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White Tiger Stalks And Hunts Unsuspecting Caretaker At The Zoo58s

White Tiger Stalks And Hunts Unsuspecting Caretaker At The Zoo

The natural instincts of this tiger at the Moscow Zoo are put on full display as it stalks down a caretaker on the other side of the glass. Wow! When everyone hears the word ‘tiger’ their mind instantly wanders towards the ferocious, dark, and brutish nature of the jungle. We picture them on the prowl, hunting for its prey, and when the time comes, it jumps at the poor victim and now the tiger has its lunch. That typical tiger behavior is depicted in that very video. Awesomely intense! This hilarious video features the moment a white tiger forgets about the fact that it is captivated in a zoo and its enclosure is surrounded by glass, and goes full attack mode on the unsuspecting caretaker. Watch as the tiger sneaks from behind, tiptoeing towards the caretaker, waiting to make a move! Fortunately, the filmmaker warned the caretaker about the devious intentions of the white tiger and told him to be prepared for a beast fiasco. Moments later, the big cat freezes mid motion, waiting for the human to make a move. Then the caretaker makes a sudden move on purpose, and the beast immediately jumps on him and tries to hunt him down! Hilarious! Of course, this scenario wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t for the glass barrier! Anyways, don’t mess with the beasts in captivity because you never know if that glass barrier would always serve its purpose! Observe, but don’t tease, because these big cats are real beasts!

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Massive Clydesdales gallop in meadow for breathtaking sight1m11s

Massive Clydesdales gallop in meadow for breathtaking sight

Clydesdale horses are a beautiful sight at any time, but when they are galloping through flowers and long grass with their herd, the result is truly breath taking. These are the second largest horses in the world and can weigh an impressive 2,000lbs. They are massive and well-muscled beasts that exude raw power and majesty, even while standing still. Despite their formidable size and strength, these horses are gentle and personable, responding well to people. Clydesdales are a breed that originate from Scotland that was meant to create powerful work horses that would be used to haul heavy equipment on farms. Their strength and stamina made them essential to farmers before mechanization and they are credited with being the backbone of many farming nations. But these Clydesdales are very unique. They live a life that is very different from the traditional role of the breed. Samson, who carries the camera on his halter for some of the footage in this video runs joyfully with his herd who live and work on a magical farm in Indian River, Ontario, called the Mane Intent. They are horses carefully chosen for something beautiful. They do not perform physical labor. They are part of a unique program that teaches people leadership skills, promotes self-discovery, and assists with healing for those who have struggled with trauma and emotionally upsetting experiences. Some of the most incredible work that they do is providing therapy for veterans and first responders. The herd is a mix of breeds, with several being Clydesdales. Each horse has a different personality and a different gift and each one offers a truly unique opportunity for bonding, learning, or healing. Many of the horses have come from much different lives. Harry, a race horse whose career path changed after a heart problem, is the playful character. Samson, who films his family galloping on the hill, is a quiet and soulful beast, having come from a life of hard work. He is awe inspiring in every movement and the combination of his sheer power and gentle presence attracts those who struggle emotionally. Melody, the nurturer, is an affectionate mare who responds quickly to those looking for reassurance. Even Leroy, the donkey, is a true character and brings a comical and endearing quality to the herd. He runs joyfully too and possibly dreams that he is a graceful, long-legged horse in their eyes. Resembling the landscape of Scotland, this lush, green meadow at the Mane Intent is where the horses let loose each day and run or graze, as the mood strikes them. The horses are tightly bonded and connected with each other and they all respond when of them decides that a warm summer morning in the meadow was meant for galloping joyfully. They graze and run and soak in the beauty of the farm. Each of the horses has found their true calling and a higher purpose here and they genuinely love what they do. Eager to meet new people to interact with, they are always willing to work their magic, however it is needed. Watching the horses enjoying their new lives is a very peaceful experience, especially when Jennifer, the owner explains the unique history of each horse and the challenges that some of them also faced before finding their home here. Their arrival here was a happy ending for some and a new beginning for all of them.

Spray Paint Street Artist Designs Jaw-Dropping Painting6m40s

Spray Paint Street Artist Designs Jaw-Dropping Painting

Aerography or airbrushing is a technique for applying artistic images to different surfaces with a liquid or powdery dye using compressed air. Drawings are applied using a special device, which is called an airbrush. The airbrush (in general it is a spray) provides a continuous stream of paint. The width of the jet is adjustable - so you can get rough strokes and smears thinner. After applying the paint, the pattern is allowed to dry and then covered with several layers of fixing varnish. This pattern becomes indelible. Aerography or spray painting is used professionally, as a business, for painting on cars, also the drawing of mobile phones, refrigerators, computers, skateboards, nails in cosmetic salons etc. The common denominator in the given examples is that aerography becomes an important branch of the modern arts that is applied everywhere. Many newcomers perfect their skills on tiny surfaces or amaze passers-by with their amazing street art spray painting performances, like this one in the video at the top of the page. This video shows the process a NYC street spray paint artist finishing a painting from beginning to the end. All he starts with is a blank surface, methodically applying layers of spray paint. For executing the geometric shapes the artist uses empty cans in various sizes which are to prevent the spray paint contact the surface that needs to remain lighters, as well as painting knives remove the excess paint at giving depth to the beautiful picture. It is truly mind-blowing.

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Check Out This Construction Worker Latching A Stand Of Drill Pipe 80 Feet Above The Rig Floor 37s

Check Out This Construction Worker Latching A Stand Of Drill Pipe 80 Feet Above The Rig Floor

Construction workers assist craftworkers, such as electricians and carpenters, with a variety of basic tasks. They may carry tools and materials or help set up equipment. For example, they may work with cement masons to move and set forms. Construction workers do a variety of construction-related activities during all phases of construction. Although most are generalists—such as those who install barricades, cones, and markers to control traffic patterns—many others specialize. For example, those who operate the machines and equipment that lay concrete or asphalt on roads are more likely to specialize in those areas. Their jobs sometimes can be really dangerous if they do not pay attention or if they are not careful. This man decided to make a video of his everyday job and what is his responsibility there! His job is to latch a stand of drill pipe! A wide open throttle is the best throttle. Check out how fast and accurate this man needs to be in order to successfully latch a stand of drill pipe. Intense! Latching a stand of drill pipe 80ft above the rig floor is dangerous work! It is really interesting to watch this video and see how it looks the work of one construction worker and what he deals with every day! Do you think his work is stressful and dangerous? Connections while drilling or tripping it’s dangerous because it needs more attention and making it possible to out drill newer automated rigs because it can move as fast as the crew! Amazing job!

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Talented 6-year-old enjoys fun and sun on the slopes1m03s

Talented 6-year-old enjoys fun and sun on the slopes

A proud father at Bigwhite Ski Resort watches his 6-year-old daughter on the final day of her freeride classes skiing an advanced blue run. Dressed as a unicorn and racing through the flags on a beautiful sunny and light, fluffy powder day! She has completed training of her 4th year skiing and graduated to the next level for the following year.

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Check Out This 10-Year-Old Totally Crushing A Van Halen Guitar Solo2m54s

Check Out This 10-Year-Old Totally Crushing A Van Halen Guitar Solo

Music is found in every known culture since the beginning of time, it has always served as a way to connect people to one another, to themselves and sometimes to their past and their memories. We believe most of the older generations are still attached to the music back in the days, for example, the rock music! Rock music became the dominant form of popular music, new bands built on their predecessors’ strengths while branching out into the new sonic territory. However, not only the elderly are fans of the rock music. Some young people also tend to love the hard-edged music performed with electric guitars, bass, and drums and usually accompanied by lyrics sung by a vocalist. This amazing guitar player is Eddie, he is 10 years old and has only been playing guitar for two years and he's quite amazing! Garrett is playing "Eruption" by Eddie Van Halen in front of 300 people at his strings concert. He is such a talented boy, we know he is going to be a future rock star! Absolutely awesome guitar skills little man. Keep it up! You'll be killing it in no time! Great choice of a song and a role model also, as Eddie Van Halen revolutionized the way rock guitar is played. Undoubtedly, rock music will keep evolving in the future, drawing from its rich history while continuing to keep its ear open for the next sonic reinvention.

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Super Cool Trampoline Backflip Caught In Slow Motion  17s

Super Cool Trampoline Backflip Caught In Slow Motion

If done wrong, a backflip could be devastating. But if done right, a backflip just might make you the coolest person. Ever! Like this kid in the video. The mind-blowing move was captured in slow motion, which makes it all the more impressive. A very young teen takes a good jump, effortlessly and obviously expertly tucks his legs in, tilts his head back and, in the end, manages to pull out this epic back flip with a 720 degree twist. The slow motion enables you to follow his every muscle move, hopefully teaching you a cool new trick. How to do a trampoline backflip? Every journey starts with the first step. For every trampoline trick, all you need to do is start with a good jump on the trampoline. Once you get a good rhythm and check that you have that good jump, you need to fold your legs in and tilt your head back making sure your body follows the motion. It is a challenging move because people are usually scared to flip back. Then, should you hopefully land on your feet, you can consider yourself a winner! Trampolining is the new cool way to exercise and strengthen your body. It is considered to be moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise. It has around the same physical effects as biking, running six miles per hour, playing football, or basketball. It’s also, clearly, loads and loads of fun that is an enormous factor when it comes to getting people to exercise, which most of people are extremely loath to do.

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This 8-Year-Old Boy Has The Most Thrilling Hockey Skills1m00s

This 8-Year-Old Boy Has The Most Thrilling Hockey Skills

Have you ever heard about the thrilling sport Ice Hockey? Hockey is a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. The cool thing about hockey is that players play on the ice wearing this interesting ice skates. Ice Hockey skates are different from figure skates. They have a long blade which extends through the end of the boot, and the player does not suffer from a toe pick and they are really awesome. However, If you thought that is cool than you haven’t seen the coolest kid and his crazy hockey skills! Roman James Marcotte is an 8-year-old hockey player in Anchorage, Alaska who has been skating since he could walk. Roman skates early mornings before school, year round. Some of his favorite drills are jumping drills. Roman loves the challenge and the feel of flying through the air. These drills promote leg strength, agility, balance and keep practices creative and fun! He is really the master of these hockey tricks and they way he moves with the ice skates is like he was born with them. Perhaps 8 might seem like a young age for a kid to have these skills but he is working as hard as professional players do. We admire this kid dedication for Ice Hockey and we have really high hopes that this kid is the next Wayne Gretzky!

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3-year-old Russian toddler is a rising figure skating star3m17s

3-year-old Russian toddler is a rising figure skating star

Figure skating is one of Russia's favorite sports, and it was first introduced to the Olympics in 1908. There are four disciplines (for the Olympics), but also two non-Olympic disciplines. The rising stars usually start practicing at a very early age, some even as early as three years old! Yup, at only 3 years old, when most of us still trip on a straight road, the little skaters learn how to graciously coordinate their movements on the ice. The little girl in this video is one of those early rising stars, and at the age of three she can swirl like a professional ice skater! Her future is bright, and by the looks of her technique, she will grow up to be one of the best in Russia, and maybe even the world.

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Talented Street Performer Uses Trash To Create Music47s

Talented Street Performer Uses Trash To Create Music

Busking is a hard gig to perform, but with so many talented and educated musicians out there in search for a job that will include their favorite instrument, busking is the only way they can make a living out of their education. Usually, when people think of buskers, they think of contortionists, jugglers and flame blowers at fairs. But anyone who has ever performed an art of some kind in public for gratuities is considered busking. Most of them just play music to soothe the senses, but sometimes, a talent like this guy come along that will excited those senses and make you tip out your wallet in his gratuities box, then ask for more. A talented percussionist was captured on the streets of Tokyo, playing his percussions made of nothing more than a few empty buckets and water pipes. He beats those overturned buckets like they are the finest drums ever made by man’s hand, while making sick sound with those pipes, taking you to a ceremony in some remote African village. He proves that making music takes only talent, everything else is just a tool. Check out this street artist using trash to create a super sick beat. Amazing! While you are here, be sure to check out these amazing buskers in Budapest! They spend the day entertaining the people that take a rest on the park benches or just pass by. Their relaxing music is really something special, and it's a beautiful addition to the peaceful surroundings.

Cashier In LIDL Proves To Be The Fastest Cashier In Market History1m18s

Cashier In LIDL Proves To Be The Fastest Cashier In Market History

We are all familiar with the long crowds in front of any market cash register. Long rows of people waiting to pay for their groceries can be very annoying for the customers, but for the cashiers as well. That is why this lady at LIDL market in Greece have decided to give it a try a new technique. Apparently this video is filmed in some of Greece’s top tourist destinations where tons of people are waiting for their turn. Those who have been there know very well how exhausting these rows can be… Tourist want to enjoy every minute they have, laying under the sun and resting their heads while listening to the summer breeze. So that is why people decide to visit the local market at the last moment of its working hours, at dawn. Although they create a big mess there, "customers come first". This means that the employees must stay longer at work, which they normally don’t like, so all the time they come up with some interesting ideas on how to solve this issue. Check out how quickly this lady scans food items at the cashier. She just grabs the cans and the boxes of cereals, scans them and pushes them to the other side so that the customer can pick them up by himself and put them in his bags. Her work is just so impressive that some boys decided to film her and show it to the rest of the world. She really proves that people are problem-solving machines using the speed of light. However, it's pretty easy when you don't have to bag the groceries!

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Musician Recreates 19 Sound Effects On His Violin1m05s

Musician Recreates 19 Sound Effects On His Violin

“Hey, I'm Daniel, a music fanatic, creator and string instructor. On a good day I hope to amaze you - Or at least amuse you. On the perfect day I will do both!" This is what violinist Daniel Blair had written in the “about" section on his Youtube channel. The guy is nothing short of a virtuoso, having videos of him playing all sorts of musical pieces, but most of them are string interpretations of modern day hits by Meghan Trainor, Imagine Dragons, even theme songs from movies like Frozen and The Andy Griffith’s Show! Daniel is so in tune with his instrument, that he is even able to play stuff that don’t classify as music per se, but they sound EXACTLY the same! Armed with his violin, Daniel plays a total of 19 sound effects from all sorts of categories: bird calls, alarm sounds, bug sounds, even movie effects! Color us impressed! These are all the sounds he plays on the violin, in the same order: the Robin, Sparrow, Seagull, Baby Falcon, Robbery in Progress, Home Invasion, Police in Pursuit, Air Raid Siren, Mosquito (complete with a slap on the hand), Cricket, Heavy Machinery, 18-Wheeler, Formula 1 Racecar, Squeaky Door, Psycho, That one stubborn hair, Kitty, R2-D2 and Jailbreak! We can watch this clip for hours!

Gold medal winning athlete jumps through fire while blindfolded54s

Gold medal winning athlete jumps through fire while blindfolded

The thrill seeker and gold winning international athlete Liam Collins aka Stunt Runner wowed the crowd in the Birmingham City Center in England with his busking street performance. He left the crowed in awe when he jumped through 2 obstacles one a metal jaw and the other a flaming paraffin obstacle while blindfolded. Yes you read it correctly, blindfolded!

Talented singer hits the 29s

Talented singer hits the "highest note" ever

To show off her singing range to her students, this vocal teacher starts by finding the lowest note she can sing, and then takes a breath before climbing the scales to a super high note that could shatter the windows! After years and years of vocal studies, she has trained her voice to cover multiple octaves, ranging all the way up to a high C and beyond!

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