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Freaky little fish walks on legs, appears to be wearing red lipstick!42s

Freaky little fish walks on legs, appears to be wearing red lipstick!

The Galapagos Islands and the waters around them are home to some of earth’s most amazing and interesting creatures. Some are unique due to their size, their evolution, or their beauty. And some are simply unique because of freaky adaptations like these “legs” on a marine creature known as the red-lipped batfish. It is one of the most unusual looking fish in the ocean. They have leg-like appendages that they use to perch on the sand or to “walk” across it. These appendages are actually highly adapted pectoral fins. They also use their anal fins to stand as well and the impression is that they are a fish with stubby legs and the ability to walk. The fins on the side of the batfish hang loosely as it swims, appearing to be larger legs that are dragged as the small tail propels it. They are awkward swimmers and spend more time “walking” than swimming. The strange appendage on their forehead assists with luring prey, which makes hunting far easier for the batfish since it is not capable of chasing its food. Red-lipped batfish are even more famous for their bright red, almost fluorescent lips. At first glance, it appears that the fish has put on lipstick in a sloppy way that resembles the Joker, from a batman movie. These fish are small and very cute, and encounters with them are a real treat for scuba divers. The fish will often permit a slow and careful approach, allowing for photography. If it becomes concerned, it will make a short trip over the sand and find another place to rest on its fins. The appearance as it wiggles through the water is quite ridiculous. But even if you can’t admire them for their swimming abilities, you can admire them for being such a unique marvel of evolution.