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Confused Horse Casually Walks Into Hobby Lobby42s

Confused Horse Casually Walks Into Hobby Lobby

It sounds like the beginning of a terrible joke: "So, a horse walks into Hobby Lobby…" but it actually isn’t! This horse wasn’t kidding around when he headed into a Hobby Lobby just before Thanksgiving. The shoppers who went for some last minute decoration shopping at the Hobby Lobby market in Greenwood, South Carolina on November 22 got one quite unusual surprise when a rogue seal brown horse entered the market and stood dead still in the middle of the aisles! “Um, excuse me ma’am, where can I find the horseshoe decorations? I’d like to put one up above my barn door. The missus would like to catch some luck this Thanksgiving.” is what is going through our heads in Mister Ed’s voice. If this didn’t crack you up, then we don’t know what will. Whether it was the Black Friday deals, the horse shaped decorations or just the general excitement that was happening at Hobby Lobby at the moment that made this poor animal get inside, we can’t know. What we do know is that everyone present was caught off guard by his impromptu appearance. The horse was quickly intercepted by a security guard, so his shopping trip was cut short before he made it to the western decor section or the holiday candy. In a similar fashion, another horse walked into a supermarket somewhere in Mexico, this time accompanied by his cowboy, for one purpose and one purpose alone - to get a six-pack of beers! What would Mister Ed say about that?!

Did This Guy Accidentally Destroy The World's Rarest Flower?1m13s

Did This Guy Accidentally Destroy The World's Rarest Flower?

The corpse flower is one of the most endangered flowers in the world. Not knowing what this flower was, and not able to handle the stench coming from it any longer, this guy chopped them down and buried them. Luckily he took a photo, and after some research he found out that the last time the corpse flower bloomed in New Zealand THOUSANDS of people gathered to see it. He destroyed and buried 12 of the world's rarest flower and it only flowers every 10 years!!!

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Fog Spreads Through Plane Cabin With Passengers On Board Like In A Horror Flick29s

Fog Spreads Through Plane Cabin With Passengers On Board Like In A Horror Flick

During a short flight to Charleston International Airport in South Carolina, USA, these passengers had to wait for the plane to cool down while boarded on the tarmac because of air conditioning difficulties. Take a look at what happens when the air conditioning is shut off! If you were sitting on this airplane waiting to take off, would you be as chill as the two ladies who shot this clip? We think not, although there is a pretty logical, scientific explanation to this phenomenon, and it is related to the plane’s AC. The way aircraft AC works is basically air bled from the engines about halfway of its compressor stage and is about 400F degrees. Obviously this needs to be brought down. This happens in an AC unit that uses the outside air that is pretty cold. On the ground and low altitudes a fan is also driven by the hot air for extra cooling. By doing this, extra thermal energy is taken from the engine bleed air. After the cooling process, the air should be around 45 F, which is great for cooling, but needs to be heated during flight. There are several methods to do this, the most common is taking the air after the first cooling radiator, which now is pretty hot, and use a second point to slightly heat the air going into the cabin. Air from the atmosphere and the one in the cabin do not mix physically - all cooling and heating is done by radiators, and regulated automatically by the airco pack. The flight crew can only tell how hot or cold they want it to be. Now for the super weird part - every aircraft has a water separating unit in their AC, which might have been misbehaving during this flight, thus explaining the “fog”.

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Indian Trail Tree Discovered Along Chattahoochee River In Georgia2m47s

Indian Trail Tree Discovered Along Chattahoochee River In Georgia

Next time you go hiking through the forest keep an eye out for strangely-shaped trees. These trees are unique because they are bent in very unnatural angles. Some trees are just weirdly-shaped, but there's something special about these bent trees. Mysterious bent trees are actually Native American trail markers. While exploring the woodlands along the Chattahoochee River in Georgia, this man came across an abnormally bent tree on the hillside that was possibly made by the Creek Indians over 200 years ago as a trail marker. Native Americans would bend trees in order to create trail markers that formed an early routing system, which served multiple purposes, from indicating that water and food was nearby, to warning travelers of rough country ahead, these landmarks were important features in navigating the early Americas. Trail trees are hardwood trees throughout North America that Native Americans intentionally shaped with distinctive characteristics that convey that the tree was shaped by human activity rather than deformed by nature or disease. One unique characteristic of the trail marker tree is a horizontal bend several feet off the ground, which makes it visible at greater distances, even in snow. There are many mysteries lurking in the forest, always take you camera and be prepared to record anything you might encounter during your next hike, and beware.

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What he discovers in a potato chip bag will shock you!34s

What he discovers in a potato chip bag will shock you!

WOW! Truly shocking and amazing! You may have seen the Emoji Movie in theaters, but what content creator Jordan Randomness discovered could actually be the first ever Smiley Emoji in the entire world found in a bag of potato chips! Have you ever discovered funny or cool shapes in your potato chips, cheese curls or other types of food? Leave a comment below! Oh, and in case you're wondering... Jordan did not eat the smiling chip!

'Alien' Skeleton With Elongated Skull Found In Russia3m01s

'Alien' Skeleton With Elongated Skull Found In Russia

There are many things in this universe that we do not yet understand. It is those mysteries that make the universe so interesting. One of the most famous and most asked questions surrounding the universe is if there is other life out there besides us. There are people that believe in that, but then there are some that do not believe that one bit. No one will truly know until either side is confirmed. It seems that this video right here may have just answered that debatable question. Archaeologists discovered a grave in which they found a skeleton with an elongated skull. This was immediately labelled as the tomb of the alien... But is that true? Just by the size of the universe alone, it is hard to imagine that we are the only life to exist. Surely there must be some life out there other than us, but once again that is up for debate. Even though the outcome of this clip is not what you would expect, it is still cool that these remains were found and they explained What they really were. Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely surprise and interest them!

Strange Unexplained Noises  Heard In Plaidt, Germany 34s

Strange Unexplained Noises Heard In Plaidt, Germany

It seems like just a regular day in this German neighbourhood, there is even a kid outside on the street enjoying the day of school. Out of nowhere, you hear some strange and unfamiliar noises coming from the distance. The strange noises start to get louder at times as well, almost as if the noise is coming closer to the neighbourhood. Even the kid has stopped in their tracks now, the sound isn't very pleasant and seems quite scary. It doesn't look like there is anything near this neighbourhood either, it is very weird. I don't think anyone knows what this sound is. The only thing they know is that is sounds like it is coming from the sky, but there isn't a lot of evidence to what it actually is. Hopefully, this isn't a consistent sound, this isn't something you hear everyday. I'm sure many people were frightened to go outside after hearing this odd sound. There have been numerous reports of the alien-like, eerie sound all over the world. Last year the reports were coming from anywhere between the UK and Morocco. The noise has everyone spooked! One resident from from Plaidt, Germany recorded the chilling sound with his phone, explaining that it sounded like grinding metal. Spooked witnesses from all over the planet have put the bizarre phenomenon down to a range of explanations from aliens to an oncoming apocalypse. The weird, loud noises have been heard across several continents, but scientists cannot agree on the reason for the widespread phenomenon that has been spreading fright among the people of Earth for the past nine years. Residents of Plaidt, Germany recently captured footage featuring bizarre unexplained sounds coming from the sky. Believers say that it is the sound of an extraterrestrial vessel approaching Earth. Each report says that the noise sounds like trumpets and it doesn't last for more than a few seconds. Do you have any theories on what this could possibly be? Have you ever heard a strange noise like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Women claims she meets with aliens every month3m52s

Women claims she meets with aliens every month

Meeting aliens is quite normal for this lady who claims she meets "grey aliens" every month and she has an alien teacher. Judy Carroll from Brisbane, Australia, claims that she visits alien creatures every month on board an alien ship. She also says the reason she meets with them is because her DNA gets upgraded every time. Today, she regularly visits the ship where everything is pure white. She claims she is visiting a teacher called Maris who has cured her body several times. For example, they've cured her problems with her throat, this because she is half Grey and this type of alien has no moving jaws. Why are aliens doing this? According to Judy, the Grey Aliens have the sole purpose of curing and helping people evolve. She also added that humans are not ready for a spontaneous encounter with aliens. What do you think about this weird story?

Raystown Ray: Pennsylvania's Loch Ness Monster3m10s

Raystown Ray: Pennsylvania's Loch Ness Monster

What is the Raystown Ray? It was first reported in 1962 inside the "old dam" in Huntington County, Pennsylvania. The creature is about 50-60 ft long with a serpentine-like body and a snake-like head. The creature is usually seen in the spring time. What do you think? Real or fake? Let us know!

Teen Tries To Use Lighter To Escape From Police Cruiser And I Guess It Worked1m02s

Teen Tries To Use Lighter To Escape From Police Cruiser And I Guess It Worked

This 19-year-old man was trying to escape from the back of a police cruiser by using his lighter when the vehicle suddenly crashed, sending the troublemaker flying out of the back window. Police in Jonesboro, Arkansas have released the shocking footage from inside the car. The clip shows Logan Younger nearly managing to break free from his handcuffs at the moment of the accident, which almost instantaneously ejects him out of the cruiser. Authorities claim that Younger had been trying to kick the door open shortly before the incident took place. Pictures from the wreck’s aftermath show the mangled cruiser missing its passenger side door and with the entire driver’s side crumpled in on itself. No word has surfaced as to what caused the crash. Younger reportedly seized on the accident as another shot at freedom; he fled the scene, only to be captured once again, sent to the hospital for treatment and released to police custody. The arresting officer was conscious after the accident and able to speak with medical staff.

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Poltergeist Throwing Stroller Down Stairs Caught On Video43s

Poltergeist Throwing Stroller Down Stairs Caught On Video

Ghost hunters сsay the moment a pushchair is thrown down a staircase in one of Britain's most haunted houses could finally be footage of the 'Black Monk' caught on camera. They claim to have caught on camera the very moment a poltergeist pushed a stroller down a staircase in one of Britain's most haunted houses. Steve Archibald, 36, and his wife Carrie are the founders of Pitch Black Investigations and had persuaded a group of dauntless paranormal enthusiasts to spend the night at 30 East Drive in Pontefract, West Yorks. The house was the site of one of Britain's most notorious alleged hauntings when the Pritchard family were subjected to years of torment by the so-called 'Black Monk of Pontefract'. "I came around the corner and saw the buggy on the stairs and couldn't believe it," says Steve in a quote to press about the incident. "Then we all re-watched the footage. No one could believe it. I know 100% it couldn't have rolled. It had been there for eight hours. It doesn't budge or move on its own." Steve's startling footage shows a stroller be thrown by an invisible force down the same set of stairs where 14-year-old Diane Pritchard was dragged by the hair by the supposed Black Monk. Some of the team were so scared by what they witnessed they refused to spend the night in the house and instead fled to a nearby hotel.

Student accidently creates battery that can potentially last 400 years1m06s

Student accidently creates battery that can potentially last 400 years

What if a battery lasted forever? Could it power a car? Could it power your home? Could it power change? At the University of California, Irvine, we’re counting on it. UCI chemistry student Mya Le Thai has developed a technology that could potentially help a battery hold unlimited charges. While experimenting in the lab, she made a remarkable discovery that will have a huge impact on future energy consumption. By coating the gold nanowires in a thin gel, the filaments of the capacitor retain their properties under hundreds of thousands of charges. Call it a hunch. Call it a happy accident. We call it the Power of I. Credit to 'UC Irvine'.

Kind-Hearted Man Buys All The Candy From Boy That Was Harassed By Old Lady  54s

Kind-Hearted Man Buys All The Candy From Boy That Was Harassed By Old Lady

Some old people can become somewhat histeric when they reach a certain age. This due to changes related to old age and the way in which they begin to perceive their environment, wanting it to be of complete peace and harmony, so moving a simple adornment of your grandmother can cost you even expensive. Even so, this does not justify the behavior of this old woman, which is very affected only by seeing this child selling candy on the facade of a store. In this short video we can see how a 14 year old boy was selling candy outside Target in Rowland Heights, California, USA, when an older woman approached the boy and began to ask him if he had a license to be there selling candy. After a while, the woman started screaming and harassing the boy. A group of people began to form around them and a man intervened and told the woman that what she was doing was not right. The old woman made a big scandal for something that did not seem to be that important, this started attracting the crowd with her screams as if she were happening a big tragedy, but all we can see is a scared child trying to make some money. Everyone proved to agree with the man and told the old woman to leave the boy alone. The man who was arguing with the older woman then asked the boy how much it would cost him to buy all the candy he had in the box. What was not shown in the video was how the man left the store with the money and bought all the candy. Fantastic! Live and let live. If something someone is doing doesn't concern you and no one is being harmed, why should you care about this? This lady took it too far. Maybe she didn't take her aspirin that day or she was very stressed and attacked this boy one, but the good thing is that there was no shortage of people defending this child; reminding us that we must be more human in this world where unfortunately there are people like this old woman. Sometimes we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others and think for a second the need they may have. There are many children in street situation, who for some reason have no other income than the money they have selling candy or cleaning windshields at traffic lights, either because they are orphans, their parents are very sick or simply have been abandoned at their mercy. Their life can be very difficult in itself, so that some soulless person can come to criticize the work they do honestly in order to survive. What would be the right thing to do, to help those who deserve it or to be the bad guy in history and to take away the desire to work from someone who is not a criminal? What do you think of the reaction of this non-adorable old woman? Let us know in the comments section! This kid definitely didn't deserve to be treated like that whatsoever. A kid was selling candy outside of Target in Rowland Heights, CA, USA, when an older woman came up to the boy and started asking him if he had a license to be there. After a while the woman started yelling and harassing the young kid. A group of people started to form around them and a man stepped in and told the woman that what she was doing was not right. Everyone in the crowd started to agree with the man and told her to leave the young kid alone. The man who was arguing with the older woman then asked the kid how much all of the candy was. It all came out to about $80. What was not shown in the video was how the man walked back out of the store with the money and bought all of the candy. To prove that he wasn't playing a trick on us, he started giving candy to everyone who was in the crowd. What would have you done if you saw someone harassing a kid that was just trying to earn some money? Let us know in the comment section! This kid definitely didn't deserve to be treated like that whatsoever.

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