense Bison Stand Off Occurs In Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park

This is an interesting day in the world of nature. What you see here is a dominant male trying to be usurped by a lesser male for breeding rights to his herd, which had already run off at this point. They had battled for a bit, coming in contact with each other a few times. Eventually they broke it off and ran, most likely going to rest before trying to start another battle with each other. Bisons have incredibly thick skulls and reinforced necks that can take huge amount of force without causing much injury. They can come at each other like a high speed train, crazy! Bisons are the largest animal in North America. Males can weigh up to 2000 pounds and females can weigh up to 1000 pounds, that's a lot! When calves are born at birth, they weigh around 30 to 70 pounds at birth. Yellowstone National Park is the only place in the United States that they have continuously lived since prehistoric times. If a bisons tail hangs down, it is usually calm, if it is standing straight up, chances are it might be ready to charge! Check out these bisons in a stand off in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park!

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Baby tree frog seeks human warmth on frosty night45s

Baby tree frog seeks human warmth on frosty night

Nature can be such a beautiful and fragile place. While out for a hike, a tiny green dot was spotted along a busy highway. Looking closer revealed a beautiful female Gray Tree Frog hopping towards the roadway from the safety of the tall grass in the ditch. Even in the summer, cool and frosty nights cause even the smallest of animals to seek the warmth of area roads and highways. In an attempt to coax this little lady away from the road, she hopped onto his outstretched finger and then settled down into the warmth of his hand. The video starts shortly after she snuggled in. The Gray Tree Frog, Hyla Versicolor, is native to Canada and the United States and is typically found in the upper reaches of arboreal trees. It's a rare sight to see one down on the ground like her. Gray Tree Frogs are fascinating in that they can change their colors to match their environment. Although they can't change their colors as fast as a chameleon, their colors can range from bright green to dark grey or black. After a quick break and warming up, this Gray Tree Frog hops off of his hand and back onto the shoulder of the road. A few quick prods of the finger causes her to hop back to the safety of the tall grass. What a treat to see!

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Egyptian Geese battle it out in backyard pool1m59s

Egyptian Geese battle it out in backyard pool

These fighting geese wake up a resident while they were having a go at each other. One of the geese families claimed the house as a territory not too long ago and it seems that the other goose is an intruder. Nature can be intense!

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Wild Horses Show Off Their Strength As Several Scuffles Break Out Between Them 29s

Wild Horses Show Off Their Strength As Several Scuffles Break Out Between Them

Horses are such beautiful creatures and have around 205 bones in their skeleton. Horses diets do not consist of any meat, they are herbivores. A male horse is called a stallion and a female horse is called a mare. If a horse is standing up, it doesn't mean it's awake, horses can sleep both standing and sitting, that's pretty impressive! Horses care about each other very much, no matter what, one horse will always be awake. A group of horses will never all be sleeping, there is always one keeping watch. There is an estimated amount of 60 million horses around the world, that's a lot, wow! Horses definitely have a lot of strength, as we can see from this video. Several scuffles break out between wild konik horses in the Oostvaardersplassen, the Netherlands. This is certainly raw power at its finest. You don't want to be around a horse when they are mad, they have the ability to knock you over in an instant. What a cool video to watch. It is always nice to observe wildlife and the nature around us, so awesome! Check out this video of horses exhibiting their crazy strength! Have you ever seen horses close up? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Rescued baby hedgehogs have new lease on life47s

Rescued baby hedgehogs have new lease on life

Animals are indeed truly amazing creatures. Throughout history they have helped human-kind develop into what we are today. They can provide us with so much joy and happiness that they can often pull you out of a dark place! Because of their amazing benefits, it is only fitting that we help and support animals that are in need! This seems to be exactly the case when these adorable hedgehogs get a second chance at life when a family finds them!

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Chumming The Water Attracts Wrong Kind Of Sharks1m24s

Chumming The Water Attracts Wrong Kind Of Sharks

Reef sharks are an extremely rare sight in Belize. Typically, docile and harmless nurse sharks inhabit these waters. When a group of divers chummed the water with fish remnants, they were hoping to attract jacks and nurse sharks. This is almost always the result. What they got this time was totally unexpected. A pack of hungry and curious ten foot long Caribbean Reef Sharks showed up and closed in on the bait tube and surrounded the divers. Their appetite brought them in very close to the group. Reef sharks are usually not aggressive and pose no serious danger to humans, if treated with respect. It is inadvisable to test this out by invoking a feeding response, however. When this group of divers realized that their bait tube had attracted the wrong audience, they clipped the tube on the boat's buoy line and removed themselves from the area slowly and calmly. To remain in the middle of the fish scraps would be a very risky and foolhardy exercise. Fortunately, some of the divers were able to get footage of the huge and fearsome looking beasts as they made their way to the surface. Sharks have been given an inaccurate reputation as ferocious killers, but most shark encounters end well if the sharks are not provoked. Intentionally feeding reef sharks can pose a threat to divers and can teach sharks that humans represent a food source. This group was given a spectacular, although brief interaction with one of nature's most intimidating creatures. Please share this video with your family and friends as this is one clip that no one should miss!