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Sea Lions jump on back of boat for treat3m45s

Sea Lions jump on back of boat for treat

Isn't this one of the most insane things you've seen out on the water? These guys were returning from a day of fishing when two wild sea lions pop up on the rear deck of the boat and begin their practiced mooching for the remaining bait. They found it terribly funny and entertaining. What an awesome moment! When dealing with wildlife, it is extremely important that you take extra precaution. You never know what they can be capable until it is too late. It is best to avoid any possible danger that you might be in the presence of. Thankfully, these men seemed like avid fishermen. In the end, everyone had a good laugh and continued on with their day. What would have you done in this situation? This big fellas are huge and can be scary, but they also have some sort of adorableness to them. Let us know in the comments, and visit Rumble.com for similar videos! Check out this awesome moment out on the water.

Bizarre color-changing fish looks for help from smaller reef fish42s

Bizarre color-changing fish looks for help from smaller reef fish

The scrawled file is a very unique fish that has the ability to change color for camouflage. It is also very toxic to predators due to its diet of specific corals and sponges that create a buildup of toxins in its flesh. But despite these amazing defenses, there is one thing that poses a threat to the scrawled file fish and that is the presence of burrowing parasites. In order to rid itself of the troublesome creatures, the filefish needs help from smaller, more agile fish, such as these brown chromis. In order to signal the cleaner fish that it is safe for them to approach, larger fish will suspend themselves vertically and the chromis dash in close for a free meal. The small parasites can burrow under scales and cause serious health risks to the filefish if they are allowed to linger on its skin. This is a good example of a symbiotic relationship on the reef. Both creatures benefit from a mutual understanding.

Does this cockatiel have paranormal powers?1m49s

Does this cockatiel have paranormal powers?

The following video is not fake. It's 100% real, raw and unfiltered. Harmony, a 6 month old grey and yellow cockatiel appears to have telekinetic powers to distort her owner's smart phone video on command! Watch in complete shock as Jordan Randomness asks her to distort the video feed not only once, but twice in secession until the smart phone's battery overloads and transmission is abruptly interrupted. Truly a scary unexplained event!

Angry mother goose chases woman, dog & cat indoors2m18s

Angry mother goose chases woman, dog & cat indoors

We bet you've never seen a situation as strange as this one in this short clip. Namely, this mommy goose seems a bit angry, and is determined not to let anyone near her! We suppose there are babies somewhere around, which perfectly explains the fact that this mommy is angry as hell! Nobody, not even this woman and her pets, can not step a foot inside! Talk about motherly instincts. This brave mommy doesn't hesitate to get into attack mode immediately! Way to go, mommy!

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White tiger gives caretaker hugs and kisses10s

White tiger gives caretaker hugs and kisses

When everyone hears the word "tiger" their mind instantly wanders towards the ferocious, dark, and brutish nature of the jungle. We picture them on the prowl, hunting for its prey, and when the time comes, it jumps at the poor victim and now the tiger has its lunch. But this video contradicts that typical behavior. Who knew that tigers were capable of giving such heartfelt hugs and kisses? One thing to make note of from this video is how tall tigers really are when they are standing on their hind legs. It's astounding that they can reach up to be over 3 meters in length. Now that is ridiculous. But how adorable is this beast of an animal though? Seeing this not so little kitty jump up for hugs and kisses just makes you want to cuddle with him. For the sake of your safety, please don't try to hug a wild tiger. This big guy seems to be domesticated somewhat and the man in this video is his caretaker. The man in this clip has cared for this beautiful white tiger since he was a tiny cub. Their bond is still strong as the tiger gives him some tender love and affection. Awesomely intense!

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Random cockatoo in California joins flock of crows1m54s

Random cockatoo in California joins flock of crows

One blustery day in Carlsbad, CA crows were storming the neighborhood, playing loudly up and down the streets. When this mother and son go to investigate they soon discover that they are hanging out with a cockatoo as if he was one of their own. Is this a wild cockatoo? Somebody's lost pet? Whatever the explanation, it appears he's found a new family!

Man fearlessly hand-feeds wild raccoon25s

Man fearlessly hand-feeds wild raccoon

This raccoon has been coming to a back deck in Southwick, MA now for about a month. It began by eating the birdseed, but now she gets a whole buffet of uneaten cat food, dog food, cheese and, of course, peanut butter. She usually eats right from this man's hand, but in this instance she just put his finger in her mouth and ate the peanut butter off before he could get it on the plate. She dances sometimes as well!

Massive wild turkey knocks on front door25s

Massive wild turkey knocks on front door

What would you do if your food comes knocking on your front door? Like literally, you hear a knock, go to the door and right there stands a very big bird, looking ever so eager to join you inside? This rather large wild turkey knocks at the front door of Strange Music Studios in Blue Springs, Missouri. The tom obviously wanted in, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Maybe they will invite him in on Thanksgiving? Just kidding! This beautiful bird has been coming around for years. The wild turkey can be found all over East- and Mid-North America. The bird is so densely populated, it has been estimated that over 7 million individuals are present on the continent. So next time you see a wild turkey knocking on your front door, just say “Hey, neighbor!”

Chimpanzee mother gives helping hand to baby44s

Chimpanzee mother gives helping hand to baby

A cute hungry baby pygmy chimpanzee (bonobo) from the Twycross Zoo in England desperately attempts to get up to the ledge where its mother is. When it doesn't manage to do it, mom is there to give a helping hand! She reaches out for the little one and pulls it up. What an incredible moment!

Caring cat gives love to abandoned puppy1m04s

Caring cat gives love to abandoned puppy

Love Heals All Wounds Gertrude arrived at our clinic in Mexico in dire shape. She had been living on the street and was attacked by a pack of dogs. We were able to save her with surgery, however she was pregnant and the kittens did not survive. Clementine arrived to our clinic with two other puppies. All three were in poor shape. Sadly, the other two did survive. Our clinic manager noticed that Gertrude would meow and make chirping sounds whenever Clementine was in sight and show great interest in the small pup. So, she decided to let her say hello. Gertrude immediately began purring and grooming sweet Clementine. Within minutes Clementine was asleep on her back while Gerturde groomed away and snuggled close. So began the unlikely bond between the two. Each got stronger every day, by each other’s side. It is said that love heals all wounds and these two sweet souls, each lost and injured in their own way, are certainly proof positive that is true.

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Trapped sea turtle surfs to freedom48s

Trapped sea turtle surfs to freedom

While searching the pools within the rocks at One'uli Black Sand Beach on the island of Maui in Hawaii, this guy noticed one rather large sea turtle that appeared to be having a tough time getting back to the open ocean. Luckily it was able to surf a wave back to freedom.

Rescued baby crows scream for food like starving quintuplets26s

Rescued baby crows scream for food like starving quintuplets

These crows were orphaned and it was impossible to return them to their parents. The family that raised them gradually taught them to find food and they were introduced back into the wild, successfully reintegrating with their family. But while they were very young, they needed to be fed by hand 6-7 times per day. Their hunger was incredible and they screamed for food at each feeding like they were starving. These are the famous Freds, four rescued baby crows who learned to say hello. They migrate south each winter but return every spring.

Playful stingrays love to 40s

Playful stingrays love to "kiss" humans

Brent and Elsa took a day trip during their vacation to Stingray City - a series of shallow sandbars found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. It is a beautiful spot where southern stingrays are found in abundance and visitors can pet and interact with the animals. Although a bit skeptical of being this close with the wild animals, after a few minutes everyone realizes just how friendly these stingrays are. They're so friendly that you can pet as well as lift them within the water to "give them a kiss" which is rumored to bring seven years good luck!

Bizarre prehistoric paddlefish has a super ability1m42s

Bizarre prehistoric paddlefish has a super ability

The paddlefish once thrived in lakes and rivers throughout North America and Asia. Four of the six species are now extinct, with the last two close behind. It feeds by opening its mouth to a width more than double that of its body to filter zooplankton, its only food. But what is most amazing about this fish is the method it uses to locate its prey. Tens of thousands of receptors detect minute electrical impulses that even tell the paddlefish the direction the plankton are going. The paddlefish can actually sense the impulses from the zooplankton's individual appendages. Similar in method to sharks and rays, but far more developed, the paddlefish' ability means it does not even need eyesight. It has hardly changed in almost 300 million years!

Pesky raccoon peeks into Toronto home14s

Pesky raccoon peeks into Toronto home

Raccoons coexist with humans in urban areas and, with sufficient food, will remain active all winter. Young raccoons enjoy human company but they become independent and asocial when mature. This raccoon, however, wants interaction even if its mature (and pregnant), and makes a surprising visit to a family house in Toronto. The pesky raccoon fearlessly peaks into the home while the kid is watching it, but it didn't enter the house.

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The bizarre color changing scrawled filefish42s

The bizarre color changing scrawled filefish

The scrawled filefish is one of the most bizarre looking fish on the reef. Like an octopus, it changes color to match its surroundings for camouflage. This serves as protection from predators. Because its diet consists partly of algae and coral, eating the flesh of the filefish can cause ciguatera poisoning. Also very common in barracuda meat, the symptoms of toxicity include headache, muscle ache, nausea, stomach upset and even hallucinations. This scrawled filefish can be seen changing its color dramatically. It is also suspending itself vertically in what appears to be an invitation for smaller damsel fish to 'clean' its body of parasites. These cleaning stations are an interesting example of a symbiotic relationship.