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Rainforest grasshopper is a master of disguise2m03s

Rainforest grasshopper is a master of disguise

This moss-mimicking katydid was filmed in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. During the day they usually hide in moss to escape hungry predators. In addition, numerous spines make them less appetizing. The red spot on the back of this katydid is a parasitic mite. These nocturnal grasshoppers use their long antennae to feel, as well as smell, the environment around them.

Pet Cougar Chills Out During Bath Time20s

Pet Cougar Chills Out During Bath Time

Some couples do love living their lives on the wild side. No, this video is not about extreme rock climbing or hang gliding but about having a wild animal as a pet which sounds odd but it makes the pet no less adorable. It is not a wallaby, nor it is a skunk. It is a powerful cougar, dear people. His name is Messi and the couple who adopted him from the local zoo, fell head over heels the moment they saw him. They called him Messi after the famous football legend. Although they knew little about puma nursing, they had no qualms about making the right decision. Like most house pets, Messi likes to cuddle and play around but most of all he likes to chill out during bath time. Despite his impressive paws, muscular body and a powerful tail, Messi looks like an innocent animal that is incapable of taking care of himself. He loves the torrents of water trickling down his body and he can lay still for an infinite amount of time. Though he requires a lot of room, he is used to living in an apartment. Messi loves water and if the tub was full, we would have probably seen him making some awesome moves in the bath. Cougars aren't the only big cats that don't mind getting wet from time to time. Tigers have been known to enjoy some underwater antics, for example, and jaguars will hunt, play and swim in rivers. Even lions have been known to take to the water on occasion, though perhaps not as enthusiastically as their fellow felines.

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Take A Look As This Praying Mantis Shows Off Its Dance Moves 41s

Take A Look As This Praying Mantis Shows Off Its Dance Moves

Nature is absolutely amazing. There is so many unique and interesting creatures that you could almost never get bored of learning about them all. Some of the most unique creatures in the wild are insects. There are trillions of insects in the world so find unique ones are not that very hard. It seems that the caterpillar in this video is one such insect! These leaf insects (Phyllium philippinicum) and an orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) would be extremely difficult to spot in the wild . Check out their awesome disguises! We can't help but wonder as to how this guy has captured the perfect moment as this mantis really looks like its dancing as it moves along the table. This guy has a gotten his hands on a camera just at the right time and he films their interesting nature . And guess what, when these little thing are in their natural habitat they are almost impossible to spot given their extraordinary disguise. This is one video that no one should ever have to miss out on!Three different species of leaf insects walk in their own unique way. They definitely know how to mimic leaf movements. So cool! What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen an animal like this before? What unusual animals have you seen? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to interest them just as much as it interested you!

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Extremely Friendly Manatee Swims Right Up To Diver1m13s

Extremely Friendly Manatee Swims Right Up To Diver

Imagine yourself swimming with sea cows! They are plump, big and super, duper sweet. The West Indian Manatee is the official name for the sea cows that swim around the Caribbean and Florida. With their chubby bodies and flat, round tail, we would love to hug a Manatee right this minute! Normally you are not supposed to touch marine life, but in Florida there is an exception. Manatees might approach you first to say hello, so you can give them a little rub. As a matter of fact, one very friendly manatee up swam up and got personal with this diver down in Crystal River in Florida. How cool is that? “This single Manatee just couldn't get enough human contact and actually followed me back into the spring after I swam away,” wrote the diver on his original video and boy, how we envy him. The algae-covered sea cow gets really close with the diver and actually lets him give her a gentle rub. Like, for real! It doesn’t get cooler than that. Crystal River is actually the famous town for Manatee encounters. There are about 20 companies that organize trips, with several boats each that can take dozens of tourists per boat. West Indian Manatee was placed on the Endangered Species List in the seventies, when there were only several hundred individuals left. It has been of great conservation concern to federal, state, private, and nonprofit organizations to protect these species from natural and human-induced threats like collisions with boats.

Orphaned baby cormorant begs fisherman for his catch1m20s

Orphaned baby cormorant begs fisherman for his catch

Cormorants are aquatic birds that dive for fish and look very similar to a loon when they are swimming. Like the loon, they are clumsy on land but extremely graceful on top of and under the water. They are heavy birds that prefer to swim instead of fly. The cormorant lacks the beautiful markings and striking plumage that makes the loon a favorite sight of cottagers and bird watchers. Cormorants are the extremely intelligent though, and they are very quick to catch on when there is an opportunity for food. This baby cormorant appeared to be starving and without his parents. It appeared that he was orphaned and a little too young to be on his own. He had been seen hanging around the dock and swimming area at this family cottage on a remote lake near Parry Sound, Ontario. Dave had caught a fish and the sight and smell of it had the baby bird very excited. Cleaning his catch on the rock near the edge of the water, he decided to see if the little fellow would venture close enough to be fed. The cormorant waddled right up on the rock to plead for some scraps. Dave began to cut a chunk of fish off but the hungry bird tried to grab the whole bass, which was almost as big as he was. There was no way he would be able to swallow it so Dave repeatedly cut chunks off and handed them to the cormorant. Starvation encouraged trust and the two became quick friends. The family named the bird Cori and they fed him several times that day and the next. Cormorants are known for their intelligence and Cori proved to be exceptionally bright. Within two days he would come when called by name. He began sunning himself on the rock near the swimming area and standing on the rock beside Dave's son, Chris. He took a particular liking to Chris and even walked across his lap or relaxed beside him like a dog would do. Cori grunted to his adoptive family in an obvious and adorable effort to communicate when he was content. Cormorants are known for their use of grunting sounds to convey messages to each other. Cori needed a little help for a few weeks until he became stronger. He was encouraged to dive for scraps of fish, as other cormorants must do. He followed Dave's canoe while Dave caught him fish and he even hopped in to sit patiently waiting for his meal. Cori was able to get his own food within a week and began showing up less frequently for handouts. Cori migrated south at the end of the summer but returned in the spring and he can still be seen on the lake as he fishes on his own. Occasionally, he will venture close if he is spoken to and he will listen curiously, but he is truly a wild bird once again.

Smart Bear Finds A Way To Steal Water Bags From A Pool50s

Smart Bear Finds A Way To Steal Water Bags From A Pool

Animals are incredible creatures. They will never stop astonishing us with their misdeeds. There is not a single viral video about animals on the World Wide Web that hasn’t provoked a smile on our face. The same goes for this treacherous black bear in Pennsylvania. They say curiosity killed the cat but not this bear. Its curiosity not only helped this animal investigates the pool, but it also manages to steal something from it. How crazy is that? The bear is standing on the brink of the pool before she leans with its body forwards in order to take a water bag that it thinks appropriate to steal. Extending her front legs, the bear tries to grab the blue water bag first but having realized it is more difficult to get, it makes use of its muzzle and catches the yellow water bag. Having pulled out half of the bag, the bear faces little difficulties pulling the rest. But animals are pretty resourceful creatures so they will find their way round obstacles. Just like this bear does. After it has found a way to position the bag in the handiest way possible, we see the animal going away triumphantly as it succeeds in its stealing mission. What a smart bear this is. Unbelievable! These large and stocky animals with short tails are not territorial at all; they are mostly solitary. Home ranges typically are larger where food is less abundant and smaller where food is plentiful. When winter arrives, black bears spend the season dormant in their dens, feeding on body fat they have built up by eating ravenously all summer and fall.

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Orangutan Asks Zoo Visitor For Banana Then Throws Back The Peel1m56s

Orangutan Asks Zoo Visitor For Banana Then Throws Back The Peel

One of the first things we learn in school is that man has developed from ancient apes through the process of evolution. Basically, some apes decided they should climb down from the treetops and look for food on the ground and those who stayed evolved into the monkeys and apes we know today. One of those apes in the colorful orangutan, an ape so similar to man, they can really surprise us sometimes! Orangutans, especially those that have lived their entire lives in ZOOs, have learned how to interact with the distant relatives that come to visit and learn about them on the other side of the enclosure. There are parks that sell food approved for the animals so that the visitors may interact with them by feeding them. When these animals see someone carrying a banana or something, they know they are here for a brunch date! Knowing how to get the most out of humans, this old guy simply puts his hand out whenever he wants a treat. He is the boss around here, so he gets what he wants. Catching it with one hand, the primate carefully peels the fruit before shoving the whole thing in his mouth. Clearly a strong opposer against littering, the orangutan then tosses the peel back to his visitor so he can dispose of it properly. Unfortunately, the human seems to be stingy this time around and refuses to give up his second banana. That's fine with him though, because that just means he can go on about other business!

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Friendly Hippo Amazingly Joins Tourists For Favorite Snacks49s

Friendly Hippo Amazingly Joins Tourists For Favorite Snacks

The Hippopotamus is the world's third largest land mammal after the African Elephant and the White Rhinoceros. These semi-aquatic creatures are known to be aggressive, temperamental and very unpredictable. They are herbivores and very few people even know that the hippo is responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal. Surprisingly enough, there is one very special and unique hippo on this planet called Jessica. She's a wild animal that interacts with humans in a very different way than what nature has intended. The video shows how the world's only friendly hippo joins her human visitors for a brief feeding session. Jessica lives free in an open river system that is connected with the Kruger National Park. Like a true hippo she will wander off with the rest of the wild hippos. Hippos leave the water at night for a few hours to graze. During the day hippos will be extremely placid and just laze around. Jessica on the other hand has some amusing daily activities. Every morning around ten o'clock Jessica will come down the river to the platform situated in front of the house belonging to the people that found her. She amazingly approaches the raft in a very friendly manner. The person in charge briefly explains to everyone how Jessica likes to be fed. From there everyone gets the bizarrely incredible opportunity to feed Jessica one of her favorite snacks. Crushed dried corn might not sound like much to us humans but this female hippo just loves it. Jessica adorably opens her mouth in such a willing manner every time she is ready for the next serving. During the year 2000, Jessica washed up on the river banks of a farm just outside the Kruger National Park, Limpopo Province, South Africa. That year the countries of Mozambique and South Africa suffered from devastating floods. She was a new born calf, still with the umbilical cord attached, that got swept away and lost her mother in the process. The owners of the farm took it upon them to save the helpless calf. Without a mother this female hippo stood no chance of survival. Over the years Jessica grown into a 600 kilo hippo that still comes from the wilderness back to the house of the owners that saved her life. A truly unique and fascinating story.

Adventurous Chicken Loves Surfing On Ocean Waves50s

Adventurous Chicken Loves Surfing On Ocean Waves

There are numerous videos about animals doing crazy things, videos that are ultimately hilarious and brighten our days. However, we bet you haven’t seen one yet where a pet chicken takes the lead for being the most unique chicken in the entire world. If you have been wondering what chicken breed to add to your established chicken coop, look no further because now you have the right answer - the one like Sammi in this video! It will make your flock the envy of all the neighboring coops! It won’t only entertain you but a mere look at this animal sends a smile to your face. Sammi is a fan of adventures and it loves water. Not the kind of water which satisfies its thirst but a vast expanse of water, like this ocean for instance. Look how Sammi inquires its surroundings and how it plays in the water. Isn’t that crazy? Chickens enjoy finding some warm, dry, loose material like dirt, sand, or mulch and proceed to dig themselves in. They’ll dig and dig, throwing dirt all over themselves, and make happy noises while doing it. But not Sammi. This chick is far beyond that stage. Instead, it loves open spaces with lots of water. The oncoming waves are a real surprise for this animal and they make Sammie hops just a tiny bit off the ground while at the same time they have a soothing effect on its body. Apparently, Sammi is a real explorer and it doesn't like to stick in shallow waters only, so as the waves break on the shore, Sammi takes baby steps going more and more into the deep. This cute bird is literally riding on the crest of the waves, proudly flapping its wings. Sammi clearly leaves us a bit puzzled because rarely do we see a brave chicken like this one with such an adventurous spirit. Undoubtedly, this video deserves our undivided attention and a standing ovation! Don’t forget to share it!

This Mama Bear Took Her Cubs For A Pool Swim4m51s

This Mama Bear Took Her Cubs For A Pool Swim

What do you do when those searing temperatures hit? You hit the fans, the ACs, the cold beverages and ice chips. It is fairly easy for us humans; all we need to do is get wet and stand in the shade. With animals, however, it may not be so simple. Especially with wild animals. This video was shot during the scorching heat wave that hit the States back in 2010. A mama black bear took her three tiny bear cubs for a cool down in Justin Hoffman’s backyard and his inflatable pool. From what we can tell, the animal was probably scouting the area for quite some time, because she knew right away how to get to the cool water inside. We are also profoundly amazed at how gentle she is with the structure, not puncturing her once with her long claws. Her cubs are all around the backyard: one in the play house, one underneath it in the shade, while the third one is braving it out and following sweet mama towards the pool. The cub does not take another second; it just jumps up and takes a quick plunge in the water. Its siblings are quick to follow suite, while mama keeps a watchful eye. Here’s what Justin had to say about this incredible encounter: “This video is very RARE. Please watch the whole video carefully because It's amazing how the mother interacted with her cubs. I did not call the game commission, and no bears were harmed. These bears were simply using the pool to cool off during a 2 week heat wave.”

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Bizarre Tree-Hopper Insect Feeds Upon Sap From Leaf1m22s

Bizarre Tree-Hopper Insect Feeds Upon Sap From Leaf

Bugs may be nasty, but how can someone call a butterfly “nasty”? They are these delicate, frail creatures that are ever so graceful, making the world a better place with their iridescent existence. In this situation we have this little bug that is just relaxing on a top of a leaf. Now, we can all agree he looks kind of creepy and somewhat scary and a bit disgusting. But if for a moment we take a closer look we see that there is beauty in everything. This little insect has everything, starting from eyes, to a little mouth and even some scary grapples on top of his head that probably help him hunt. This tree hopper from the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador is an insect related to cicadas and leaf hoppers. Most tree hoppers have a highly modified pronotum on the back, in this case forming several hollow spines, which make it unpalatable for potential predators and thereby give it an advantage in the struggle for survival. Tree hoppers feed on plant sap which is rich in sugar. In this video the sucking mouth parts of the tree hopper have penetrated the vein of a leaf. In this case, this little guy looks like he is feeding for the last time. Since At the end of the video he is upside down leading us to believe that he has arrived to the end of his days. However, this close footage of its last moments are incredible. At the end of the day, would you dare to get this close to such creepy insect!

Two Kangaroos Have A Boxing Match On The Beach33s

Two Kangaroos Have A Boxing Match On The Beach

Remember that feeling when you got caught fighting with your siblings when you were young but you had too much fun to stop? Well, we bet these kangaroos feel the same. It’s not always easy to get along with your siblings. You have to get along with them and their bad sense of humor every day, for the rest of your lives. We get it, it gets tiring from time to time. There are only so many pranks you can endure and the smell of their socks on your pillow isn’t going away anytime soon. So, the only way to deal with it all seems to be striking back as hard as you can! Young animals seem to develop the same behavioral patterns as human children do, and kangaroos are no exception. They might be nursed in their momma’s pouch, but the sibling rivalry is all the same. These two kangaroos are a prime example of how siblings like to solve their problems. They start off by teasing each other. They poke at each other and try to slap each other multiple times, but when that thing doesn’t seem to work, they take a different route. They soon start using their fists and holding their entire weight on the tip of their tails. They don’t do much damage but it is still a hilarious sight to behold. Just wait until their parents catch them! Full credit: Kate Evans

Wild Doe Introduces Her Fawn To Woman Sitting In The Forest1m29s

Wild Doe Introduces Her Fawn To Woman Sitting In The Forest

When a woman sat almost motionless in a forest full of wild deer, something magical happened. A herd of grazing deer were passing close enough to see her. They became very curious and started to wander closer. They sniffed the air, pawed the ground, circled, and watched her from a distance. Wild deer are understandably cautious, especially when the does have their fawns with them. This is a very secluded forest in northern Ontario where the deer are protected and cannot be hunted. It is a great expanse of wilderness where the deer are unlikely to see humans, aside from those who live here or have a cottage here. They have not learned to fear people and they will never suffer as a result of this amazing trust. The people in this area feed the deer occasionally, especially during very harsh winters. It is difficult to resist those eyes and the beautiful faces, but mostly, the deer are left to fend for themselves and live naturally. Kristy has learned that by sitting extremely still and being silent, the deer will eventually become curious and will venture close, as they do on this day. The fawns are especially curious and they come so close that she could reach out and touch them. They sniff all around her and try to look at what she might have in her hands. Until the deer become completely relaxed, Kristy keeps her head down and stays silent. After they decide that she is no threat to them, she is able to move or look around and enjoy the magical experience that most people can only dream about. Kristy has always had a way with animals and has found that with enough patience, and a respectful approach, most animals will realize that you mean them no harm. Curiosity overcomes fear and they will often act as if you are not there. These deer became so unconcerned with her that they walked around her, grazed on the grass and even lay on the ground nearby. Spending time in a beautiful forest surrounded by deer is a truly magical experience.

Friendly Stingray Enjoys Being Fed By Humans37s

Friendly Stingray Enjoys Being Fed By Humans

If you’re unsure about your stance on stingrays, we won’t blame you. They are often portrayed as deadly, cold-blooded creatures that wield their venomous tails like a murder weapon. They are also oddly adorable. While a run-in with a stingray has the potential to be deadly, they normally act kind and gentle around humans. It’s only when a stingray feels threatened that you have a reason to worry. Just like the people in this video, you can feel free to feed stingrays if you happen to be near them. We can see that feeding makes the stingray perky and it comes out of the water in a lively way. This video proves that it is fun-loving and not aggressive at all. This stingray is curious and playful animal when there are people around, and if it feels threatened its first instinct is to swim away. Though it spends the majority of its time inactive, partially buried in sand, often moving only with the sway of the tide, it is very active in this footage. Food serves as a great motivator to shake it. Its coloration commonly reflects the seafloor shading, camouflaging it from predatory sharks and larger rays. Its flattened body is composed of pectoral fins joined to their head and trunk with an infamous tail trailing behind. Whenever this stingray comes out of water, it swims through it by undulating its body in a wave-like motion. In ancient Greece, venom was actually extracted from stingray spines for the purpose of being used as an anesthetic by dentists.

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Geese Family Knows Street Rules Very Well As They Successfully Cross Road 45s

Geese Family Knows Street Rules Very Well As They Successfully Cross Road

Every time we see a family of geese crossing the road, we fear that someone will get impatient and run them over. Yet the geese continue on waddling at their pace, and cars wait until they have successfully crossed the road. Are geese dumb? Do they have no fear of cars? How did geese learn they can cross the road with confidence they will not get murdered by the large vehicles they are walking right in front of? Dash cam footage captured a family of geese carefully crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing, like every clever member of society. These geese recreate the classic Abbey Road photo, except instead of the Beatles, we can see them walking to safety on the other side of the road. How adorable is this? They cross the street at the crossing like it's instinct, which is unbelievable. Maybe they were scouting out the area for a bit, watching other people cross the same road, abiding to the cross walk. Animals can pick up on things fast! These geese are undoubtedly accustomed to road traffic. Intelligent and wary with keen hearing and vision, they easily avoid the traffic. On land, they feed in groups and at least one goose always scouts for trouble. Indeed, the grazing flock multiplies a lookout's sharp senses. Geese can certainly fly across roads. Explorers report them flying even across Mount Everest. The question is: why they cross roads? Because they can't fly while molting (mid June to mid July). Also domestic geese have largely lost flying ability. Moreover, people often remove part of their wings (pinioning) to prevent domestic geese from flying away. Consequently, domestic geese only flap their wings furiously and maybe lift off a couple of feet.

Nonchalant Monkey Has A Talent For Riding A Skateboard32s

Nonchalant Monkey Has A Talent For Riding A Skateboard

This is the heartwarming moment when a talented monkey is seen using a skateboard like a real pro! Check it out as this clever guy flawlessly skateboards with ease! Incredible! Monkeys are very intelligent creatures and can be talented for so many different things! They can be trained to complete numerous tasks! However, some monkeys have different talents that others don’t. Overall he seems like a really happy monkey! In this video, we see a nonchalant monkey riding his skateboard like humans do! He can probably skateboard better than most of us! Check him out as he cruises with ease, riding the skate like a real professional! That is awesome! This is one incredible video that you don’t want to miss! This has to be one of the coolest monkeys ever! Who would have thought that a monkey could be so good at skateboarding? A lot of people cannot even skateboard so it is amazing that an adult monkey can do it so well and pass with flying colors! He is truly unique, the coolest monkey we have seen so far! Maybe one day this amazing monkey could teach us a thing or two! Watch how casually this talented monkey strolls down the street, hanging on the board with wheels. He uses one hand to push himself off the street, and continues riding his fun-moving object! This monkey is too cool for school! This video is guaranteed to brighten your day, so please share this hilarious video with your friends and family as it will surely make them smile!

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These Two Distant Cousins Have Such An Amazing Bond43s

These Two Distant Cousins Have Such An Amazing Bond

The dogs we all know and love to keep as our loyal pets are the distant cousin of wolves. They come from the same genus “canis”, with dogs belonging to the subspecies “familiaris”. Even to the untrained eye, a wolf looks far different than your run-of-the mill hounds. Even the Husky looks nothing like a timber wolf! Still, when two of these cousins meet, the outcome can be varied - they will either slaughter each other, or form an incredible bond, like these two did! The upper hand that these two canids have is that the timber, or gray wolf, has been adopted by a human since a very young age. The orphaned puppy grew up with the humans and their canis lupus familiaris pets, so for her, these individuals are her family, her pack! Naturally, seeing her Malinois sister is like seeing a member of any old wolf pack, except she sort of looks different. But they both could not care less what they look like; they have been brought up as equals and it is evident in this video! The dog seems to have the upper hand in this brawl, but the wolf looks like she’s allowing it. After all, the Malinois is far older than she is and should be allowed to win more often, out of sheer respect. Both dogs slip and slide on the thin ice, but they do not give up on the endeavor to play a bit more. Not all wolves are friendly towards dogs, though. When a pack of wolves spotted a roaming dog in the outbacks of Italy, their intention was not friendly at all. Still, the brave dog refused to fall their victim.

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Is this a two-headed caterpillar?27s

Is this a two-headed caterpillar?

Strolling through the woods last summer, this person came across an intriguing looking caterpillar that appeared to have 2 heads. Many different insects have body parts made to look like the actual head to make predators less apt to attack. This very well may be the case here. Do you know what type of caterpillar this is? Let us know down in the comments!

This Young Man Caught The Legendary Tennessee River Catfish And It's Enormous 1m49s

This Young Man Caught The Legendary Tennessee River Catfish And It's Enormous

Wherever fishermen gather, there is likely to talk about the extreme aspects of fishing. Someone will mention the biggest this or most expensive that, and suddenly the place is abuzz with discussion. Those with conflicting opinions may engage in light-hearted arguments, bets will probably be made, and, sooner or later, someone will access the Internet from their smartphone to settle the dispute. This man will definitely win a fight in who caught the biggest fish! You don’t have to look upon the Internet, this video is real proof! After a long and exhausting fight, Evan Austin managed to catch this enormous catfish in the Tennessee River that's about half the size of his entire kayak! He did cut the line and release it back into the water. That’s amazing! Good job Austin, for catching the fish in the first place and letting go of it after that! The Tennessee River begins upstream of Knoxville, Tennessee. The river flows 652 miles south then west across northern Alabama and a small portion of northern Mississippi before turning north to Kentucky where the river discharges into the Ohio River only miles upstream from the Mississippi River. The Tennessee River offers fishing for species not found in other drainages of Alabama. Some of these fisheries are among the top in the United States, including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and blue catfish. Would you go fishing on the Tennessee River?