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12 weird discoveries in ancient paintings you won't believe17m09s

12 weird discoveries in ancient paintings you won't believe

UFOs and aliens in ancient cave drawings and centuries old paintings? Here is top 12 paintings and cave paintings that show aliens and UFOs (flying saucers). In this video there are twelve most exclusive, mysterious, and popular paintings to cave drawings manually selected to offer the viewer variation. This video includes drawings from all over the world. This video remains unbiased throughout this entire video and shines light on the claims made by UFO researchers on art and other drawings. In addition to the claims of ufologists, the claims made by skeptics will get also a fair chance by quoting their research. Neither party is taken advantage in this video in order to allow the viewer to see for themselves what the logic behind the madness is and let the viewers determine for themselves what the truth is. Does we believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life and UFOs? Yes, We believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life and UFOs despite it has never been proven. We are convinced by the wisdom of the Sumerians who did not had the technique or the tools to have certain knowledge. It has been proven that some tribes believed that God was a higher person from space as proven in the Sumerian clay tablets that are about 3,000 years old. The infamous clay tablet with a detailed overview of our solar system tells us they have their knowledge from someone else or something else. It is the contemporary computer software that makes us extremely skeptical about the existence of UFOs and aliens. We have gone through hundreds of UFO material and all had a natural explanation, were taken out of context or a hoax. This makes the existence of real UFO material extra hard to believe and especially for the public.

UFOs spotted over Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, Peru5m00s

UFOs spotted over Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, Peru

UFOs were observed over Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, Peru by staff. One of the employees has made an official report. The report says that two UFOs were observed at 1:30 am local time west of the observation tower. The report reports that one of the two objects appeared on the radar and then disappeared. The UFOs are seen by control tower crew. What do you think?

What Apollo 11 astronauts saw during moon landing is written on their faces6m06s

What Apollo 11 astronauts saw during moon landing is written on their faces

What did the Apollo 11 astronauts see during the moon landing? Many people believe that the moon landing was recorded in a Hollywood studio. There are also those who say that we have landed on the moon, but there occurred unexplained events. Author Michael Salla said in the TV show 'Ancient Aliens' that after the moon landing in 1969, there was a radio silence that lasted two minutes. Lions Ground has learned the radio contact with mission control abrupt disconnected because they flew behind the moon. But is that the truth?

Pilots report large square UFOs over United Kingdom5m06s

Pilots report large square UFOs over United Kingdom

Two pilots of Air Midwest claimed they saw unidentified flying objects when they were heading to the town of Gloucester. The company reported the incident on Facebook. The message soon attracted the attention of many interested parties, and Air Midwest provided additional information about the UFO incident. SOURCE:

UFO secrets: Government UFO cover-ups4m06s

UFO secrets: Government UFO cover-ups

The Australian Embassy hosted yesterday a meeting on UFO cover-ups in DC. This was reported on the AAAS, the world’s largest multi-disciplinary science society. UFOs: What the Government Covered Up.

Man secretly documents strange and alarming military operation1m37s

Man secretly documents strange and alarming military operation

There always seems to be military saturating civilian areas now. With the public and masses slowly being fed the current polar bortex magnetic pole shift data, and many do not take it seriously. This man has not disclosed the location as he is unsure of the military's protocol on logistics and laden. However, he felt if the military takes it seriously, we should.The Humvee looks advanced with Directed Energy Weapons on its turret as well as munition ordinance. Why are we not being told to prepare too?

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Triangular UFO appears in the sky over Amsterdam2m18s

Triangular UFO appears in the sky over Amsterdam

This triangle shaped object was sighted near Amsterdam in Wormeveer, Netherlands. The film-maker discovered it to the east outside the village. Since it was windy he first thought at a kite. But it looked larger on the sky and it looked like made of some sort of metal. Also a string was not seen. The object did absolutely not move like a kite. As afterwards the object suddenly flew away lightning fast the film-maker was scared.

11 most common UFO sightings that can be explained8m09s

11 most common UFO sightings that can be explained

Most UFO sightings are explainable. Here are the 11 most common sightings incorrectly labeled as ETI UFO. A UFO is a flying object that you can not identify. A UFO does not equate to alien spacecraft. In this video you will meet 11 most common examples that are accidentally identified as UFO.

Mysterious triangle UFO flying low over Kansas6m17s

Mysterious triangle UFO flying low over Kansas

Kansas witness saw a TR3B a-like triangle UFO. MUFON closed the case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle. This picture was taken at the employer's parking lot in the city of Hesston, Kansas. The witnesses were looking at cloud lightning. Suddenly he saw something flying above his car. He was thinking about a helicopter, but the object made no sound. He saw a flying object with three white lights in a triangular formation and a red light in the center. It flew about 6 miles per hour (9.2 km/h). It flew in a straight line. MUFON Kansas State Director Stan Seba closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

Painful truths about secret government UFO program6m16s

Painful truths about secret government UFO program

Over 300 billion dollars have been spent on UFO research by the Pentagon, claims the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and producer of the 2017 blockbuster documentary "Unacknowledged", Steven Greer. A Taiwanese fishing boat caught a disk with a diameter of about 10 meters, the Pentagon has spent more than 200 billion dollars on UFO research, strange events around the Mariana trench, and 900 trained observers - soldiers, pilots, scientists are ringing the bell about secret UFO operations.

Strange UFO sighting captured on camera over Catania, Italy6m20s

Strange UFO sighting captured on camera over Catania, Italy

These strange objects were filmed in Catania, Sicily, Italy. Two German tourists came from a party and went towards the beach. They saw these objects above the ocean and recorded them. Although the cassette of the camera was nearly full they could record 6 full minutes. Unfortunately the camera had a problem to focus on these objects. After the sighting the two people are convinced that these objects were not from our world. What do you think?

Creepy drone footage captures abandoned settlement in Greece3m00s

Creepy drone footage captures abandoned settlement in Greece

Enjoy a flight over a place that as beautiful as it may seem, has a dark history. We fly over the settlement of "Dionysos" near Sitia, Crete. In the late 1990's SOE company presented the ambitious plan for the creation of this settlement. The settlement began to be built, but soon there were quarrels as, among other things, the Analouka Beach next to the settlement collects the most rubbish of the Aegean Sea and so their plans for "idyllic summers in the sand" were reduced to rubble. The current owners are trying to reform the settlement, but it is a difficult project. Check out the cool view from above!

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Woman flees police because she thinks they're Illuminati4m05s

Woman flees police because she thinks they're Illuminati

A woman flees cops because she thought they worked for the Illuminati. Police share their video showing that the woman is trying to flee the police with all its consequences. Eventually she gets cuffed. The woman made very strange remarks about the Illuminati and began to speak in an unknown language. In this clip we see the video material and go through the whole situation step by step.

US pilots saw cigar-shaped UFO but government destroyed the files4m52s

US pilots saw cigar-shaped UFO but government destroyed the files

Two American pilots saw on July 24, 1948, a cigar-shaped UFO over southwest Alabama. Why has the air force destroyed the report is a big mystery. On a summer morning at around 2.45 AM, pilots Clarence S. Chiles and co-pilot John B. Whitted flew in their twin-engine propeller plane the Eastern Air Lines DC-3. 5,000 feet high, with 20 passengers on board, the pilots flew from Houston to Atlanta. But the routine flight becomes an unforgettable experience, according to the official story.

Man Captures Possible Sighting Of UFO Over Sea In Croatia22s

Man Captures Possible Sighting Of UFO Over Sea In Croatia

This is one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” videos where a mysterious silver object appears to emerge suddenly from the sea, soaring high into the air, before disappearing back under the water. Captured on a beautiful, sunny day, the clear blue waters of the ocean look serenely calm. The only sound you can hear is the gently lapping of the water on the rocky shore. On first viewing, it does not look like there is anything unusual happening in this scene at all. The man in the blue shirt emerging from the corner of the shrub appears to be the only subject on the screen. However, if you continue to watch the video, you will probably notice something unusual happening in the background. The three second mark is approximately the place where you will notice something different. In the background towards the left of the screen, you will see a small silver object suddenly comes leaping high into the air, before quickly diving back under the water. When played back at normal speed, it is difficult to tell exactly what it could be. Due to the size of the object and the resolution of the video, it is not clear whether the mystery object is natural or mechanical in nature. At the ten second mark, there is a slow motion, close up of the aforementioned object emerging from the water. Even at this speed and size, it is still not clear what this mysterious object is. It appears to be too fast and large to be a fish, but too small to be a machine. It is unfortunate that the resolution of the video is low, as this limits the amount of details being offered. It is highly likely that the mysterious object made very little noise as the previously mentioned man in the blue shirt, does not seem to have noticed its presence. From the moment that it suddenly blasts out of the water, to the moment it crashes back down with a splash, the man does not seem to have been aware of the presence of the mystery object at all. If it had been an aircraft of some kind, surely the sound of its engines propelling it out of the water, would have aroused the attention of anyone nearby. It could also be sea creature, such as a whale breaching as it comes to the surface of the water to breathe. This seems like the most likely explanation as this is a common sight and normal behavior for many animals such as whales and dolphins. The object does seem to leap abnormally high into the air however, which is why it may appear to be something out of this world. Perhaps it could be a sea creature that has been thrown into the air by another; an unfortunate victim of a hunter killer roaming the seas. This would explain its unnatural movement, and speed as it soars through the air and crash.

British spies tried to catch UFOs to steal ETI technology4m49s

British spies tried to catch UFOs to steal ETI technology

The UK used spies to obtain UFO technology according to the X-Files. The United Kingdom was worried that China and Soviet Union had taken down a UFO and adopted alien technology to make faster planes that are invisible to radar or other military purposes and for that reason, the Ministry of Defense ran two secret UFO desks. One for the public where UFO reports were received and one where the action took place, behind the scenes, and nobody were aware of that. This is evident from newly released UFO documents between 1947 and 1997.

Red flags that Roswell UFO incident being swept under the carpet4m19s

Red flags that Roswell UFO incident being swept under the carpet

UFO debris from Roswell, New Mexico was handled by Earth Tech and Robert Bigelow's BAASS. The man provided UFO samples for testing to Puthoff and Bigelow. Email exchanges with Kimbler in which he explained he provided Earth Tech and BAASS with Roswell UFO debris. He described both parties as not forthcoming with information, sometimes requiring months of repeatedly asking the status of tests. He never received any data at all on one particular sample sent to BAASS.

When did the Statue of Liberty turn green?1m00s

When did the Statue of Liberty turn green?

The New-York Historical Society and NYC Media, the official network of the City of New York, have partnered to produce a special series of one minute videos that feature the staff of the New York Historical Society as they answer some of the most captivating questions ever posed to them about the City's fascinating and unique history. When did the Statue of Liberty turn green? No one knows the exact date. The Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886. It was brown because of course it was made of copper and copper turns green only gradually. We know it was green by 1920. But before the age of color photography its hard to be exact about colors. By 1910, it was half brown and half green.

Human skull falls from back of truck on highway41s

Human skull falls from back of truck on highway

Motorists making their way to the cottage on a Saturday morning were shocked to see a very unusual object bounce out of the back of a truck as it merged onto the highway. A round, white ball hit the road and bounced along beside the truck and then down the middle of the highway. As the motorists caught up to the bouncing object, Kristy realized that it was what appeared to be a human skull. Surely, it had to be a plastic skull and not a real human skull, but it was completely unexpected and worthy of an exclamation of surprise. Dave, who was driving, didn't believe what he had seen until Kristy remarked that the truck driver had just lost a skull out of the back. Dave then commented that the driver had lost his head. Kristy and Dave laughed in surprise at the humor and ridiculousness of what had just happened. The dash cam in the vehicle picked up the odd event and zooming in on the footage later confirmed what they had seen. You can make out the jaw and the eyes as it bounces closer. The footage is slowed down in the second part of the video to make it more clear what it is. Normally, seeing a skull bounce out of a truck would be a good reason to call police and have them investigate the matter to make sure that it wasn't actual human remains. In this case though, it seems very obvious that a skull made of bone would not stay in one piece as it bounced on the hard asphalt road. The lower jaw of a human skull is weakly attached in the absence of tendons and muscle. It would have been flapping open and certainly would have broken off on the first bounce. This couple didn't believe for more than a moment that they were seeing something that should be taken seriously and reported. It's more likely that the truck driver had been cleaning out his garage and was making his way to the landfill, or else it was a bargain hunter coming from a yard sale with an unusual purchase for Halloween decorating. Either way, this event provided Dave and Kristy with a good chuckle and some interesting conversation on their long drive to the family cottage.